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  1. I really wish companies would do more modern vehicles like this. Gaz
  2. I used a can of Rust-Oleum terracotta spray on my Tamiya M1A2. I wouldn't say the effect was spot on, but it worked pretty well Gaz
  3. It's occurred to me recently just how few variations there really are of the venerable Humvee, one of the most recognisable off-road military vehicles in the world. You have the Tamiya and Academy Armament and TOW carrier, versions, the Italeri Cargo Carrier, the Academy and Italeri Gun Truck versions, and the Academy/Bronco up-armoured ones, plus the old Italeri Avenger. Academy used to make the Ambulance, which I had many years ago, and didn't do a very good job with, pushing it almost beyond the realm of repair (I gave up trying to fix it). The Ambulance model is practically non-existent. In fact the only place I've found that actually has one in stock, turned out to be an online store that, although they say they ship internationally, only seem to ship to Canada or the U.S. (ARGH!). There used to be numerous types of Humvee available, but most are no longer made or stocked anywhere. The peculiar thing is that no company, particularly those that used to make those discontinued versions, seems to create new, modernised versions. I mean, we see countless WW2 vehicles being made time and time again, but vehicles like the Humvee (such as the support variants) or the HEMTT truck don't seem to get much attention in the way of modernisation. I think that's a big shame, because the newer models in real life look quite a bit different, especially with the newer armour packages. I really do wish more companies would put effort into releasing modern vehicle kits, and a greater variety of them. I'd love to see a Tamiya, Academy or Meng, or even Trumpeter M-ATV, or an M977A4, or a correctly up-armoured FMTV, or the M997A3 Ambulance, or even the Ural Typhoon-K. Modern figures too, would be most welcome. Masterbox make great figures, and I'm pleased they decided to create some modern setting kits (even if some of the weapons are inaccurate or outdated), but it seems the bulk of figures from current times are resin. Not to mention PLA soldiers seem to be non-existent outside of a parade set. Modern accessories too would be fantastic, especially considering the bulk of non-resin ones are either 80s-early-00s stuff, or limited to that one Meng set. Post is a bit of a rant, I know, and I've gone a bit off track from the Humvees, lol. But I do wish just once the modern era got a bit more love. I recently looked through some WW2 kits and my eyes nearly popped out on how easy and relatively cheaply you could create a diverse diorama. What kind of modern vehicles/figures/accessories would you guys like to see come to the market, and who would be your preferred manufacturer? Gaz
  4. Nice job Out of curiosity, has anyone ever seen a Cougar in NATO three-tone? Gaz
  5. Hey, Paul. Many thanks for finding those and offering. I'm afraid I've already purchased some AK thinners, heh. But much appreciated all the same Gaz
  6. Cool, thanks Gaz
  7. Ah, I see. Thanks Gaz Could be an option Is it an aggressive thinner or quite soft on your work? Gaz
  8. Has anyone had experience with the Abteilung Odourless Thinner? It's the cheapest of the three 100ml thinner bottles I've found, and is described as having a soft formulation. Question is, is it in the same, less aggressive category as the aforementioned thinners? Gaz
  9. Ha, I saw a Takom one similar to this with an old Beamer I settled on a Meng 1/35 F-350 ^-^ But thanks for the help all the same, Hans. Gaz
  10. I might have solved it. I discovered Meng does a 1/35 Ford Super Duty pickup, which in the game, is quite commonly seen Much appreciation for all of the replies and suggestions, though Gaz
  11. Hehe, I will Gaz
  12. Interesting. I never saw any Hospital Police vehicles when I was in New York, but I guess its not impossible, heh. Thanks for the link Gaz
  13. My apologies for the late reply to this. Didn't receive any indication for it I emailed Miniart a short while back, and then mentioned something like June/July of this year for release. I certainly hope they release, I bought an Abrams with intent to use them in and around it. Gaz
  14. Ah, damn. Wrong area lol. I was doing some other diorama themes in Tokyo, but this one would be New York, heh I did think about using a diecast. Just wondering on the detail for them. Hmm. May be suitable as a civilian car. Cheers for the pointer Gaz
  15. Yeah, I had a feeling it would be pretty significant. Hmm, that could be an option. Preferably some kind of American sedan, especially something like a modern NYPD police car, or yellow cab. But a civilian Impala or Crown Vic would be suitable too. Thanks for the info both of you, btw Gaz