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  1. You might be right there. But that would fit with the rest of the vehicle which was also a bit ad-hoc and not the best solution.
  2. Thanks a lot! The harshness of colours is actually due to the camera flash. In natural light they are much more subtle. Actually if I'd blend the some more now, they'd be gone. Although, I admit I have to get a proper light tent and stuff to take better pictures. Cheers!
  3. Thank you! I haven't got any experience with dioramas, although I'd like to try that, too. On the other hand, time and space are the limiting factors! Well, they are gutters and keep the water from dripping into the engine compartment. Between the armour plate and the engine deck there are a couple of hinges. So, in the real verhicle there are quite big gaps. I won't go down the slippery slope of an argument about the semantics of SPG though Rearguards!
  4. I couldn't resist and got Revell's rebox of the classic Italeri Elefant as soon as it came out this year. It's a kit I always wanted to build. So, I just finished it today. All in all a good kit the late 1960's molds seem to be fine. Good fit and reasonable detail. The vehicle itself is though a bit inaccurate as it has features of both a Ferdinand and an Elefant version. I tried to address some of these issues by moving the jack to the back of the tank and adding a spare track piece to the front glacis. I used simple round Evergreen rods to simulate the water drips (is that what it's called?) on the front of the casemate. With original commander - I am not a good figure painter!
  5. Thank you! Your vehicle sounds like the 234/1, with 20mm autocannon. Offered by Tamiya and Italeri. Also a nice vehicle, but unfortunately hard to find in the (cheaper) Italeri boxing at the moment. The Tamiya version is kind of expensive. I think I will build the Puma at some point (should I come across one).
  6. Thanks! The paints are from Vallejo's Dunkelgelb shading set. It also has a dark yellow primer (not black as usual).
  7. One pic was missing.
  8. Here is another armour kit I fnished from the vintage Italeri boxing with the generic name "Armoured Car". And what can I say: Pretty good stuff. Easy to build, nice detail and looks the part. I took my time with painting and weathering it and I am pleased with the result. Whenever you run across this kit you may want to give it a go.
  9. Very nice builds! From your title I was wondering if you'd bring up Derrida and how that connects to the Bf 109.
  10. Very well made. Have seen these pictures in books many times but only through your model I realised that the actual tank has no commander's hatch! Interesting!
  11. Nice output, there! I have the Croation one in my stash as well. The Romanian scheme looks very elegant. What are yur RLM 70/71 colours, if I may ask?
  12. Lovely! Very inspiring!
  13. Glad you appreciate it as I do your Matchbox builds! There is more on the bench and to be finished in the coming week!
  14. Very impressive! I would have never guessed you used the run-of-the-mill Revell kit for this! You paint job has an almost unbelievable exactness to it!
  15. I am not sure if that's appreciated here, but I thought I'd post it anyways. This is a model I built more than 20 years ago. I recently dug it up when sifting through my parents basement. It is one of the few models from my early works that didn't land in the bin. Built from a 70's vintage kit and brush painted with Humbrol Enamels (my favourite paints at that time). Has quite a coat of dust on it. Actually a cool plane. My grandfather flew one like this during the Spanish Civil War. I though it would be nice if Trumpeter made a 1/32 version of it.