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  1. Aoshima Gigant

    This thing wouldn't be out of place in an Ace Combat game, heh Gaz
  2. Decal Mould

    True. The cupboard is in the corner of the room against an outside wall, and above the garage. Have had small issues with damp there before. Peculiar though, as the same cupboard houses other model boxes containing old decal sheets without any issue. I suppose I'm lucky I've spotted an aftermarket decal sheet that depicts the variant of aircraft I was aiming for. A bit pricey for decals but, assuming the aircraft is salvageable and workable, I guess its my only surefire means of completing. Appreciate the advice all the same, Corsair Gaz
  3. Decal Mould

    Hi all. Given how I now have an airbrush, and have boosted my techniques, I thought to myself today "Maybe I'll revisit my old 1/48 F/A-18F that I have in a box in the garage and complete it". I recalled I had the box in a cupboard in the house and went to check I had still had the instructions, parts and decals. So far so good. And then... Upon opening the instructions, i found they had stuck to the decals a bit. I thought it was maybe just the ink, but as it turns out, the decal sheet has a sizable amount of what looks like mould on it (brown dusty stuff). Aside from my instant annoyance at this, what has me equally dumbfounded, and kinda makes it worse, is that the decal sheet (which is a rather critical part) is literally the only thing in the entire box affected. The instructions are clean, the box is clean, the parts are clean. Has anyone else suffered from this before, or even know if there could be a way to clean them off? I have never ever seen this before. What's weirder is that the mould, for the most part, seems to have formed around the actual markings, so they could be salvageable (most at least) but still, I'm kinda at a loss as to how its just the decal sheet. Gaz
  4. M1 Abrams Plow

    Yeah it seems that's the only way to do it unfortunately. Weird how years ago they sold more accessories than they do now. Or they seem to sell more accessories for Russian armour than Western. Ah well. Thanks, anyway, Ade Gaz
  5. Me262 Nose Wheel Design?

    Hi Blecky. I actually had a similar thought. The non-tread tyre is fatter as well, suggesting use on a different surface Gaz
  6. Me262 Nose Wheel Design?

    Interesting. I wonder if there was any specific reason for one being chosen over the other. Thanks, though, Blecky Gaz
  7. Me262 Nose Wheel Design?

    I figured it might have been a case of both in use Cheers, Dave ^-^ Gaz
  8. Me262 Nose Wheel Design?

    One of those moments of frustration in modelling when, upon looking at ref pictures, the answer still isn't clear Did the Me262 have a particular design for its nose wheel use more than most, or where they both in use? My HobbyBoss kit supplies the option of a treaded wheel, which would nicely demonstrate weathering, or a smooth version. A few pics of captured Me262s show the latter installed, but its hard to confirm if the smooth tyres were a later installation, with the treaded being earlier models. Appreciate any help Gaz
  9. Me262 Jumo Engine 1/48

    No worries, Red Dog, thanks ^-^ The Quickboost would be my first choice because it was everything in a single piece, but it appears to have been discontinued unfortunately I spotted a build article someone did on a Tamiya Me262, where they fitted the Aires Jumo I linked. They used the stub on the mounting of the top of the wing and drilled holes in it to create the perforated appearance. So that could be one option. Ideally, I like the look of the exposed engine with the intake attached, but that would be fairly simple I imagine. I could basically cut the cowling down, fit it, then slot the engine into it. My only worry is that in cutting it, I could produced ragged edges, or damage the removed sections beyond repair. When I fitted the gun bays to my He162, I had to cut out the doors and it wasn't pretty. The cut line from my razor saw was really thick. If pushes comes to shove, I could just position the engine near the plane Gaz
  10. Me262 Jumo Engine 1/48

    So I've recently picked up a HobbyBoss Me262 and I've been pondering about the addition of a revealed resin engine. On the one hand I would love to have one shown, but it seems like most of the kits either carry more than I would like, or omit certain pieces that would be a bit crucial. For example, this particular set (https://www.bnamodelworld.com/model-planes-engine-details-aires-air-4140) seems ideal, as its just the engine and I could remove the cowling components as necessary to reveal it. My issue, however is that when I see pictures of the cowlings removed, there's usually this perforated, half-moon plate capping the end of the cowling mount on the wing's leading edge, which does not appear to be a part of this kit as far as I can tell. Another alternative was a CMK engine set (https://www.bnamodelworld.com/model-planes-engine-details-cmk-cmk-4115) that comes with the mounting plate, but this would require more surgery to the wing and also lead me to stave off major progression, namely the painting and other aspects of the aircraft itself. My question really is, does anyone have experience with these particular sets and/or can they recommend how I could attach (particularly the former) to the aircraft? If there's no clear solution I may just aim to get one to display next to the plane, in which case does anyone know what they carried these engines on, or how they transported them? Cheers in advance. Gaz
  11. 1/48 He162 - Finished

    Such a pity PB decided to pull all the pics Gaz
  12. M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle

    Cracking work. I'd love one of these but I think I might hang myself halfway through it Gaz
  13. He162 'Salamander' - Tamiya

    That's awesome, thank you very much, Garry ^-^ Gaz Man, I didn't even think of that lol /facepalm Thanks ^-^ Gaz
  14. Abrams Warning Markings

    Thank you very much magman, and many apologies for not having seen this earlier. I didn't receive an alert for some reason Gaz
  15. He162 'Salamander' - Tamiya

    Howdy all, I have a question. Does anyone know if the Aires cockpit set for the Tamiya 1/48 Salamander (https://www.scalemates.com/kits/150624-aires-4359-he-162a-cockpit-set-and-wheel-bay), provides the large spring visible on the bulkhead of the forward landing gear, as seen in this pic from the 1/32 Revell kit When I look at the image of the set, that spring doesn't appear to be present, and it doesn't appear to be present in the instruction images for the Tamiya kit (very basic). I'd love to try and leave the nose off, but I don't want to simply buy that set if it would be missing parts for that, making the reveal incomplete. I do plan to get the gun bay set, and figured this would be another nice bit to open up. If anyone has any experience with that set, please let me know Many thanks, Gaz