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    Sure no problem. Happy to help..

    I can help out if needed. Let me know.. Plasto
  3. Tamiya releasing new paint range

    It’s a paint chemistry thing. I’m not an expert but I think the base pigment etc is a polymer that is where the Acrylic moniker comes from. The solvent this base pigment is suspended in is the lacquer bit. Acrylic in model paint terms has come to mean a paint that can be thinned and cleaned up with water or an Iso Pro based thinner. In the paint world that’s not the general discriptor for acrylic..
  4. Tamiya releasing new paint range

    It’s ok take the current Tamiya acrylic thin with lacquer thinners and spray away. Result a beautiful paint that’s fast drying. The same can be done with GSI acrylics.. I look forward to the new tamiya Lacquers I’ll give em a try for sure.
  5. T-55 STGB

    Yep I can take part. I assume the Tiran or Enigma variants are ok... cheers Plasto

    I’ll take part... unknown what to build perhaps Tamiya’s Pershing...
  7. I’m in. Probably AFV Clubs 1/48 Sturmtiger...But who knows what it might be when it comes time to start..
  8. Hi Ceaser, I used the AK Caunter set when I did this 1/48 Bedford MWD. Ive also made mixes as per Mikes research in the past. The AK set seems to me to be ok. YMMV Cheers Plasto
  9. PK 506 1/32 Sea Venom

    Right, i havebeen progressing with this im and off I also have a 1/48 P-38 on the go so it’s been fork tail madness at the bench. Most of the sub assemblies of the Venom are together. The kit kit has been ok to build. Just a bit of filling required which can be minimised thus far with careful fit. Here is the fuselage and wing assembly top. There Are sink marks in the wing from the support ribbing for the wing section joiners. Typical of 70’s plastic.. underneath I opened up the shell ejector ports and added in the wheel well inserts.. and drilled out the cannon ports I’ll add in some blast tubes later. I made up the engines assembly and cut off the tail pipe and replaced it with a bit of brass tube thus save sanding the seam on the jet pipe. finally I added some rib work to the rear fuselage section as the kit part has none. Here it is all dry fitted up... more tweaking and sanding to come.. cheers plasto
  10. Excellent job I really like the paint effect on the wing.
  11. Great Build of a superb kit. Excellent photography. I really like the paint and finish nicely executed.
  12. Hi, I think the turret on the Porsche prototype was actually a Krupp turret design? Simplistically I think the Tiger 1 was a Henschel chassis and a Krupp turret. The Elefant / Ferdinand is a Casemate tank destroyer based on the Porsche hull and drive train. Is is that enough to qualify it as part of the Tiger Family?? Conversely the Jagdtiger is a Casemate tank destroyed based on the production Tiger 2 drive train. I think you can get away with the Tiger 1 and Tiger 2 I’m the same GB as they were both known in service as Tigers Similarly a mk1 Spitfire is not exactly the same airframe or engine as a mk22
  13. A question.... How does the Elefant / Ferdinand qualify given its based on the chassis of the Porsche prototype and uses an electromechanical drive which is not related to either the Tiger 1 or Tiger 2 drive train? I pondered it when I set up my thread but I couldn’t reconcile that it might be pushing the boundary’s of a STGB a bit far.... Thoughts??
  14. Tiger Tank STGB

    That’s ok you can fold your thread into this one no point in having two running...
  15. ‘Tiger Tank’ STGB

    Folks, Hot on the heels of the PzIV STGB sign up process. I have suggested we have a STGB covering the Tiger Tank. The GB scope and the ability to confirm if you want to take part are over in GB Chat... cheers Plasto