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  1. Finished this over on the KUTA X GB, was started over 25 years ago, a little bit of the story can be read in the GB. Only addition to kit parts were Eduard fabric belts. Finished in Vallejo ModelAir colours, Alclad II gloss varnish with Vallejo Matt top varnish. Techmod decals were not the best I've used, very thin but brittle.
  2. T-34 Family STGB Now we are nearly 18!

    I'll have a go, got a Dragon T34-747(r) and a Miniart SU-122 with interior, so, one of them then....... Davey.
  3. Airfix Kingfisher

    This is looking good Cliff. I've been using the blu-tac sausage method myself lately, with varying results. Seems how hard or soft the edge depends on the angle of attack when airbrushed. Still learning though. Davey.
  4. sunday's test upload

    That's a nice rendition of the camouflage scheme you have done, you have more patience than me! Welcome to the club! Good work Davey.
  5. Messr. Bf109G-2, 25 YEARS IN THE MAKING!

    ...... and we're done. Really pleased I rescued this, building the Eduard 1/48th G-6 inspired me to add this one to the collection. Just some light weathering added, airbrushed the exhaust stains, and using MIG Ammo and Vallejo washes wiped away with a cotton bud. All in all pleased with the way it turned out, many thanks for all the kind comments. Got plenty others for the next KUTA GB as well! I noticed after I did these I had knocked off the starboard aileron balance horn, which I duly found and is now back in its proper place!
  6. KUTA X Gallery

    Hasegawa 1/48th ME-109 G-2 in Finnish markings, saved after 25+ years!
  7. One of my sins of 2017 - Fin'n'ished

    Very effective mottling scheme, I might be brave enough to do this myself one day! Davey.
  8. Corsair’s M10 Achilles IIC

    Good job on this Dennis, got to get cracking with mine otherwise it'll end up another KUTA build sometime! Davey.
  9. Messr. Bf109G-2, 25 YEARS IN THE MAKING!

    Thanks again for the kind comments people, much appreciated. Just got to spray prop tips and do a little weathering, add and paint aerials and were done. Hi James, I use Dettol disinfectant, the strong stuff with Chloroxylenol 4.8% w/v, used neat in a plastic sealable food container https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/255280109?sc_cmp=ppc*GHS+-+Grocery+-+New*PX+|+Shopping+GSC+|+All+Products*PRODUCT+GROUP255280109*&gclid=Cj0KCQiAv_HSBRCkARIsAGaSsrAGf96ridnKWV_Zikl7jzZnSdlHIlaizRJlE1-h2Nm8qDaCwb3l6bwaAhkuEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds. , you'll need more than one bottle depending on the size and depth of the container. Just place the model in completely covered and leave it a few days, check occaisionally. the paint just peels off. Wash under a tap with a toothbrush or something. Obviously just be careful how you handle it, there is a warning to not to use it undiluted, this stuff is strong and stinks! Davey.
  10. Messr. Bf109G-2, 25 YEARS IN THE MAKING!

    Cheers my friend, the original decals had suffered badly over the years, so when looking for another set I came across these and found the black and green scheme attractive. I know this particular aircraft has been modelled many times, so this is just my take on it. Hope you like the end result, nearly done now. Davey.
  11. Corsair’s M10 Achilles IIC

    Actually, add 7mm for a part of the short one's base I forgot to add in, so adding around 10" to its length. Haven't a clue actually because the more I study pictures the more I see longer aerials on the front of 17pdr M10's, maybe these short ones are for post-war slightly more modern sets? Davey.
  12. Corsair’s M10 Achilles IIC

    In the detail set I have for my 1/35 Achilles, the long aerial is 35.5mm long, the short is 12.5mm long, that's 1.397" and 0.492" or just over 4 feet and a foot and a half in real life, if you times them by 35 (is that the right way to scale these up?) They weren't that long if you look at photo's. US and UK were different radio sets, American M10's HAD to have a bigger aerial Davey.
  13. Messr. Bf109G-2, 25 YEARS IN THE MAKING!

    Thanks for the kind comments people. A little bit of progress with this, had a bout of that stomach bug thing that's going round which has waylaid me the last few days. Masked and painted the large yellow areas which turned out OK. A couple of coats of, new to me, Alclad II Aqua Gloss sprayed directly from airbrush. Worked OK, seemed a bit 'pebbly' so will try a retarder next time. This is the first time I have used Techmod decals. Now, it may have been my cack-handedness at times, but while they are commendably thin, they broke up very easily. I had problems with the port number 3, which shows, as does a couple of the roundels on the wings. They didn't seem to react at all with setting solution, and you have to be careful to remove any trace of the adhesive from the decal you get on the gloss coat as it shows up through the top coat. Fortunately the matt coat covered this somewhat. Added one stencil (you get a lot!), but because of said problems I gave up with the rest! (they are all german so may have been painted over anyway?) As I said it may have just been my usual rush to get things done which caused all this, but would interested to hear if anyone else has come across this. Still have to paint and add undercart, aerial, balance horns etc, paint the wheel wells the correct colour, plus a bit of weathering. Prop is just placed on and needs a white segment painted on the hub and yellow blade tips.
  14. New member. Some of my work!

    Superb builds there, I think I would get neck ache flying the Gotha though! Davey
  15. Airfix 1/24 Bf 109E 50/50

    Apart from the great idea on the markings, this is very neatly built and painted. I remember from the 70's I think, an article in a magazine where a guy mounted his model aircraft side on in photo frames to put on the wall, he could do two display models from one kit, cool idea I thought, although I was in me teens! Davey.