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  1. Yeah that one. £70 seems a bit steep to me though
  2. If this is the frame I think it is, ZA713, I seem to recall it having been in that state for quite a while now. Rob
  3. If it is a Mig-21, it sit excellently alongside the new Phantom era-wise. Rob
  4. Seen the very same yellow EC-135 today. Rob
  5. RN Wildcat out of Yeovilton around 4pm.
  6. Wow, that's some beautiful work! Rob
  7. Learn something new everyday. Makes sense when you think about it. Rob
  8. As far I I can tell, they carry AIM-7 Sparrows, but then again I have been wrong before. Rob
  9. That's one good looking Victor with spot-on weathering. Rob
  10. Beautiful work. That cockpit detail is amazing, as is the inclusion of the RTV106, I remember that from my days on the Tooms. Rob
  11. Also happens to be the most recent RAF air-to-air kill.
  12. That's where they all went. Rob
  13. Can't wait. This is going to be a fun one to build. Rob
  14. Hopefully the 737-800 is better than the Revell offering.
  15. Forgot to say, the decals I would require are the tail markings, roundels and the most visible stencils. Rob