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  1. #2 blade, if you lined it up with #5 blade you would have a big hairy a***d grubber chief calling you every name under the sun! The beany should be blue, I think it is just flooded with the orange glow of the hangar lights. And @perdu please don't waste money on the Airwaves set, from past experience it would be far easier to build it up from scratch. Cheers now Bob Oh @Ex-FAAWAFU lovely tractor by the way (I knew there was a reason why I was following this thread!)
  2. I don't know what I am talking about with regards to the brown fuel tank. I always thought they were ally but it could possibly be fiberglass, certainly be a lot lighter in weight and brown is a natural colour for it. It does look like a poor external paint finish that has come away so it would be natural tank material or primer (never known of brown primer though). I would wager the reddish fold areas are indeed coated in some kind of protective film type stuff. There have been various iterations over the years for protective coatings which produce various colours, but yes definitely some sort of protection. Great photo but the guy with the chocks is definitely taking liberties with his standard of dress though! Bob
  3. Yeovilton Air Day 2017

    Nice pics! Is that Phantom a flying example? First time ive seen it!
  4. Westland Sea King HAS/R 5

    Ah, I know the ones. It looks like most airframes have had them fitted in the past. If removed it would only be the aerial and wiring taken out and the plinth would remain as that is riveted in and to remove it would involve quite a bit of extra work to repair the structure. Much easier to remove the aerial and just fit a blanking plate. So I would say a safe bet is to include the pliths. Just to through a spanner in the works I did find this image of one with a different aerial fitted to the forward plinth, not sure n the time frame for this mod though. Hope this helps Bob
  5. Westland Sea King HAS/R 5

    I'm not an avionic type person but if you have a picture of what the sonar buoy antenna looks like I may be able to say if they were fitted to SAR cabs or not.
  6. Westland Sea King HAS/R 5

    Ah late to the party as ever! Always nice to see a Sea King done in a 'proper' livery . The airfix kit is a lovely kit and goes together well if you look after the joints. I'll have a look in my refs for any pictures of the areas you are looking for but I don't think I have much. I did a Belgian Sea King a couple of years ago and really struggled for those areas, but I shall look anyway. Excellent work so far! Cheers now Bob
  7. It's a rant, A RANT

    So just read this thread, love the entertainment value! Would it be wrong to hope Amazon get Hermes to deliver all your goodies just so this 'rant' continues! Bob
  8. A lot of the pictures just have a bungee hooked to the top and bottom hand hold through the handles. Its amazing how few pictures there are of Seakings in fly 2 in a fully wrapped up configuration! Bob
  9. I'm back, didn't want you to think I had just thrown a hand grenade in and left! Been Canada day weekend over here so been a bit busy! Yes we used to lash down the exhaust blanks, especially if they were left on deck. I shall have a trawl to see if I can find any pictures (although with PB holding out for extortion I don't know how I am going to post them) In short we would take a standard white nylon lashing (the kind Bill used on his wasp) and take the small fixed hook and thread it through the handles on the exhaust blank. it would then be threaded under the two hand holds on top of the engine and then through the hand holds of the other blank. the non adjustable end was attached to the hand hold below the exhaust, the other adjustable end was fitted to the hand under the other exhaust and then graunched so that it would hold them in place. This method worked very well and held the blanks in tight. I even saw a Mk4 crew start up (Aircrewman was marshaling which is why they missed the blanks!) with the blanks lashed in and it wasn't pretty at all! She is coming together very nicely, I do like those blanks! Bob
  10. Splendid work as ever, although I haven't had a chance to throw in many comments lately I have been following along. Great work on those rivets, I think I said I was skeptical when you first floated the idea but it has brought the fuselage to life. You must have the patience of a saint doing them, or was it old hat as you're used to having to sit and wait for hours on end for the back seat boys to do their stuff before you get to do your flying stuff. Did we cover before the lashing of the engine exhausts?, I mean if your loading it up with Forth Road Bridge gear you'll have to lash them exhaust blanks down as well Keep up the excellent work, Bob
  11. What are you reading?

    Finally got around to picking up "Exeter, a cruiser of the medium size". Very interesting so far following the detachment of Exeter from 1936 onwards from the point of view of the ships 'lecky' Richard Cogswell. Havent reached the war years yet but is a good read especially as I won the book in a Facebook draw from the publishers 'Navy books'
  12. Blackburn Roc Floatplane Target Tug

    Oooh I'm a little late to this party but so glad to see someone who is crazy mad bonkers brave enough to have a go at this. I did the Skua a few years ago which for me turned out nice. I fancied a Roc but the limited injection turret was putting me off, it'll be good to see how all that jargon goes together in the back. Really looking forward to seeing this elegant beasty coming together, all that remains is a quote from the beloved Bobby Ball.......Roc on Martian!
  13. Westland Wasp HAS1 in 1:72 scale

    Its just a jumbled mess of blades, wires and bizarre bits and bobs stuck all over the place, which is just as well as it perfectly resembles the real thing. Absolutely wonderful master class in micro plastic engineering, as we say in the Navy ..... BZ young man! Bob
  14. An excellent example of not only dedication but patience as well. She is looking very sweet and those rivets really do work. Looking forward to more work on this, rotor head, forth road bridge and weapons! You'll be hitting 200 pages before we know it! Cracking work! Bob
  15. Navy-ation - Wasp The last post

    Smashing job on the ole waspie Bill, she looks beautiful. Shame about the Wessie yellow, one of the more interesting schemes but a right devil to get right! Bob