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  1. Personally I'm not convinced every kit needs to be as complex as possible.. Adding extra bits in the form of poseable slats and flaps adds cost in terms of design hours, adds cost in terms of tooling cavities and adds cost in terms of material. A lot of potential buyers of the kit simply won't care if they are present or not. Those that really want em will modify the base kit to add them in... Its win win Airfix get to deliver a product with a lower complexity and cost. More advanced modellers get a nice base kit with which to super detail as they see fit.. everyone should be happy.... Plasto
  2. Thanks guys much appreciated.
  3. Hi here in my finished Bf109-F2. It portrays Hannes Trautlofts aircraft from JG 54. It uses Zvezda's 1/48 109F2 kit. Thanks for looking.. Cheers Plasto
  4. Hi, The Fredrich is complete... Thanks for looking and following along.. Nice kit... A bit 'fiddly' but great detail and value for money... Cheers Plasto
  5. I don't think you can think of Airfix as a seperate company within Hornby PLC it is a seperate brand. I believe the human resources are employed across all of the Hornby Brands especially at a management level.
  6. Hornby is a listed company with a group of share holders. Two of the larger ones are Phoenix asset management and new Pistoria investments. Phoenix has now acquired a majority shareholding by buying Pistorias shares and now hold 56% of the shares. This has triggered an offer of about 12m for the remainder of the shares. Roger Canham who was the head of Hornby's Board has resigned following this. Hornby also posted news that revenue has fallen by 15pc to 47m and a pre tax loss of 6.2m is currently projected. Make of of all of that what you will.. Arguably it is a take over as the ownership of the company has significantly altered.. Plasto
  7. Hi, Witj my Emil finished and my Fredrich well on the way to being finished I thought I might be able to squeeze another build in before the GB closes. I would have liked to have built Hasegawas 1/48 K-4 but U could not find one for sensible money.. The fujimi kit gets a MID so I think I can run with that... the kit is unstated and I have a CMK resin cockpit floating around for it as well. Squadrons Bf 109 in action part 2 has a nice colour illustration for a late machine in late war colours on the back cover.. I think I might run with that for a scheme.. Ill begin once the Fredrich is complete. Cheers Plasto
  8. Thanks guys glad you like it.. Here is the latest progress. Last shots before it's finished. Main assembly now done a few details to add and flat finishing and weathering to do.. Cheers Plasto
  9. Nice build and nicely presented thread. The kit looks great I have one on the way to me and I will also do the Splinter scheme I hadn't realised it had PE included. looking forward to seeing it progress. Plasto
  10. I agree with the above yet despite all of this it's actually more lifelike than the original.... I believe the original is quite 'collectable' as it's not been reissued in a long time........ Thankfully. I think I may need to re work my release prediction formula with and additional expression Where: S = social media co creation campaign (think kit starter.) F = the number of implausible requests generated by campaign a = Number if mold tools with an asset value but producing stuff not wanted by the modern consumer. i = engagement of consumer base as a percentage l = likelihood of a positive outcome as a factor expressed thus... s = ((f/a)+(i-l)) adding this to my original calculations now gives me a prediction that we will see a re issue of the toy SLR rifle and a 1/24 Lancaster.
  11. Thanks glad you like it... here is the underside... RLM 65 with RLM 04 panels and I've left one of the wing panels off to show the nice rib detail... RLM 02 for the wheel wells and inner wing surfaces... Cheers Plasto..
  12. I've been busy with the paint and Decals after finishing the Emil... Mr colour paints again I free handed the camo scheme. JG54 aircraft are hard to pin down to a colour scheme I read a lot and went with 2 greens I like the result.. The decals need finishing and I need to seal them in and the. Start the final build up. Cheers Plasto...
  13. Ive seen a preview of the final test shots..
  14. - And a host of other factors that no one on the forum is privy to.
  15. I've written this formula to predict the next releases somewhat similar to the famous German Tank Problem of WW2 where y is the number of forum requests for a spitfire xiv in 1/72 u is the number of informed forum posts on an Airfix subject. x is the likelyhood of Hornby going bankrupt due to mismanagement. and t is the Tamiya factor... in testing it has predicted a retooling of Anne Boleyn and the Boyscout figures in 2019 so I'm confident it's working..