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  1. *can't You're welcome.
  2. Cheers TT. You're quite right. I have the far-seeing gaze of a philosopher allied to a complete inability to find my socks... Message received Rob. You're exactly right in anticipating the sequence of calamities that would likely have engulfed me the other route. Bob - that is just superb! I've seen nothing like it with regard to showing the articulation of the various parts of the aircraft. I'm most grateful to you for unearthing this gem. Cheers Nigel. Very very late it will be as it's one bit I'm dreading given the amount of face I could lose for it going pear-shaped in the final innings... I find your level of agreement agreeable on aggregate. All thoughts of a swift return to the bench tomorrow are scuppered as I have to go into work to host an open day. Don't ask. I shall sit greeting members of the public whilst behind my vacant smile will be a mind running through it's list of Barracudery tasks, light-years away. I hope you get some time in yourselves! More anon, Tony
  3. If appearances are to be believed Alex, you have a horrific morning dental routine... Marathon progress to catch up on here Alex and the results of your patience are really starting to show through. Excellent! Tony
  4. Da! Apparently armed with rolled-up copies of Pravda if the box art can be believed....
  5. I hev bawt 1 of thees: ..because at the moment I appear incapable of resisting anything which flies over water.
  6. Nein. With his prodigious schwanzstucker he was constantly in Annie's Attic....
  7. It's still no too late to go for a quick wingfold before paint you know Pat... Tony
  8. Tomo, Johnny, Alex, Adrian: many thanks for that. You've put iron in the soul and the wing shall remain off until the end. Bill: You'll find this hard to believe but I've had more than one pair of glasses fall apart that way. Did I mention that I'm slow at making connections sometimes? Jockney: Thanks for that. The chafing off them shuttlecocks is something cruel ain't it? Cheers Phil. I needed a fellow vacillator to back me up. I was just testing you all of course about the wing... I meant to leave it off the whole time Rumpled of the Baileys...
  9. What I like is that it looks fantastic both from a distance and close-up. Real quality colour work. Tony
  10. Don't worry Keith - he can fill those trenches with all the body parts he's casting at the moment. It's like Castle Frankenstein over in his thread at the moment....
  11. That box art! Look at those tree and that collumn of fire! Did they get a five-year old to knock it up with a set of crayons? Brilliant.
  12. A thing of winged and stained beauty.
  13. I currently hear this theme in my head whilst reading this thread: Tony
  14. I doubt that the camera is really doing the paint/polish on that tail justice. iModelkit is one of the few apps I've found useful enough to buy outright. Good to see this back! Tony
  15. Come for the superglue, leave with the sanding tip. Thou hast to love a thread that giveth so. Tony