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  1. North African Stuka.

    Good God Man, don't you ever have a total disaster of a model? Love 'em both but that desert scheme is beautifully done. I too would've guessed 1/48...
  2. Airfix 1/72 Hurricane 85 Sqn 1939.

    Lovely build, as always. The upper wing roundel issue seems to come up regularly (which is odd)...BUT, that's still one fine looking Hurricane. And a super little kit. Surely Airfix HAS to do a new tool metal wing in 1/72 soon?!
  3. Airfix 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf109 E-3

    What he said. Masking can be a total PITA. AND take far more time and effort than actually applying the paint (ask me how I know). BUT getting your camo demarcation just that little bit sharper (on splinter at least) will make a huge difference. Other than that...what can I say; on to number 5. I want to see what you can do (as long as you make it a Spit!!).
  4. Excellent...was just thinking 'the transfers on that Kate must have a total b*gger to do. And yet they look pretty much perfect. How did he do that?' And now I know! Lovely build. As for the Zero...we've all been there. Mine was a Tamiya 1/48 Spit 1. Looked superb and I was REALLY pleased with it...until mistake was followed by muck up, was followed by total disaster, was followed by 'shot down over the Channel not far from Hawkinge'. Which, considering where I live, is pretty appropriate! But credit to you, back in the saddle and still pedalling...
  5. As has already been said, I was CONVINCED it was 1/48. And still am!! Stunning build, superb finish...
  6. Spitfire Vb "SKAGEN Ind." (Danish pilot)

    Yep, I'd say both the spinner and fuselage band should be Sky. But they'll be a real expert along in just a second...!
  7. Phil's recent aircraft builds

    Excellent...and good to know. I'll check (and shamelessly steal from) your WIP!!
  8. Tamyia Spitfire Mk. I

    SUPERB Spit (mind, you can never go wrong with or have too many of them!). On reflection, do you think it would have been better to have painted the 'no walk' lines before the roundels?
  9. HobbyBoss 1/48 Me-262 A1a/U4

  10. HobbyBoss 1/48 Me-262 A1a/U4

    NOOOOOOOO...that just looks; well it ruins the shape of a real beauty of an aircraft! Did they test fire the cannon, 'cos I imagine the recoil must have stopped it dead in the air?! But, however insane a concept, it's a beautifully finished model of a really interesting type. Thanks for sharing...
  11. Phil's recent aircraft builds

    The Helldiver looks superb...but I'm drawn to the Stuka! Since I do mostly BoB stuff, I've been considering getting it. How was it build/fitwise?
  12. AND looks like you've got the leading edges bang on! Well done!
  13. Airfix 1/48 Sea Vixen FAW2

    BEAST. SUPERB. 'nuff said, I think!!
  14. What? WHAT?? He flew a Boeing?! That's disgraceful, had he not heard of Short (or, whisper it, Supermarine)?!! Lovely build though, thanks for sharing. I'm assuming 1/72...but what's the kit? A (very old) Airfix??
  15. Revell 1/48 Focke-Wulf Ta154

    SUPERB! Looking at the length of the tail made me wince at the thought of how much weight it might have needed...and then I read your post! Can you pick her up?!! But seriously, really nice build of a fabulous looking aircraft. Thanks for sharing...