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  1. Brief update: assembled the conning tower and parts of the associated area. Good tweezers, optics, and adhesive are essential! For tweezers I use: https://smile.amazon...ries*=0&ie=UTF8 No comments about ingrown hair please! I've used a lot of different tweezers over time and so far these are my favorite, minimizing undesired part launches! For optics I use the Optivisor, and for adhesive I use thick and thin cyanoacrylate, and Future acrylic floor polish. Cheers, Tom
  2. Very meticulous work! Cheers, Tom
  3. For this update I focused on the bridge/air defense platform area, known as the octapoid due to its shape. A lot of the augmentations that the Pontos set provides shows up here. I am enjoying the process, but some of the parts are incredibly small. Overall the set is precise, and it sure looks good unpainted! Cheers, Tom
  4. Great work! Is that interior scratchbuilt? Cheers, Tom
  5. HMS Fife by Kevin - Fleetscale - 1/72

    You are doing an amazing job, and have some serious patience to install those antiskid walkways. Cheers, Tom
  6. Kris, Thank you, I appreciate your confidence! Still a long way to go but I’m really appreciative of the Pontos set. I plan to post the next update as soon as I finish the foremast, hopefully within the next few days. Cheers, Tom
  7. Geoff and Mick, thank you! I’ve been working extensively on the bridge/octapoid structure, almost ready for an update. Lots of modifications and additions, thanks to the Pontos set. Cheers, Tom
  8. Andy, I see what you mean! Thanks for sharing this. If you want hatches open in my opinion the photoetch deck would be the way to go, but not otherwise based on your pics. Cheers, Tom
  9. Really nice work! The rigging looks impressive, and the build and weathering truly makes this model authentic. Cheers, Tom
  10. I love how this is taking shape! Great progress. Cheers, Tom
  11. Italeri 1/35 Higgins Boat

    I know which one I’m building: http://www.navsource.org/archives/12/05214.htm Stan Barnes was my uncle and commanded Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Fifteen. I have always wanted to honor him by building a Higgins boat. Cheers, Tom
  12. Andy, That is absolutely top level work! Your have some real skills with that soldering iron, and those railings will really make a difference. Cheers, Tom
  13. 1/35 U-2336

    Thank you! I was lucky to find some flexible mesh in the right scale, and had some references that made it doable. Cheers, Tom
  14. Andy, It certainly looks clean! Cheers, Tom