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  1. Airfix1\72 Spitfire S.31

    Lovely work. I especially like the contrast between the PR Blue and the yellow of the spinner and Swedish markings; REALLY nice. I'm assuming the fuselage roundels are in different positions along the length of each fuselage side (rather than aligned) to accommodate the cameras?
  2. Beautiful! Of course, I assumed it was the 1/32 (ahem, WW) version, doh! And as corsaircorp says...FOUR forward firing machine guns?!! That's insane AND almost a Spitfire ! Seriously...really, really nice build of an often (and wrongly) overlooked aircraft. Thanks for sharing...
  3. WHAT?! You mean like, a milk carton, 3 yoghurt pots, 2 oreos, a few cocktail sticks and a slab of balsa. Bl**dy Hell that is unreal. SUPERB work...I'm heading over to the WIP (in awe)!!
  4. "Any color so long as it is black"

    GORGEOUS! Stunning finish, superbly subtle weathering...and those exhausts. I'm not really convinced that's 1/72...and I'd love to see a WIP. Love it!
  5. BIG X's Gallery for 2017

    Absolutely love the insanely oversized 32 squadron codes on the Hurricane (I'd love to do mine in that scheme, even if Airfix did get them wrong on the other side!) And then I scrolled down to the brace of 109s. Superb. My favourites.The prop-less spinners are just so right for inflight models. I'm off to check out the WIP...!
  6. Me Too, Calling 2017 modelling Finito!

    ...oh wow, that Britannia! Brings back VERY early memories of them droning over my garden in southwest London. Love it!!
  7. Brad's 2017 Year in Review.

    That bronze cannon barrel just leaped out at me...stunning finish!
  8. My 2017 year in review

    Quality finish on them all. Lovely builds. Thanks for sharing...
  9. My two for 2017

    TWO?! That's rubbish... ...oh, but TWO more than I managed this year. And then there's the quality of the build and the finish and the weathering. I'll get my coat...
  10. Happy New Year

    LOVE the Spit. Looks just SO wrong with crosses (in a 'I can't stop looking at it' kinda way!). Lovely finish and just the right amount of weathering. Well done.
  11. A great collection of builds (even if I'd prefer to see more wings than wheels!) and superb brushwork; as always. The Mossie gets my vote this year...hard to believe it's 1/72. Thanks for sharing...
  12. gazza l's efforts for 2017

    Like em all...LOVE the Stuka. Great stuff!
  13. Mike's Output - 2017 was an odd year

    That made me smile! But it needs a couple of red lines, surely?! I know exactly how you feel...but, BUT just look at the community you're building on this site; I (and I'm sure many others) would be lost without it. Best wishes for 2018.
  14. Stevej60's 2017Armour.Aircraft added.

    It's probably just as well you lose your mojo every so often...makes mere mortals like me feel soooo much better! Love all of your stuff but the real surprise (and my favourite) is the Trevithick. Totally unexpected (and rarely seen) subject, completely bonkers machine at the cutting edge in its day and wonderful finish. I keep looking at it and telling myself it's just a plastic kit...lovely!!