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  1. Back again! Its not far off, it needs a little tweak here and there especially to get the back end to sit flush but like I say its not far out and the panel lines match up perfectly too. The Esci kit is very basic but looking at the two they seem very similar in size and shape. Welcome along, and I'll just say its not how many you have its what you do with them that counts........apparently! Thanks for the link, I remember seeing that page when I did my first look on researching but couldn't find it again afterwards so thanks for posting that reminder! I have been at it quite sporadically this week, I am working evenings which doesn't give me a lot of spare time but I have chipped away at it when I can. There is no real logic to the way I am building this, I am randomly picking areas to work on as and when I feel. I haven't really been up for seat work so today sat down and had a look at that gert great mushroom that hangs underneath it. I am of course using the Esci parts so stuck them together and tried to see how it fits. To do this properly there are a couple of things I need to assemble first. Obviously the wings would be better secured in position, so after remembering to fit my observer blackout blinds (black paper stuck over the window aperture) I fitted them wings. As expected a near perfect join, you can see here that I have filled and blended the gun ports in the leading edge, with the extra ton and a half of equipment for the radar I don't think there was much spare capacity for any armament! And on the flip side I have fitted here the underside airbrake, I am not sure if the AEW had this or not and cant really decipher all the references. I don't think it would have and I am inclined to fill and blend it in. I mean with that whacking great blob underneath would you need an airbrake? Next up is the mushroom, suitable assembled and joints blended Does slightly resemble a Martians egg, Also just noticed in the background work carried out on the turtle back area behind the pilot, more on that later! I have offered it up to the fuselage and took a picture but to be honest the picture is too blurry to put up, needless to say it doesn't match the contour of the kit very well. Where it touches at the front just need a small blend and was a good fit. The sides however fitted where they touched, namely at the front and at the rear! The mushroom has far too much of a curve on it so will need to be reprofiled. I will have to do most of this off aircraft because when it gets fitted there is no room under there to get filler in let alone anything to sand it. So I have fitted some plastic strip so I can build up some filler. The stick is just there to hold the plastic in place. That will be slightly reprofiled and then I can get a bit of filler in there to give it a smooth transition. It wont be plain sailing all the way though as there is also a large gap up front. I think this gap will have to be worked in situ and I'll have to blend in the airframe side as well. Should be interesting! I also have to do some work on the middle 'protuberance' coming out the engine as you can see on the 1:1 below The fitment of the radar covered an air vent, so I have to box that 'protuberance' in as that is where the vent was relocated, nothing too difficult about that I suppose! So to just finish up here is the radar slapped in place for the underside And from the front She almost looks happy with the smiley vent and certainly there is a guppy taking shape. Coming up more work on the turtle back, boxing the vent exhausts and a little tiny bit of fill and blend.......I wish! Cheers now Bob Foot note: While reviewing the article I have seen while comparing the real radome with the Esci version there is a slight difference......ie the kit part isn't particularly accurate! I can feel the artistic license card coming out!
  2. And so we continue the build at the pace of an asthmatic snail in a dust storm, but progress is moving on. I concentrated on the fuselage and filled around the air brake area to just blend all this in. I used Humbrol filler which transpires was a poor choice because I have to rescribe over the filler and it doesn't react well to my method of scribing, but more on that later, The filler mess: Not very noticeable in this pick is the removal of the cockpit armour, this wasn't as traumatic as it looked and I didn't really loose out on a lot of detail so was quite chuffed at how that went. The fuselage was then rubbed down and looking at all my available references I transferred over some new panel lines and the door for that area I did also use the kit part from the Esci kit for reference, lining up the raised panels with the Tamiya lines gives me a reasonable representation of the layout. The window will be cut out for the Esci Bubble window and the door will be scribed in, more later on that. The next area of interest was the wings, again we have a major difference here. The Naval version does not have the main undercarriage doors fitted and of course Tamiya are extra nice here and give is wheel well inserts attached to the undercarriage doors! So before fitting the inserts it was off with them doors. It took a bit of dexterity as the hinges and actuators are quite heavily molded into the doors and I had to go carefully so I didn't destroy the detail. The flash has bleached a lot of the detail but hopefully you can see what remains. And now the completed assembly with the wing ejector chutes blanked, I still need to fill the gun ports but that will be easier with the wings together. Then it was into the cockpit, nice and easy, there are more parts for the seat than