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  1. Nice one. I've got the orange coupe version and am waiting for Tommaso's transkit. It's going to be a good while before I start mine though. Looking forward to watching your ride.
  2. Just a thought, but have you tried warming the cable ties with a hair drier ?
  3. Apple green or mint ? Come on, make your mind up !
  4. Have a look on Scalemates[]=All&q=h2r I don't know if that link will work, but Acu-Stion do some.
  5. I've used Hobby Design detail sets, and they don't always fit well. Top Studio also do a super detail set, and you can see exactly what you get. I've never used Top Studio, so don't know how they fair in the quality stakes though. Perhaps somebody else here has some personal experience ? You can also download some instructions from their website, but unfortunately not the one for this set. I don't know if that helps or whether it just makes the choice harder.....
  6. I built this kit a few years ago. Lovely kit to build. I did scratch build a better shock, but it's completely hidden on the finished kit..... Unfortunately my photos were on Image Shack, and they've deleted all non-paying accounts so I can't upload any
  7. Thanks for the info. That's a real shame. I have the Aventador unstarted, and was thinking about buying this transkit. However, it's the big cross-heads that really annoy me. Going to have to do something about them when I eventually start the model. Hope you manage to get hold of your kit soon. I'm going to watch your build with great interest.
  8. Thanks Mike, that's perfectly clear and reasonable !
  9. Does this transkit contain bolts to replace all the horrible cross head screws in the kit ?
  10. Hi Admins, What is the policy regarding posting links to builds/info on other forums ? Allowed or not ? I thought I'd ask before I put my foot in it. Thanks Mark
  11. The rad fins are amazing !
  12. If you're still struggling, cut the plastic pin off the part. Get some brass wire just thin enough to go up the black tube. Cut off a short length and sand it. Drill a suitable sized hole hole where you cut the plastic pin from, superglue it in place, then superglue the tube over it. As a bonus, you can bend the brass wire to get the tube to lead out in the right direction.
  13. I changed them on my Honda RC166, which is somewhere in the ready for inspection section. Mainly, it was a case of putting bits of brass rod, superglued to hold the part, and then adding a slice of hex plastic to represent a bolt head. Not perfect, but (IMHO) it looked better. Still, each to their own. It's your model after all. It's looking fantastic already. I love the frame colour, and am sorely tempted to have a bash at this one.
  14. Looks very good. Are you going to replace the horrible cross head screws Tamiya insist on providing, or replace them with something more scale-like. Apologies if you don't mind the screws - but they are my pet hate.....