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  1. Just asking, what P-40 kit is in the Background?
  2. Recently I bought Academy's 1/72 Corsair, and I'm gonna paint it a dark blue late war scheme (I volunteer at an air museum, the Corsair we have is that color so I have a lot of reference) I just wanted to ask for people who've built it, are the decals ok with Micro Sol and Set or are they the usual low quality Academy decals that silver and don't react to any decal solution? And if they are what is the best way to counter it? Thanks, Oliver
  3. Easiest is definitely the Airfix 1/72 MK IX, best is the Edurard one.
  4. One of the best weathered kits I've ever seen! How did you make that greenish marks?
  5. looks good, love the rigging work.
  6. Looking good!
  7. Good job. Looks amazing. Say, is this the Tamiya kit?
  8. I recently tried out my first tricycle wheel model, an academy, p-39Q, and I tried putting enough weight in and it's now a tail sitter because I didn't put enough. I want to know what's the best solution of this, and if it's a base, what should I make it out of. Any suggestions are good. -Oliver
  9. I know how you feel about Vallejo paints. I was brushing a gloss coat on a Temptest I painted with Vallejo color and the paint just smeared off.
  10. I got humbrol metalcote to use on a Tamiya P-51B for a modelling contest because I don't have an airbrush and this looked good. I saw the humbrol video about it, but I was wondering what the actual modellers think of it. Is it good or not? And how much buffing do I need to get a weathered look of a model?
  11. What's the best way to remove humbrol acrylics? I had a little accident with the paint job and I kind of want it removed
  12. I am in High school and still live with my parents. She gets migraines easily so I can only ur the testers non toxic cement. Is there any other cement that is non toxic besides the testors version?
  13. Who knows- Some kit company might make kits for it, probably Airfix, you know, because it's around the Battle of Britain and that's where mod of their models are set in. also I don't see how people who watch or play mainstream media build models. Italerei sells tanks liscensed with a huge Multiplayer game called "World of Tanks"
  14. Looks good. Airbrushed or was metslcote spplied?