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  1. Thanks Fellas , I think that answers it . Don .
  2. Maybe , Centaur , but there would have to be a rigid location to mount it , also a crank and pulley , I think . There`s no sign of these in the book , but it is a possibility . Thanks for the suggestion . Don .
  3. I`m currently building the Merit M19 Diamond T tank transporter and am wondering what the crane like lifting arm mounted on the front of the ballast body was used for . I have the Squadron Signal book on this vehicle but none of the pics show it deployed ! . I remember Diamond Ts in both military and civvi use , its always been a favourite of mine . Anyone know what that piece of equipment was , please . Don .
  4. Hi , Stein , The " G " set for navigation , the Mk 10 tracking radar and the Monica tail warning radar . I have an original Airfix Mossie in this scale with the conversion kit for the later N / Fs by Alleycat .I don`t know if the set is still available . Try their website . Don .
  5. Thanks Aeronut ! , I was expecting an engine , even down to the plugs and leads . I`ll give it a miss . Don .
  6. I see the big Dragon Jeep is to be released once again . Could anyone tell me if it is worth the money , is there a build report on it anywhere ?. Don .
  7. A flying headwind ! , I admire your patience .
  8. Thank you , D.A. I think your post and pics . answers my questions . These vehicles must have been hard graft for the crews ! . The bod who cranked up the load deck must have been the original Dribollick Jack , ( very old joke ) . Cheers Don .
  9. Looking at the Tamiya Famo and trailer , that I built some years back has set me wondering about the rear suspension/steering unit with the single cab . Was it self propelled ? as it would have to move aside to load / unload the trailer , Did the same unit lower and raise the rear of the load deck ? , in which case it must have had some sort of power .Looking at the model , which must be one of the best bargains on the market for the amount of plastic for money , set my old Mk 1 computer running ! Don ..
  10. Thanks Fellas ! , I`ll try a spot of glue . Don .
  11. I`m building the Bronco A34 Comet and having difficulty getting the tracks to hold together ! . They click together fine but when it comes to fitting them around the road wheels and sprockets they come apart . If anyone else has had this problem and solved it , please advise . Don .
  12. Welcome Tom , from a Yorkshire Britton ! .
  13. Airportable version ? ,yeah . I`ve seen Landrovers slung beneath Hastings , but never a Scammell Cob ! .
  14. I remember them well . Are the registration letters on the first one a statement ? .
  15. I`m tempted too , lets hope it matches the Accurate Armour one , page 27 , Ready for Inspection , "The Heavy Gang ", only at a fraction of the cost , thank goodness ! .