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  1. Superb builds! Really great! May I ask for a link of the Facebook video you mentioned, in case you can still find it? Thanks!
  2. Very-very nice! Is the interior lighted by LEDs?
  3. More information about Russian Navy antenna

    Thank you @Paul E and @magman2!!! This might just be the breakthrough I was hoping for! Have a great weekend!
  4. More information about Russian Navy antenna

    Thanks Paul! This is about the best image I could get of this antenna: Source: modellmarine.de
  5. I had to have a second and third look to see it is flat and printed! Very-very nice!
  6. More information about Russian Navy antenna

    Exactly! I was hoping this not something specific to this class as it seems to be a generic cage antenna.
  7. Terrific seascape! Great job!
  8. Hi, Yet another newbie question Can somebody please point me to a place where I can find more information about the name, size and construction of this antenna type used by the Russian Navy, as shown below? I would like to scratch built it for my next project. In case you have more information about how to build it, that would be even more helpful. Thanks! Cristian
  9. Pre-requisits for posting reviews

    Got it! Thanks again!
  10. Pre-requisits for posting reviews

    Thanks Mike! So there is no way for us mortals to contribute?
  11. Hey, I was about to post my first review just to realize there is no "Start new topic" button on that page Are there any per-requisites for this like a certain number of posts? Should reviews be sent in differently? Thanks! Cristian
  12. What materials for seascapes?

    Great tips, Paul! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Hey, After laying my hands on a 1/350 water line model I started wondering what products there could be for seascape modelling? A short google and youtube search brought up MIG, AK and Vallejo products but barely any comparison. Other than the price, is any of these better/worse than the others? Also, if you might care to share your approach to modelling waves and water that would be very useful to a beginner like me, for sure. Many thanks! Cristian
  14. Steregushchy class corvette

    Great review! Thanks for sharing! Are there any clear parts included? For the helicopter cockpit, for instance? Thanks!
  15. Thank you all! I guess I don't have an excuse for not trying it, anymore