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  1. Lynx HMA 8 internals

    That's pretty darn good, gives me a good view of the back wall. Looks like I've got the wrong seat belts though. I've only got the cockpit fret and they only provide the 3 point set . Ill have to look at redoing some of that, at least not much will be seen that deep in plus the MS10 will hide a bit as well. I might have to have a look at the Eduard set for the frames then and try to copy something similar. I saw an old lynx that had soundproofing on the frames but I think that has now been removed, hmm gives me something to think about. Just don't fancy spending 30 bucks on more etch! Should the cockpit be black? I know Seakings went that way, same for lynx? Thanks again. Bob
  2. Mojo Shmojo, Skyraider Eyes of the Fleet conversion.

    Now THAT is good to know! I found it really hard to decipher. I didn't really like what I did anyway so that gives me the go ahead and get rid and start over. Inbound! Bob
  3. Mojo Shmojo, Skyraider Eyes of the Fleet conversion.

    Hello again! That's ok, when I visited last I managed to get quite a few including some internal, but no matter how many shots you take there will always be that little (but highly important!) area that you always miss! I hadn't thought that far ahead, they definitely seem more visible compared to the dark background in that photo, certainly something I will look into when I come to the final coat stage, I was thinking of blanking off the roundels and undercoating them white to lighten them especially for the white areas, just hoping my lettering is nice and thickly printed though as I don't fancy masking that off!. That is something I saw and the plans are afoot to do that. Before I fit the blanking plug I need to spray the wells blue, so that will be done soon and then it will be on with dem der blanks, but thanks for pointing it out, I have been known to sometimes miss the obvious! and its handy to have a reminder. No those templates are just random tape circles, probably some wheel masks. Thanks for posting this picture though, its the best view I have of the underside. I can't make it out clearly but I think I was right to get rid of the underside airbrake. It does give me a much clearer indication of what goes on underneath, see my earlier comment, lamenting not taking enough pictures when I had the chance! Thanks for the input! Bob
  4. Mojo Shmojo, Skyraider Eyes of the Fleet conversion.

    Again thanks for the positive feedback! Just a quick update today as I have reached an important milestone. First a quick close up look of those tail planes with the winglets This is after a quick prime so you get the general gist of it. Quite happy with it and under 500 thou of paint should blend in nicely, so back to the progress, I looked at those leading edge extensions that can be seen above the landing gear area. I haven't been able to distinguish whether they are a solid triangular piece (as you can see on a BAe Hawk) or whether it is a simple thin plate arrangement. For now I have gone for the latter. If it turns out to be a solid version I can easily add a bit of filler and shape it to give the desired effect. My effort was shaped from some thin aluminium stock, folded in half and then folded outwards to form a couple of flanges as shown below. I am now undecided as I think it looks a bit overstated. I will stare at it over the next couple days and ponder on whether it stays as is or if I go for a 2 piece affair which would be smaller and thinner but more fragile. In the meantime I did the same for the other side..... Happy with that! Then looked through a few more references and noticed something in one of my earlier reference shots Yep above the landing gear on this side.......There isn't one fitted! So that'll be whipped off pretty soon! As compared to the Starboard side Hmmmm at least I noticed this now and not much later! So then its onto that milestone! I have at last given her a coat of primer! This is basically to check out my filler areas and see what requires more work. So here she is in all her grey glory. I am now pondering if my engraving on the fuselage is a bit too deep. I do hate rescribing as I never know when to stop just like when it comes to spraying. I may give it a thicker coat of primer and rub it down to soften them a bit. I haven't given her a good once over yet but initial views are favourable, and the underside? At least the bulbous blob on the bottom is looking sweet and I am happy with that, but in this view those leading edge extensions are looking even bigger (even though the port one is coming off later!), I think it looks a tad too big..... Oh well back to the drawing board! Going to rest my eyes now and let them recover from all the straining! Laters All! Bob
  5. Lynx HMA 8 internals

