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  1. Thanks for sharing this great collection. I had never heard of the Brewster Buccaneer.
  2. Just great. Hope my Finemolds one (on the bench) comes out half as nice.
  3. Welcome back to the danger zone..... . Wouldn't you do some more dusting off and put others like this for us to see? a Tomcat or an F5 beside it, mmh? Let's remember the longest ad for the Navy. Great!
  4. First WIP FineMolds 1/48 A5M4 Claude

    The cockpit is now done. Assembly of the airframe comes next. The machine guns appear too "steely", I think. A wash with Tamiya smoke should improve their looks.
  5. First WIP FineMolds 1/48 A5M4 Claude

    Very little progress this week. The seat with its support is done. I added Eduard IJN superfabric seatbelts. The control panel is also finished, the decals settled very well into place with some soft setting solution. Hope to be done with the pit next week-end.
  6. Nice to have a lady at the bench. This kit is very good (just take care with the gear legs, thin and quite fiddly). So Rose shall make a bud grow into a flower for us. Following. Enjoy your build.
  7. Revell VW Samba 1/16

    It's coming along very nicely. I never built a "car", but you make me want to give it a try.
  8. Hello fellow britmodellers. Here is the first build I'd like to share pictures of. I don't intend to do a full WIP but only to show some pictures. It will take quite sometime between shots because my usual production time for a basic kit is of about 3 months. This one began on 12 march. It's FineMolds 1/48 A5M4 Claude, an impressive little kit, well engineered and with very good fit. I'm using Vallejo's metal colors for the first time and I'm very impressed. This one will be my first full NMF (if everything goes well - cross fingers here, please). So for today, just the cockpit floor with some bits attached and the engine. Interior color is Tamiya XF 67 Nato green and Gunze H63 metallic blue-green. I tried a very light wash with Tamiya smoke to reduce the "shine" of the engine (engine airbrushed with Gunze aqueous steel and Vallejo Duraluminium and exhaust manifold). Some drybrushing done on the cockpit floor with Vallejo flat aluminium and a very light wash of darkened green on selected places. Should the pictures not be visible, here is a link to the Google album https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMYLK2wAeOFtk6WMWMeQFNlCvO8QZbZtL7IU1QrCB3ZeFMMP3aFGUbnKkbRERSVkg?key=UEx6Zk5od3Yzd19MMFg1bmJxTEVMZ3FmbWJ6NGJ3 Thanks for watching.
  9. Hi From the Netherlands

    Hello Jeroen. Welcome from a southern neighbour. No sweat! Just have fun! We've got a whole life to learn and from now on you will for sure keep on climbing the learning curve; I wish you as much pleasure as myself since I got back to glueing plastic 2 years ago (also after a stop gap of 35 years). Greetings. Pat.
  10. F7U-3 Cutlass VF-124 U.S.Navy 1:72

    That's really top notch! A very unusual aircraft in a superb NMF.
  11. Hawker Hurricane Mk 1, Airfix 1/72

    You did a great job on this Hurri. I also felt very happy building mine. One of Airfix 1/72 best offerings IMHO. Congrats!
  12. SE5a 1/48 Eduard

    A wooden wonder. I like the effect on the prop blades and the weathering, not even speaking of a perfect rigging. I still don't dare do a biplane but I have two of these Eduard se5a in my stash. Wonderful job on a nice kit.
  13. Eduard 1/48 FW 190A-4 Profipack

    Very nice start on the pit. Mine is on the "to do" list for (the end of) this year.
  14. Thanks a lot everybody. As Airfix was so kind as to provide markings for a machine that served my country, I just could do nothing else than raise the flag. That said, the count of my Airfix kits now goes above the Tamiya ones, so I guess it says a lot about how much I like them, whatever the decals in the box. Sorry again for the viewing problems. Pat.
  15. The pictures are shared on my Google account. Please have a try opening this link in a new window:



    My apologies.

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    2. PattheCat


      Thanks a lot. Eager to see another "foreign" livery. I've got another one in the stash I'll probably (sometime) do with Finnish markings. Nice little kit, isn't it?

    3. dogsbody


      Yes it is. This is the first one I've started in many years and if I finish it, it will be the first finished kit in an even longer time.




    4. PattheCat


      Hang on. After a 35 years stop, it took me a year and a half to have a production line running again!