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  1. Yellow training bands on Hunters

    You're quite right James! I over-egged it somewhat to make the point (hence my vague "more or less"!!!). What I was trying to say I suppose was that, if they were parallel, then the chord at the wingtips would have been noticeably larger than the original wing. The replacement wingtip parts that accompanied the leading edge extensions did indeed extend the wingtip chord a touch and merged it all in nicely; it's not that easy to notice unless you go looking for it as the characteristic and beautiful (biased!) shape of the wingtips looks similar at first glance on all Hunter wings. Anyway, I've edited my original post as it was confusing. You're spot on though - if Airfix mould the wing with separate LE extensions and wingtips (indeed as Revell did) then all marks are possible with only small parts needing to be swapped. Fingers crossed!
  2. Yellow training bands on Hunters

    You're right David, the extension is not quite parallel to the original leading edge.
  3. RAF Ordnance of the 60s & 70s in 1/72

    SURA were used on Hunters but on export versions not by the RAF. They were recommended by Hawker.
  4. Interesting. 230 Gallon tanks which suggests the kit will include cut-out flaps for the F.6A and FGA.9.
  5. Actually it makes perfect sense. That's the forward transport joint on the real thing and was where the single seat cockpit is unbolted and the twin-tub version attached in its place. The spine panels can easily be a separate part.
  6. Yep. De-icer tank removed from the nose and an extra oxygen tank installed instead. You can tell they had the Middle East in mind when they designed the 9!
  7. Yep, my feelings exactly. This kit gives us a world of F.6, FGA.9 and a whole load of export options too! I can't wait, but it's going to cost me a lot of money!
  8. James! I didn't realise it was you! It's been a while, hope you're well?
  9. Yes there were a number of avionics changes - changes to IFF, introduction of TACAN, ARC.52 radio, removal of Rebecca DME, gun radar etc., plus the addition of the tropicalisation/souped up air conditioning of the FGA.9. All the extra weight, and the ability to carry the big 230 gallon tanks, was the reason for adding the brake chute. The early F.6 wasn't much more than an F.4 with a big engine so by the time it got to the F.6A it had changed out of all recognition - testament to the brilliance of the design. The F.6 was the most numerous Hunter mark by far. In fact the FGA.9s were converted from F.6s so they just went on and on and on!
  10. Nope, not much more to it than that. In fact the original aim was to not to have to alter the centre section at all so the first prototype had a much sharper contoured fairing behind the cockpit to match the original spine of the single-seater. That didn't work well aerodynamically so the fairing was lengthened to give it the 'humped back' appearance we know and love. The brake chute was added to counteract the increased landing weight with the twin-tub nose fitted. Correct, the T.66.
  11. Maybe in private hands but back in the day many of the export versions of the T-bird were 'big-engined' aircraft, and with twin Adens too.
  12. Airfix 2018 releases: expect a 1/48 Hunter

    One of the subjects shown is an F.6A, so if they do that properly then an FGA.9 would be easy to make even without a specific FGA.9 kit. Very, very happy with this - thank you Airfix!
  13. Italeri Crusader III

    Thanks all. I really enjoyed making this one and am pleased that Tamiya are re-boxing it. Despite its age it's a great kit, especially now that Tamiya have fixed the fenders and added some excellent looking figures. I might make another one!
  14. Italeri Crusader III

    I may be a bit behind the times but it was only after seeing HL-10's wonderful Valentine that I discovered Tamiya were also re-releasing Italeri's Crusader III - with fixed fenders (at last!) and other goodies. This reminded me that I'd found some WIP photos of my Italeri build so thought I'd post them if anyone's interested? A basic turret interior with scratch-built radio - I soon realised this was need when I saw the size of the hatches! Wheels painted, tracks and skirts fitted, incorrect Italeri fender modified, primer on... A bit of technicolour pre-shading... Camo going on... Crew coming together, including the world's grumpiest looking soldier! Finished!
  15. Hi Shaun, What a great set of models - keep up the good work! If you want to try some washes risk-free, you could try some Ultimate Weathering Washes (reviewed on this site here) or Flory Washes. They are water-based clay washes so they don't affect your paint job and, once dry, can be re-activated with water. That means if you really hate what you've done you can wash it off and start again! Mark