    Good Morning one and all, I have just dusted off my 1:48 Airfix Lynx HMA8 and started to just put a few things together and there are a couple of areas I am having trouble with. Like the title says I cant seem to find good detail shots of certain areas of the Cabin. Externally I have plenty but with it being a Helo with two cabin doors I want to show off that detail inside. The first area is the back wall, I have the Eduard etch set, so am removing the molded on detail. Before I go too deep I just want to make sure that the base is representative of the actual aircraft. I know each country and Army lynxs have a different set up. Some have different seat arrangements, I think the Army have a 'Broom cupboard' recess, so for a specific HMA 8 would it be the same as the kit part below? I am quite confident that the RN version would have the 3 pint harnesses. Next up is the mainframe between the cockpit and cabin The kit provides a plain molding but I believe there would be loads of rivet detail and inspection plates all over it and would like to have a go at some reasonably accurate detail, again this area seems to be neglected but would have thought it would have been similar all across the Navy Lynx world. Any info would be gratefully received for front, back and the inside face. I have gone through the pinned Navy threads and lots of walkarounds but alas cant find what I am looking for. All through my Navy career I never really came near the Navy Lynx, working the repair section on MASU, I came across lots of Army lynx and wanted to model them but when I saw this kit in my LHS before the Army version I jumped at this. Just whittling down into shape at the moment but hoping to have it as a WIP as soon as I find out more on these areas. Cheers now Bob
  6. Nice move to introduce the Fang, this build seems to have started with the sublime and is eeking towards the ridiculous! Not too sure where I sit with the Fang, on the one hand it looks sleek and slender but shift view slightly it starts looking a bit beefy and ugly like a Seafire having taken a few dodgy steroids. Looking forward to journey this thread is going to lead me, wherever that may be! Bob
  7. Airfix Gloster Gladiator 1:72

    From what I remember the kit paint plans were almost to scale so I cut out the patterns from the plans and then transferred that shape to tamiya masking tape. The wings weren't too bad because they are almost flat, but taking a flat pattern for the fuselage and transferring that to the 3 dimensional kit took a bit of planning and a lot trial and error. Glad you all like it! Bob
  8. Firefly 5, SH 1.72

    Looking at the props they are a 'little' overstated. But 'true' story this aircraft actually trialed props with a larger yellow tip but a day later they realized that it look garbage so they reverted back to normal ones. Cant produce any photos either because apparently the duty Phot was otherwise engaged at the skippers cocktail party....... Its true I read it in the sun! To be honest it was all done by eye, thanks for the kind comments though! Bob
  9. Firefly 5, SH 1.72

    Here is another that I have recently completed. This is the Special Hobby 1.72 Firefly 5, i treated this as more of an exercise in painting so despite all the nice resin the internals were basically painted as all the canopies would be closed up and being black, not much would be seen anyway. I put the stripes on to make it more interesting and was quite pleased that the extra effort turned out well. As eversprayed with Model Master Acrylics. The only bit I don't like is where I tried to put an exhaust stain in but messed it up and the clean up didn't work too well. Canopies didn't fit very well either and also were removed a couple of times because no matter how hard I tried I still got dust and bits of plastic shavings stuck to the insides! Still enjoyed this build! Cheers now! Bob
  10. Good day all, It has been quite some time since I last posted a completion here so I thought I would dig out my most recent. The first up is a Gloster Gladiator built straight OOB in the Finnsh scheme. Painting was entertaining because I chose to spray so had very tight masking and also the two tone nature of the body work did provide a bit of head scratching but in the end it came through fine. The paints are my trusted Model Master Acrylics which seem to react nicely to my heathen painting attempts. I also had a good go at rigging this thing, after a few nights of mind boggling, eye straining effort it also came good. I used fine stainless steel wire from my secret stock (Gnome ECU OTG tell tale wire for those in the know) cut to length, rolled straight and then CA'd into place (several times in some instances!) All in all quite happy with this, went together well and apart from a couple of broken struts didn't provide any snags at all. Not sure what happened here, the flash seemed to pick up some speckling that cant be seen normally. And here she is amongst a line up of my collection of Airfixs fine array of newly tooled stringbags Cheers now Bob
  11. Westland Sea King HU5

    Great work, glad you took those pictures before it all gets boxed in! Bob
  12. Mojo Shmojo, Skyraider Eyes of the Fleet conversion.

