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  1. Building a wartime Watch Office

    They do as you state appear to be of American origin . . . (Slightly off topic) We in Britain had the Royal Observer Corps, (ROC), who manned observation post all over the country. Situated primarily on the coast they were soon appearing in-land and after the Blitz, they soon began to be used to locate our own aircraft when they were returning to 'Blighty' and in trouble. Any RAF or USAAF station could notify the ROC to be on the look-out for their particular aircraft and relay info as and when. In some old Black.White films you see British observers on tops of high buildings or in green fields. There are still some disused wartime Observation post still in situ here in Lincolnshire and although I dont know the full details/history, the ROC also had underground bunkers throughout the 'Cold War' for the original purpose of 'observing' Ian
  2. Those Brownings on the mid-upper look to be rather long . . . think I miight be inclined to cut them down abiit. I'm sure somebody with have the actual length of a .303 machine gun so the correct length can be resolved. Just a thought.
  3. Italeri Douglas C47 'Skytrain'

    Thanks for the interest do far . . . I am just finishing two Lancasters before I start this, probably October start
  4. Building a wartime Watch Office

    Here is a Link to a listing of towers and Debden is here . . . http://www.controltowers.co.uk/Dlist.htm and this is the photo of the version you need There were so many difference types that there really wasnt a 'standard size' Will you be building something like this I wonder ?? I hope this helps . .. Ian PS You may be able to get a site plan of the airfield from the Royal Air Force Museum (RAFM) Hendon London. I dont have the full address but the Internet search should provide such along with other details of the service.
  5. Airfix 1/76 Control Tower

    He does but its expensive stuff in Brass
  6. Tamiya 1/72 Mosquito B Mk 4

    I am intrigued with this 'Copic multiliner' . . . Where did you purchase that from (?) I would like to use such on my up-coming 48th Mossie build yours looks well executed for such a small scale . . . rgds Ian
  7. Hi all I have this thing whereas I used to visit old airfields and photograph what remained at those sites. I still know know what possessed me to measure certain buildings but before I knew it, I have a catalogue of around 100 such drawings in 4mm This scratch build is based on the Watch Office at a place called Bardney South-East-ish of Lincoln and home to 9 Squadron - mid 1943 ----> 1945 Drwg No. 13726/41 I always stall on the handrails Ian
  8. Airfix 1/76 Control Tower

    Michael This is a model of the period Watch Office seen at many airfields pre-war. Drawing No. 1959/34. Colours based on what was seen on a difference Watch office but painted such at the outbreak of war. This latter Watch office 518/40 was built after the outbreak of war . . . This is a copy of a number of Watch Office/ Control Towers that I have drawings for to 4mm scale . . . Drwg No. 343/43 The Airfix Control tower could be improved by either reducing the bottom section so that the balcony is self supporting OR extend the top section to be in-line with the bottom and have the balcony self supporting again. Hope this helps. Ian
  9. Paragon 1/48 Manchester (and Lincoln too!)

    Thats progress . . .
  10. Its good to see the little fella smiling, best medicine there is. Regards to your build, well its a good start and not having seen any Italeri build cos I shy away from the Stirling due to the Airfix build many moons ago but I am suitably impressed with both the cockpit detail and bomb bay . . .
  11. Soviet Lieutenant, Red Army 1942

    Great craftsmanship . . . you have turned it into a thing of beauty
  12. Whats this 'aerial' on this Lancaster wings ??

    Thats an excellent photo showing the same aerial . . . very strange set up.
  13. Whats this 'aerial' on this Lancaster wings ??

    Hi chaps I thought it looked like an Rebecca antenna but why out on the wing ?? They worked as a pair, usually both sides of the nose . . . . Thought it MIGHT have been associated with the di-poles used on Intruder aircraft but I dont know enough about such a set up. 550's old station base isnt to far from me and they were just the usual bomber squadron, No different from the others in No1 Group so I cant see it being used as a Close-support aid but there again we dont know all the in's and out's of what went on at Squadron level do we ??? Ian
  14. Scratch built 1/72 scale Austin K6

    All is good time Sean Most of us have waited for years so I'm sure a few more months wont hurt . . . .
  15. Avro Vulcan XH562

    Thats a real beaut, one to be proud of