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  1. Great job Roman. Like it a lot. This is a kit that is also on my to-do-list. Still remember when a schoolmate had the Revell rebox of this kit and I was very impressed with the huge bomb that came with it. Have you by any chance checked out the recent reifra reboxes of the Plasticart kits?
  2. Very nice result. I envy your expert photography!
  3. Thanks for the flowers! I enjoyed the built a lot. One might even want to sand off the rivets and rescribe it.
  4. Ok, that makes sense. In such a case it's better to follow suit.
  5. A classic kit expertly painted. I guess it's even 1/32 scale, isn't it? Although, if I might suggest, I'd snap off that kit antenna and replace it with thin wire or strechted sprue. What do you think?
  6. Very nice finish on this classic kit. I especially like your attention to the fuel lines and how you painted the vision blocks.
  7. Wonderful thread, exactly up my alley! Let me direct attention to the wonderful skybase that Frog included with some of the kits. I still remember a LHS around 1990 that had a garishly decorated shop window featuring - above all - a huge remote controlled Stuka, on the floor the Revell ATB Stealth bomber and on one wall a built Frog Do 335 attached with the Skybase. I could stand there for minutes and marvel at that stuff.
  8. Finally another finished model. Revell's Ki-61 repop that got blasted online (how could they!) for being so old. Got it for cheap at the LHS and since I've never built a Japanese plane (while holding this nation in high regard) I decided to give it a go. As usual: old kit from the 1960's plus a new and very nice decal sheet (not all were used as some were really tiny). Was kind of tough to get them to settle on the riveted surfaces. Fit is actually quite good for the age. I got inspired by some of the brush painted builts on here to try my hand at some brushing. So basecolor and bigger surfaces are airbrush (aluminium, black, red) while the camo and the yellow are brush painted.
  9. Great to have you hear! My other half is from New York! Is it cold?
  10. Thanks for that, that already helps a bit!
  11. Two nice additions for you collection. Especially impressive that you went with brushed enamels and got such a smooth result. As I alwys like to point out wiith Gepards: Bundeswehr Gepards didn't have side skirts. But that's probably too late now.
  12. Very nice. I especially like the colour of the tow cable. That turned out very realistic.
  13. Pretty cool. Makes me want to think the tank commander is a militaria collector who found a M 24 hand grenade case at a local fleamarket.
  14. Great result you got there, I like it a lot! One to be proud of!
  15. Great job, love it!