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  1. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Thanks Stix! Cheers badder, I'll have a look at work tomorrow see what small twigs I can reuse! I have to admit with the red one I got a box set of four and the label said cargo dust and it looked a brown in the pot so I just bungged it on but I don't think it looks 110, just did get round to removing it! Cheers Joss
  2. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Cheers, glad you like it! Thanks Steve, getting there! I'm procrastinating as I've to stick 158 little teeth onto the tracks!! I'll have here done at some point though!
  3. Mk. V Panther Single type build

    Hello, I've been looking at all the panther kits due out soon and I'm very tempted so I'll put my name forward! Joss
  4. 'FACE OFF' More Top Tips p12

    Looking good badder, the tip for the lugs is good to know! I used you track tip for straightening them and it worked a treat. Regards Joss
  5. Looks smashing stix, I'm in awe of you skills! Regards Joss
  6. Grim reaper p51d

    Thanks Bob that's a real help!
  7. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone now things get dirty and dusty! just winging it abit here any suggestions welcome! Joss
  8. Grim reaper p51d

    That's what I've got a feeling they have done. As you say there are loads for the warbird though. It makes it hard to say what prop or other interchange able things she would have had! Regards
  9. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Evening everyone more progress not so many photos just the fun of the wheels Just the idler wheel left to go and the little wheels then tracks on then weather getting there! Regards Joss
  10. Grim reaper p51d

    Thanks the pilots name is col. Lowell brueland. There's a video about he talking about the name and a photo but doesn't show to much so was wondering if there was anymore photos or if the decals use a bit of artist licensing Thanks Joss
  11. Grim reaper p51d

    A little question, I have the aeromaster ninth and Mustang aces sheet and it got grim reaper on it. I've been trawling the net but have failed to find any period photographs of her. Do any photos exists? Regards Joss
  12. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Cheers sarge! I think you might be right, I'll have a look at work see what I can find. Any recommendations on what plant I'm looking for? Regards Joss Cheers badder, erm I think I used humbrol rattle can arcylics gloss. Haha yeah I thought they didn't look quite right! I'll have a nosey around and see what I can find. What would suggest for best replicating tree trunk? Regards Joss
  13. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Thanks for stopping round for a look and for the kind comments much appreciated!! I've got the decals on. I've added some baggage I've got I don't think I'm going to go to over board on it but let me know what you think! I made a few sand bags but I think the left hand side ones are to big so I've made them smaller now! And I made some logs from abit of square balsa. I might tie them down to the side. WIP Done Let me know what you think not really sure on what I can get away with. Regards Joss
  14. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    so I've got most of it painted and ready for the decals not sure what option to go for but maybe the one with Andy on the side of the turret next to the star. I painted her black first. And I painted it with these, And here she is painted I have glossed her up aswell so she is ready for decals That's all for now folks All the best Joss
  15. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Cheers beefy just got to paint them now Joss Cheers Stix it looks ok not a batch on your etch work though! Regards Joss Thank Steve it's not to bad I suppose! I've got the paint on will post pictures abit later. They look proper tough like don't they! All the best Joss