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  1. 80s Soviet

    Thank you, that's a big help ^-^ Gaz
  2. 80s Soviet

    Interesting. What colour were the worn patches? Was it bare steel, or rusted etc? Thanks for the info, btw, Abteilung Gaz
  3. 80s Soviet

    Well, thanks for the assist all the same Gaz
  4. 80s Soviet

    Judging from Mig Ammo's description on their paint sets, the likes of grey yellow and black were used as part of camo schemes. The AK Real Colors Russian set also contains grey yellow, black, and grey green, in addition to a modern green. I think they did utilise a three-tone scheme at this time, but I'm not sure for the Afghan theatre. They mostly seemed to be green, or two-tone with green and sand. Gaz
  5. 80s Soviet

    That's very helpful, Aardvark, thank you ^-^ KhS-5146 appears to be Mig Ammo Green Khaki, which I also picked up. That pic of the T-62 also looks exactly like the Tamiya T-62 I have in terms of setup. Cheers Gaz
  6. 80s Soviet

    Hey all, got a question for you. Did Soviet tanks in the 80s period use a particular colour as a primer (much like the Germans did with red oxide) and what was the primary green they used? I have the Mig Ammo ZASHCHITNIY ZELENO, which was mentioned as being the colour for the vehicles in that time, but it seems more...browny than green, so I was just wanting to specificy, particularly since Trumpeter often suggests using 303 Green for Soviet tanks or equipment of that period, which is decidedly more green in colour. Being Russian vehicles I imagine they used a mishmash of greens and camouflage, but I'm particularly curious about the most common known colour for them, as well as any known schemes used in the Afghan theatre, particularly on T-62s and Zil-131 trucks. Cheers. Gaz
  7. UH-1Y 'Venom' Colour and Panelline Wash

    Thanks again, Dennis Gaz
  8. UH-1Y 'Venom' Colour and Panelline Wash

    Thanks, Dennis ^-^ Could you recommend any additional washes that might work for a grey colour scheme? Gaz
  9. Aqueous Gunze Paints, tips

    Its basically to just above the little indentation under the threads. I got the idea from a vid I saw about thinning Tamiya paints in the jar, except in that he put it right up to where that line of residue is, leaving a tiny bit of space at the top. I haven't gone that far myself, but possibly anything between how I've thinned and they thinned probably works. I have noticed when I've thinned white to my level, I still get a bit of spatter, so maybe it requires a bit more thinner I do the same for both Aqueous and Tamyia (presumably I'd do the same with AKIs new Real Colors because of their similarity). Gaz
  10. So I've got the Kitty Hawk UH-1Y 'Venom' in my pile to do, and after hearing that the suggested colours in the instructions were incorrect, picked up the Mig Ammo USN 80s to Present set (I'm really hoping these pay off, because I haven't used Mig Ammo paints before). I'm wondering what combo to use of the paints included. Light Compass Ghost Grey will probably be the main colour, but the darker hue I'm pondering whether to use the Blue Grey, or Dark Compass Ghost Gray. Also, I'm not quite sure what kind of panel line wash to apply over an aircraft with this colour scheme. I have Mig neutral wash, Dark wash for NATO tanks, and US Desert vehicles wash currently, but none of these are probably suitable for ana ctive aircraft (Desert wash is good for making things look old, though). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Gaz
  11. Aqueous Gunze Paints, tips

    To date, I've sprayed a few colours of Gunze Aqueous with top notch results. I use Ultimate Acrylic Thinners (the one that works with everything) and thin it similarly to how I thin Tamiya paints (I open a fresh jar and apply thinner to just above the neck curve). Can't complain about them so far Gaz
  12. Russian modern armour Images

    Tis very nicely detailed. My only issue so far was the fitting of the suspension (trying to melt the pegs down didn't work out well for me) and the troop compartment bulkhead wouldn't fit to save its life I had to saw a big bit off it, and will have to find a way to fill the gap. Gaz
  13. Russian modern armour Images

    Got a one in the build stages currently. I'd like to do the three-tone for more interest (also because I got the Real Color Modern Russian AFV set), but so far I've just seen the solid green, which is peculiar because the other Typhoon vehicles seem to come in camo versions. Wonder if they're taking the Stryker route with its scheme. Cheers, Gaz
  14. Russian modern armour Images

    Has anyone spotted any Typhoon-Ks in the three-tone camo? Gaz
  15. Out of curiosity, the AFV lens covers. I just received mine today, but the ones for the commander's cupola vision blocks look way too thin and narrow on my sheet compared with the glass parts for my Academy. In fact they look to small even for the Dragon SEP kit blocks they're designed for. Did you have this same issue perchance? Looks awesome, btw Thanks, Gaz