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  1. DML Conqueror Mk2

    Just keeping those in need of it on their toes! Granto
  2. DML Saladin ++

    Fettled and bent! And primed! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  3. DML Conqueror Mk2

    Primer re-shot Touch up`s done and primer re-shot, a joint sesh with the Saladin bits! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  4. DML Conqueror Mk2

    Monday shed time! I have reinstated the bulkhead at the front of the fighting compartment, when I decided to put some interior into this beast I started with a complete bulkhead which I later cut down as it was not going to be seen, and I just concentrated on the immediate inside of the drivers compartment, as I progressed however it became apparent that I would have to fill the void! The space on the real vehicle was used for ammunition stowage so it will still be empty since British Army vehicles were rarely "Bombed up" other than on the ranges or the Armoured squadron in Berlin where I was in 1980, we were full stowed 365 days a year! I also did a quick trial fit of components while I was there, the GCE isn't fixed to the turntable yet so it`s on the p*ss a bit but the space is filling up slowly, lots more ammunition stowage got to go in yet! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  5. DML Saladin ++

    I like lates at work, I get shed time in the morning! Raided the "Leg Iron`s" jewellery making spares for a jump ring about the right size to link the lengths, this now needs bending into shape and then priming, next job after that are the shackles! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  6. Vosper 72' 6" MTB

    Lush! I like your method of fabricating bulkheads, that's gone in the "sneaky idea bank"! Granto
  7. DML Saladin ++

    Happy with that! Just let it go off and then reduce the crimps! Bangin`!
  8. DML Conqueror Mk2

    Todays Conky update! Primer shot onto the mantlet and turret front to reveal any flaws in the replacement dust shroud sealing strips.The front of the mantlet also received the etch ring from the Aber replacement barrel set. Happy with that! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  9. DML Saladin ++

    Here is where we are at today! It`s been a bit of a struggle to get any shed time this last week, I`m in the middle of an attack of cluster headaches at the moment, they tend to mess with your sleep patterns which in my case, despite all the good intentions to get an hour down the shed after work, ultimately ends up with me flaking out on the sofa during the six o`clock news! However, I have made some progress on the tow cable, here are the four towing eyes this morning, still a bit more fettling to go since the right hand one is a fraction larger than the other three! a roughed out one is here for comparison. They have been filed to shape in profile and then starting with a triangular file the channel was profiled. Using a very small round rat tail file the channel for the cable was rounded out A length of stock tube was cut, one end was enlarged internally with a twiddle of a scalpel blade and then a fine rat tail file. And then the cable was wrapped around the eye and inserted in the stock tube, kind of like that! this is a dry run, once I`ve had my brew I`ll have a go and secure one with 60 second CA. When it`s all gone off I`ll reduce the thickness of the "crimp" by about 30/40% hopefully, since it`ll be full of wire and CA it should stand up to a bit of sanding! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  10. DML Conqueror Mk2

    Thanks Kris, however that is the DS part that I am replacing! Granto
  11. DML Saladin ++

    A swift update on progress! I have made a start on the tow cables.............. I have used picture hanging wire and tightened the twist using two hand drill chucks, there will be two cables about 8 cm long with an eye in each end joined with a central ring. Here is the wire and the basics of some eyes, a short slice of tube and a bit of triangular stock stuck onto a card backing, then a drill passed through the tube and another piece of card glued onto the top. Once dry the eyes are rough cut out................... And fettled.......... I spun a scalpel blade in the hole to profile it and then started to shape the eyes using a skinny stick, there is a long way to go yet................ But this is where it will end up.........This is an original image, there are better ones out there, but they are in the main restored vehicles which should not be regarded as a reliable source for accurate stowage! I`ve seen some right cockamayme stowage on vehicles at military shows! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  12. DML Conqueror Mk2

    A bit more work done on the Conky! I was a little concerned about the DS material that the tracks and the Mantlet dust shroud was made of, so I decided to go for a milliput shroud and aftermarket tracks, so I got cracking with the strips that secure the ends of the shroud to the turret and the mantlet. Turret end the strip is in two parts, there is a piece that goes across under the barrel and a strip that goes up and over and is twisted at the bottom ends to lie flat on the under strip. The whole shebang is secured by dozens of nuts and washers. Thank god for Meng! Here is the turret end................. And her is the mantlet offered up............ I took the spacing from the kit part. So thats another job ticked off! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  13. DML Saladin ++

    You ain't kiddin`! #sweatin` no "G"
  14. DML Saladin ++

    What a nightmare! Yesterday, having done my workout, and having a spare hour before work I thought I would fit the wheels onto the Saladin...................So I prepped everything, got everything lined up, did a dry run, I had a dilemma obviously, these are resin wheels, they are weighted and they also need to have a bit of toe in, so I thought that it would be easier to use thick CA and do three on one side all at once to assist in the line up, so I went for it! Resin is a capricious beast, when you want it to stick it doesn't, when you need to adjust something it "sticks like Sh*t to a blanket", guess what happened.....go on guess! Yeah, the flats were out! I tried everything to move the wheels, acetone, debonder, prayer.........nothing worked! So after working out my story that I was going to post here, that someone broke in and stole my half built model armoured car, I thought I would have one last go at saving it. I had a good look and reasoned that the join between the resin wheels and the axles was solid enough that I might be able to rotate the whole axle, so I brushed some extra thin into the gap between the axle carrier and the CV hub to try and erode the bond between the shim I had put there and the axle, left it and went for a brew........... came back and gently rotated it............slight movement..........more extra thin...brew.......back, tried again..first wheel free.......Long story short, I was able to free up all three wheels and rotate them until they lined up. They got another dose of extra thin to try and reinstate the bond after I had fitted the wheels on the other side, INDIVIDUALLY this time, using 60 second CA, adjusting the line up, and parking the whole thing with a limited amount of weight sitting on it on a flat surface to go off! Sweet Baby Moses, I don't want to do that again! Mega flap! Anyway, here she is now, and I cant actually remember which side I got wrong without having a look at the hub carriers.......and once I`ve touched up the paint on them this will just be a dim distant memory that will come back in nightmares and cause PTSD! A bit blurry..................... I`m happy with that..................... So, "close enough for government work" as they say! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  15. DML Saladin ++

    Etienne, I spray a satin coat over the paint work then apply the wash, Flory wash is a clay solution as far as I can recall, you can airbrush it but I prefer a big brush and I swamp everything I want to with the wash and then let it go dry. Once dry I start removing the wash with a flat fairly stiff brush and clean water, rinsing the brush frequently, you can streak it by brushing it in one direction, you can re arrange it pushing it into areas you might have missed, and you can mix the colours, it`s good stuff. The Flory site has a video of how to use it on there! Best of all, if you don't like it you can wash it off and start again, when you are happy another shot with a matt coat and you`re done! Granto