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    Building mostly British WWII aircraft and armour.

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  1. The Scottish National Scale Model Show is on at the Dewars Centre in Perth on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 April 2017. The show website has now been updated with all the traders, clubs and SIG’s who plan to attend the 2017 show. I have no affiliation with any of the organisers but I am assuming the 2017 show will be the same set up as the 2016 one in that it will be spread over two halls again. All being well I hope to be in attendance on the Saturday of what is still my favourite Scottish model show. The website: Gordon
  2. I made it to Telford on Saturday and was at the very front of the queue of the non IPMS members. Probably saw all of you from this site but I was taken up with the stalls and the traders I am afraid. Was quite interested by the Zoukei Mura Phantom and what I saw on the Airfix stand for 2017. Not so excited by the forthcoming Revell releases. Woke up today with the usual post model show feelings of just wanting to build kits. There are so many models out there and not enough time in which to do them. Please waste no more of your precious time on this thread dear modeller, you have got so many kits still to build.
  3. Thanks for the updates Radleigh. If I see you then I shall come up and say thanks.
  4. Hi Radleigh, All being well I shall be there early on the Saturday morning and will be approaching from the M6 along the A5. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Is there any update on the roadworks situation in and around Telford?
  6. Thanks Radleigh, the map is greatly appreciated. Do you know if this work will be finished before SMW begins?
  7. I got parked in one of the multi storey car parks last year and for leaving the car a whole day it cost me the quite incredible sum of £3.00. Surely the cheapest parking anywhere in the UK. Does anyone know any more about the roadworks that are happening in the Telford area that the IPMS website is making modellers aware of? From what I can tell they are taking place this week and should be over before the show but I thought it best to ask. Wouldn't hate to be driving round Telford and rural Shropshire looking for a parking place when I should be standing in the line of non IPMS members waiting to get in.
  8. To drive 300 miles to Telford and then 300 miles back again, or not to drive 300 miles to Telford and then 300 miles back again? That is the question.
  9. Hi Gordon - I see that you are from Gods county also!  I'm not sure if you are aware but there is an Ayrshire based model club meeting every Tuesday night in Irvine.  Stop by our stand at the Glasgow show and introduce yourself - you can't miss us in our blue and yellow polo shirts! 



    David Wilson

    1. Gordon J

      Gordon J

      Hi David,


      Thanks for the email and yes I have known of the Ayrshire Modelling Club for a while now. I even know where you meet in Irivine. Been meaning to go for ages just to see what it is all about. Might need to wait a bit because I am doing an Italian class on a Tuesday now and that will take me the 10 weeks up to Christmas and the 10 weeks after Christmas.


      I shall look out for your club stand at Bellahouston. I remember seeing you all before with your dark blue t-shirts on. The models on your stand all looked incredibly well built, painted, weathered and presented though. A very talented bunch by the look of it.



  10. Has the usual SMW website been removed? I Googled 'Scale Model World' and the only info I could find was contained within the IPMS website. Did the show not used to have it's own dedicated website with a list of traders and travel and accommodation info?
  11. Does anyone on the site know when, or even if, the Kinetic 1/48 F/A-18C will be available to buy in the UK?
  12. Can I ask the members of the site what techniques they employ for getting their models correctly aligned? I'm talking primarily about aircraft models and am wondering how one goes about getting things like the wing dihedral or the tailplanes perfectly aligned so that the final model sits correctly and is not lopsided in any way. Do you as a modeller trust everything to your own judgement and mark 1 human eyeball? Do you utilise commercial or bespoke alignment jigs - I am not sure if such things even exist - or have rulers and set squares propped up on your modelling bench as a homemade visual aid? Do you compare your model to printed plans and measure everything to the nth degree? If there is a right way of getting everything perfectly in line then I would be happy to know how one goes about it as I can then perhaps look forward to the day when I might finally build an Me109 that has both wings the same. If this topic is covered elsewhere in the Forum then please feel free to point me towards it but I thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this thread and for any input you may wish to provide.
  13. I know that nothing has been posted on this thread in a while and far be it from me to get anyone’s hopes up or to start any vicious rumours but whilst looking at this weeks mailshot from Hannants that landed in my inbox I noticed a set of 1/48 masks designed for none other than the Airfix Blenheim! Now either this is a mistake or else it is a product that is produced in 1/48 and is meant to be scaled back down to 1/72 or it is a slip up by AML and there are people out there who know something about something that none of the rest of us do. Am I coming across as being one of those online lunatic conspiracy theorists? I am telling you people....the truth is out there....Elvis is alive and was abducted by the Sasquatch and they all now live on Mars.
  14. Apologies if this is in the wrong thread but I saw this story on the BBC News of rare footage of 502 (Ulster) Squadron based at RAF Aldergrove in the early part of WWII that has been discovered. The film shows amongst other things colour footage of Avro Ansons and a crashed Whitley. The reason for posting it here is that if you jump to 2.23 you will see a member of the groundcrew painting a vehicle and the vehicle in question is marked out with white lines and a letter B where it would appear that the camouflage pattern is to be applied. Not sure if this method of painting would have been applied to aircraft as well as vehicles, but I thought it might be of interest to the members who are following this thread none the less. Enjoy.
  15. Over on Hyperscale there is an in box review of the new Kinetic 1/48 F/A-18C kit and it looks superb. Does anyone know what other variants Kinetic plan to release of this aircraft? Might we expect to see an F/A-18A variant or a two seat one in the coming months?