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  1. Lanc BIII Question

    The advantage of the dambuster version is that for the 'Grand Slam' version, it has the correct configuration: ie No top turret If you look at plans showing the Grand Slam version then it doesn't take much to put in a flat bomb-bay and a small fairing either end. For the 'Tallboy' version, the removal of the mid-upper was required, which the kit has, but you would need some bulge bomb-doors . . . . That's it in its basic need Ian
  2. Great finish. Would that be a Martin Electrical top turret ?? Ian
  3. 1/72 Matchbox Lancaster... with Extras

    The lights under the wings are on the PORT side . . .
  4. 1/72 Matchbox Lancaster... with Extras

    Think you are doing a marvellous job of putting this together with all the improvements . . .
  5. Well deserved Telford winner!

    Beautiful 'init . . . With the appropriate background it would be mistaken for the real thing . . . real craftsmanship
  6. AEC Matador(Marshall?) 6x6 fuel bowser details

    Are we waiting for more details are are you going to show us a build General cos, I'm gather physical components to start an entire scratch of a 48th version . . . Oh my Lord I've said it and now I'm committed
  7. Beaufighter Comparison Build

    What is the actual wingspan of the Beaufighter so I can work out what the scaled down span SHOULD be because NOW, I not sure which is ? Ian
  8. My 1/48 Tamiya Beaufighter

    Just curious to know, Did the USAAF use these ?
  9. This looks very interesting, particularly the U/C wheel bays as separate entities
  10. Aeronavale Lancaster

    Glad to see that there is progress. I am so pleased that you took off the front turret fairing, I have been doing that for years and in all honesty, probably the only shape thing that is incorrect on the Airfix Lancaster . . . keep up the good work Ian
  11. Excellent stuff Just what is needed to 'fill up' a diorama and give it some ambience . . .
  12. 1/144 Scale BBMF Lancaster and Dakota

    You are doing a fine job on a kit that basically has odd-shaped engine nacelles. From the mods you have done so far I have no doubt it will look a small masterpiece of a Lancaster.
  13. Watching with interest . . .. good work so far Ian
  14. Its been a pleasure to read this through, the work you have put in is probably going to produce the most accurate Beau to-date. Reminds me of my Revell version, that was a big 'un, over 40+ yrs ago. I look forward to reading more and seeing the details you add to the engines. Continued 'Good Luck' with the rest of the build . . . Ian
  15. 'Darky system

    Hi all just curious to know if the American maintained the 'Darky' system during night time hours in a bid to help the RAF should there be a need to find a safe haven ? Ian