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  1. Great to have you hear! My other half is from New York! Is it cold?
  2. Thanks for that, that already helps a bit!
  3. Two nice additions for you collection. Especially impressive that you went with brushed enamels and got such a smooth result. As I alwys like to point out wiith Gepards: Bundeswehr Gepards didn't have side skirts. But that's probably too late now.
  4. Very nice. I especially like the colour of the tow cable. That turned out very realistic.
  5. Pretty cool. Makes me want to think the tank commander is a militaria collector who found a M 24 hand grenade case at a local fleamarket.
  6. Great result you got there, I like it a lot! One to be proud of!
  7. Great job, love it!
  8. Perhaps someone can help me. I have really no luck using the search option on the site. E. g. if I want to search the forums for certain topics as "Fw 200" to show me all the topics that have been made on the type. The search option never seems to be producing any results, no matter how I type the stuff in? How do search properly for things on this site? My workaround is to google it by adding Britmodeller to my query, but that is a bit sad, isn't it? Cheers
  9. Although when buying something like that from Germany one has to take into account the risk of not getting it when you will need it. Since weapons exports are such a touchy subject in Germany not even allies can be sure to have contracts fulfilled (latest example is the travesty between H&K and the US contractor for an advanced grenade rifle - someone found some 1860's treaty that US didn't sign about not shooting grenades "at" people). So with the general situation of the UK planning to leave the EU and Germany being sad about it - well, I wouldn't sign a contract like that.
  10. Interesting vehicle. Had the chance of seeing it back in the day when it came out. Surprisingly small inside though.
  11. I think you did especially well on the tires. Pretty impressive in that scale. Don't worry so much about the camo. Usually the surfaces are in such bad shape (and even patched up over and over again) that they pretty much look like your model in real life too.
  12. Just to make the thing complete, here is the plane.
  13. Thanks jean! Well, yes, the wheels are "melted" into place. Was not that easy since the soviet PS got very sticky in the process. If I would build another one I'd even attach the wings in folded in position, as I think this is easier than filling and sanding the big step that is there.
  14. Being currently struck by the flu I have some at home time that can be used for finishing some projects. Something I wanted to build for a long time was the Blackburn Skua (which sounds like Stuka but doesn't guarantee it!) I got hold of the old bagged Novo kit. Unfortunately the decals broke apart once immersed in water, so the spares box had to come to help. Lack of any instructions was not so problematic as there were only few parts to begin with. Fit of the outer wings was a bit iffy. Otherwise a basic model that leaves off some unimportant parts - like bombs. Why Frog did that is beyond me I have to say. I especially like the shape of the canopy and the tail section which I think makes this type outstanding in its design. Displayed with the original card ("Made in USSR").
  15. That's nice to see something brush painted! I am just sitting at a Revell Hien Tony and brushed on the camo pattern. Good looking 262. And great job on that tricky canopy!