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  1. New Ship Related Releases

    I have been watching this one for a while, Looks like Trumpeter will release their 1/144 Astute SSN this month. http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=3114&l=en This will be followed sometime by XIA class chinese (another nuke) and Soryu Japanese submarine (diesel/AIP) in the same 1/144 line up from Trumpeter. The range of 1/144 nuclear subs is slowly growing... With Sea Wolf and Thresher/Permit kits already available
  2. After a few years I have finally tracked down the last part of the Takara 1/144 submersible collection, the Wadatsumi/Shinkai 2000! Along with finally getting the Mir 1 to go alongside my Mir 2... I do now feel a little deflated that there are no more from the set to collect, but there are certainly many 1/144 submarines in my stash to build and some I would like to scratch build. I imagine scratch building some other deep sea exploration vessels in the same scale, the Bathyscaphe Trieste would be particularly cool.
  3. Nicely done. First time I have seen this kit built. You could have someones eye out with that bow...
  4. Acrylic is a real pain to heat form properly, particularly as it's quite transparent to IR so you tend to cook the surface with convection heat/localised air heating whilst the bulk of the plastic remains cooler and stiff. I really recommend using acetate OHP sheet for clear parts smaller than a thumbnail. You can get it on eBay in 140 and 240 microns which gives a scale glazing thickness of 20mm and 35mm respectively, which I think looks spot on for 1/144 models. Depending on shape the 140 will nicely do parts that hold shape up to thumbnail size, i,e a canopy on a 1/144 aircraft/ 240 about twice so, so ideal for thicker perspex domes on submarines and the like. Thicker sheets are available too but I've not experimented with those yet. A gas lighter is enough to heat a patch large enough for most 'push moulding' uses on 1/144 scale, it's damn cheap so if you mess it up you can try 100 times more. It seems to have a wide temperature band between softening enough for vacuum / 'push' forming and burning/discolouring.
  5. Well, it's perfect. There's not really much more to say, I can't comment on any individual aspect as it's all to an extremely high standard.
  6. New Ship Related Releases

    Oh wow! Thank you Geoff. Thankfully I've got enough kits to keep me going even if they did take 10 years!
  7. I have noticed on the Hannants website new listings for 1/144 HMS Astute and 1/144 Xia Class PLAN submarines from Trumpeter. Can anyone confirm if the 1/144 scale is correct information for these upcoming products as searching has yielded no results elsewhere on the internet? I feared they might be 1/350 scale. Regards, Sam
  8. New Ship Related Releases

    Talking of Hannants and Trumpeter... I see on their website upcoming are listed 1/144 PLAN Xia and 1/144 HMS Astute. I almost spat my coffee out when I saw this, but can not find another reference to these upcoming kits in 1/144 scale, is it a mistake? If not a mistake then that's a fantastic addition to the wonderful 1/144 submarines available, the Xia class would be an impressive 83cm long and the first SSBN kit in 1/144.
  9. Great start, I look forward to see what you do with the railings. I've got this kit in the stash too(both 143 and 143A variants) but I can't remember spotting those moulded on railings on the sprue, they look awful! and i'm surpised Revell did that on a 'fairly recent' 1/144 scale kit.
  10. Grundhai DSV 1/72

    Quirky little model, I love it! It looks like something me and my mate would have built in the garage from a LPG cylinder!
  11. I have come across the old pyro/lindberg kit of the Santa Catarina Do Monte Sinai, which has been made available again. I find the extreme castellations on the ship fascinating and the model does closely match the painting of that supposed ship painted in that era https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Catarina_do_Monte_Sinai#/media/File:Portuguese_Carracks_off_a_Rocky_Coast.jpg Even if the painting/model is not the best representation of what these ships were really like what I am trying to work out is what size these ships actually were? Wikipedia states 800ton and 38m length, does anyone know if that is accurate for ships of this type? If it is so, it makes the kit work out about 1/144 but at the same time the ship looks like it is in a smaller scale (I have also seen it listed as 1/244! ), unless the cannon are particularly small types nestled shoulder width apart. The lifeboat and ladders bring it back more towards 1/144 scale. Here is a picture of a well finished kit
  12. Many many people have made a Bismarck model, very few have made one as well as that. Well done.
  13. Le Chebec de Heller.

    Impressive build, the rigging is amazing. Surely too good to be displayed on an open shelf ?
  14. css Hunley Mikromir 1/35

    Oh wow! I've got a bit of an early semi/submersible fetish and this really floats my boat (or submerges it). Great finish, you have captured the look of heavy riveted boiler plate very well. I need to build one of these in 1/144.
  15. Experiments in deck painting #2

    Managed to do a little bit more... Both masts and lateen rigs up, Test fitting the main vac moulded sail (to make sure when I rig it I won't have the shroud touching the sail) I know they are not everyone's cup of tea but with a bit of weathering I think they will do. Question is, what is the best way of attaching said piece of plastic? Previous experimentation with sewing a thread through close to the edge leads to the thread cutting through the thin sheet!