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  1. Scammell Pioneer SV2S

    Simply superb!!! Very well done, sir!
  2. Steregushchy class corvette

    Thanks @Shar2! That was to be expected
  3. Painting modern Russian digital camouflage

    Great reference, not only for the colors! Thanks!
  4. Painting modern Russian digital camouflage

    He is so cute! I love dogs!
  5. Painting modern Russian digital camouflage

    That's a good idea, indeed! Thanks for the suggestion. Alternatively, somebody was suggesting flicking diluted paint using a brush and metallic ruler. I was also thinking of trying oil paint for the dots as it might be easier to control than acrylics. PS: Cute dog! Is it yours?
  6. Hey, I was looking at the Evolution Miniatures Modern Russian Soldier figures and started wondering how these were painted for the boxart. More specifically, the digital camouflage pattern. I found a couple of ideas on another thread but wanted to pick "the community mind" about alternatives. Source: http://www.evolution-miniatures.com/ Source: http://www.evolution-miniatures.com/ Does anyone happen to know who painted these figures and what method was used? I also contacted Evolution directly in case they would care to share the method. Many thanks in advance! Cristian
  7. H&S Evolution - Tip clogging very fast

    I had another go at it today while trying to apply a clear gloss coat. Increased pressure to around 18-20 psi, using Revell's acrylic thinner with their gloss and with the "air first, paint second" method the situation might be a tad better now. Still after about 10 minutes, the tip was clogged to the point where absolutely no paint would come out. After disassembling the airbrush for cleaning I noticed there was what seemed to be dried-up paint in the nozzle's tip (the clear gloss I was spraying). I was thinking about switching to the larger, 0.4mm nozzle but after this I'm not sure that would work any better... On a side note, I packed out my old no-name brush and put it back in almost immediately Not being an airbrush snob myself, I loved that gun before. Now, it just doesn't seem right in my hands...
  8. No worries! Thanks for trying!
  9. Kamaz Typhoon K - 1:35 Takom

    On a side note... What figures could go with it? I guess Spetsnaz figures are not really matching, right?
  10. Superb builds! Really great! May I ask for a link of the Facebook video you mentioned, in case you can still find it? Thanks!
  11. Very-very nice! Is the interior lighted by LEDs?
  12. More information about Russian Navy antenna

    Thank you @Paul E and @magman2!!! This might just be the breakthrough I was hoping for! Have a great weekend!
  13. More information about Russian Navy antenna

    Thanks Paul! This is about the best image I could get of this antenna: Source: modellmarine.de
  14. I had to have a second and third look to see it is flat and printed! Very-very nice!
  15. More information about Russian Navy antenna

    Exactly! I was hoping this not something specific to this class as it seems to be a generic cage antenna.