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  1. I have one in the stash, what did you use to scratchbuild the cockpit?
  2. Airfix Stuka - Battle of Britain No.1

    I’d love to see a diorama with the rest of these Aircraft.
  3. RLM Alternatives

    Hello, I’m about to paint my Airfix ME-262, and I was wondering if there were alternatives for RLM 76 and RLM 83. I don’t need it to be 100 percent accurate to the RLM colors, I just want something close to them. If anyone can give me the closest colors to the RLM colors in humbrol. For example, is Humbrol 30 close to RLM 83?
  4. A dirty old girl .... B-26 Invader 1/72

    False advertising, I was expecting a Marauder! in all seriousness though, I love the weathering.
  5. Monogram ME262

    Got one of these for Christmas, hope to start soon after the Airfix 262. I’ll take yours as an inspiration!
  6. Which Kit Should I choose?

    Hello, i have ave a competition coming up an I have two kits I’m considering to build for the competition. The two kits are: Revell Ventura Mk. II Airfix Me-262 I would like to know which kit is a faster a easier build but with good detail to place in a competition.
  7. Dysoe Leader, Tally Ho.....

    Looks good. The front views reminds me of that scene in Star Wars when the X-wings are diving down on the Death Star.
  8. Khemedi AF Mosquito 1/72

    What Mk. would the 109 be?
  9. Khemedi AF Mosquito 1/72

    Very original, haven’t seen someone do this yet. Nice job!
  10. P-51D Mustang Pacific Aces - Italeri 1:48

    Great looking colors and weathering, what paint did you use for the bare metal?
  11. Dunkirk Spitfire Decals

    Hello, i have an Airfix Spitfire Mk 1 1/72 in The stash and I was thinking of making a Dunkirk Diorama. I was wondering if there are any decals based of the Spitfire in the movie and a pre made ocean base. -Oliver
  12. For some reason. that weathering on the panel lines contrasting with the paint job looks so satisfying.
  13. P-51 D, Zoukei Mura & Tamiya 1/32

    The best model I’ve seen, ever. I can show this to anyone and they will think this is a real plane. I thought the photo with the pilot was a real colorized photo. I have some questions for you: 1. How did you use the rub n buff? What color 2. Is it better than Humbrol Metalcote?
  14. Airfix 2018 range announcement due 10.00 09/01/2018

    Though I am a little disappointed about the new range, I can see some of the rereleases they’re putting out as the state of Hornby is shaky right now. I like the balance of new scheme, older tools, and new tools though. I’ll be getting my hands on that ME-262B once I finish the one I got for Christmas!
  15. What’s your tip on hand brushing acrylics?