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  1. accidentally coated in plastic
  2. Brian is quite correct. While looking for Fruitbat crew pix,I was rewarded with this image of one of the female crewmembers. Typically ugly uniform...
  3. oh go ahead, speak
  4. She used to hang around with people I know back in the early 80s. Used to see her at parties. She had green spiky hair and a nose ring back then...
  5. can cool girls passion
  6. skip it if possible
  7. the empty heads of
  8. So, who starts next?
  9. I didn't know you did dinos. Oooh leather... kinky. Umm sorry. Looks good actually. How about a droplet of epoxy for the eyes? A small dollop on a piece of glass and when it dries, pop it off and paint the flat side,
  10. a little decal saver (keep that film fresh!)
  11. Rotisserie chicken. Leftovers for lunch. Just now heading off, me hungry!
  12. Free candy for kids!
  13. boomerang won't come back?
  14. Too true that. Sad.