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  1. Very nice. The chain is stunning !
  2. A bit more progress. Handle bars done. The speedo bezel was a right pain to fit ! The body is too big and it's a real pain to file a ridge for it to fit over. Headlamp Headlamp and pedestrian slicer fitted. Rear number plate Finally, the gratuitous overall shot, just to show off the overall progress. Excuse all the clutter in the background - I'm too busy making models to waste time tidying up !!
  3. Neat trick !!
  4. Fantastic looking wheels. How easy/difficult was it drilling the holes in the hub at the right angles ?
  5. Nice colour scheme too.
  6. Hi Keith, I'm not sure how successful that would be. The model is quite heavy with the bulk of it assembled. I think it would fall apart with handling.
  7. These bikes were built pretty much to customers requirements, so I don't see why there shouldn't have been a Brunswick Green one. No idea whether there was or not, and I can't find a picture of one either. Still, your kit, your choice of colour !
  8. Has anybody seen Hobby Designs detail set yet ? I'm trying to get hold of a copy of the instructions so I can see if it's worth buying ? Specifically, does it replace the horrible cross head screws that Tamiya insist on using.
  9. I decided to change my wire to some stranded cable. I tried to extract the old cable using some airbrush cleaner to soften the superglue, which has worked in the past. However, it was glued in far too well, and of course, you're past the point of no return once the cable is snipped. Unfortunately the end of the brake adjuster broke off, and I couldn't drill the wire out of it, copper being harder than the white metal, so I straightened up the bent remains and superglued the stranded wire in place. Here is the result, although the photo doesn't' show the strands in the cable very well. It's not too bad. I think it's an improvement, and I shall get it right first time on the front brake. I'll try to take a better photo in daylight. You can also see the exhaust mounting bracket quite clearly. It's attached to the swing arm with the cross headed screw. I'm fairly certain that this screw is just there to add strength to the model, and isnt' there on the real thing. The bar that holds the exhaust is fixed to the swinging arm pivot, you can see in the photo below. From photos, this looks to be realistic. Who's up for another game of spot the paint chips ! I can see about 10 ..... As an aside, what do other people use to prime white metal ? I'm using Mr Metal Primer, which is easy to apply, and seems to work OK, but it isn't brilliant.
  10. I can only agree with everyone else. You've done a superb job of a very challenging kit.
  11. Thanks to Les (Username number1 on another forum) I found a picture that shows it perfectly. It's a different model, but I'm assuming the arrangement is the same. It's picture 3 on the below link. I have got it right ! https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/motorbikes/other-makes/other/1928-brough-superior-ss100-moby-dick/7141802#&gid=1&pid=3
  12. Thanks for all the compliments. The kit is challenging, that's for sure. The best advice I can offer anybody building an MFH kit is to plan the assembly carefully, not necessarily following the order in the instructions, and to test fit EVERYTHING first. Some parts of the kit fit very well, some don't !! However, it's nothing that can't be fixed. Now, a request. Does anybody have a photo of the rear brake cable. I've stopped the outer of the Bowden cable at the rear bracket, and just run the inner to the brake actuator itself, but I'm not happy with the way it looks. The instructions show the outer running all the way to the brake actuator, but that doesn't sound right either. All the photos I can find on the web either show a push rod from the brake pedal to brake (presumably an older model ?) or the brake is hidden behind the exhaust. Can anybody help ? Here is my effort.
  13. Thanks for the compliments. I'm glad you're enjoying the build. I see that MFH have the kit back in stock at 53,000 Yen, or about £375, although you'd have to add shipping and import tax to that. Hiroboy want £500 !!
  14. Adding the fiddly bits to the engine now. and shiny bits to the tank Spot the paint chips !! I think I've spent as much time touching up chips as I have building the kit !!