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  1. A word of caution Phil , when you get round to building the tractor unit , the winch assembly does not sit " square " across the chassis , the nearside ( left ) is just forward of the right ! . This was one of my mistakes , a planview drawing would have been helpful . Some fine nosed tweezers are a must on this kit .
  2. I`m just started with this one . A very detailed engine in spite of having to trim off some injection stalks , some of the parts are tiny , look closely at them and at the illustrations as it`s possible to fit them the wrong way round or even upsidedown , as I did on two occasions . Fortunately spotting my mistakes before the glue set ! . I have the Accurate Armour one in my collection and find the Thunder one even better , and what a difference in price ! . I love this kit , but then I`m old enough to remember them .
  3. Beaufighter Crew Access With Torpedo Fitted

    The top of the pilots canopy was hinged , he climbed in from above . Also one side , I think it was the stbd side could be jettisoned , but I don`t think it was used on the ground for entry .
  4. Help to identify vehicle, please

    Fordson 15 cwt
  5. Liberator Express C 87 schemes?

    Hi Jerzy , I saw one of these birds , at Rome airport back in `54 , it was in natural metal finish with civvy markings . Not a conversion , I was told it belonged to the President of South Vietnam . Sorry I can`t remember the markings . Don . .
  6. Hello Eveyone

    Hi , Alan . The book to look out for on building double plank on frame ships is The New Period Ship Handbook , by Keith Julier . If you have difficulty finding it down your end , go onto Cornwall Model Boats website . I built the Caldercraft Endeavour a while back , lovely kit , now I`m just putting the finishing touches to the JoTika/Caldercraft schooner Pickle . Happy planking , Don .
  7. A Bit of WNW speculation

    Maybe just out of the time frame , but a Vimy please , PLEASE ! .
  8. Tips for first WW1 build

    I too recommend WnWs , having built 20 of the little beauties to date . A simple method of painting the grain effect on struts and undercart legs is to coat them in a light or medium brown , then with a fairly broad slightly stiff brush dry-brush with a darker brown in the direction of the grain , use gloss paints and you can apply those little company logo transfers that some types have straight onto the dried surface .
  9. I`ve just got the Thunder tank transporter , it must be the bargain of the year . Not started yet but it looks like one heck of an interesting build , not for the novice , though ! .
  10. Hello there.

    Welcome Dougie , from an old ex RAF bod .
  11. Hello everyone

    Hi Dean , try converting to double plank on frame ship modelling , it will keep you busy for months . But beware , it can be very addictive ! . Don .
  12. RAF Meteor T7 colour scheme

    Hi Gordon , back in `55 I was stationed at RAF Dyce , home to 612 County of Aberdeen sqdn , the two Meteor 7s on the squadron were in overall silver with just yellow training bands . They were both fitted with the T/Towing hook at the rear of the belly tank which made them dual purpose kites , if this answers part of your question . Don.
  13. IBG 1/35 Bedford QLR

    Yes they do , little ones both ends of the propshaft , in the universal joints , its where you pump the grease in ! .
  14. IBG 1/35 Bedford QLR

    Lovely build and finish , I remember the type well , built one a while back as an RAF mobile D/F homer , my old trade . I`ve driven most Bedfords from the 40s , 50s and 60s , but wooden propshafts ? , how would they take the torque ? .
  15. October 2017 SAMI Magazine

    I`ve just received my second October issue of SAMI . Oh boy ! , someone has really got their finger stuck in the dyke .