    Well after nearly 2 months of tinkering slowly away on this project I think it is now fair for an update. First up was a tad of filling before fitting the radome on, The Esci kit dome was assembled and given a darn good filling, along with the airbrake well underneath. Then it was onto the tail planes. These are just standard kit items but have the distinctive winglets, which aren't supplied by the Tamiya version. I took these from the Esci kit but their initial fit was rather poor. I pondered on trying to make the winglets fit the tail or tail to fit winglet, I wanted to keep the tail in one piece so decided to cut the winglet. This was cut in half and then the internal faces were shaped to fit the contour of the wing, I also drilled a hole in the winglet and tail to accept a piece of plastic rod just so I have something a bit more substantial to fit to the tail. Here we have everything is situ but with an ugly gap.... So I went for overkill and heavily glued a large chunk of plastic in the gap Once in position I actually managed to put it aside for a week rather than tinker with it straight away (as is the norm, zero patience!) This was then shaped and blended in (with a bit of filler as well) and now looks quite pukka, but alas I didn't take a final phot so this long distance version will have to do with that tail planes just slotted in. So what else have we progressed with, after quite a bit of fettling and tinkering I got the radome to sit well enough to secure, so this was well glued in! and then well filled with PPP, I preferred to use this type as I could get a wet cotton bud into the tiny gaps to fair it in smoother rather than try to rub it all down with wet and dry once hard. Also visible you can see the catapult hook recess filled (again would have been easier BEFORE fitting the radome!) and also the boxing in of the oil cooler exhaust protuberance (more on that in a bit). So now onto the seat, This is totally different to the kit version which I believe is an early version of AAES (Aircraft Assisted Escape System, ie ejector seat). The AEW version just had a basic type bucket seat so this was made up from a basic spitfire bucket seat and then plasticarded and miliputted into something totally different. with a quick check to ensure it would fit in comfortably A little more shaping and painting produced a reasonable effort Also in the above photo you can see I have fitted the fairing behind the headrest. This was the original Esci kit part and fitted reasonably well. I opened the end of it up to show some electronic wizardry boxes, on an operational aircraft this was covered by a fabric cover so I showed this for a bit of interest and will add a fabric curtain in there later made from tin foil, just to show a bit more interest (I did already have a 'curtain' fitted but what with my sausage fingers didn't stay secured in place very long!). The seat just needs a couple of harnesses and then that'll be good. Now onto those protuberances, when the radome was fitted it covered a cooler exhaust (I think oil cooler?) so this exhaust had to be moved and it was split either side of the airframe and boxed in (see earlier fots of the real thing). I used an existing fairing for basic shape, size and positioning and just continued that with some plastic card. It was all done by eye as trying to cut pieces to fit the contour of the aircraft was (to me) surprisingly difficult. So I made it way oversize and just trimmed it down. Here you can see how it blends in behind the engine covers, the other side being near as darn it the same. From overhead the two of them look slightly unequal but I think there may be a bit of parallax going on (that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!) Finally for now I added the slats for the wing tips, again taken from the Esci kit and made to fit. So there we are for now, I think we are all caught up, just got to add a couple more bits, mainly leading edge extensions above the undercarriage area and to make the inserts for the mainwheel undercarriage bay. Then its out with the primer to see how much work is required prior to proper painting. My only regret so far in this build is that I should have painted and primed the landing gear wells BEFORE putting the wings together! Hopefully wont be another 2 months before I am back! Bob
  13. It certainly is worth looking through there. Before I left the Navy my colleagues arranged for a day trip to the museum as a special treat, where we were given a personal tour of the museum and the Martlet restoration (who knew paint removal could be so fascinating!) by Dave (I think his name was - was 6 years ago though). After lunch they took us to Cobham hall and we had free range for the afternoon. It was great, unfortunately I burnt most of my camera battery in the museum but we did have great access to everything. In the end we got forcibly ejected because the staff wanted to lock up! Definitely a special day! Even if most of the exhibits did generate gash pre-Falkland dits from my mate! Smashing work by the way! Bob
  14. I feel I have to jump in here, was just going to be a passive viewer for this thread but have to say that detail is stunning, I doff ones hat to you sir! Of course those "lights" are neither white or red but should be "Tritium" (Cant remember the Humbrols number for the glow in the dark series!), they are Beta lights so if you can get yours to glow in the dark i'll be even more impressed Bob
  15. Mojo Shmojo, Skyraider Eyes of the Fleet conversion.

