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  1. Great! I'd really like to find me a Matchbox B-17. They are quite rare to find. And if they are pricey!
  2. Beautiful result. Very neatly built and painted to factory standards! Especially impressive since yellow is not a very easy colour to paint.
  3. Thanks! The 6W+KK comes from the sheet of my recently finished Revell Ar 196! Lower wing crosses are Revell Ju 88 (old kit), upper wing crosses are from the Revell/Italeri Hs 123.
  4. Probably. Since the first 1/72 planes by Frog were intended to school people in aircraft identification. The decals would fall off the models, leaving the British unable to identify the type as a German plane. During an airborne invasion of the islands this would lead to longer identification time, giving the Luftwaffe a tactical advantage when landing in England. Talk about planning ahead!
  5. Thank you! I'll keep 'em coming. Still have a little He 177 by Airfix in my stash.
  6. When I first got the kit I did a little online research for camo schemes for the Ju 52 to get some inspiration (first I wanted to do something more complicated, like Spanish Civil War). I was not able to verify the solid dark green overall finish combined with the markings provided in the kit as an actual plane. I suppose it should be the standard 70/71 pattern. Going by other older Airfix kits and their decals (like Ju 88 or the Ju 87) I think the combination of livery and markings are bogus/fictional (a Ju 52 1Z+LK did it exist). Would be interesting to see though I someone could prove this wrong.
  7. Thanks! I did some research and it seems there are only three Ju 52 kits in 1/72. The Italeri, the Airfix and the Heller. The Heller is its own thing and seemingly the most accurate of them.
  8. Thanks for the kind words! A true classic it is. Interesting about it was also the fact that it still had most of the instructions written in prose rather than diagrams. So it also came with a German translation of the instructions. What's kind of cool about that is that this names the individual parts by their proper designation (and function) so provides a more in depth understanding of the whole affair. E. g. the little "Y" shaped stick on the lower right front of the fuselage is the "Anstellwinkelgeber" - go figure! Also interesting: the historical description in English starts off with attributes like"slow, ungainly and obsolescent" while the (more in depth) German history boasts about the international success of this plane and its legendary ruggedness, reliability good flying characteristics.
  9. For your consideration the old Airfix Ju 52 in an early 1970's boxing. Built OOB in the recommended, ahistoric livery. My original plan was to use the original decals as well, but there was no way they could be made to snug to the textured surface of the plane. With a fair amount of softener they finally curled up and fell off. So decals from the spares box it was. Only the little Berlin bear badge could be used as it was placed on a flat surface. I originally had two kits of this Ju 52 and wanted to build the floatplane option too. But after finishing this one and finding the fit and appearance only so-so, I decided to sell the other kit. Counting the one Italeri Ju 52 I built as a kid in the early 90's, this was only my second Ju 52. Probably my last as well, since I never found that Wellblech-look so great. Maybe I get a Mach 2 Ju 352 in the future. Here the finished plane with it's original box (retail price at the time 9,50 Deutschmarks!)
  10. Thanks! Actually the first time I built a plane all-black. It's definitely easy! Maybe I should get an F-117
  11. Very nice build. Looks like a flying proboscis monkey. I'll have to try out a Modelsvit kit at some point.
  12. Still something that had had to be finished but started in 2016. The kit came together well and I find it pretty detailed cosidering it entered production in 1979 IIRC. Colours are Vallejo model Air and some Revell Aqua Color for details. Fit of the clear parts was a bit problematic, especially the fit of the windshield to fuselage and to the first component of the canopy. Everything else went together well. Have a look.
  13. Wow, you are one fast modeller . I find that idea really cool since it could be spun further into some inspiring dioramas. Like combining a paper panzer and figures with the VW Bully. Maybe I should build something like this, too.
  14. Great idea. I like that a lot. Basically a Ground '46. But I think you should really add a set of WH license plates to it. That would spice it up.
  15. Well done. I saw this kit online the other day and found it interesting. Glad you give us the chance to see the model up close.