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  1. The Mk1 computer is a bit hazy after all these years, but I`m pretty sure it was blue . Don.
  2. First Build for Wooden Model Ship

    Hi Irish Kiwi , I`ll second the remarks made above . I`ve built five plank on frame kits to date ,three of them from JoTika/Caldercraft and have found them top notch. The last one was the simplest , the schooner Pickle , which I would recommend also as a starter . It was also easier on my old hands ,(mine ,not the deck crew).If you want to see a couple of mine look on page eleven ,Ready for Inspection,under A Change . On this kind of modelling you really can claim to have made it yourself. Happy bending and shaping . Don.
  3. What weights do people use for tail sitters?

    I have an old tin of airgun pellets which I give a tap with a hammer to flatten them . They slip into any convenient space .
  4. Meteor T7

    One thing these posts reminded me of was the advice from the pilot , a F/O Gray , on my first trip in the T7 , was that the hood could be jettisoned from either seat ,but if we needed to abandon the aircraft , "Keep your head well down as it doesn`t always come off straight " . Nice to know !.
  5. Hi Steve , I don`t have the equipment to scan so my son is doing it . I`ll get back to you . Don .
  6. Meteor T7

    Hi Peter , you`re right about the heavy cockpit framing on the T7 . I had two target towing trips in the back seat of one in`55 from Dyce . When I saw the Vampires up on the "perch" starting to peel off to make their pass at the drogue , that framing gave a little feeling of comfort ( ? ) .
  7. Hi Stevehnz , I have a photo of a RNZAF Hastings taken at Luqa , Malta in early `54 . Wish I knew how to post it ! . I don`t know why it came all that way , unless it was to visit the "neighbours" . There was an Aussie Vampire squadron at Ta Kali. Don .
  8. Hastings , spot on lads ! . I flew Egypt to Malta in one in `53 and Malta to Lyneham in another in `54 , I have a photo of the second one with the code JAD , which made his R/T callsign Mike Oboe Jig Able Dog , (if anyone is interested ) .
  9. Airspeed Oxford - general 'hack'

    If it was a slightly tatty , well used Ox Box it would most likely still be in green/dark earth above , trainer yellow below with the turret removed ! . If it`s postwar it would be overall silver with yellow training bands. The odd few I saw were in the latter . Don .
  10. Hello from Southern Norway

    Hi there Laufeyson, I`ve been modelling since I was a young lad in 1940 and have yet to be 100% satisfied with any model I`ve ever built !. So don`t let that worry you. Don.
  11. RAF Dk.Green camouflage color

    For my own models I`ve used Xtracolor enamels for years, always been happy with the colours themselves and the ease of application, with blowgun or paint brush. Currently doing the Aims G4 conversion on the Dragon Bf110.
  12. RAF Dk.Green camouflage color

    Hi , Ianpolinar , re RAF dark green . In `55 I was at RAF Dyce , 612 Squadron . After loosing one of their Vampires in a fatal crash a replacement was tranfered from an OTU which was overall silver with yellow training bands , so had to be repainted . Walking past a hangar , some days later , I saw the squadron painters putting the finishing touches to its new camouflage paint job . The old kite looked new ! , but it was about two shades darker than all the other Vamps . Admiring their handywork I asked about the difference in colour . He said it was correct spec. paint new from stores and the rest of the squadron had been painted about two years and were a little faded . Even out at about a mile in bright sunlight that repaint could be picked out of a section of four !. Don`t be too dogmatic about paint shades, you would be on a"hiding for nothing".Hope this helps a little with your conundrum. Don.
  13. HK Lancaster ?.

    Still only CAD shots which mean nothing to me . When they half promised test shots for late January I hoped they meant this year ! , `have already got the "Phantom of the Ruhr " decs from KitsWorld and the brass m/guns from Master , so I hope it`s not the daddy of all wind-ups . There`s just room on the table , in the spare room ,between the two B17s and B25s , so come on HK , "digitum extractum" .And please , no more "it`ll be ready when it`s ready ".
  14. What kit ? .

    Thanks guys ! . Yes Stuart , I`ve just been on the KFS website , I guess it was the Leyland/Scammell Crusader I saw . The kits look very much like Accurate Armour in the larger scale . I fancy a couple of those cab conversions but they are OOP , shhhhh. Don .
  15. What kit ? .

    Yesterday at the Huddersfield show , among all the other fine displays was one with large scale trucks n trailers , ( 1/24 th ? ) . The guy overseeing the table was busy talking to someone , so I couldn`t ask any questions . One model in particular which took my fancy was a Scammell 6/4 tractor unit in Wynns logo . Could anyone tell me what kit this may be from . Don .