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  1. Red Flag 84-3: VMA-133

    Low-viz Scooters! Nice!
  2. What's this PPP you use and it's purpose?
  3. F-15E loadout AFTER mission completed?

    So coincidentally I am currently reading William L. Smallwood’s book “Strike Eagle: Flying The F-15E In The Gulf War.” It is an account of all the F-15E pilots during Desert Storm and I can list off the points that need to be made for answering your question. 1) There was only a handful of times where the Mudhen's became engaged with any Iraqi air assets. The only times that dropped tanks were ejected was during a SAM fight. When they were going out to western Iraq doing the Scud hunting they needed them as much as possible as the tanker planes only came up to the Saudi/ Iraqi border. Triple-A would not cause the pilots to lose the tanks but if the SAM's popped up and the crew could identify that it was tracking on them then more than likely they would punch the tank so as not lose momentum with the added drag. 2) I am almost done with the book and so far I've read only one mission were the crew dropped their payload early and that was the "Shaka Your Shorts Raid" on February 11, 1991. Eight ship mission that called for a deep interdiction about 15 miles south southeast of Baghdad to destroy fixed wing aircraft at the Shayka Mazar airfield. Capt Greg "Moose" Barlow, the flight lead, kicked his bombs off early because he was acquired by no less than three SAM's going into the target area. 3) As far as actually dropping the bombs, the crew had an option when pickling them. They could either do it on auto through the computers, or they could do it manually. When dropping manually bombs could be pickled 1 at a time, 6 at a time, or all 12 if that's what they were carrying which they mostly where when SCUD hunting. 4) They always carried AIM-9's. 5) I don't know the date but it wasn't until at least 2-3 weeks after the air campaign started that the Strike Eagles started to employ LGB's as well so keep in mind that they had those along with the targeting pods as well depending on which aircraft you plan on depicting. Hope this helps!
  4. New A-10 wings

    I was a grunt in Iraq. When out in the rural areas we loved the A-10 getting down and dirty with us. Hell we loved anything more or less really. I am a huge fan of the Hog. The problem of getting low and in the trenches with us grunts no matter what aircraft is the Sam threat. I don’t know if an F-35 can maintain a low cross-radar section at altitudes of 800 feet or lower. Any input to this?
  5. New A-10 wings

    That's because everyone that has had negative comments about are zoomie pilots. Think about it, the USAF got rid of all it's "non-Mach" combat capable aircraft except the A-10 back in the 80's-90's and now they are scratching their heads trying to fill these gaps that they created. It's almost as if they are trying to reinvent the wheel. IMHO it's disheartening.
  6. Awesome looking Harrier. I just picked up 2 of the Monogram AV-8B's from my LHS on consignment (less than $20 for both!) and can't wait to get started on them. Hopefully mine cant turn out as nice as this.
  7. Sharkmouth GB - 24 on the list

    Ohhh that's dangerous. I can't even begin to think of what I would build first as I have so many options.
  8. Thunderbirds F-16 down

    I haven't read anything that states the aircraft belongs to the Thunderbirds. Regardless one can only hope that the pilot is ok.
  9. USAF F-5 Aggressors Part 2

    Not really an F-5 fan but really dig the old Thunderbirds sign above the hanger!
  10. The Su-57 are arriving

    So in theory then, the T-50 maybe rendered useless as it's engines still give it a large signature?
  11. The Su-57 are arriving

    I still can't get over how large it is. I haven't read anything about it, maybe because I haven't really looked, but doesn't the shape of the engine's and the nozzles themselves render the stealth plane's effectiveness? I just remember that when the F-22 was developed and put into service, and the F-117 before, a lot of the talk was that part of the stealth technology laid in the shape of the engines to keep it's signature low as possible.
  12. Flying Boxcar

    Looks like the one my grandfather flew, great job.
  13. VF-1 Tomcats - Various

  14. Warthogs at Gunsmoke '83

    This is so cool seeing all of these every time you post Sven, keep 'em coming!