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  1. OK thanks, I didn't want to bug the guy if he has family stuff going on. Not in a real hurry a few days wont hurt. I'm pretty deaf so I prefer email or text Bill
  2. Any of you folks out there heard from Densil at Welsh Models recently? Couple of weeks ago I was setting up an order with him by email then all went quiet.. Bill
  3. Well I already have a F104 in 56 squadron 'Firebird' scheme, and a Mirage IV in raspberry ripple, and a F111 in 16 squadron markings so the Osprey wont be too much of a stretch. The B47 in anti flash white is still thinking about...
  4. I looked around a bit more and current serials go up to ZZ450. Wonder what comes next? Or I just go for ZZ 900 and reckon the RAF is not going to get hundreds more airplanes soon.
  5. OK I think I am going to invent Joint Force Osprey to get the Osprey started in UK service. It would initially have several Ospreys borrowed from US Marines or USAF. This backstory lets me use the US color scheme just a change of title to RAF and a UK serial, I guess something in the Ynxxx range as I think the X series is pretty much used up Bill
  6. The devil tempted me and I got an Revell MV22 with the intent of doing it in a UK color scheme and markings. Either going to be in RN scheme assigned to one of the new carriers or an RAF one. Anyone got any thoughts on which units might be Osprey operators and what the color/markings scheme might be? Thanks Bill
  7. I got a request in on Densil at WM for the Hastings bits. Really only need the props there is not a lot visible of the u/c and I can fake that two legs and a wheel each side don't care about whats inside the bay Going to push through with the Hermes II I got a policy of not building the same type twice... Bill
  8. Wonder if Welsh Models will sell me just the metal parts (u/c and props) for the Hermes? I built their Hermes and the parts were very good. Guess I could just ask them, but does anyone know if it it will work? Thanks Bill
  9. I got a left over Hermes airframe, the F rsn one in 144. The small parts (props, u/c) are pretty much useless so its going to have to be in flight. Looking for a subject for it, I already did the Welsh one in BOAC decals and I am trying to find a non airline scheme for it I found mention of the Hermes II prototype being assigned an RAF serial VX234 and used for airborne radar trials. Cant find any images of it though. Anybody help? Thanks Bill
  10. Thanks Canberra kid that will do nicely
  11. OK Blue Silk Shackleton and Green Satin Vulcan
  12. Last Months Aeroplane had a couple of dark pictures of Canberras with what looked like a Red Beard semi submerged in the bomb bay. Like to add this to my RAF bombers line up. Anyone got a better picture or drawing of the Red Beard mated to the Canberra? Thanks Bill
  13. Thank you Michael, I will PM you later with info. What decals did you use on your build? Thanks Bill
  14. OK thanks I ordered some Tamiya bendy tape. I got some BOAC Stratocruiser decals which give me a good match for the BOAC titles and the speedbird and union jack for the fin. May end up with the wrong serial but whos gonna notice.. Bill
  15. Having given up on trying to decal the 144 Roden BOAC Britannia, I'm now looking to do the cheat line and fin by paint and finding enough decals to do the BOAC titles and serials. Anyone please offer me some advice on doing the wrap around bits at the front? I'm not a good freehand painter, I can mask the straight bits ok but need help with doing the curves at the front. Thanks Bill