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  1. Ta Rob. No start today either, largely as it's my birthday and despite it not arriving yet, there is one of these on order: All hendie's fault really as without him even having to say little more than that such things as bead lathes exist in the world, I realized immediately just how utterly incomplete life is without one.... I believe that might qualify as a variant of auto-erotic asphyxiation if done to excess? Cheers for that Adrian. Thanks Bill - here's hoping! Sadly no refuel option available on that one, but from the oral histories I've been reading the fuel tanks seem to have made a convenient surface for the crew in the rear to conduct hours-long card games flying out over the Pacific. In reading up on the camera/lens system used on the early Corona systems I was staggered to learn that the film sensitivity was in the region of 2-8 ASA. Given that a standard daylight film for a domestic camera was rated at about 200-400ASA, this is an incredibly slow film sensitivity - obviously on grounds of increasing the resolution in relation to film grain. You can dig out some of the declassified footage for yourselves here: There's also some fascinating (though redacted in places) contemporary documents archived by the CIA here about the Corona program : I will get up in the morning. Before I go to work I will build something, no matter how small....
  2. Your moulding goes from strength to strength Ced whilst the paintwork on those internals is most handsome! You should feel well pleased with progress on this. Tony
  3. I'm sorry for not getting across here more frequently hendie, though the pleasure of catching up with developments is more concetrated. The 'facilities' are looking very finely-wrought indeed. I can,'t help reflecting on the disparity between the level of fascination in looking at your miniature version, and the lesser fasciation I'd have with the actual fixture! Bravo. Tony
  4. Whacko Rob. That is all looking most purposeful. Those walkways came out well! Tony
  5. Smart paintwork Mr. C. and a neat idea for widening the slimline wheels. Tony
  6. I was going to ask was that the kind of reference chart used in scene-of-crime photography? Not only looks smart scale-wise but a good colour reference too for forensic modelling. I sense a new cop show: Martian PI.... Tony
  7. Fontastic attention on the lettering. 'Someone' should do up a scaled template for lettering and insignia at 1/72 for those wishing to print their own variations... Patient work Bill that continues to gladden the eye. Tony
  8. Thanks Simon. I haven't had much of a chance to reflect on next steps since my last posting, but leaning currently towards having a go at the fuel tanks and central cable run next in order to block out the main areas of the interior floor. My thanks Ced. I heard you say that in the beloved Brian Sewell's rich tones Essistenshul? Iz that some fancy French fing? I won't have it in one of my freds! We should have our own segment on Springwatch Johnny.... Thanks M. Martian. The old carcass is restored to vim and vigour thankfully, even if there is little bench time appearing so far this week. I was up in Dublin today so too knackered to do anything sensible this evening. Nothing like sneezing violently whilst holding a two-grand lens in your hand to bring the blood to your head... My apologies for the stop-start nature of the build at present but this seems to be the way of things. Hopefully I can grab an hour tomorrow and the day after and if I can go in focussed, can make up some progress. Tony
  9. Yes. That is looking good now. You do have a nice 'pit and a good rack, as others have not been shy of suggesting...
  10. It was the item listed below that one which had me most anxious. Not a great product name from the male perspective...
  11. Keep it up Simon, you're shaping this up very purposefully. The kind of building I like! Tony
  12. Fie! Enough of this Supermarine Melancholy! Those are finely plumaged birds PC and I must take you to task over the general harshness of your appraisal. I estimate the above to be worth a minimum of two episodes of Magnum PI plus a refill of the brandy glass, not to mention a snack of choice. Tony
  13. Bob, Jaffa, Glynn, Phil: My thanks for your kind comments lads. Hopefully it'll inspire others to have a stab at what is a fine little kit fro SH. Tony
  14. How fetching is that? Not only a gorgeously painted rendition of this aircraft but some really atmospheric shots to boot. I love the angle and light and shadow in that penultimate photo - just fabulous! Tony