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  1. Hi guys more progress now. All decals on gloss coated again then general weathering. Probably won't finish this before the deadline but we will see regards
  2. Hello again I've got the paint job done and I'm starting to do the decals. The darker patches around the roundels are sprayed using a mask made from tamiya masking tape. I would have done the roundels this way but unfortunately my circular cutter would not go small enough. Now for the many many little stencils. One question though should I put the stencils on? As some of this aircraft was over painted, the mainly the green, would they have been reapplied? Regards Joss
  3. Right so finally got the green down. I decided to go for Vallejo gunship green. Im not to sure on it tbh Thanks for looking!
  4. The fun part has begun! I've got the blue down I went with Vallejo Azure blue over aks one. I then mixed up a lighter shade of blue with I lightened the panels up with very randomly. Then a coat of the original colour over top just to pull it back and tie it all together. This is based coat plus highlights And then with after second original colour. The picture gives you an idea but there's abit more variation in person. I then masked off to get the dark earth down. Same process again just in brown, I used ak dark earth for the base, however it kept clogging my airbrush and even after thinning so I went back to Vallejo for the mixed colours and final coat. And then.. I would have got the green down but couldn't find the blue tac so that all from yesterday. Apparently these Australian based spits paint faded very fast and looking a photos some are in quite a state. Anyway let me know what you think suggestions always welcome! Regards Joss
  5. Been tied up with work lately. Got a black primer on though I do this add a nice depth of colour.
  6. Bit more progress almost ready for paint. They are lovely kits to build these Eduard spitfires fits very well. Thanks for looking
  7. Hobbyboss Wildcat 1:48

    Thanks cliff for letting me participate Thanks Steve! I'll take your word for it, I never made a hobbyboss kit, they seem to get abit of flak in reviews but the details look nice! Thanks Aaron! I've had a look online and luckily Ive found one so that been saved for a later Regards Joss
  8. Hi guys been given the go ahead by the hosts with this one here's some pics in posted from the chat. The cockpit is together. This is going to be a pain to paint. And the rest of the kit. This is the rest of the kit. Lost the decal instruction sheet showng the decal placement but there's only a few decals so might getaway with that.
  9. Radial Engines Rock GB Chat

    Cheers fellas I shall get on with the wildcat asap
  10. Radial Engines Rock GB Chat

    Hello just wondering if I can enter with a trumpeter wildcat. The only problem is that I've start abit of it... If its a no then fair enough I'll have a rummage for something else. Just got the cockpit together And the rest to go... Regards
  11. Ive been intrigued by this kit for a while as i do like the wildcat. Will be interesting to see how it build and I'm sure it will super once youve done with it steve!
  12. Minion's Finnish pencil

    Looks interesting I'll be following this one! Good luck! Joss
  13. Cheers nimrod! I'll give that a try and see how it comes out! Regards Joss
  14. Good day all, making progress on this, forgot how lovely these little kits are. Right here's the interior Can't really see much now that she is sealed up. Then a big jump. I've got the wings on and the lower cowling. Now a quick question what parts of the cowling do I fill?? Does the part where it meets the wing need filling or not?? Any help would be much appreciated! Regards Joss
  15. Monogram 1/48 P-40B

    Nice one looks good, love the shark mouth and subtle weathering!