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  1. Finally got around to picking up "Exeter, a cruiser of the medium size". Very interesting so far following the detachment of Exeter from 1936 onwards from the point of view of the ships 'lecky' Richard Cogswell. Havent reached the war years yet but is a good read especially as I won the book in a Facebook draw from the publishers 'Navy books'
  2. Oooh I'm a little late to this party but so glad to see someone who is crazy mad bonkers brave enough to have a go at this. I did the Skua a few years ago which for me turned out nice. I fancied a Roc but the limited injection turret was putting me off, it'll be good to see how all that jargon goes together in the back. Really looking forward to seeing this elegant beasty coming together, all that remains is a quote from the beloved Bobby Ball.......Roc on Martian!
  3. Its just a jumbled mess of blades, wires and bizarre bits and bobs stuck all over the place, which is just as well as it perfectly resembles the real thing. Absolutely wonderful master class in micro plastic engineering, as we say in the Navy ..... BZ young man! Bob
  4. An excellent example of not only dedication but patience as well. She is looking very sweet and those rivets really do work. Looking forward to more work on this, rotor head, forth road bridge and weapons! You'll be hitting 200 pages before we know it! Cracking work! Bob
  5. Smashing job on the ole waspie Bill, she looks beautiful. Shame about the Wessie yellow, one of the more interesting schemes but a right devil to get right! Bob
  6. Pffftt, I seem to have blown it AGAIN! I did have the intent of updating regularly as I did before but alas I did most of the updating in work and work went from being dull and booooorrrrrrrrriiiinnnngggg to being horrendously busy so I had to make a choice, job or fantasy league update coordinator........I can tell you it was a very close run thing! Hopefully same again next time Bob
  7. That's not entirely true, 20 years after the birth of my eldest kid I am finding a bit of time to settle back into it Many congrats, it is a great adventure .............. for the most part! Bob
  8. Thanks, I do like this kit, it seems to be going together nicely which is always a winner! So I started to look into the 'mottling' effect on the sides. I don't want to use a sponge or cut down brush as I am using thin acrylics and I think the effect will be quite pants, and I don't have any RLM 02 enamel either. The spots are also way to fine for me to airbrush effectively. So I had a think and thought about a template, I had just enough time last night to have an experiment and my first thought was a paper template. I got a sheet of paper and cocktail stick and merrily went about stabbing the bejeezers out of it! The using this had a spray on my paint mule. You can just about make out the template behind. Not a bad start, it has given me a good way ahead but certainly needs refining! I also looked at the yellow bits and bobs I gave these an even coat of grey primer as yellow is a pain to get consistent. I will follow this with a light even white primer coat before I even think about the yellow. It has worked ok before so should be fine this time. Well that's all for now! Laters! Bob
  9. Is the Martian Donald Trump smoking a fag cigarette? PS so sidetracked by the martians above I forgot to add smashing internal work, its looking quite exquisite! PPS Original text amended for our North American cousins
  10. The trumpeter one looks to be in the right proportions so to shorten would be a large undertaking, would the trumpeter one look badly out of place if you just used that? I mean we wouldn't have more than 12 merlins on deck anyway, so if they looked right, apply a bit of good Ole 'artistic license'
  11. I do like the basic camo schemes but am a bit nervous of the mottling, I have ideas on how to do this but will see how it all goes. I need to try some experiments first. Aaaaaannnnnddddd now we have some RLM71, to ad a bit more colour variation, here she is with masking stripped ready for the next stage. As I said above I am still not too sure how to do the stippled pattern but will experiment. Also I have the yellow bits to cover.....yay yellow my favorite colour!......not! So until then...... Laters all! Bob
  12. Good day Mike! I have looked at the EH101 (CH149) Cormorant which is basically equivalent to MK3 fuselage. The actual fuselage length is 63ft 4" and that is from nose to tail tip. If you also include the disc areas of the tail rotor and main rotor it gives a length of 74ft 8". So in short if you don't have the rotors fitted it would be 64ft thereby the airfix one would be more accurate in length. I would post a picture but alas I would probably get hung for it . Cheers now Bob
  13. Aaaannnndddd.......... Masked up with first coat of RLM02 Bob
  14. Well it's been a bit of time since my last update, I've since been away for a few days and caught up on yard work but I have managed to get some modelling done and have progressed quite far! After painting up all the internal parts I assembled on willy nilly until I got this far And yes after all that work on the cockpit I forgot to take any snap shots but hey hoo never mind. I have decided to have the canopy open so I decided to mask the inside of the glasswork. This is where I enjoy the German war engineering. Their canopies are so square making it easy to mask (I'm sure they were thinking of us modeller when they designed them!). So masking was relatively easy and then a coat of RLM 02 applied. Whilst I had the 02 out I coated a few more the the ancillary parts And then fitted the canopy which goes without saying was a flawless fit! With all that together, I gave it a prime and decided for the first time to try pre shading! So before the colour was applied Looks a bit like a zebra! And now after a coat of RLM 65 here she is Quite pleased with how she looks, I have used Vallejo Model Air for the blue which I think is a bit greyer than the Model Master version. I was also quite happy with the shading, very subtle. I have decided to go for Helmut Wicks version so will have to mask off for the RLM 02/71 upper and then try to fathom out the stippling pattern on the side. Until then, Laters! Bob
  15. Thanks for the sympathy, a few weeks on its getting hard to find especially at home So manning up a bit I have made some progress, as ever I have started in the cockpit, just taking parts off tidying up as required Then it was out with the RLM 02 which I think is a safe banker for the internal parts. I am using Model Master Acrylics which is my go to spraying medium. I am hoping to spray 90% of this kit. So initial coat, I still haven't decided on my version but I think I am good until I put it all together. I did some research on the pilot for each version and did ponder on fitting a pilot in for extra interest. But alas.... The pilot resembles more of Kevin the teenager in some sulk than a German war ace so may just leave it bare. Next it will be a bit of black and some detailing of the cockpit and some homemade seat harnesses. Until then, Laters! Bob