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  1. Most recently I've been working on a Studebaker model. Handling it with cotton gloves to avoid marring paint. Finish laying down a perfect glob of CA. Right, set it down to let it dry. Oh wait, need to look at something, picked it back up and left a nice cottony, gluey thumb print right in the middle of the frikkin' door... If it was a tank I'd just slather on some mud...
  2. Good read. Not entirely accurate to the true story but well written.
  3. like smoking a fish
  4. B-26 ( I'm surprised this hasn't been done before actually) B-29 (wth, as long as we're wishing...) C-47/DC-3 (C'mon it's a natural!) SB2c Helldiver (would pretty much round out US Naval airpower) PBY Catalina (any variant, I love flying boats) Defiant (I just like turret fighters. Okay? Or the Roc or the Skua...) Blenheim 1f and MkIV (Spent many many hours flying these in simulated combat. Yes, I died a LOT.) Leo 451 (the French are woefully underrepresented) Amiot 143 (Like a flying brick! Closest thing to a Farly Fruitbat we're likely to see too!) Do-18, Do-24, Do-26..... I'd buy them all and hate myself for doing it. Where would you put the bloody things?!
  5. for blackened steak sarnies
  6. that's a good thing
  7. with the grand kids
  8. toasted crumpet with tea
  9. Interesting question and subsequent lines of thought going here. Not many American manufacturers left. Round 2 seems to be gathering all the failing lines like Lindberg (who was never high end anyway) and AMT and MPC under their aegis. Revell/Monogram would I think, get my vote. A childhood nostalgia thing really. I don't know if home printed kits will be much of a thing. To get decent resolution will take some fairly sophisticated equipment that not every casual hobbyist will be able to afford. I like the idea of a print shop you can take your plans to. Maybe I can keep my job...
  10. near the arctic circle
  11. glittering with tiffany sparkles
  12. and an aerial kilometre
  13. we'll all get stinking
  14. all addled adults applaud
  15. learning lackadaisical latin legalities