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  1. 10th BM Anniversary GB

    That would work for me too as then I wouldn't have to purchase anything lol!
  2. Red Flag 84-2: VF-142

    Is that blue around the nose on 418? Truly unique indeed.
  3. I thought about a Tornado in Saudi colors but I don't want to build too many demanding kits this year, what with so many Group Builds to participate in and all haha.
  4. Hawker (Siddeley) GB

    So only a GR.1 or AV-8A Harrier would be acceptable?
  5. BaE Hawk, not sure which markings though. I have RAAF, Finnish, and Canadian decals.
  6. Zoukei Mura F-4C

    Oh I haven't even opened the kit yet lol. I've got two Academy -C's in the stash for the project and I plan on picking up two of the ZM's as well. Once I start on it, one day, I will be making a thread. BTW Caracal did a sheet with them and 7589 was on it.
  7. F-4 STGB Again

    Starting school again in January, but thanks for the encouragement lol.
  8. ICMF you're awesome. thank you for breaking it down barney style so that even this dumb grunt can understand lol
  9. Pardon me for being an idiot, but I gotta ask what is the different between an Su-30 and the -35? Only recently am I starting to expand my horizons and get into the Rusky aircraft including the export Su-30MKI specifically, and in saying that I continue to read that there are no accurate kits available in 1/48 of it. So with the beautiful renders of this baby I really would like to know now what the differences are?
  10. The Pacific at War GB

    Put me on the list. My LHS has a consignment Eduard P-40E I've had my eye on for a bit now.
  11. F-4 STGB Again

    Count me in. I will try and hold off on building one of the like 8 F-4 kits and about 2 dozen sheets of decals to choose from lol.
  12. Zoukei Mura F-4C

    Or you could do what I am working on slowly. F-4C 63-7589 was a MiG killer out of Ubon with 555th FS and served with a multitude of units afterwards including the 57FIS, the Michigan ANG, and my favorite, the 111th FS with the Texas ANG. The last 3 units she was with she wore ADC colors. I've been doing so much research, kit and a/m allocation, plus photo gathering that I have almost enough to put together her whole service career spanning 4 units and about 7 different markings lol.
  13. Meng Bradley M2A3 1/35

    All good in da hood. Still did a great job putting it together. I only ask about the time frame as there are a few tweaks Brads have gone through since OIF, even since about 2014.
  14. How were those decals from Ronin? I have a set however I have not heard very much about them.
  15. F-84F Thunderstreak & Mk.7 Atomic Bomb

    I gotta admit, I've never really have been interested in this a/c however after seeing these two photos I may start looking into, thanks! Fortunately I just came from my LHS and saw 2 of the Monogram 1/48 kits in the consignment pile lol!