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  1. Stoppel 1/72 KZ VII Laerke

    That's very attractive, as well as interesting. Thanks for posting. Regards, David
  2. Thanks for posting – a nice model of an aircraft I hadn't heard of. Looking at the wing area, I wonder if it had a very high landing speed. Regards, David
  3. Nice MiG-21. These early MiG-21s look fantastic in profile. I didn't know Hasegawa had an F-13 kit (I have a Revell one waiting to be done). Regards, David
  4. I liked seeing the serviceman in flip-flops refuelling a Sabre!
  5. Beautifully finished Sabre. The fact that it's in markings that are less common is an added bonus. Regards, David
  6. A6M2a 1/72 Fine Molds

    I do like it. May I ask what paints you used, and how is the Fine Moulds kit? I have the new-mould Tamiya one waiting to be built... Regards, David
  7. Air ambulance

    I'm no Ju-52 expert, but it looks good to me. I really like the finish.
  8. A Winter/Continuation Wars GB, you say? Has that been finalised with dates? Regards, David
  9. Hi J-W, How do you get the time to complete so many models (at such a high standard, too)? An interesting subject with an equally interesting finish. Regards, David
  10. Amazing! Fantastic detail and metal finish.
  11. Flying Boats & Float Planes 2 GB

    Hi Alan, I do like it. I am guessing it is the same tooling with the raised panel lines. If so, you've done a nice job with the describing. Something I'm yet to try. It's a kit I'm looking forward to doing (maybe with my daughter if she's interested). Regards, David
  12. Flying Boats & Float Planes 2 GB

    Hi Alan, Your kit looks to be about the same vintage as mine! Please don't be put off doing it in the GB because I mentioned it. In addition to the Norseman I've been itching to do, I also have an interesting 1/72 kit of the Kawanishi N1K1 Rex in resin by Aki. Regardless, I hope to see your finished Jake (and catapult!) sometime on BM. All the best, David
  13. Fantastic Nate – I really like the finish.
  14. Hi Moa, Fantastic to see the finished product! What type of IJA grey did you use? I think I will also do the "Kamikaze" version with my Hasegawa kit (Ki-15 I), but will also have to do custom decals for that. Regards, David