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  1. UNTAC C2 sidearm

    Nice job, Will. Its like a futuristic HK P11 Gaz
  2. Mig-15 - Eduard 1/72

    Nice I may use that style of cover on my 1/48 Mig-15. Keep trying to think how I'd do the two half wedge ones that sit further inside, but this would be much easier. Gaz
  3. Real Color Issues

    I gave them another go, with their flat black. Sprayed better, although this time I'd left some cleaner in the airbrush while I was away to quickly blast through before loading it up. Worked better this time. Seems it might've been either a build up in the airbrush that wasn't cleared enough, or the NATO Green was being a bit iffy. The Flat Black and Greyish Green went through okay. I had to load the cup with the end of a toothpick, though. For some reason the paints are clinging to the inside of my pipettes (even when I flush them with water), so I'm losing paint. Thanks for the replies, though guys Gaz
  4. Real Color Issues

    Nicely done, Tim ^-^ I saw a video of someone using them and thinning them like I do (although they used the actual Real Color thinner) and it sprayed fine. I really wish my airbrush cleaning brushes weren't taking so long to arrive. Could really use them to degunk it. Gaz
  5. Real Color Issues

    Hmm. It must be the airbrush then. That and the pipette stealing all the paint >< Gaz
  6. Real Color Issues

    So I finally cracked out the Real Colors. Adding my Ultimate Thinners to the pots as I do with Tamiya/Gunze, and set about spraying. First issue I noted is that my pipette seems to suck up a lot, but refuses to spit much of it back out, almost like its clinging to the inside of the tube. As a result, painting just a small Humvee canopy resulted in the pot going down to its default fluid level, which was almost the equivalent of one third of the jar. I also experienced some spattering and paint build up in the end cap. I did ultimately managed to get a fairly good coat down, but it didn't perform anywhere near as well as my Tamiya or Gunze normally does. Mind you, the Tamiya flat black I'd been using perfectly suddenly decided it wanted to spit and spatter as much as possible as well, making the coverage woefully inconsistent. I don't quite understand it at times. I clean my airbrush after every session and quick flush it between colours. Granted this is my slightly older Revell one, which I'm using temporarily until my replacement nozzles arrive, but still. One minute it works great, like when I put down the coat of Tamiya NATO green. But with the black and the Real Color, the performance was less than adequate despite being thinned in the exact same way. Anyone have any tips for avoiding the spattering? I dare not try painting any kind of camouflage currently. Gaz
  7. AK Interactive Paints

    Mig Ammo has worked fine for me, no problems Just didn't have any experienced with AKI paints Gaz
  8. Continuous Air Flow

    I got my set from Amazon, so I don't know if they'll have to nozzle. My Revell one is working fine but, the needle is shorter, so the screw nut doesn't seem to reduce the paint flow on it for finer post shading, lol. So, I guess I'll go for the cheaper one. Thanks for your advice, Paul Gaz
  9. Continuous Air Flow

    So today, whilst discovering that somehow my last cleaning job had missed a bit of paint on the needle, I set about cleaning my airbrush. I recently started removing the nozzle to push the needle out the front to try and avoid fouling in the rear. Unfortunately, as I tightened that back up, it sheared, with the threaded section now inside the airbrush. I've seen a vid where you can potentially remove it, but even if I do, trying to find a compatible nozzle could be an issue. I spotted one airbrush that looks identical to the one I have, but is a different make. Only £11.59, with a 4.5 star review. So long as it did the job I'd be happy with it. I then saw a Sparmax Max 3 for £50. It apparently comes with an adapter for use with diaphragm compressors, which I think my little three-mode one is. My question is, would a continuous flow of air blow out as it currently does with my other two airbrushes (my old Revell one will work for now, but the cup is tiny on it), which is great for quick drying. I don't use them in dual action. The Revell one was single, and I somehow made the other work in single. I ask primarily because a review video I saw didn't seem to be letting air flow through once the trigger was released, but I figured tha maybe because the reviewer was using a tank compressor. If anyone could clarify whether or not the Sparmax Max 3 would continue to release air when I release the trigger, that'd be a big help https://www.emodels.co.uk/sparmax-max-3-airbrush-with-pre-set-handle-and-crown-cap-sp-max-3.html This is the airbrush/compressor combo I have been using https://www.amazon.co.uk/Floureon-Airbrush-Compressor-Action-Artwork/dp/B01LZI6UG7 The cheap, potential replacement. https://www.amazon.co.uk/0-2mm-Dual-Gravity-Feed-Airbrush/dp/B00832H5VO/ref=pd_vtph_328_bs_tr_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=XV63P4BA09SZFZKXNCA4 Cheers, Gaz
  10. AK Interactive Paints

