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    1/72 WW2 armour from D-day onwards.

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  1. Stoppel 1/72 KZ VII Laerke

    Modelling perfection!
  2. Looks fine to me, I agree about leaving top part because it's hidden, they look to be quite large so are an easy intro to the joys of link an length tracks. When I build mine I always do the bottom run first then up to the drive sprocket (the most difficult bit and I leave it loose to allow for adjustments) then to the rear idler.
  3. If you have not attached the top to the lower hull yet the tracks will be easy to fit then paint as two sections.
  4. Welcome to the one true scale ! At least it was a good kit to start with makes it easier to assemble (not like some I could mention), regards the tracks link and length is the better way to go (I would recommend being in the right frame of mind to tackle them), built quite a few now from makers like Revell, Unimodel and Maco.
  5. Hasagawa 1/72 British Armoured Cars - LINKS FIXED

    That's a nice Puma I always like to see a model when its in the primer stage.
  6. Sd Kfz 173 Jagdpanther

    oh almost forgot, the Jagdpanther was never fitted with steel rimed wheels.
  7. Sd Kfz 173 Jagdpanther

    For the dark yellow I use Vallejo 978 this is in their Model color range and has very fine pigment and can be brush painted on ( usually two coats is enough). For the green I use Vallejo 890 (reflective green) and for the brown Vallejo 985 (hull red).
  8. NEW M24 Chaffee in1/72

    Please note that the grab handles and figure were added by the builder, these are not included.
  9. Sd Kfz 173 Jagdpanther

    Also I forgot,yes the wheel rims should be black but use a dark grey has black is too stark at this scale , I use Vallejo Dark Rubber for any tyre's or rubber items.
  10. Sd Kfz 173 Jagdpanther

    Hi, the easy way is to type into GOOGLE 'Revell to Tamiya paint conversion' should come up with various paint conversion charts.
  11. Hotchkiss 35 in 1/72 scale

    Very neat work there.
  12. NEW M24 Chaffee in1/72

    The earlier post was for the pre-order only and has now finnished, it should appear on the OKB Grigorov site when ready for sale. http://www.okbgrigorov.com/ http://shop.okbgrigorov.com/
  13. New UM kit

    Hi all, Unimodel to release a new version of their M7 kit, it is kit number 451 M7 HMC 9.75 inch mortar (chemical). It would appear it was tested on 3 chassis in February 1945 in Benny, France but not adopted by the US 7th army.