the actual cockpit! This was assembled and then painted black, I don't have a nailed on reference for this but it was appropriate for that era. The back of the bulkhead behind the seat was chopped down as my version has a different set up, I add a bit of fictitious colour in there as otherwise it is just a deep black hole. The instrument panel is a kit decal and the whole lot was given a highlight to make it more visible. The flash has again bleached the effect of the highlight, it is a lot more subtle. So with that done there was nothing stopping me smashing the two fuselage halves together. At this point I test fitted the turtle back which fits remarkably well considering. I have since scribed the panel lines on that, behind the pilot however is a bank of black boxes and not a blank bulk head so started to remove that. And with the bulkhead removed and the edges blended nice and thin I will fit a false bulkhead to give it some depth and then put in some racking, boxes and wire to liven it up. Next was a test fit of the wings to see how that looks. So in the image above you can see the exploits of my rescribing, I had to go back over certain areas with PPP filler because the humbrol stuff just gave way or fell out making it look really messy, I think my scribing is a touch too deep (not matchbox deep though!) and there were mistakes which you can see as bright white lines. Overall I think it will do... Finally it was the seat, I built it up, sprayed it with the other cockpit stuff and then found out it is completely different. I think this version is a very basic ejector type seat on rails, The kind I need is well totally different, but it will still slide in and out the cockpit opening so I am not too bothered at the moment and will do this slow time as it can slot in at any time. And that is where I am at, still a bit of a struggle, especially when it came to the rescribing the fuselage but I shall persevere and we shall get this thing cracked! Laters! Bob
  3. Work has continued slowly but surely. Airbrush snags are causing problems but I will persist. I did want you cover some of my references, I have a copy of the warrant book and can also access the walkaround series, so that gives me my paper refs. A good few years ago when I was leaving the Navy, my colleagues arranged a trip for me to go around the FAA museum as a special treat. This included an in depth guide around the stripping of the Martlet (who new paint schemes and scratches could be so interesting!) And also access to the storage hall over the road. We had in effect unrestricted access but unfortunately my camera couldn't cope! I did however get a few shots of their Skyraider. So not a great mix but better than nowt. I just wish I climbed up on the aircraft and scanned the cockpit. I'm sure the cockpit seat is different to the kit version but haven't been able to confirm it yet. Hopefully get a couple of progress shots up soon Bob
  4. So the first thing to look at is to de-mod the wings and airframe back to an unarmed Naval variant. First up were all the holes for the weapons pylons I intended to fill the holes with plastic rod which is slightly fatter than the holes, so it was out with the right size drill for a snug fit Bits of rod were the cemented in, along with the gun ports which are also redundant. This gives a hedgehog feel which will be blended in tomorrow sometime when the glue has welded the bits in While that goes off I glued in the side airbrakes as these are also redundant. These will be blended in along with the fuselage strengthening plate in front and then the edges filled so they disappear. The observers access door will be scratch in later. I am also looking at the armour plates under the cockpit. I think I may have a go at blending those in later.......maybe . Off out now for a few pints so more progress later! Bob
  5. No unfortunately that was a casualty of the de-mojo-fication process, I think that will be next to get up and running once (not if!) I get through this!
  6. Good day everyone! Its been along time since I started a new build. I was steamrolling on at the beginning of the year but then in April (Violins ready!) I broke my elbow and that was that for a couple of weeks, and I have since struggled to get enough interest going. Then when Photobucket threw a spanner in the works with their blatant blackmail scam I just hit the stage of 'I really cannot be bothered!'. I didn't even contribute that much on the forums over the last few months. Just blindly scrolled through with apathy then slowly but surely this hobby will eat away at you and after a couple of false starts I managed to finish off a 109 that was part of the group build earlier (may appear in RFI later this week), even dusting off the airbrush as well. Life past summer has started to quiet down a little what with kids back to school and Uni. So I was looking for something to make to kick things off again. I also experimented with Flickr to try and banish my PB demons, which seems ok so far! So what to do? I do have a 48th Wessex, Wasp, Canberra and a 72nd CP140 still in progress but I wanted something nice, fresh, goodlooking and easyish to get me going. That's where I stumbled upon this on line for a decent price She is a good looking bird, should be easyish to put together as its a modern Tamiya kit and will look good straight OOB. Lots of plastic and loads of weapons! But here is the problem, that those who know me, know I am WAFU, Fleet Air Arm, Navy stock through and through, and to do an Air Force plane, especially a darned Yank Air Force plane is not something I can really do (No offence intended to our beloved Air Force Brethren ), so luckily I have