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  1. 1/72 sword f2h 2 banshee

    The Airfix kit does scrub up quite well. This is it with the recce nose:- bansheepic4
  2. 1:72 Lynx kit questions

    Steve - Rotorcraft did a white metal set that was part of their conversion sets of the Italeri kit to Westland FAA versions. Colin (Heloman1 on here) might have some spare and would be worth a PM to or perhaps Freightdog who sell the Rotorcraft range might also have some? PAt
  3. Interesting that two different shades of grey are called out for various schemes in the instructions for the upper surfaces - neither being Extra Dark Sea Grey.
  4. Sea knights and skyhawk help needed

    I suspect the answer on the canopy is almost certainly not - another suggestion instead of white glue would be clear acetate sheet. Cut the offending bit of canopy away, cut some clear acetate to fit and fix it in place with white glue. pat
  5. Another RFI rescued from the bucket of doom.
  6. 1:72 Lynx kit questions

    lynxcompare3 lynxcompare2 lynxcompare1 Airfix AH1 on the top vs Plasyk, Fujimi and Hobby Boss in descending order PAt
  7. 1:72 Lynx kit questions

    That was me! I will try and debucket the photo and repost it. I have the AH1GT set for Air Graphics but not yet done anything with it bar fondle the resin. Buy from their website rather than eBay as it is considerably cheaper. As Giorgio says the Plastyk Lynx is gash, but the blades, exhaust filters and possibly TOW launchers can be salvaged as a far cheaper alternative to resin bits (but obviously way less detailed. pat
  8. Another build de-bucketed!!
  9. Bringing Out Panel Lines

    Au contraire Wez, you can buy decal sheets of lines of proud rivet heads. I tried some and they vanished under the first coat of paint. I doubt I will bother with them again! pat
  10. Destroyer

    Very nice Ratch. Got the EB version in the stash. pat
  11. Very nice Crusader, Tyas. Great looking model of a great looking aircraft. Pat
  12. Sea Hawk whip aerials

    Was trying to figure out the colour of the four whip aerials along the spine of the Sea Hawk - I was thinking perhaps a yellowy fibre glass colour but wondered if anyone knew for sure - or did it depend......! Pat
  13. 1/72 Matchbox, Henschel Hs 126

    The winter cammo has come out very well. Would make a nice pairing with a Matchbox Lysander!! Pat
  14. A discussion on the colour of the Red's Gnats prompted me to de-bucket the pics from this RFI.
  15. Airix Red Arrows Gnat Colour Query

    I've dug out both Hu174 and 238 and they are definitely different shades. I would say 238 is more red and less orange than 174 but lacks the deep red hue I would associate with PO red. I did spray my Gnat with 238 and weirdly it looks much darker on the model than in the pot but possibly I sprayed over grey primer which may have affected the tone. Not sure any of that helps, John!! Pat