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  1. Well, a F6 just suits me because of this Now, who said F6 = boring scheme?
  2. Does anyone remember where we put the tar and feathers?
  3. Airfix I you because you make over and over again.
  4. 1/32 IL-2 Surmovik

    Thanks for the explanations David. Alas I try to not use enamels now (solvents = headaches and even asthma), so i'll have to find another technique.
  5. First RFI AIRFIX 1/48 P-40 AVG OOB

    Many thanks for all the "like". I sure didn't expect that much. Now I really FEEL like i'm back in. I'll do my best not to disappoint you with the next one(s). Thanks for watching. Cheers. Patrick.
  6. First RFI AIRFIX 1/48 P-40 AVG OOB

    Thanks Buzby. So many kits, so little stash space .... that and the carpet monster are our fate.
  7. You should be more than reasonably pleased with that one. You gave a very lifelike look to it. I really like the metal finish and the "battering" you put on the drop tanks. Great job
  8. I love cats too: Wildcat, Tomcat, Tigercat, Cougar and the Panther indeed. Mud, dust, rust .... ready for a medal that one. A really excellent job. Bastogne is not that far from here, I believe I hear your big bad cat rumbling and it's gun screeching.
  9. 1/32 IL-2 Surmovik

    Wow. Very realistic. An impressive work on the winter scheme. I'd really like to do a "snowy" Eduard's 1/48 Wurger but I don't dare. How did you proceed for the scratches showing the base painting? I'll remember your tip for a more realistic snow white colour. Many thanks for sharing.
  10. First RFI AIRFIX 1/48 P-40 AVG OOB

    Thanks a lot BIG X. You won't only please your niece, you will do yourself a favor. It's a very relaxing build and you will be pleased with the result you get. I received the brand new 1/48 P-51D (I mean it to become a Tuskegee airmen machine) for Christmas and looking at the sprues I think it's also a winner. A little more complicated than the P-40 but also nicely engineered and more detailed. Hope they'll do a K version.
  11. First RFI AIRFIX 1/48 P-40 AVG OOB

    Thanks for the info Joachim. I didn't know the AVG was still remembered in today's China.
  12. First RFI AIRFIX 1/48 P-40 AVG OOB

    Thanks Blitz. In fact, I was so happy when finishing this one that I bought a second. Not sure about when I'll do it and which scheme, though. Now busy with the 1/48 Spit VB JH-C. Can't wait to see your build.
  13. Hello everybody. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas (my apologies for being late, I couldn't access the site for 2 days). My first RFI ever. It's the new Airfix 1/48 P-40, my first fully completed build since.....1982. My sincere thanks to all the people here who share their experience(s). It helped me to get back into saddle. I did it strictly OOB but scribing the missing rudder tab and removing the right hinge off the rudder. I also had to rebuild the pitot tube from scratch (broken 5 times!). I tried Eduard mask for the cockpit. Very happy with it and I shall make further use of this stuff. I'd say it was my most enjoyable build ever. Great fit, simple and good looking kit. I'm not knowledgeable enough to comment about accuracy but IMHO it more than fits the bill. Some minor things id'like to mention: the cockpit interior frame should be removed from the sprue with a cutter, using side cutters I bent it. The fairings of the gear wells were the only part that needed some trimming/sanding for perfect fit. I'd have liked attachment points to help with the gear doors placement. It was airbrushed with a H&S Evolution Silverline (0.2 needle). Only acrylics (Gunze and Tamiya) were used (a first for me). Primer: Stynylrez grey Camo: Gunze H302 (green FS 34092), H310 (brown FS 30219); underside: H311 (gray FS 36622) Cockpit: Gunze H58 (interior green) Tamiya XF 4, 11, 16 and X18 for the interior details and weathering. Hope you'll enjoy it. All mishaps and mistakes are mine. Comments are welcome.
  14. WIP: 1/48 Eduard 190A-4 "white 10"

    An outstanding work on the winter camo. Just received mine yesterday. Looking at your's confirms my suspicions, I'm not up to such a paint job and will stick with my first choice, the desert scheme. Thanks for sharing.
  15. What have you purchased 9

    +1 for the punch & dye set (great tool) and + 2 for the Belgian chocolate biscuits (just the best, and noo...it's no chauvinism, it's a fact)