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  1. I made it to Telford on Saturday and was at the very front of the queue of the non IPMS members. Probably saw all of you from this site but I was taken up with the stalls and the traders I am afraid. Was quite interested by the Zoukei Mura Phantom and what I saw on the Airfix stand for 2017. Not so excited by the forthcoming Revell releases. Woke up today with the usual post model show feelings of just wanting to build kits. There are so many models out there and not enough time in which to do them. Please waste no more of your precious time on this thread dear modeller, you have got so many kits still to build.
  2. Thanks for the updates Radleigh. If I see you then I shall come up and say thanks.
  3. Hi Radleigh, All being well I shall be there early on the Saturday morning and will be approaching from the M6 along the A5. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Is there any update on the roadworks situation in and around Telford?
  5. Thanks Radleigh, the map is greatly appreciated. Do you know if this work will be finished before SMW begins?
  6. I got parked in one of the multi storey car parks last year and for leaving the car a whole day it cost me the quite incredible sum of £3.00. Surely the cheapest parking anywhere in the UK. Does anyone know any more about the roadworks that are happening in the Telford area that the IPMS website is making modellers aware of? From what I can tell they are taking place this week and should be over before the show but I thought it best to ask. Wouldn't hate to be driving round Telford and rural Shropshire looking for a parking place when I should be standing in the line of non IPMS members waiting to get in.
  7. I was there on Saturday and thought that this was the best Glasgow Modelfest yet purely because the Bellahouston Sports Centre had upgraded the lighting in the hall since last year's show. A well lit hall is a must for a model show.
  8. To drive 300 miles to Telford and then 300 miles back again, or not to drive 300 miles to Telford and then 300 miles back again? That is the question.
  9. Please forget what I said above about putting a couple of kits in the Kitswap at Glasgow. They don't have one. The Classic Airframes Blenheim and the Resicast Bedford might need to wait till Perth comes around again. Not sure what was posted about the Modelfest on Facebook. Not on Facebook and the above link isn't letting me see anything.
  10. Hi Gordon - I see that you are from Gods county also!  I'm not sure if you are aware but there is an Ayrshire based model club meeting every Tuesday night in Irvine.  Stop by our stand at the Glasgow show and introduce yourself - you can't miss us in our blue and yellow polo shirts! 



    David Wilson

    1. Gordon J

      Gordon J

      Hi David,


      Thanks for the email and yes I have known of the Ayrshire Modelling Club for a while now. I even know where you meet in Irivine. Been meaning to go for ages just to see what it is all about. Might need to wait a bit because I am doing an Italian class on a Tuesday now and that will take me the 10 weeks up to Christmas and the 10 weeks after Christmas.


      I shall look out for your club stand at Bellahouston. I remember seeing you all before with your dark blue t-shirts on. The models on your stand all looked incredibly well built, painted, weathered and presented though. A very talented bunch by the look of it.



  11. I shall be at the Glasgow Modelfest this year. Thinking of putting a couple of kits into the Kitswap. Not sure which traders will be in attendance but there is normally a good selection.
  12. Has the usual SMW website been removed? I Googled 'Scale Model World' and the only info I could find was contained within the IPMS website. Did the show not used to have it's own dedicated website with a list of traders and travel and accommodation info?
  13. Many thanks Andy. Yes it was as you passed the table where you paid to get in and then turned right. That guy there.
  14. Managed to the Hilton on Saturday and enjoyed the show immensely. Sat in on the demos by David Parker, Lester Plaskitt and Adam Wilder's second and found all three to be hugely informative. Huge honour to be in the same room watching these guys as their models are fantastic. Loved the large amount of traders that they attracted to the show and managed to cram into to such a tight area. Does anyone know who the guy that was set up in the corridor and who sold a lot of the AK Interactive sets was? He had something I meant to buy and didn't then I went home and regretted it. Duh! Well done to the organising team. I am already looking forward to next years show.
  15. I am planning on going to this. Last years show was fantastic and something quite unique in the realms of UK model shows. Hoping to get into the talks/demos again because hearing and seeing the work of Lester Plaskitt and Phil Hyslop last year was hugely inspiring and really educational. Think I learned more in the space of a couple of hours listening to those guys than I have in years of reading books and magazines. Still not sure how I am going to be able to see Adam Wilder and Lester Plaskitt and David Parker and Kristof Pulinckx and Pete Watson and visit all the traders and browse the competition tables and find time to have a coffee and a bite to eat and everything and everything. Aaaarrrggh.......Two day show next year? Maybe.