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  1. Great, I just picked this lovely kit up at the Middle Wallop show. Mine has different box art, but the same decals, which dont seem to be for the plane on your boxart (which is, however, on the instructions). Luckily the decal artist didn't follow the spelling of Pennsylvania in the instructions, which must have been literally translated from the kanji. Cheers Will
  2. Middle Wallop

    Definitely. I cycled up there the week before Remembrance Sunday. An effective memorial and very sobering to see the solid wall of names for the RFC covering almost 2/3 of the wall. Even more sobering was to see three of my namesakes with the same initial together in 1917! No relations among them as far as I know, but I was still a bit “thrown” as I set off Home. I’ll be on the Romsey club stand, at least when not looking for the mankiest, mouldiest old kit according to my clubmates. Cheers Will
  3. Rigging multi bay aircraft

    RFC manuals give various bracing wire diameters between 9/32” to 3.7mm (RFC quite happy to use metric on French types), depending on the aircraft. That would give scale diameters of 0.004 to 0.002 inches or 0.1 to 0.05mm! I tried rigging with invisible thread but gave up as i couldn’t see it. Cheers Will
  4. Tank Museum

    Five quid for five people is hardly a rip-off. You could waste that in petrol by not driving there economically! Pre orders for breakfast would assist the caterers who seemed caught out in Feb17. A fiver for a full English sounds a good deal. I'm sure it's more on the day. Do the Tank Museum have any club liaison? As opposed to just reading tight-wadded foamers on fora? I see the issue with two days though. Our club is near enough and large enough to consider two teams, one for each day. Though there'll be arguments as to who makes the First XI and who the B-Team! I know my place... Cheers Will
  5. Airfix 2018

    I think he's either speechless or lost for words!
  6. But seriously folks, That's a lovely model. You have captured the elegance and delicacy that run through many 30s designs. Cheers Will
  7. Airfix 2018

    Unless it was the bloke on the Wimpy’s Elsan that caused it after the crew’s curry night!
  8. Uncertain T

    Cool. I used to like building some of the custom American car kits in my youthful modelling. Maybe it was the influence of "Hot Wheels" getting to me before Matchbox caught up with "Superfast" which were often too wide for their own track! I still refer to "mag" wheels...
  9. 1/72 Double Dutch Spitfire

    All the decals were given another coat of Klear, then W&N satin varnish. Satin seemed appropriate for post war planes. Then it was a case of adding the undercarriage which needed a bit of trimming to both plane and legs on the AZ. The scissors are a bit of a trial to get off the sprue. The legs needed to set for a while, especially the AZ which doesn't have the rigid engineering of the Airfix. This evening all the last little bits have been fitted and the masking removed from the canopies. Here's a last photo of the two together as now completed: I've set up the two planes with individual RFI threads: Thanks for looking in. It's been fun doing the two side by side. The Airfix is definitely easier, but the AZ is much more delicate and makes a nicer model, but needing more care. It's not quite as nice as the Eduard but I'm more than happy to have a couple more AZs to build. Both planes will go into the club competition on Wednesday. I doubt they'll get far, as those who went to Telford usually come back trailing glory and trophies. I feel like the third reserve sub at Man Utd! Still I guess I learn something from them, a rising tide floats all boats as the saying goes. Cheers Will
  10. I've now finished my AZ Spitfire trainer type. It's been built OOB and painted with Tamiya acrylics. I've really enjoyed building It though some of the short run nature of the kit was challenging. I bought it earlier this year from a model shop in the Czech Republic that had the last two for sale in the world or at least on the web. The only alternative would have been the CMR resin version, which is way more expensive and maybe even harder to build! My kit was the Dutch boxing which I chose as I loved the look of how SM250 was restored and converted to look like H99 until Boultbee took it down to Goodwood and put it in wartime markings. Needless to say AZ recently reissued the kit with the same Dutch markings as well as Irish Air Corps and a civilian target option. The kit could also be built as the Tr.8 as the parts are in the kit, though you would need to find the right decals (AZ did do a boxing with three of the Tr.8's civilian colour schemes if you can find it). Anyway here's some views of the completed aircraft. It was built alongside an Airfix PR19. Here's the RFI thread I have AZ's Russian 2-seater to build as well, and a plan to kitbash a Grace type too. For some reason l find the unusual Spitfires like clippies and bubbles more attractive. Cheers Will
  11. Here's my building of Airfix's 1/72 Spitfire. It's pretty much OOB, I added tape harnesses. The paint is Tamiya Medium Sea Grey with Xtracrylics PRU Blue. This photo Spit was built alongside the Dutch trainer version. This is the RFI thread for both. Cheers Will
  12. Spot of the Day Part 2

    On my cycle round the New Forest this morning, I saw a whole gaggle of Austin 7s near North Gorley (near Fordingbridge). And cycling across the old runway at Stoney Cross a WW2 Jeep overtook me!
  13. Here’s the scissor links. Needless to say they break at the knees when trying to cut either end from the sprue. Makes removing the Airfix P-51 control column look like child’s play! BTW this is the sprue from the Russian 2-seater, but it’s the same main sprues in all the AZ VIII/IX/XVI. Anyway the legs now have their scissors, have been mildly adjusted to fit the wings, which also needed a slight tweak to fit. Next time I will temporarily fit the legs to the wing inners to jig them whilst fitting to the lower wing. Or maybe next time I’ll avoid the issue by going “in flight” and hang it from the ceiling. After all I’ve run out of vacant shelves! Cheers Will
  14. Ced, Good luck separating the undercarriage v-struts (or whatever they're called) from the sprues...guess how I know? Cheers Will