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  1. We need an 'Awe' reaction in the Likes menu for this standard of work. On a scale of one to ten, this is about twenty....
  2. Some of your Cedest work yet. I keeps saying it each time but your painting just gets better and better.
  3. A stylish undertaking Bob. This Big Blue Flying Goolie simply oozes quality in construction and colouring. Well done indeed sir!
  4. Do you ever suspect that 'Their Satanic Manufactories' at the larger model companies sit around the conference table going 'Let's make that nose almost entirely not correct' and 'In 20 years time they'll still be swearing about this intake', little knowing as they laugh the depths of dedicated obsession that they stir in forums like this to Put Things Right... That's a right Gannetty Gannet Bill.
  5. Immaculate work on the aileron areas and wing re-shaping. Clearly you're following in a long tradition of Battle-rubbing...
  6. I haven't heard anything back from TT so far chaps - in itself that's not worrying as in the past it might be a fortnight or so before he's replied. You'll be the first to know any news. Tony
  7. Some kind of a very special AAA battery

    Great fun catching up as always Cc! I've a 1/72 Roc in the pile that I just can't make up my mind what do build it as. I do like the silver scheme...
  8. We never doubted that you would Massimo! Handsome work on all those airbrakery perforations. Are there any decent model shops whilst you're in town in case you need supplies?
  9. Steady hand and a lick o' paint'll sort out that pesky roundel agin the black Ced. You gotta feel pleased with the results you've achieved here: Simplemente nos muestra a todos lo que la perseverancia y la determinación pueden lograr! (Hopefully that's Spanish for 'it shows us all what perseverance and determination can achieve!' - if not then I've just called you a filthy beast...madre de dios!)
  10. Fear not Benedikt - the British have always reserved for themselves the right to commit the greatest crimes against their own language! (It's to distract us from acknowledging that we're such comparatively poor speakers of our European neighbours' tongues...) That's before you even take in to account the damned autocarrot on my smartbone.... A Spitfire condom Ced! Who knew? (Can't wait for the Big Roundel Reveal, like everyone else.)
  11. The clarity of that canopy shows off the attractive cockpit detailing a treat!
  12. We were just being polite in not mentioning it Crisp.... Glad to hear that the wrist is on the mend.
  13. Property values in the Stourbridge area are sure to soar now with this piece of public sculpture enriching the neighbourhood. You spoil us with this sweet silvery goodness Johnny. Rich work (as always). Tony _(Still don't get the ELO references though..)
  14. Astonishingly rapid and precise progress from the Office of Naval Architecture (Salisbury Branch). Oral and graphical history rolled into one . Bliss!