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  1. "In the year I was born" GB - anyone interested?

    1958 Mancunian airman Count me in . . . .
  2. Using other peoples photographs.

    I am in the process of writing a book and have requested the use of a number of photos from an Ian Allan publication. They simply replied asking that I quote the original source (Lancaster at War) and the publishing company that now owns the Rights. Job done ! Ian
  3. Karrier Bantam Domestic fire Tender. Help required

    I have been informed that Geoff lacey has a plan of this vehicle but where to contact him ? Is he still around ? I think somewhere along the corridor of my mind there is a cupboard that reminds me that they were passed on to John Church ? Can anybody clarify this please ?? Thanks Ian
  4. "In the year I was born" GB - anyone interested?

    Well, In my year Race riots in Notting Hill, Martin Luther King arrested for 'loitering and in Cyprus - British Army chief General Kendrew escapes an assassination attempt. Eisenhower & MacMillan were leading their countries . . . oh my weekly wage would have been £6 6 shillings I have an idea which Airfix kit was released for the first time and I think I have the version in the stash Ian
  5. Andy I cant find the old build thread but have these couple of photos . . . It looks like you are putting more detail into yours so I look forward to seeing further progress Ian
  6. Aeronavale Lancaster

    Nice to see progress . . . .
  7. I'm praying for you in a rather loud tone so that the God of Modelling will hear your cries . . . . Just want to say 'Good Luck'
  8. Karrier Bantam Domestic fire Tender. Help required

    As usual before asking for information, I looked on the Internet to try and find details of the equipment carried by this vehicle. I presume on the flatbed there would have been a pump of sorts but I dont know about a water tank ?? Can I presume it hitched up to a hydrant and simply pumped water ? To give you some idea of the period vehicle I am looking at, here is a model which doesnt give much in the way of details . . . .http://www.scalemodel-photos.net/picture/show/4751/RAF-Karrier-Bantam-domestic-fire-tender I can see there is a ladder but dont know much else. I believe this particular model of Karrier Bantam was used into the 1950's on RAF stations I have the trailer from Oxford diecast Thanks in anticipation Ian
  9. What can I say that hasn't already been said . . . . (Its about time Mr Neil Paragon started to re-release some of the popular items ) The Manchester, after my home town, is such an attractive aeroplane really and you have done it wonderfully and as always an aircraft build, in my eyes, is a tribute to those who flew them and also for the men & women on the ground. 'Lest we should forget'
  10. I built this, not that long ago, and I actually opened up the bomb bay, inserted bombs and associated doors. It can but quite a nice kit really . . . . Good luck with the build !
  11. 1/48 Junkers Ju-88 A-5 (ICM)

    Ju 88's don't come any better than that !!!
  12. I am preparing myself for the long haul . . . plenty of things here to think about as I sit and wait to be amazed . . . . Ian
  13. A slow progressing Ton's up Lanc !

    That propeller boss looks like its off a radial engine, a Mk.II perhaps ?? Perhaps its the scale of it has thrown me as usually the prop boss is covered over with a spinner ? Ian
  14. A slow progressing Ton's up Lanc !

    Look chaps I've got two smaller 72's to finish and in the meantime I shall look into the big box and see whats what. I have a display table in the front lounge that needs a 2nd aircraft so there is a real possibility that this could be a starter. I know I had some decals produced so I shall check those again (its been some time since I got them done) and identify the aircraft I need to build. Ian
  15. A slow progressing Ton's up Lanc !

    So, are we to have TWO Tamiya Lancasters working in unison ?? One to encourage the other or do I have to get my other one out of the box ??