    Very peculiar. I guess Mig went with a different formula when he went solo. I didn't know Mig Ammo could be mixed with Tamiya and Gunze, though I've heard good things about the Real Color range. I got two sets of them, haven't yet used, but I figured they'd work like Tamiya/Gunze. A guy I watch introduced me to how to thin the whole bottle of Tamiya/Gunze and he did a review with Real Color thinning them in the same way (more or less topping up the bottle with thinner). Performance wise they were virtually identical, they just dried a bit quicker. I have a single Model Air colour, which was weird to spray. Really thin, crackly coverage. I also got a couple of the normal model colours, and even after putting some thinner in, it was like mud. I got a bit peeved as well because a guide for painting ACU pattern in what looked very realistic suggested three colours from Vallejo. Upon buying those colours, I discovered they were nowhere near the shades depicted in the guide, even if you mixed them, which the guide didn't mention. Instead of being greyish, the whole thing would've been dark and brown. Tbh every instructional guide for ACU makes it too green. I think I stumbled across a fairly good method for it, laying down a coat of buff, spraying some fairly tight lines of dark grey and then picking out the patterns with more buff, plus a mix of field grey and other greys. I think that if I got the woodland set, I'd only be spraying down two base colours. Of the suggested patterns its the Multicam and Russian one that most interested me. Multicam I have done myself with mixed paints, and still have some of the mixed left over. The Russian one though was problematic for colour choice. I have the Zvezda kit with the modern Russian soldiers and was struggling to think what colours to use. I tend to do the patterns by hand, so perhaps that might be better than spraying? Thanks for the replies, guys Gaz
  11. Mig Ammo One Shot primer

    Sounds like there could be something on the plastic left over from the moulding. I've never cleaned my plastic, but then again I haven't had an Airfix kit for a long, long time. Definitely sounds like surface contamination if it only affected that kit plastic. Gaz
  12. AK Interactive Paints

    What's the general consensus on AK Interactive paints? Not the Real Color line but the dropper bottle ones. Do they behave exactly the same as the Mig Ammo, or are they slightly different? Reason I ask is I'm eyeing their woodland camouflage figure set, but don't want to spend that amount if they're going to be a bit dodgy. I've heard stories about the paints being lumpy or clogging, but this was from a few years ago. I once picked up a few Vallejo paints and they were horrendous. With the Mig Ammo paints I tend to put a few drops of Ultimate Thinners in the cup to improve the flow, and I would reason the same goes for AKI. I watched an official AK video showing their paints in action, but while they worked flawlessly, you do wondered how true it is given that its the company channel. Any clarity on the matter would be appreciated Cheers, Gaz
  13. Coloured Water (aka AK Interactive/Meng Paints)

    I've picked up a few Mig Ammo paints recently and assuming they perform the same as AKI paints, this is what I did. Straight from the bottle they would spray pretty well, but had a tendency to start getting a bit spotty, presumably with some minor clogging (my needle has a very slight bend in the tip so maybe that affected it). I did a quick test by applying maybe 2-3 drops of Ultimate Airbrush Acrylic Thinner, gave it a little stir, covered the nozzle and applied some air to further mix it (watch for any splashing, though). It then sprayed brilliantly. I painted an entire truck with no real issues, including a colour change for the cab and another colour change for a bit of detail. Given the product similarities between AKI and Mig Ammo, I guess the same process may work? I think I have a single bottle of AKI paint from a weathering set that I could maybe test out again. I think I gave it a shot once and don't recall any issues from the bottle without any additional thinning. Just remember to give it lighter coats than you would with say, Tamiya, and build up Gaz
  14. That is freakin' awesome @__@ Gaz