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  1. Val, Nice work so far I’ll forward to seeing the finished model. Troy, At what point do you think you will put your knowledge into practice and actually build and finish a Hurricane model in whatever scale from whatever manufacturer??
  2. Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    This is correct. Compared to a Market where Airfix distribute direct. The price will be higher as the Distributor has to include a margin for themselves. So you get: Airfix export price + Distributor Margin + Retailer Margin = Retail price. Which is why buying Airfix from a mail order retailer in the UK often is cheaper than buying off of a LHS in your local market.
  3. Things I don’t understand

    I like the Cosworth style whale tail on the stock RS Turbo...
  4. Airfix has dabbled in 48th scale armour with the Warrior and Jackal kits and soft skins with the Albion refueling truck and Bedford truck and WMINK / Snatch Landrovers. Are any of these still in the current range???
  5. Advice sought on paint finish

    One option you might consider is to work over the camo colours you have applied with oil paints. You can get some basic sets for no much money and mix up a range of tones for each of the base colours and apply and work in to give you shading and fading effects. If you over do it and don’t like the finish just wipe it off with a bit of enamel thinners. once you have the effect you like. Let it fully dry over a number of days
  6. Airfix 1/48th Merlin

    Isn’t grey a more generic camo for a number of potential operating environments than say green???
  7. Good info... I have just grabbed some spare Tamiya clear parts for this very job. I’m adding the split line on the cowl top on the Revell fuselage so a bit of reshaping is in order any how..
  8. That info on the Tamiya canopy is solid gold... Good work.. I reckon you you could make a bit of cash selling those Alclad decals... Especially while the kit is still in its ‘rapture’ phase...
  9. With this weeks Lexington find a new TBD would make for a timely announcement....
  10. They picked a scale and then invested heavily in quality tooling to establish it... Thus investment + Quality = Success. Business process 101 Airfix should consider a re issue the F-80 Shooting Star. Nice kit that could be re-issued as is...
  11. I had cracked canopies in my 1/48 Stuka B1 boxing which is made in the UK so it’s not just the ‘overseas’ sourced mouldings that have QC / QA issues.. It’s hard to know what the source of Airfix’s quality woes are.. But they do have a tangible issue for sure...
  12. Airfix don’t need to close down. They just need to improve their QC.
  13. I agree comparative analogies are a bit hopeless... Maybe we should call a Dog a Dog and simply say Airfix’s QC is hopeless and possibly currently the worst of any of the mainstream kit manufacturers.. Might be a hard pill to swallow. But is it incorrect?
  14. But a car is an infinitely more complex item than a 1:48 plastic model. So your comparison is possibly totally pointless.
  15. Hi, Here is my finished 1/48th Tamiya Ki-61. Teruhiko Kobayashi was perhaps the most famous Ki-61 pilot. He lead the 244th Sentai in defence of Tokyo during the B-29 raids of 1944-45 and was the youngest Sentai commander in the Japanese Airforce. He survived the war ( and a ramming attack on a B-29) but was killed in a JASDF T-33 in the 50's when he stayed with the Aircraft to prevent it from crashing in a populated area... Kobayashi, flew a number of Ki-61's and The Tamiya kit has marking options for at least one. The kit is simply one of the best 1/48 Aircraft kits on the market in terms of fit surface detail and ease of construction. It doesn't need any real after market. If your fussy a set of resin exhausts are the only real improvement along with Some seat belts.The cockpit OOB is fine. I painted mine in Gunze Super metallics with a bit of Alclad here and there. The majority of the markings are masked and painted. Thanks for looking