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  1. Sukhoi Su-30MKK Flanker-G 1:48

    Thanks Flankerman, that is exactly the kind of explanation I have been seeking with this. Not too concerned with the IP's as I said gear will be up and will have a crew in it but appreciated nonetheless.
  2. Sukhoi Su-30MKK Flanker-G 1:48

    So I can build it with this MKK kit but if the gear is down I need a single front wheel and the vertical tails are different correct? Was probably going to do it with gear up anyhow and some pilots in the cockpit and those marking just make it look like it wants to fly lol.
  3. Sukhoi Su-30MKK Flanker-G 1:48

    So whether or not I can build a MKI out of this has already been answered above I see yet here is my question. According to the only reference photos I can find of the 1997 Anniversary markings online this kit looks like it would be an accurate representation of the SU-30 at that time would it not? Or would I still just need to wait on a MKI kit to be released? This is the one I am referring to:
  4. Might I suggest trying to take photos with as much lighting as you can provide and a solid color background?
  5. Awesome job. Will use some techniques like the wash for my Revell F I'm looking at starting soon.
  6. Black AH-1G Cobras in Vietnam?

    According to Jon Bernstein, who authored " US Army AH-1 Cobra Units in Vietnam", B Battery 2/20 ARA flew an all black Cobra circa 1970 during the invasion of Cambodia.
  7. Black AH-1G Cobras in Vietnam?

    Beats me. Why would anyone paint any aircraft of any type in black, although it has happened. I do not pretend to know why, I just know that I have heard of this as well.
  8. Black AH-1G Cobras in Vietnam?

    I have read and heard about them before, however I do not recall the source material. Some speculation as to them was that the CIA had a pair and where running them up and down near the Laos border.
  9. 1/48 Hasegawa F-4EJ Kai

    I've never understood why the nose from Wolfpak, what was the issue with the kit nose for the EJ?
  10. AH-1F "IFOR"

    I'm an American, in America lol.
  11. AH-1F "IFOR"

    Thanks all. Project is a small delay due to me trying to figure out this new compressor I bought, the compressor has NPT fittings but my hose and brush are BSP, and its cheaper to get an adapter than a new hose so I'm waiting for that to come in the mail.
  12. AH-1F "IFOR"

    Alright gents, So I'm going to go ahead and throw my hat into it (or try at least). I am only ever able to put a model together when the stars have aligned just right, and I guess the galaxy has done me a favor for once. I finally finished putting my office/ hobby room together the other day and aside from some necessary equipment for my airbrush, I'm going to build me a model dangit. Anyway I had a choice of either a -T, -J, -W, -F, or even a -G( Cobra Company kit), and alas I am going to try my hand at the -F. Although now that I think about it the -G probably would have been a lot easier as all it is is the resin conversion kit and OOB basically. On to the build! I'm using the Monogram kit for starters plus: - Werner's Wing's decals, TOW's, Cobra update set, M-260 Seven Shot Rocket Pods, and IPS & Debris Deflector - Fireball Modelworks ALQ-144 IR jammer - Master Model M197 20mm barrels - Wingman Models "Tzefa" update set (Not building a Tzefa, just want some of the parts off it) - Trying my hand at some scratch building as well, especially in the cockpit area Here we are with a little overview. I have not done much except for some sanding and cutting out the plastic mesh, etc. No construction or painting as of yet. Next are just some close up of the minor minor work I have done One thing I have noticed for sure is that with the newer reboxing of this venerable old kit she is definitely starting to show her age in the molding. There are a lot of parts that have just poor corners and flash everywhere. Good thing you can still pick up original boxings of it for pretty cheap prices. And alas here is an example of what the final product should look like, not this exact one, but the same Squadron.
  13. I am not aware of any stoppage in the use of BGM-71 TOW missiles by the Marines. I would try to find pictures of the specific airframe you are building to get a loadout example. BuNo. 165281 BuNo. 165319 Unknown BuNo. but it's dated June of 2011.
  14. Nice job on the blades. What size pin did you use for supporting them back on the mast?