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  1. named Bruce who was
  2. sporran wearing terrier dog
  3. Yar! Shiver me timbers!
  4. nag it. slag it
  5. boil for 20 minutes
  6. gas food and lodging
  7. as a very flat
  8. rammer is called for
  9. who shakes oatmeal really
  10. mixing it with spoons
  11. Donegan Optical does the Optivisor. Various lens plates for different magnification. I've been using mine for the last 40 odd years... Should be available over there... Edit: AHA! it is!
  12. flaming steel wool wads
  13. That looks very much like the old Hubley diecast kits. They were a bit earlier (mid to late '60s I think, possibly even earlier) I built (badly) a bunch of 'em. Looks really nice so far! If I might make a suggestion, try a flat shoelace for your hoses.
  14. and berries because squirrels
  15. currently containing classified craft