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  1. What Color are Luftwaffe Cockpits?

    Yes, I know that question is a little stupid, but the only Luftwaffe kits I have are from gift sets, where most of the time they say to paint the interior the same color as the fuselage (I mostly build allied aircraft). I would think interior green, but is there a more specific and accurate Luftwaffe interior color? If there is tell me the model master/humbrol number or name (those are the paints I use the most).
  2. Best Bandai Star Wars kit

    Cool, I'm gonna make a Scarif Diorama. Only problem is that I don't know where to get induvidual 1/144 X-wings (Bandai bundles them with the 1/72 X-wing)
  3. Best Bandai Star Wars kit

    Looks great! By the way do you know where to get the markings for a blue squadron x-wing?
  4. Best Bandai Star Wars kit

    Thanks for all the tips. I'm thinking of the 1/144 U-wing, is that good? If not I'm getting the Tie Fighter
  5. Best Bandai Star Wars kit

    I have a question: what is the best Star Wars kit by Bandai? Anything besides the Y-wing and Original Trilogy X-wing. I've built those already. Can be any model, any scale (1/72 is preferred).
  6. Bandai 1:144 U-Wing (Red Squadron)

    Wow, looks phenomenal! I wish Bandai made a 1/72 version of the U-wing to go with the other kits, it could be a huge Scarif battle!
  7. Best / Easiest kit to build a 1/72 Vc Spitfire (Trop)?

    Just asking, what P-40 kit is in the Background?
  8. Academy 1/72 Corsair Question

    Recently I bought Academy's 1/72 Corsair, and I'm gonna paint it a dark blue late war scheme (I volunteer at an air museum, the Corsair we have is that color so I have a lot of reference) I just wanted to ask for people who've built it, are the decals ok with Micro Sol and Set or are they the usual low quality Academy decals that silver and don't react to any decal solution? And if they are what is the best way to counter it? Thanks, Oliver
  9. Best / Easiest kit to build a 1/72 Vc Spitfire (Trop)?

    Easiest is definitely the Airfix 1/72 MK IX, best is the Edurard one.
  10. Few new pics of the Eduard Hellcat 1/72

    One of the best weathered kits I've ever seen! How did you make that greenish marks?
  11. Fairey Swordfish 1/48

    looks good, love the rigging work.
  12. Academy 1:72 Republic P-47 razorback

    Looking good!
  13. P-51 B "Salem Representative" 1/48

    Good job. Looks amazing. Say, is this the Tamiya kit?
  14. Base for P-39

    I recently tried out my first tricycle wheel model, an academy, p-39Q, and I tried putting enough weight in and it's now a tail sitter because I didn't put enough. I want to know what's the best solution of this, and if it's a base, what should I make it out of. Any suggestions are good. -Oliver
  15. A brace of 1/72 Airfix Spitfires

    I know how you feel about Vallejo paints. I was brushing a gloss coat on a Temptest I painted with Vallejo color and the paint just smeared off.