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  1. Airfix Bristol Blenheim MkIVF

    I've one of these lined up for a future bash so more than happy to take notes of your experiences with the kit Graham. Nice progress! Tony
  2. Look at all that cutting needs doing. My kind of plane! Err. Is there actually a kit of that...? Addenda: Having now read Martian's post above...ask a silly question...
  3. Cos there weren't enough evil in the world that day so they gone made us some. I've only just got used to there being a fuselage all of a sudden and now he speeds up even more! Earlier footage of a Ced build:
  4. What have you purchased 9

    Snap! Both of them boys.
  5. I prefer to replace the kit parts with my own ones before gluing them on the wrong way round - it gives for a more complete experience... I've no doubts you'll bring this to a conclusion in fine style before the GB kicks off - it is looking damn fine sir. Loving your foil Koh-i-Noor BTW. Cunning as a slice of Cunning Cake on St. Cunning's Day. Tony
  6. Don't worry. Some of us have been known to sneak back and have a look at it while your not around. You've sold me completely on the pointillist approach to adding variation in surface colour. Very effective to my eye already - largely due to the inherent subtleties of the process, and now guaranteed an airing in my next. So excited was I by your results here Crisp that I see I've gratuitously inserted a quote box that refuses to delete.... Thanks for documenting the process. Tony
  7. A pair of Airfix Hawks in 1/72

    Another creature from the Burgess Shale comes to life on the forum: Fritagigenia if I'm no mistaken? Your small parts continue to attract my admiration Steve. And another post in which that RP punch set looks an effective investment; having just lashed out on a piano for my youngest I find myself cruelly deprived of funds at a point of maximum weakness towards said item.... So enjoyable to see each new instalment of this fine thread pop up in the listings. Tony
  8. I just want to say: Whacko old fruit! That is very very easy to look at and very hard to tear the gaze from. Just splendid Martian.
  9. Blackburn Roc Floatplane Target Tug

    The strap-on canoe-fettlage is looking fine and dandy Martian. More than in fact.
  10. The introduction of colour only increases my admiration of your work here Massimo. Tony
  11. My brain used to get sick of my eyes telling it that at closing-time as a young man. Now I've gotten older and have to wear glasses it just sits there in the skull making sarcastically 'helpful' suggestions to the hands... Nice work on the pilot's cubicle Ced. Glad also to see the obligatory 'body-farm' shot reinstated as a feature of your threads. Tony
  12. I figured I could mod an Airfix Blue Tit for the Wren: Panels 7 & 9 on that sheet have to be the most savage instructions ever - like something a cruel child would do... [Cough] 1/48 Barracuda. [Cough, louder] I'm reluctant to fold the wings on my AEW Gannet as I've no wish to unnecessarily compromise its body-confidence with sharp angles. Bill, there is some superb Buccholstery on display in that seating arrangement; I simply cannot get enough of that top stuff! Apologies if this is already a known quantity but there are some fine S.1 deck operations and aerial shots from the mid-sixties here, starting at about 9.26: Blow On.
  13. Blackburn Roc Floatplane Target Tug

    It is possible that our Martian friend - so frequently horrified by our base terrestrial ways - may have thought the 'fascinator' to be some kind of primitive fertility adornment, akin to an ornamental codpiece. Either way, bright warning colours would seem prudent. You could have somebody's eye(s) out...
  14. Catching Pictures in the Air

    Nasally: Nawwwwsstopmessinabowt. I feel confident that there are some on here who will not let that happen Ian. The weight of expectation is upon me...
  15. Flying boats and float planes GB

    Greatly look forward to seeing this choice come together Mr. Phoenix! Quite a Dornier dynasty forming up here now. Tony