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  1. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    Thank you for this dear Hannes if i go there am afraid i will tear down my leaf springs and redo them... very tempting, i want to finish the Mef now and move to another project. am not able to do 2 projects in parallel sadly, is any of you able to do so? i feel like betraying my Mef and not finishing what i started. stupid i know, cause fun is what it is all about .... but i am still in love withe Mef and have such pleasure working on this reproduction
  2. Part 2 Fiat Mefistofeles 1/12 Italeri

    Dear Codger @Codger You honour me and thank you for your comments, too kind. indeed this car can have many different and equally beautiful interpretations and 'endless' options for scale modelling just received 'holed' rivets 0.6mm in copper and can'y wait to finish the chassis with this beautiful detail - reference from Hannes and Propeller for Knupfer of Germany. also, they trust you across borders and send you the bill by post - good to know there are still trusty people around ! by the way, am sure you are scratching for a project and since your are nostalgic about Phil Hill ( We both had a mutual friend, very close to both, and i miss both.... ~They must be doing doughnuts in the clouds and at the same time treating their delicate cars so smoothly... ) so i dare propose : why not consider building the MHF sharknose ? Dear Southpier @southpier Thank you for the ref. i just signed up and got approved. Will start investigating this week end. Many thanks Dear Hannes @Hannes and Propeller @PROPELLER Knupfer great indeed ! thank you for the reference ! can't wait to have free time this week end and mount the remaining rivets on the body. will post pics soon this week end Thank you to Roy @Roy vd M. for sending me the soft tip tooling for the dashboard 'Perlage' jewelry watchmaking quality ! after some attempts i will post some results this week end. cheers to all
  3. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    Dear Harvey, Jewellery this is !! Dear Hannes, What is fire bronce strips ? the leafs are done for my Mef ( except for the dampers ) i wish i knew you both before i started the Mef. best to both of you !
  4. Part 2 Fiat Mefistofeles 1/12 Italeri

    Dear Hannes Thank you, am very happy with my leaf springs the way they are, i don t know if you saw, but i wrapped them and done with thank you. i don t think polyester would have been better. i used real material ! thank you
  5. Part 2 Fiat Mefistofeles 1/12 Italeri

    Dear Hannes The hundreds of metal nuts and bolts and rivets used to date on this engine and bodywork above are mainly from prime-miniatures. They make a fantastic set of metallic nuts and bolts and i recommend them highly. i just placed a small test order at Knupfer and i am sure they deliver great quality. The engine you see above took a good 12 months to modify and bring as close as my limited level allows to the real version. Two plastic kit engines from Italeri were used to introduce 10 major modifications on the basic engine. 30 % is scratched from metal. I will list this by name in the final wip recap. It is not difficult but time consuming. I hope the next Mef. modeller will go further. best, Sam
  6. Part 2 Fiat Mefistofeles 1/12 Italeri

    Dear Hannes, Thank you very much ! Your help is very important and much appreciated. Yes thank you for your eagle eye. Indeed i need to redo the rear dampers and the handles are broken as well. Even the suspensions positions are not correct and need fine tune adjustments. I did not touch the chassis for a year now. Right now i am working on the rear body work, applying the last layer of varnish over the oil filters, install the wood flooring and aluminium dashboard. This will allow me to permanently fix in place the wooden firewall and be able to complete the engine tubing and steel rods linking the engine, pedals, steering etc. I have ordered some pieces from Knupfer. Like hollow rivets for body work lower front side. Roy sent me some amazing tooling to try and reproduce the aluminium dash board, eroded and with remains of 'square' bouchonnage. I will post this week. Thank you for you feedback on the drive chains. I will try with a low temp soldier iron as you recommend. Keep well and look forward to see your progress on the 806 ! Sam
  7. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    what the hell ? thats great
  8. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    yes Prime miniatures is great. On the Mef engine, i used a few hundreds of nuts and bolts from prime Miniature to detail the engine. I am discovering knupfer you just mentioned and will soon place and order of "hollow rivets 0.6 and 0.8 mm ! " for the Mef chassis. dear "Gepeto", you know what they say... Pinoccio is supposed to be Christ, and Gepeto his father / creator, so it is a Divine compliment for your truly divine work.
  9. 1/12 Airfix Bentley ...or some of it

    Awsome job. Wheels make a big difference. Am also working on the spokes of my car 1 12
  10. Fiat F2 1907 Scratch Build ?

    No luck here, you are a master. The radiator alone is a feast of scale modelling in metal !
  11. Fiat F2 1907 Scratch Build ?

    impressive love the folds idea
  12. Napier Railton

    Harvey that is absolutely great news ! i bow to your ambition and i am sure you have all the talent and know how to pull this off. all i can say is i will be cheering from the sidelines all the way !
  13. BTTF DeLorean 1/8 (Eaglemoss Partworks)

    Hello Active. Tonight i went to a restaurant and saw a De Lorean in the parking. i regret not to have taken any pic. The color was very roughly polished aluminium. May be i can see it again soon in the area and take a pic for you. Cheers . Sam
  14. Part 2 Fiat Mefistofeles 1/12 Italeri

    Dear Nick, Yes i am also leaning towards 2 and doing some test on the lettering and crackling. Right now i am working on reproducing the exhaust manifold. If one looks closely it is not as grey as it seems ! Am having fun but it is a lot of work. will probably publish on the week end. Cheers and i hope you go back to your Mef and progress...what a fascinating car. Sam
  15. Good to see you back into action and with a vengeance it seems. Great work and am following this complicated build with great interest. best, Sam