    Back again! Its not far off, it needs a little tweak here and there especially to get the back end to sit flush but like I say its not far out and the panel lines match up perfectly too. The Esci kit is very basic but looking at the two they seem very similar in size and shape. Welcome along, and I'll just say its not how many you have its what you do with them that counts........apparently! Thanks for the link, I remember seeing that page when I did my first look on researching but couldn't find it again afterwards so thanks for posting that reminder! I have been at it quite sporadically this week, I am working evenings which doesn't give me a lot of spare time but I have chipped away at it when I can. There is no real logic to the way I am building this, I am randomly picking areas to work on as and when I feel. I haven't really been up for seat work so today sat down and had a look at that gert great mushroom that hangs underneath it. I am of course using the Esci parts so stuck them together and tried to see how it fits. To do this properly there are a couple of things I need to assemble first. Obviously the wings would be better secured in position, so after remembering to fit my observer blackout blinds (black paper stuck over the window aperture) I fitted them wings. As expected a near perfect join, you can see here that I have filled and blended the gun ports in the leading edge, with the extra ton and a half of equipment for the radar I don't think there was much spare capacity for any armament! And on the flip side I have fitted here the underside airbrake, I am not sure if the AEW had this or not and cant really decipher all the references. I don't think it would have and I am inclined to fill and blend it in. I mean with that whacking great blob underneath would you need an airbrake? Next up is the mushroom, suitable assembled and joints blended Does slightly resemble a Martians egg, Also just noticed in the background work carried out on the turtle back area behind the pilot, more on that later! I have offered it up to the fuselage and took a picture but to be honest the picture is too blurry to put up, needless to say it doesn't match the contour of the kit very well. Where it touches at the front just need a small blend and was a good fit. The sides however fitted where they touched, namely at the front and at the rear! The mushroom has far too much of a curve on it so will need to be reprofiled. I will have to do most of this off aircraft because when it gets fitted there is no room under there to get filler in let alone anything to sand it. So I have fitted some plastic strip so I can build up some filler. The stick is just there to hold the plastic in place. That will be slightly reprofiled and then I can get a bit of filler in there to give it a smooth transition. It wont be plain sailing all the way though as there is also a large gap up front. I think this gap will have to be worked in situ and I'll have to blend in the airframe side as well. Should be interesting! I also have to do some work on the middle 'protuberance' coming out the engine as you can see on the 1:1 below The fitment of the radar covered an air vent, so I have to box that 'protuberance' in as that is where the vent was relocated, nothing too difficult about that I suppose! So to just finish up here is the radar slapped in place for the underside And from the front She almost looks happy with the smiley vent and certainly there is a guppy taking shape. Coming up more work on the turtle back, boxing the vent exhausts and a little tiny bit of fill and blend.......I wish! Cheers now Bob Foot note: While reviewing the article I have seen while comparing the real radome with the Esci version there is a slight difference......ie the kit part isn't particularly accurate! I can feel the artistic license card coming out!