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  1. Let me know if you can see the above pics or not
  2. Ok, bit the bullet. This is my first try with Flickr The build is all but complete and just needs a bit of finishing on the base to make the Tiger 'sit' properly on the road and make the board it's on a little more presentable. You might see some paint flake on the standing figure. He's vinyl. need I say more? And I'm rather pleased with the water effect even if it did take the thick end of a month or two to finish layering. Once it's completed to my satisfaction I'll take some good pics and post an RFI (I always say that but this time I promise to at least try) Thanks for looking in Phil the returned
  3. Thanks John, and thanks for confirming they are still visible. Maybe that's because I haven't tried to post any further pictures I had a look at Flickr and was not happy with their data policy as I'm not keen on my information being shared with anyone who happens to be in their Oath group. Unless someone on here can convince me that I'm just being paranoid and my concerns are unfounded...
  4. Sorry I haven't been posting for a while but I've had variable health for some time and after I started getting the PB warnings I got somewhat disheartened. I can still see my pictures but I'm not sure if anyone else can. If someone could respond and let me know if they can see my current and past pics or if I need to re-do all my posts. I'd also appreciate a little advice on which is the best alternative to ChumBucket. I have plenty of pics, including updates for this build and new builds to post up but I'm not sure who to go with. Thanks in anticipation Phil the befuddled
  5. Catching Pictures in the Air

    Was it in a box?
  6. Catching Pictures in the Air

    A Heliotrope is a metaphorical balloon attached by string to a small child... and can someone please identify what I just trod in?
  7. It's been a fair old wait but compared to 26th June... and yesterday... we're almost ready for me to start building the water effects back up, a small layer at a time. Sorry it's not much of an update but I'll post more when I've made some real progress. Thanks for looking in. Phil
  8. 1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    Good Lord, he's now putting actual scale rivets in the thing!
  9. Two days later and not looking too promising. Definitely made it too thick. The instructions suggest 3mm layers, not one enormous 10mm pour . It does look like it's starting to clear now so I'll give it some time and if it goes fully clear I'll then build up the surface with thin layers to get it to where I want it... hopefully Thanks for looking in and the kind comments Phil the impatient.
  10. The Horizon Models is the more accurate kit by far. I also noticed that the black and white stripes around the top of mine didn't look quite right and it turns out they are too wide on the Dragon kit and consequently there aren't enough, ah well it's not a deal breaker for me. Looking at photo's of the horizon kit I would probably tone down the rocket tube panel lines a bit just to keep them a little more subtle. You want them there but not 'in your face' there Either way enjoy it, it looks a great version of the Mercury Redstone. I have my eye on the Mercury Atlas kit but can't seem to find it in stock Phil
  11. Thanks for the positive comments all. A small update on the base. I went a bit mad and assembled the Kubewagen and decided on a scene where it had gone off the road and embedded itself into a stream/river bed. I'd painted and weathered the barrels too and added a raised road bed on a piece of mdf with a layer of polystyrene packing which I then shaped and coated with Vallejo Dark earth paste. Cut the lower half off the front right wheel to simulate it being embedded in the stream bed and added coarse paint brush bristles painted green to look like reeds. Kitty litter for stones on the stream bed and then sealed the deges of the stream area to enable me to pour the AK transparent water gel thinned with some murky water I'd been cleaning my brushes in. This is the result so far looking more like it's in a snow bank. I really hope it sets clear That's it for tonight. Thanks for looking, I'm off to melt in bed Phil the hot and bothered
  12. Decals on. Just needs a clear coat but it's pretty much done... although I won't rule out revisiting and adding some scratch fine detail later down the line. Until then it's going on the display shelf I'll get some better pics in RFI once I've done the finishing touches. Thanks for looking in Rockety Phil Phil
  13. I wanted to prove to myself that it was possible for me to build a model out of the box so here it is. It's the Dragon 1/72 Mercury Redstone where you get decal options for Freedom 7 (Alan Shephard) and Liberty Bell 7 (Gus Grissom). Unfortunately the capsule is only approriate for Liberty Bell 7 as the capsule lacks the round windows for the early version flown by Shephard. Nice box art A simple kit Complicated by a slight lack of any instructions. Simple enough to work out where everything goes though. Just needed a little filler around the fin joints. Halfords white primer on the main tube and LET (Launch Escape Tower) and Tamiya fine on the capsule. I then mixed 9 parts Tamiya Rubber Black and 1 part X-25 Clear Green for the capsule colour giving it the greenish cast seen on the real thing. That was yesterday. Today, after a flurry of sanding, spraying with a mix of XF-2 and X-2 Flat and Gloss white, masking and spraying with rubber black on the main booster, sprayed the LET XF-7 Red and a little detail painting on the capsule I gave it a nice coverage of Tamiya Clear ready for decals Sorry for the lack of progress pictures, I got a little carried away. Thanks for looking Phil
  14. Catching Pictures in the Air

    That should make for one seriously impressive lawnmower
  15. Britmodeller running slow?

    I was Steve Coombes but now I'm back to normal (relatively speaking)