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  1. Abrams Deflector and Tow Bar

    Thanks, Jim. That's where my confusion abounds, heh. So many variations and nothing concrete. Gaz
  2. Abrams Deflector and Tow Bar

    Appreciate the responses, everyone. Thanks Gaz
  3. Kamaz Typhoon K - 1:35 Takom

    Been hoping one of these would show up. Now if I can just accumulate the necessary cash to burn for it...:P Gaz
  4. Stellar Envoy

    Cracking job, Andy (^_^)b Gaz
  5. Abrams Deflector and Tow Bar

    I meant one of these that seems to be supplied with most M1 kits now: Sometimes they're held on the front like that, but other times on the rear towing eyes. What I was unsure about is whether or not they would be hooked onto the back like that if one of these was in place: The deflector is just that little hook on box that I believe they sometimes made in the field to stop the jet blast affecting personnel not only in the field but in the motor pool too. When the tow bar is fitted onto the rear, it lies across the opening of this. However if you use two shackles per side and hang them from those, it hangs down on the outside of it, clearing the path. Alternatively I'm wondering if the MCR mounting plate, which also has the hook eyes on it, could fit the tow bar. Cheers, Centaur Gaz
  6. Aha, that explains it Thanks, Andre Gaz
  7. Ah. I thought they were always closed between taxi and takeoff, and only opened once off the ground, with the upper intakes open on the ground and closed in the air? Gaz
  8. Hmm. Is it just the upper doors available in AE and not the main doors to protect against foreign objects? Thanks by the way, MiG Gaz
  9. Abrams Deflector and Tow Bar

    Quick question. When an Abrams carries its tow bar on the rear, can it also be fitted with the exhaust deflector, or is it a one or the other situation? If so, where else might the tow bar be carried aside from the front or rear? I only ask because I've spotted that DEF is now producing an MCR mounting base for the Abrams. My Academy Abrams has the tow bar on the front and the deflector on the rear, but if I picked up the MCR, the tow bar would have to go (I could put it on my OIF Tamiya Abrams, but then I'd cover up the number roundel on the hull [and not fully either, so its lose lose; not sure if that would've been done IRL, damn Dragon decal instructions ><]). I'd hate to have to omit good parts, so if anyone can clarify for me, I'd much appreciate it Cheers, Gaz.
  10. Does this come with the intake doors that are deployed on the ground and if not, are there aftermarket ones? Gaz
  11. Takom 1/35 Typhoon-K

    Spotted this pic, Abteilung Gaz
  12. Takom 1/35 Typhoon-K

    I've been hoping one of these would show up. Now I just need the funds and that Zvezda 'Polite People' set to go with it Gaz
  13. Aoshima Gigant

    This thing wouldn't be out of place in an Ace Combat game, heh Gaz
  14. Decal Mould

    True. The cupboard is in the corner of the room against an outside wall, and above the garage. Have had small issues with damp there before. Peculiar though, as the same cupboard houses other model boxes containing old decal sheets without any issue. I suppose I'm lucky I've spotted an aftermarket decal sheet that depicts the variant of aircraft I was aiming for. A bit pricey for decals but, assuming the aircraft is salvageable and workable, I guess its my only surefire means of completing. Appreciate the advice all the same, Corsair Gaz
  15. Decal Mould

    Hi all. Given how I now have an airbrush, and have boosted my techniques, I thought to myself today "Maybe I'll revisit my old 1/48 F/A-18F that I have in a box in the garage and complete it". I recalled I had the box in a cupboard in the house and went to check I had still had the instructions, parts and decals. So far so good. And then... Upon opening the instructions, i found they had stuck to the decals a bit. I thought it was maybe just the ink, but as it turns out, the decal sheet has a sizable amount of what looks like mould on it (brown dusty stuff). Aside from my instant annoyance at this, what has me equally dumbfounded, and kinda makes it worse, is that the decal sheet (which is a rather critical part) is literally the only thing in the entire box affected. The instructions are clean, the box is clean, the parts are clean. Has anyone else suffered from this before, or even know if there could be a way to clean them off? I have never ever seen this before. What's weirder is that the mould, for the most part, seems to have formed around the actual markings, so they could be salvageable (most at least) but still, I'm kinda at a loss as to how its just the decal sheet. Gaz