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      Ongoing DDoS Attack causing Forum Slowness   26/04/17

      In case you have missed the announcement, the reason that the forum has been slow at times since the minor version update the other day is due to a Denial of Service attack, brute force attack on our email, and judging by the lag with our FTP response, that too.  If you're feeling like you're experiencing a glitch in the Matrix, you're not wrong.  This is the same MO as the attack in September 2016 that occurred when we transitioned to the new version 4 of the software.  We're currently working with US and UK cyber-crime departments, who specialise in this sort of thing, and we're hopeful that we'll be able to track them down this time by using the accumulated evidence already held.    We are pretty certain that it's a continuation of the same attack last year, only at a reduced intensity to deter people from using the site "because it's terribly slow", rather than taking it down completely, and we're also sure of the motivations of those responsible.  Spite.   Please bear with us in the interim, and wish us luck in dealing with these.... "people".


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  1. Yikes O_O Though when I built my Meng Bradley, thinking back that makes sense. Very surprised they didn't equip them with A/C, though, especially in the newer models. Gaz
  2. Hah, wasn't expecting that! Thanks for the insight, crushkill ^-^ Gaz
  3. One of those age-old questions I imagine Which colours or mixes would best match the CARC sand applied to OIF vehicles (2003 onwards)? I have Tamiya Buff, Desert Yellow, Deck Tan and Wooden Deck Tan, as well as Vallejo Model Air Sand. I tried the Sand, and while I've had issues with my airbrush recently, sprayed or brushed, it almost looks too...yellow. Like there's a pale yellow tint to it; if I were to best describe it, it almost looks similar to Walls vanilla ice cream. It doesn't seem to match either the faded appearance of some vehicles I've seen, or the newer coats, which look darker. The Vallejo Sand paint also seems to be slightly satin. As an alternative, what would be a good mix of Tamiya paint for the scheme? I know people mention the Model Master paint as the best match, but I don't have access to it, nor do I use enamels for spraying. Cheers in advance. Gaz P.S. As I understand it, Gunze-Sangyo H313 is said to be a match for the FS number for CARC Sand. However, I'm not very familiar with GS paints. Is the Aqueous line the acrylic one? I ask because on emodels this paint is named as Aqueous, but lacks the 'H' in front of the number, which I gather defines it as acrylic. Should it indeed be the acrylic version, and if I was to purchase, would I be able to use distilled water or Tamiya X-20A to thin it for airbrushing? I only ask because buying up new bottles of thinner for one pot would likely turn me off the idea, lol.
  4. Excellent job ^-^ Gaz
  5. Very nice work, Dmytro! Gaz
  6. I've been looking at these myself for a simple, fun project. They're nicely priced too. Great job, as usual, Andy ^-^ Gaz
  7. Nice one! May I ask, are those little AC units from the Italeri shelter? Gaz
  8. Excellent work, Mike! Gaz
  9. After fiddling a bit with my airbrush, I managed to get my older one working (though it sounds horrendous, lol) enough to spray. I used the first pot again and it went on fine and Matt, although some of the gloss from the previous coat shined through a bit, giving it a subtle satin finish. But it was definitely the paint coming out glossy rather than anything with the airbrush. I considered it could be a problem with the thinner, but I added the same amount to both and shook them well before use. Never had this issue in the past with Tamiya paint. Did think some paint had gone wrong once, but turned out I'd bought the gloss over the matt. Double-checked this time, though, and they are definitely both Flat Black. Gaz
  10. Long story short, I have not had an enjoyable day of modelling. My new airbrush+compressor, bought to replace my previous one that had started acting up, turned out to be even worse both in the compressor and the airbrush (low power spray, spitting, popping from the brush) despite being the exact same make and model. Shaken my confidence in my airbrush (even a new one) to perform as expected. To make matters worse, when I finally got a bit of painting done, two things happened. I recently purchased two pots of Tamiya Flat Black since I was always running out. In using the first one, not only did the new airbrush seem to eat up more paint than it spat out, but I got weird wet sploches throughout. After switching over to the other pot, an even worse result occurred. Bear in mind this is FLAT Black, it came out looking like Gloss Black. It dried as a Gloss as well. Capping off the day was a bottle of Vallejo paint that was unbelievably tedious to use and spray. Ordinarily I never have any problems with Tamiya paints other than a bit of spitting when I use white, but this was truly unbelievable. I can't tell if the paint has been mislabeled or what. Both pots were thinned in the same way as all previous pots of black have been. Airbrushing used to be quick and easy for me, but since mine went on the blink I've been stalled. Today was supposed to be a glorious return with maybe an hour of work, but turned into a 6-hour nightmare While many people swear by Vallejo, I'm less than impressed with this bottle of Model Air. I just wish Tamiya would add some new colours to their range...and not put gloss paint in a matt pot. Anyone had similar troubles with Tamiya? Gaz
  11. Oh, it wasn't the availability that was the problem. The unfortunate thing is none of these sets are suitable for a U.S. Army tank, just Marine ones Gaz
  12. So I received the Academy M1A2 TUSK last year, asking for it in part because I spotted the Miniart Modern U.S. Army Tank Crew set. Unfortunately, that set is still listed as 'Coming Soon' even when a new one, the USMC crew set, seems to have been simultaneously announced and released >< As I understand it, the Marine and Army crew uniforms are quite different, so you couldn't pass one off as the other. What is particularly frustrating is I always make the Army version (seem to have more gadgets on them), but all the modern tanker figures seem to be Marines, and for some reason Miniart is delaying the Army set for who knows how long. Does anyone know if Army tankers ever wore a one-piece uniform like this in the modern era, or are they completely wrong for an Army vehicle? Appreciate any assistance on this (and hurry up Miniart!) Gaz
  13. Very nice! Gaz
  14. Indeed. Surprising because it looks pretty big and chunky. Gaz