this tired old beast kicking around as well So to spice things up a tad I am going to simply merge the two together into one beautiful Royal Naval aircraft, simples, what could go wrong? A quick dig into the decal pile produced this delightful selection I did think they were a recent release but looking at them I think they are nearly 10 years old (showing my age lol, thought they were only released last year!) but they are still looking in good order, with this version as the only option. So the plan is a Skyraider WV183 of the mighty 849 'B' flight, Fleet Air Arm. I'm not going to bother with any suez stripes or anything like that, just glorious blue, and I even have a fresh pot of Model Master FS15042! So there is the background, I have seen a couple of Tamiya AEWs attempted OOB (should be OOB2!) and it is perfectly achievable. I'm not going to bother doing the observer station either, the window curtains will be firmly drawn for that. I know about the armour issue around the cockpit and will look into that to see if it is worth removing or just pretend it isn't really there and I will only use the minimal number of parts from the Esci kit as they aren't of that good a quality really. So there it is, the build is afoot! Bob
  7. Nice to see this resurrected as I missed the original start. Always like seeing the Whirlwind (even if it is the US version) the old choppers have a lot of character. I hear Airfix have a mystery unveil at Telford this year, what are the chances of a 1:48 Whirlwind? Heres hoping (and don't do what Trumpeter did and release the fixed wing version, that's just a waste of plastic! Cheers now Bob
  8. Ah another epic build, good to see the wessie being resurrected and in a bigger scale! Cant wait to see the wonders that will unfold. I am now sitting comfortably so you may crack on at the speed of Naval gunfire, crack on young man! Bob
  9. Forgive me but I am very late to this so will just look in from afar. Love this kit, I picked one up that someone had tried to make into a waterline and cut off the entire bottom surface, suffice to say it wouldn't sit well in water! The bonus was there were two kits in the one box, so have two potentials. I see in your first post the box has a free kit offer sticker, Ive got one of them as well but don't know where to send it.......I wonder if its still valid Great work so far! Bob
  10. Supermarine's best? Mojo-restoration!

    Shame the old Seaking is on hold, but I don't blame you. I've had a 6 month hiatus so far but looking to start something new soon. I nearly snapped out of it a few weeks ago but that photobucket debacle put a nail in the coffin, too much life going on! I completed my own FR46 earlier this year, I would put a picture up but its still on PB! This was to be a quick build to clear it off the shelf of doom. The only scratch building I did was to imitate the camera equipment behind the camera ports, before rubbing down the camera ports and painting over when I realized they weren't fitted to this aircraft! Oh well at least I know they are in there, I never realized the two sets of wings are different either, I thought airfix were being nice and providing a folded and flight version! Its a lovelly build and is a good one to get the mojo going. I did get a bit embroiled in the colour scheme debate, there is a lot of well intentioned information out there but to be honest I found it all confusing so thought screw it and went for the two tone version. Just pick a scheme and build it, personally I can swing either way and will just enjoy the build any way! Bob
  11. #2 blade, if you lined it up with #5 blade you would have a big hairy a***d grubber chief calling you every name under the sun! The beany should be blue, I think it is just flooded with the orange glow of the hangar lights. And @perdu please don't waste money on the Airwaves set, from past experience it would be far easier to build it up from scratch. Cheers now Bob Oh @Ex-FAAWAFU lovely tractor by the way (I knew there was a reason why I was following this thread!)
  12. I don't know what I am talking about with regards to the brown fuel tank. I always thought they were ally but it could possibly be fiberglass, certainly be a lot lighter in weight and brown is a natural colour for it. It does look like a poor external paint finish that has come away so it would be natural tank material or primer (never known of brown primer though). I would wager the reddish fold areas are indeed coated in some kind of protective film type stuff. There have been various iterations over the years for protective coatings which produce various colours, but yes definitely some sort of protection. Great photo but the guy with the chocks is definitely taking liberties with his standard of dress though! Bob
  13. Yeovilton Air Day 2017

    Nice pics! Is that Phantom a flying example? First time ive seen it!
  14. Westland Sea King HAS/R 5

    Ah, I know the ones. It looks like most airframes have had them fitted in the past. If removed it would only be the aerial and wiring taken out and the plinth would remain as that is riveted in and to remove it would involve quite a bit of extra work to repair the structure. Much easier to remove the aerial and just fit a blanking plate. So I would say a safe bet is to include the pliths. Just to through a spanner in the works I did find this image of one with a different aerial fitted to the forward plinth, not sure n the time frame for this mod though. Hope this helps Bob
  15. Westland Sea King HAS/R 5

    I'm not an avionic type person but if you have a picture of what the sonar buoy antenna looks like I may be able to say if they were fitted to SAR cabs or not.