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  1. METAL GEARRRRR! Sweet job with the colours Gaz
  2. Nice work ^-^ This one looks likes its based off the TESB one rather than ROTJ, what with the longer legs Gaz
  3. That's some Command and Conquer-looking business right there! Build is looking great btw ^-^ Gaz
  4. Splendid work, Dan ^-^ Gaz
  5. So during my refurbishment of my Tamiya M1A2 OIF, I decided to put to use the additional decals out of my Dragon M1A2 SEP kit. Unfortunately, those decals are not referred to in the SEP set at all (in some instances the instructions refer to decal numbers that don't exist, or incorrect locations in one case (I'll never trust Dragon instructions again tbh). Through a long and arduous search I've managed to procure some imagery to add the markings (APU for example), but others are almost impossible to find, since the only vehicle shots showing the hull seem to be devoid of markings. I added the 'Fuel' markings near the caps (Tamiya hull seems to have an extra cap so I could only mark three). Does anyone have access to the markings instructions from the Dragon M1A1 AIM kit? These seem to display the locations of these superfluous decals. I've got the bulk on, but still need to know where to place certain 'No Step' ones (added two the driver's hatch), as well as soe reading 'Read Warning Beneath' and 'Engine Service' as well as some small 'Lift Here' ones. Hugely appreciate any assistance with this one. Also, if anyone knows what the white serial number markings provided (with a white circle out line and two dots inside it) are, that'd be a huge help. Thanks. Gaz
  6. Thanks, Gekko! ^-^ Gaz
  7. Oh, apologies for not replying. First time I saw an alert for this message >< Both airbrushes perform the same when using the compressor. After a few weeks of trial, the spitting now seems a bit minimal, only really noticeable with high contrast colours. I had wondered if it was the pressure, though. Thanks for the reply. Gaz
  8. Cheers, Pete. Will do ^-^ I went and bit the bullet after I saw Andy's work Thank you also ^-^ Thank you kindly ^-^ Wanted to try something that seemed more theatre appropriate, hehe Gaz
  9. Awesome! Thanks, Jim ^-^ Gaz They'd be pretty intimidating Gaz
  10. Cheers, Geoff ^-^ Current projects include refurbishing my old Tamiya M1A2, a JGSDF Type 73, M1083 and a Bandai X-Wing And innumerable other side projects lol Gaz
  11. This has been bugging me for some time but, what kinds of stowage are correct for the U.S. Army 2003-2004 period in Iraq? Been refurbishing my old Tamiya M1A2, which of course comes with the ALICE packs for stowage. Would these be correct for the period, or were more modern packs being issued at this time? Its been hard to find shots of the vehicles that aren't from the front, so I can't identify the bags properly. Cheers for any assistance. Gaz
  12. Cheers, Andy! Just glad it all came together, heh Gaz
  13. Oh btw, here's a few WIP pics and more shots of the interior Gaz
  14. Awesome Thank you ^-^ Gaz
  15. It is, yeah, heh Cheers! Thank you ^-^ Gaz