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  1. Single Skybolt carrier 72 scale

    I reckon I can get a Skybolt semi submerged in a Vulcan bomb bay. It's only slightly longer than a Blue Steel and some of that would be the aerodynamic fairing at the tail, I could lose that. A three Skybolt Vulcan? Be a bit overweight but could lose some fuel, its not coming back is it. :^(
  2. Single Skybolt carrier 72 scale

    I got one Skybolt missile left over from a Vulcan/Skybolt build. Anyone suggest a suitable hypothetical carrier aircraft for it? Wont fit under a TSR2 already tried that. Thanks Bill
  3. Tiger moth G-ACDC color

    G ACDC is going to have to go on the back burner for a little while I sort out paint and decals want to do the original dark red. Meantime I'm going for G ANOD in all black because its real easy and keeps the momentum up. Bill
  4. DH Hornet Moth interior color

    OK try again https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipOuOQOVAXBc_sVJx30qaDMcSjfu2guy-ZrgXaRj
  5. DH Hornet Moth interior color

    So this is where we are now... next up tweaking the windscreen to fit nice. Rest of the glazing will be in Clearfix. Bill ok ok I'm trying to put a picture in here off my phone (Samsung Android) and it wont play....help......
  6. Tiger moth G-ACDC color

    HI John Could I trouble you for a couple sets of your ACDC decals? Two because of my hamfistedness . I found another Tiger kit, actually your Aero72 one, so I'm shooting for both ACDC plus another scheme to be determined when I get the rest of the Moth thread bits in. Let me know please how I can pay you Thanks Bill
  7. Tiger moth G-ACDC color

    Well now I really messed it up, this was going to be a quick oob to go with the Hornet Moth which is now in paint.... But once I start veering off the box stuff then I start thinking get some more decals for the deeper red scheme which leads to looking at alternative schemes which leads to 60 odd quids worth of Moth kits and decals inbound now I have to buy the wife something of equivalent value. Oh well I was going to get into a 72 scale British civil series anyway so what better than a bunch of Moths. Bill
  8. Tiger moth G-ACDC color

    Thanks that looks about right. do you recall which Tamiya red it was? I got TS8 Italian red and TS49 Bright red, the Italian red looks closest? Next modelling day I'm going to lay down three stripes of white/silver/black then at right angles over that the three most likely reds and see what looks good. Red in particular seems quite sensitive to the under color Bill
  9. Tiger moth G-ACDC color

    Started in on the 72 scale Airfix Tiger Moth as G-ACDC to complement the Fox Moth a building. Got a problem with the red color, the Airfix callout is for humbrol 20 Crimson, but when I look at my tin of that looks way too dark compared to pictures of ACDC on the web. Anyone built ACDC yet or got a better suggestion for the color? Thanks Bill
  10. DH Hornet Moth interior color

    After a bit of thought I decided to drill and pin (.5mm brass wire) the wing and tailplane attachments. This will let me finish the parts separately and have some wiggle room in aligning the wings. The area around the doors is a mess right now I broke the door window frames, oh well press on.... Bill
  11. DH Hornet Moth interior color

    Thanks John that helps with some other issues as well, I am going to have to scratch most of the undercarriage and other struttery as the cast resin bits are too delicate for my fumble fingers. Bill
  12. DH Hornet Moth interior color

    Ok got the fuselage together starting to figure out the wings looks like a little dihedral needed I got the Putnam DH book it it doesn't say.... The lower wings have a upsweep on the inboard trailing edge, at first I thought the parts were warped but the two wings have the same curve which nicely matches the fuselage so I may leave it unless some of you guys know better? Bill
  13. DH Hornet Moth interior color

    Thanks for that going with the maroon leather interior. Got all the interior bits together and rough painted just noticed the 'parcel shelf' behind the seats wonder if I should do a Fortnum and Mason hamper to go there? Don't like the transparencies they are mostly clear plastic bits designed the flush fit into very thin resin frames, my chances of doing that cleanly then sanding flush and masking is in the 'too hard' basket. Going to keep the windshield and fill the rest of the openings with Clearfix. Bill
  14. DH Hornet Moth interior color

    Ok thanks I think a luxury car type of interior would be appropriate Bill
  15. Vimy Commercial cockpit

    I got a 144 scale vacform Vimy Commercial kit which tempts me from time to time but I'm not inspired enough to go for it yet