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  1. Looks to be a great scheme for PA474, that will soon be released as a decal thats for sure Dont think she will be ready for ANZAC day but she will surely give the recognition to those Aussie boys that flew from RAF Binbrook, yet another station close to me . . . and yes, 460 lost more kites than any other bomber squadron of No1 Group if not Bomber Command. Looking forward to the roll out. Ian
  2. The thing with the bombs is that the carrier was modified on the central lug two accept two bombs by linking the bomb release on the single attachment of the bomb-bay. I have seen a photo in one of the 'Lancaster At War' series so that was how it was done. You are absolutely right in that there are only 15 winch positions in the Lancaster bomb-bay Ian
  3. I have read on another forum the PA474 is to carry the marking of a 50 Squadron kite; it bears 'VN-T' on its starboard side. I was wondering what kind of artwork it will have and does anybody know of a high scoring or grand nose art of a 50 sqdn. Lanc. that might just adorn this new scheme ?
  4. 2292 Squadron (Market Rasen) 1970 - 1979 I was granted special permission to join at a year earlier because I was obsessed with the RAF and its history. Loved the old battledress we were issued with along with the two shirt collars and studs !! Two nights that saw us parading, having lectures and one I particularly remember was a chap came to talk about the Halifax recovered from a Norwegian lake. He left two fuel gauges for the squadron. I enjoyed the shooting range, we had an indoor one in town; got my marksmen badge as most of us did. I gained a Glider scholarship and travelled to Hemswell before transferring to Finningley (Bomber Command School of sorts -- cant remember the full tltle but it was in the hangar). Numerous summer camps, West Raynam, (Canberras) Oakington, (Varsity) Wyton. Binbrook was our adoptive station so plenty of visits to the numerous sections. (Lighnings). RAF Scampton was close by so was fortunate to inspect the Lancaster S-Sugar and later NX611 at the gate. Flights in numerous aircraft but I remember being winched off the airfield runway by a Whirlwind based at Leconfield when we were on a visit. Obtained my silver D of E award, got numerous 'Wing Blues' for athletics and swimming. Finished as Sgt and went on to join the Royal Air Force but that another story. Happy days and I would do it all again . . . . Ian
  5. Is this of help . . . . 25/26th August Berlin, Germany, France, Following raids on London and other cities the previous night, the War Cabinet authorised the first raid on Berlin. Approximately half of the 103 aircraft dispatched were sent to Berlin; mainly Hampdens and Wellingtons. (Bomber Command records for this night are not clear on the numbers dispatched to different targets).The Hampdens were at their limit of their fuel capacity and a head wind was encountered on the return flight, 3 of them were lost and 3 more ditched in the sea on their way back. Approximately 24 Whitleys and Wellingtons bombed Bremen, Cologne and Hamm and 12 Blenheims attacked airfields in France and Holland. 3 Blenheims were lost. regards Ian
  6. Such a wonderful start and so much progress . . .
  7. What a shame its an April Fools con trick . . . It would have been wonderful to have experienced a glory from the past.
  8. You say that but the lady in the blue overall indicates that it aint very big and I just cant see SEVEN young men bobbing around in one that size ?? Was there a fighter type a and bomber type?
  9. Continued Good Luck with the build, she is one of 'my girls' from RAF Grimsby ... .
  10. Youre making good progress on this . . Is it to be the wartime Phantom or the BBMF version ??
  11. It may look pale yellow but did these dinghy come in any other shape or colour as I have an Oval one that I want to include in a diorama Ian
  12. You dont see many quality builds like that very often. The overall appearance is very attractive to the eye and the small details such as the chalk marks are beautiful. Congrats on a Top class model. Ian
  13. A boat from my town, Grimsby (GY) and preserved today outside the Fishing Heritage centre. A good interpretation of the waves and smoke I am liking a lot. Thanks for showing it . . . Ian
  14. 'Progress Stores' Bolton Road, Pendlebury, Manchester. Used to have lots of other toys and prams but my brother and I would stare through the window and "bagsy' at all the kits, Corgi and Dinky diecast.
  15. That is One hell of a piece of Engineering . . . skill of the highest level.