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  1. Folks, i ran a WIP for my T-62 build on here a good few months ago.. I'll find the WIP thread and add a link. I never however posted up a finished image of the build. Here is is. Thanks for looking.
  2. Folks, i ran a WIP for my T-62 build on here a good few months ago.. I'll find the WIP thread and add a link. I never however posted up a finished image of the build. Here is is. http://village.photos/images/user/3cd5aed3-f540-4f1b-88d6-7f834ba1146d/resized_204dcd5b-41dd-4af5-9ab7-f2f6d2a11090.jpg Thanks for looking.
  3. Plasto's 2017 Output..

    Thanks guys. Glad you like em. I’m improving bit by bit. Hopefully 2018 turns out to be as productive..
  4. Plasto's 2017 Output..

    Hi, Here is what I have finished in 2017.. First up Cheese Cake Chassis a P-51D built for the Mustang GB its the 1/48 ICM/Tamiya clone.. 2 ACG Mustangs look really cool. As Airfix are proving.. Hasegawa's 1/48 A6M2 Airfix's 1/72 Canberra PR9 Airfix's old 1/48 Bf109F Airfix 'new tool' Bf109E3 1/48 Then a couple of builds for the 109 GB Tamiya 1/48 Bf109-E7 Zvezda's 1/48 Bf109-F2 Then Hasegawa's Bf-109G6 A change of Tack also with a couple of Armour Builds in 1/35 I've not built anything in this scale before.. Tamiya's Venerable 1/35 T-62A Also Tamiya's 1/35 M1 'Super Sherman' Built for the Radial engine GB Finally A quick foray back to Aircraft for a build of Academy's boxing of the old Hobbycraft F-8F in 1/48 Thats it for now there will probably be another completion or perhaps 2 by the end of the year. Hope you like the images. Cheers Plasto.
  5. Thanks for the comments guys, I agree the old Revell 1/32 aircraft are fun to build... I masked and painted the wing walkways first in chromate yellow, then black and I scoured through the black with some superfine steel wool. Taking it off of the heads of the exposed rivets to simulate wear and tear on the walkways. I then added a gloss coat to the model with Gunze Super Clear III UV which was thinned with Levelling thinners. This delivered a very glossy finish which I then used to apply the few Decals. My kit came with an old Super Scale Sheet and I used these decals. There is a picture of this aircraft in The Squadron Wildcat in action book. VF-41 on USS Ranger. USS Ranger was deemed too slow to take part in the Pacific Battles so She served in the Atlantic fleet. The Decals went on flawlessly with Mr Mark Setter and have settled down over the raised detail beautifully. I now need to clean off the decal residue and then add another gloss coat to seal them in. Cheers Plasto
  6. More Work On this old Bird... Uppers in Tamiya Mid blue lightened with a few drops of white... Undersides in Gunze LAG.. Looks about right for a 'Midway' era USN scheme.... I freehanded the demarcation line. All Paints thinned with Self levelling lacquer thinners... Thanks for looking... Plasto
  7. Airfix 2018

    A common reason for shifting production ‘off shore’ to an economy with a lower cost base is that you want to retain or make greater margin on the manufactured item. There is nothing wrong with that but it can mean your supply chain becomes more complex as Hornby have found out. I’m not sure where most of Airfix is produced. I have some kits moulded in India some in the UK and I think a few in China... I seem to remember Roger Canham talking about re-shoring production post brexit and after a bad trading period a couple of years ago in some commentary in the annual report IIRC I think that sentiment might explain why the 1/48 Stuka B1 was moulded in the UK.
  8. Airfix 2018

    I think that sometimes things happen and delays occur dispite best efforts. My business once once had a shipment delayed by the effects of The Tsunami in Japan.. Hornby has had issues in the past with supply chain problems out of its suppliers in Asia (if you deal with Asian suppliers this is not that uncommon). The issue for Hornby is that it hurts them financially as the issues tend to manifest themselves around key sales periods. As I think they try to run a JIT system to reduce warehouse inventory. For 99% of us the Sea Fury arriving late is of little concern as we’ll buy it in January. Simplistically For a Toy maker (which Hornby is) not to have its latest Toys available at Christmas is far less than ideal. Its the missing present / gift buying sales that Christmas generates that go missing. Hornby miss out on those and the retailers also miss out. If your JIT is actually JTL.... You then have form for poor management of this supply chain and it’s impacted you before around key sales periods then it’s not a good look for investors. ‘A Cyclone delayed the tooling’ can sort of sound like ‘the dog ate my homework’
  9. Wingnut Wings

    Really great to see such quality models on display.
  10. Airfix 2018

    I don’t think there is any doubt that the 2017 new tool kits will all arrive at some point. The tools are cut it’s just a case of production and logistics now I think...
  11. Airfix 2018

    I’m not sure what motivates a Hornby investor. Given the shares have fallen in value by around 90pc over 10 years and the share price is down 4pc YTD. Something must as folk keep willing to invest dispite all of the issues. Maybe Nostalgia plays a part..?? Hornbies Brands remind us of good times and fun. I think impressing customers is key to basically selling more stuff. Selling more is key to what Hornby need to do if the wish to retain a business at the current size they have. Hornby have said that the Christmas trading period is an important time for them as traditionally that’s when Toys are bought. Perhaps the new year announcements are scaleable based on how Christmas trading goes and subject to the current share offering delivering the funds needed for them to enact (further) turn around plans for the business and take a majority shareholding in Oxford Diecasts. Hopefully Christmas trading goes really well the secure the funding from the market and we all get a raft of new tool announcements in January..
  12. T-55 STGB @ 14

    Bump Were at 20 only 5 more needed to make the dream a reality..
  13. further work on the Wildcat... Tail Planes on I have painted the rudder stripes. Primer coat on the Aluminium Tape and a few rivets. Canopy next... Plasto
  14. Seat belt suitability Hurricane Mk1

    Thanks... Not Airfix.....
  15. Seat belt suitability Hurricane Mk1

    Thanks Tim do you know if the attachment point is the only difference??