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  1. I will be back in a fortnight. With a considered response to the above. Be afraid. Or moderately perturbed. Either way, take good care of yourselves mes braves. Tony
  2. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Decorum.
  3. I would say 'Do your worst!' but looking at what we did to poor Perdu's thread in a mere couple of days I would take that as a given, seeing as 'ow we'll be away for nearly a fortnight. Not as if I could stop such 'help' anyway! Actually I'm counting on you to set a good example of decorum to the younger and more impressionable members here Martian. If you're good I may post regular photos of waves lapping on the beach. If you're bad, it'll be snaps of my beeyootiful legs on the beach instead.... Isn't that a wine? I could be wrong... I was hoping for a good pull on holiday but that's another story... I'm a bit distracted by the whirl of other matters at present Hendacious one, so let's see what things are like nearer the weekend. It's an enviable quality in those individuals who seems able to slip in an hour here and there around other commitments, unfortunately I'm one of those slower workers who needs to build up an undistracted momentum first in order to develop sufficient focus on material processes. Mr. Woods in Geography was wrong when he said I was just lazy...
  4. Well, that might explain the recent chafing.... Considering my actual witless passage through life up to this point I am flattered by the promotion to full halfwit!
  5. Martian, Bill: My thanks for that chaps. As we're off on hols next Monday I've really run out of time now to make any substantive progress between now and then, with everything else that needs attending to between work and home. At least I managed to get the first test done before going away. What I don't want to do is rush the next stage of modifying the buck but leave it until we're back and have a clear head for a run at it. As it is I need to put aside some time and clean out the studio before going away - every available space and worktop is now strewn with tools and materials, all surmounted with a patina of balsa-dust. If I clear the decks and get everything squared away at the weekend, it should make recommencing work later much easier in terms of focus. Need to inventory what paints I currently have as well in case an opportunity to replenish back in Blighty should perchance appear... Tony
  6. That looks really strong now. Nice work by all involved. Tony
  7. That is truly extreme Vince. Puts me in mind of the helicopter chase scene in Capricorn One:
  8. Sontaran spaceship me arts. It's a Garden Gonad.
  9. We're just going to have to be honest and say that there was a break-in while Bill was away, and that we found the place like this Keith.
  10. Oo-err. When's he back? We've gotten the place in a bit of a state...
  11. Them was the days Keith when satnav was a bloke called Eric on the seat next to you with a Woodbine drooping from his lip as he scattered ash and tea from the Thermos all over a grease-stained map of Doncaster.
  12. Since we started feeding a stray cat a few months back, a rotating cast of other straggly moggies has graced the garden yowling for nosh and attention. The little blighters must run an intelligence network to rival SOE... Tony
  13. It really is. Interesting cast, and by the director of Zulu. Whoever thought that road haulage could be so gripping! (Is it me or does Stanley Baker look like Captain Scarlet in the film poster?) Tony
  14. Each detail is telling John. And now I know the Canberra had a rain channel. Ps. Not having heard of such a feature before, I'm presuming it was to stop rainwater getting in somewhere sensitive? Tony