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  1. Question for the Abrams experts

    Thanks GMK!
  2. Wishful thinking, @Tim T But let's hope for the best!
  3. AK Real Colors

    Thanks Steve! I haven't used Tamiya but I hear it is much less intense in smell than lacquer paints, in general. Also, reassuring to hear you face no difficulties with the Evolution.
  4. AK Real Colors

    Thanks Steve @fatfingers! May I also ask about the smell of the paints/thinner? I absolutely love the MR Paint range but the smell is just awful which is why I ponder giving this range a try. What airbrush have you been using for the tests? My H&S Evolution seems to be more sensitive to acrylics (Revell, Mig, etc) while it works perfectly wit MR Paint so I was wondering how the AK line performs here. Thanks again! Cristian
  5. 1/72 Airbus A400M (Revell)

    Very nicely done!
  6. That would be my number one, long-awaited release if it would come. I wonder why it was skipped so far... The old kits are not bad but nowhere close to modern standards, I hear. Pretty please make this happen!
  7. Zvezda Boeing 737-800 Monarch Airlines

    Looks really nice, so far! The fit seems to be spot on, too.
  8. Superb in all details! Build, finish, base, figures... everything!
  9. AK Real Colors

    Thanks for testing these out for us, Steve @fatfingers! The finishes look really-really nice! How much thinning would you say these need? That is to say, how much airbrush-ready paint can you get from the 10 ml? One part paint to two parts thinner? One-to-one? Less? More? Thank for sharing! Cristian
  10. Air Respirator

    Would this help: https://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/634858O/3m-reusable-half-face-6000-series-technical-data-sheet.pdf? I'm not seeing the cartridges you mention but, generally speaking, you'll need an A2 particulate filter and a P2 vapour filter for airbrush painting, at a minimum. Something like the 6055 + 5925 combination. I'm using this one since several years, changing it every 12-18 months: https://www.3m.co.uk/3M/en_GB/company-uk/3m-products/~/3M-Maintenance-Free-Half-Mask-4000-Series/?N=5002385+3291100302&rt=rud It is the FFA2P3 variant. I think, a good indication that you are using the right filters is that, after removing the mask you all of a sudden can smell the paint which you haven't with the mask on. I hope this helps! Cristian
  11. SA-4 Ganef Missile Colour

    I guess, it must be this one: http://wwpbooks.com/en/home/429-sa-4-ganef-in-detail.html
  12. SA-4 Ganef Missile Colour

    Thank you! You actually make a valid point about the nose cone. I never thought of that.
  13. SA-4 Ganef Missile Colour

    Thanks, Mick! I saw that but was unsure of the correctness after checking the images online.
  14. SA-4 Ganef Missile Colour

    Thank you, gentlemen! ...and this looks like oxidized aluminum with steel: Source: Flickr White aluminium with red tip: Source: https://www.armyrecognition.com/russia_russian_missile_system_vehicle_uk/sa-4_ganef_2k11_krug_air_defense_missile_system_technical_data_sheet_13012155.html Exactly this variety of colours is my problem...