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  1. F-4C USAF s/n 64-0727

  2. 1/48 Tamiya P-47D Thunderbolt

    My jaw dropped as I scrolled down through the pictures. I didn't even think it was a model at first.
  3. Superior job! Love the large amount of photos, adds to the quality of your Tomcat. Really enjoy the detailed paint job and will definitely be saving this as a reference for the MM paints as well.
  4. Following this one as I plan on building the old Monogram kit for the Hawker group build.
  5. AH-1G Cobra 1/48 - Help needed

    The only scales I have seen the M-35 cannon set for is 1/32 and 1/72. I am more than sure that Floyd Werner over at Werner’s Wings would release one extremely fast if there was a 1/48 G Cobra available however as there isn’t it would be hard to convince him otherwise.
  6. They called it the Dragon according to the book I just read.
  7. So I just finished reading “Warthog: Flying the A-10 during the Gulf War” by William Smallwood. It is a fantastic book, one which I would put in the ranks of Pak Six and Thud Ridge. I highly highly recommend it. It would probably even give you more ideas for your project on armament and weathering. With your build and that book I am extremely tempted to go ahead and pull the trigger on an A-10 for the BM 10th Anniversary group build.
  8. AH-1G Cobra 1/48 - Help needed

    Pretty interesting as the 1st and 4th pics denote these aircraft were outfitted for the M-35 armament subsystem. I’ve never truly been attracted to the Spanish Cobra’s however these few pictures may change my mind....
  9. AH-1G Cobra 1/48 - Help needed

    Got any pics Ben, would love to see it.
  10. This ought to be a very interesting development as Academy 1) hasn't produced a new AH-1 kit in 15 years and 2) the only AH-1Z is the beautiful 1/48 Kitty Hawk model.
  11. HobbyBoss 1/48 F-14D

    Although I don't have any of the HobbyBoss Tomcats this is a great start to your build and I will thoroughly enjoy watching it come together. Awesome job on that cockpit too btw.
  12. That’s a beautiful aircraft. What’s the story on the kill markings on the #543 bird? i absolutely love that SU! That IAF camo makes it look like the jet was born for it!
  13. AH-1G Cobra 1/48 - Help needed

    I managed to pick up 4 Fujimi AH-1J kits over the last 2 years relatively cheap and got 2 of the Cobra Company conversion sets for it plus a set of the Fireball decals in 1:48. One of these days I will finally make em.
  14. AH-1G Cobra 1/48 - Help needed

    IIRC, out of the box the kit does a lot better job than anything else out there (which is next to nil) for an AH-1G. It does leave a lot of room for scratch building, i.e. both rotorheads, the shaft, and the cockpit. Now with a -J cockpit from CC it would look great however you gotta remember that’s a twin engine Cobra and there are some controls that will show up different but if that doesn’t bother you then go for it.