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  1. Hi Paul, Thanks for taking the time to post the information about the markings and the colour schemes. That is the first I have seen anything anywhere about what is in the box and helps immensely. Much appreciated, Gordon
  2. Does anyone know what the markings or decals options of the ICM Heinkel He111H-6 are? I can find no information or pic of them anywhere. Even the ICM website sheds no light.
  3. Scottish Nationals 2018

    Thanks for the Facebook link fallmonk but I have just checked the Scottish Nationals Website and seen that since I emailed them they have indeed updated the Traders and Exhibitors list.
  4. Scottish Nationals 2018

    Already looking forward to Perth - the Saturday of the Scottish Nationals is always my Christmas Day. I emailed the shows organisers to ask when the website would be updated with an accurate list for the 2018 show and was told that they are hoping to confirm 35 traders and 65 exhibitors in the next few days.
  5. Scale Scotland 2017 (Edinburgh)

    Will the modelling demonstrations that they have had in previous years still take place I wonder? Also I think everyone is missing the main issue with the move to the new location... will there be a barbeque?
  6. Scale Scotland 2017 (Edinburgh)

    Although I liked the Hilton I don’t think the traders were that keen on it’s layout. Seems like traders prefer the flow of a larger hall and with Model Shows one needs to cater for the traders above all else. Don’t know whether this is a good move for them or not as I don’t know Murrayfield or Edinburgh at all. I guess I will need to do my homework about how to get there. For all previous Scale Scotland shows coming along the M8 from Glasgow meant getting to the Hilton was dead easy. Is it even worth the bother me taking my car into Edinburgh to try and get near the venue or is parking at the Park & Ride and taking a tram in a better option. Maybe even getting a train from Glasgow Queen St in to Edinburgh Waverley before coming back out to the venue is an idea too. Answers on a postcard or sealed down envelope please.
  7. Scale Model Challenge 2017

    Hello, Thought after seeing this on the Missing Lynx Construction Comments forum that I would post the link to the galleries from this years Scale Model Challenge Show in the Netherlands on here. This is not a show I attended or have any affiliation with and until recently I hadn't even heard of it, but the standard of the dioramas and military models on display here is, to my eyes at least, out of this world. I hope you agree and I hope you enjoy. Gordon http://www.scalemodelchallenge.com/wp-content/uploads/2017smcphoto/index.html
  8. Airfix 2018

    At Telford on Saturday I did ask the two Airfix guys who were standing by the Blenheim mock up if we could expect a MK IV after the MK I is released and was given an unequivocal NO!. The MK I has been tooled in such a way that the moulds are specific to the MK I only. I thought it strange but that was what I was told. I suspect that after the Blenheim Mk I sells in record numbers a MK IV will be hastily tooled and released thereafter.
  9. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    I drove down to Telford from Ayrshire on the Friday and had no problems this year. Stayed at the Park Inn and got parked early on the Saturday and joined the inevitable queue for non IPMS members. Really enjoyed the show this year but I thought it was quieter than normal. The Airfix Wellington looks like it will be a nice kit. I did ask the Airfix guys if we could expect a 1/48 Blenheim Mk IV after the Mk I is released and was given an unequivocal NO. The Blenheim Mk I is apparently being tooled as a stand alone kit. Gordon
  10. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    I am planning on being at Telford again this year for what will be my third visit in a row. After last year I have written a note to self; - do not wear a jacket when viewing the models in the competition area as it is like a sauna up there, and, accept that you just can't see everything. Gordon
  11. Glasgow IPMS show

    It seems that the Modelling Tools (Little Cars) guys will be there too as I have just checked their website and the Glasgow Show is listed as being one they are attending.
  12. Glasgow IPMS show

    I have received a mailshot from Wendy Myers of the Aviation Book Centre this morning to say that she will be in attendance at the Glasgow Modelfest on Saturday. Gordon
  13. Glasgow IPMS show

    I am looking forward to being at Glasgow. Not sure which traders are planning on being there but it is always a good show.
  14. A13 Cruiser Mk III/IV/IVa

    Many thanks for the links and the help Jack. That kind of information is exactly what I was looking for. The Crusader tracks are not the same as the A13 but for the Bronco 1/35th model they may just have to do. Gordon
  15. A13 Cruiser Mk III/IV/IVa

    While we are on the subject...does anyone know whether the A13 Cruiser tank used the same tracks as the Crusader tank because I am sure that replacement tracks are available for that model. It was originally an Italeri kit but has subsequently and quite recently been repackaged by Tamiya.