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  1. This is good news, indeed!!! I was dancing around the A-Model offering for a while by now but always got scared off by the NMF... Did this darling ever flew in other liveries? Thanks!
  2. Trumpeter Su-27 Flanker B 1:32

    Superb job! Congratulations! Is the seat from the box with added details or an after-market, resin one? Looks really-really good.
  3. 1/72 Trumpeter, Ukrainian Su-24MR Fencer-E

    Thanks for the hints regarding the bases! I'll have a thorough look at all this.
  4. 1/72 Trumpeter, Ukrainian Su-24MR Fencer-E

    An excellent specimen, General! Fantastic job! May I ask about the bases shown in the photographs? The one with the hexagons seems to be printed, right? What about the other? Made from one of the PAG-14 kits around? Thanks!
  5. Interesting, indeed... I was heavily eyeing the Modelsvit kit but am still not sure if I want to deal with the short-run quality.
  6. Scammell Pioneer SV2S

    Simply superb!!! Very well done, sir!
  7. Painting

    Welcome to the forums, Half Eye! Do you have any kind of paints already? Are these acrylics or enamels? Depending on this you might want to stick to the same kind of primer. Just as important is the question whether you have an airbrush or plan to paint by can or brush. As far as I know there aren't many primers specifically made for brush painting so in case you don't have an airbrush you might be better off with a rattle can primer. Tamiya and Revell have these in their range. In cvase yu have an airbrush or plan on buying one, I would go with acrylic primers from the Ammo of Mig, AK or Vallejo range. Most modelers use gray primer but there are different colors available, depending on your subject. Black is probably the second most popular. In case you can give us more information on your setup and subject, we might be able to give more precise indications. Hope this helps!
  8. Steregushchy class corvette

    Thanks @Shar2! That was to be expected
  9. Painting modern Russian digital camouflage

    Great reference, not only for the colors! Thanks!
  10. Painting modern Russian digital camouflage

    He is so cute! I love dogs!
  11. Painting modern Russian digital camouflage

    That's a good idea, indeed! Thanks for the suggestion. Alternatively, somebody was suggesting flicking diluted paint using a brush and metallic ruler. I was also thinking of trying oil paint for the dots as it might be easier to control than acrylics. PS: Cute dog! Is it yours?
  12. Hey, I was looking at the Evolution Miniatures Modern Russian Soldier figures and started wondering how these were painted for the boxart. More specifically, the digital camouflage pattern. I found a couple of ideas on another thread but wanted to pick "the community mind" about alternatives. Source: http://www.evolution-miniatures.com/ Source: http://www.evolution-miniatures.com/ Does anyone happen to know who painted these figures and what method was used? I also contacted Evolution directly in case they would care to share the method. Many thanks in advance! Cristian
  13. H&S Evolution - Tip clogging very fast

    I had another go at it today while trying to apply a clear gloss coat. Increased pressure to around 18-20 psi, using Revell's acrylic thinner with their gloss and with the "air first, paint second" method the situation might be a tad better now. Still after about 10 minutes, the tip was clogged to the point where absolutely no paint would come out. After disassembling the airbrush for cleaning I noticed there was what seemed to be dried-up paint in the nozzle's tip (the clear gloss I was spraying). I was thinking about switching to the larger, 0.4mm nozzle but after this I'm not sure that would work any better... On a side note, I packed out my old no-name brush and put it back in almost immediately Not being an airbrush snob myself, I loved that gun before. Now, it just doesn't seem right in my hands...
  14. No worries! Thanks for trying!