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  1. It doesn't. They haven't fixed any of the fit issues with the previous kit, they've removed most of the stores and they've upped the RRP.
  2. Hasegawa fits better and has a full set of weapons pylons, but the seat is rubbish and the exhausts are only accurate if you're modelling an aircraft in flight. A replacement seat can, I believe, be found in Pavla's resin cockpit set. Olimp's replacement resin nozzles look lovely but are too large and don't fit. Revell's seat is pretty much spot on and the overall shape is very good, but as you found it takes a lot of work because the fit is poor in a lot of places. Hobbyboss is the least accurate of the three. It looks like a Typhoon but that's about it. I've heard it goes together reasonably well, but it's got too many errors for me. Italeri's old kit is based on the original Development Aircraft and is OK, but not brilliant and not very representative of a production jet.
  3. I use Mr Color Levelling Thinner mixed between 50/50 and 60/40 (60% thinner to 40% paint) and sprayed at medium-low pressure. I couldn't tell you the exact PSI setting as I have an Iwata airbrush that allows me to fine tune the air pressure via the brush rather than the compressor...
  4. Aircraft are commonly moved between Squadrons in the RAF. The same happens with Tornado and Typhoon, so you'll see aircraft carrying multiple squadron markings over the course of their careers. It's possible that an aircraft had squadron markings on operations (Typhoons certainly kept them on ops over Libya) but it's an exception rather than a rule. Normally they have them removed.
  5. To what flash are you referring? Can you link to an image? If you're referring to the Squadron markings (which it sounds like you are) then they would have been removed on operations. The aircraft would only have the tail number and serial number to identify them. The different markings represent different Squadrons - green being 3 Squadron (prior to transitioning to Typhoon) and the one with the small arrows sounds like 1 Squadron.
  6. Yep, go for the Mr Color JASDF Oceanic Camouflage set if you can. The colours in there are spot on.
  7. Yes, there would normally be one each side of the aircraft.
  8. If it came from this forum then it came from me. All the cockpits for all nations are painted the same colour, which is 36231. This is from the painting instructions for the actual aircraft. The overall greys for the Italian, German and Spanish aircraft are all FS colours as well.
  9. Good work. As an aside, the Squadron markings on the real jets are decals that are removed on ops, not painted over. Nice job replicating it though.
  10. 1) Eduard 2) Revell 3) Hasegawa (a bit too square for my eye)
  11. Dark Sea Grey should be a good start, but it varies depending on how weathered it is.
  12. I need to have the plastic in my hands, but having looked at the sprues and the instructions my first impressions are: - Clear instrument panel. Why? Most of the detail is wiped out in exchange for a HUD that will be in the way and probably get snapped off mid-build. - Better seat than the Hasegawa kit, although the belts look a bit dodgy. - They appear to have corrected the panel lines on the fuselage to represent a single-seater rather than just using the same fuselage from the twin-seater as before. - Assuming the 'censored' parts are included in the kit and not trimmed from the sprues, there's a nice set of inboard and centre-wing pylons in there for the first time. Shame there's no outboards though. - The same poor intakes. These (and the wings) were the main culprits for bad fit on the original kit, and it doesn't look like they've fixed them. - If by "Batch 3" they mean "Tranche 3" then more work is needed as it has none of the airframe modifications seen on a Tranche 3 machine (the most prominent being two small 'bumps' on the rear fuselage just in front of and either side of the fin). - Naff all ordnance and a single decal scheme with limited appeal. Good job I've got plenty of aftermarket decals! I'm keen to get hold of one of these to build it and compare to the old Revell kit. Will be interesting to see if it really is a "new tool" or just a tweak of the old one...
  13. You may struggle with detailed photos of parts of the F-35, especially opened up, due to security...
  14. Yes, those decals are suitable, if you can get hold of a set as they are extremely rare. You'll need some weapons though, as there are none in the Hasegawa kit other than a pair of AIM-9s. For a GR7 over Afghanistan you'd need: UK 540lb iron bombs or UK 1000lb iron bombs or UK 1000lb Paveway II. The two 1000lb bombs are available from Flightpath. The 540lb bombs are in the Airfix Buccaneer, again if you can find one. CRV-7 rocket pods (either the 19 shot or 7 shot pods) TIALD pod with pylon
  15. According to the latest issue of SAM, the 1/48 Buccaneer is due "early 2017".