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  1. Thanks Canberra kid that will do nicely
  2. OK Blue Silk Shackleton and Green Satin Vulcan
  3. Last Months Aeroplane had a couple of dark pictures of Canberras with what looked like a Red Beard semi submerged in the bomb bay. Like to add this to my RAF bombers line up. Anyone got a better picture or drawing of the Red Beard mated to the Canberra? Thanks Bill
  4. Thank you Michael, I will PM you later with info. What decals did you use on your build? Thanks Bill
  5. OK thanks I ordered some Tamiya bendy tape. I got some BOAC Stratocruiser decals which give me a good match for the BOAC titles and the speedbird and union jack for the fin. May end up with the wrong serial but whos gonna notice.. Bill
  6. Having given up on trying to decal the 144 Roden BOAC Britannia, I'm now looking to do the cheat line and fin by paint and finding enough decals to do the BOAC titles and serials. Anyone please offer me some advice on doing the wrap around bits at the front? I'm not a good freehand painter, I can mask the straight bits ok but need help with doing the curves at the front. Thanks Bill
  7. Actually I got both the Welsh and F-rsn kits building in parallel. Since the F-rsn small parts are pants I'm going to use the Welsh small parts on whichever main Airframe looks best. Yes I did the F-rsn Trident 3 as well, went fine. Bill
  8. Well I got some Loctite 'Power Easy' which while not specifically slow cure takes a few minutes to grab so I guess that will do Bill
  9. Sorry I was referring back to an earlier post of mine which seems to have vanished..... To sum up, I built the 144 Roden Britannia, did my usual Tamiya rattle can white and Tamiya rattle can silver leaf, Future overall two coats, then the kit decals. Came back later and the decals had peeled off and curled up, Microsol did not help, or more future. So got another set of Roden decals, try again, same result. Looking now to get the F-rsn Britannia kit just for the decals. Meantime building the F resn Hermes (don't ask) to see how F-rsn decals perform, since I really want a BOAC scheme. If that does not pan out going for an RAF scheme instead. Funny cos I built the Roden VC10 with no problems. Bill
  10. Any of you kind folks got a simple (household chemicals) way of slowing down the setting of superglue? I know you can get a slow set version but I don't have any but I got lots of the regular fast set type Thanks Bill
  11. Some years ago when I first started to do organised themes I went for 'RAF Fighters' I built all I could find including prototypes in 72, then major types in 48 then a couple of types in 32. then finally the Airfix Hurricane in 24. My next theme was RAF bombers all in 72, skipped the bigger scales for practically. So I'm now into British airliners in 144 but its clear I'm going to have to skip some types or build them in 72. Anybody like to suggest a 'British Airliners' list which is comprehensive and doable all in 144? Thanks Bill
  12. Well after the previous decal failure I stripped all off, new future coat, new decals from same source, peeling off again. Going to sidetrack this one probably going for RAF Transport Command livery I can get decals for that and the basic paint scheme is pretty close so I don't have to do a full repaint Bill
  13. Thanks, can I still move the decals around a bit on the wet future? I'm not too good at setting them down just right Bill
  14. Got a strange problem, I got the Roden Brittania built no issues, painted in Tamiya rattlecan white and silver, and future coated. A combo I have used before just fine. However the Roden decals wont stick to it, I put them on with my usual Microset Microsol routine but they just flake off. I got a spare set of decals but reluctant to use them before I figure out what went wrong. Anybody help? Thanks Bill
  15. I started off last year to do a 'British Airliners' build in 144 scale. Doing ok so far but it seems that some of the smaller interesting types would be easier to do in 72 scale, availability of kits and decals. I am kind of reluctant to do this as part of the process is to see how the different airliners look like next to each other, like how small a Comet is compared to a 707. Anyone building in mixed scale and how do you display them, in separate cases or whatever?