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  1. Absolutely! 'Nuff said...
  2. Like everyone else...when I saw that first picture, I assumed it was the REAL aircraft you'd be modelling. Really, really good job. Is the hangar a kit or scratched?
  3. I don't do jets. But THAT is superb...a total beast of a plane. Thanks for sharing!
  4. VERY nice! I was under the impression that Airfix 109s (especially in 1/48) were a bit pants. Sure as hell looks like a 109 to me. Lovely finish, well done!
  5. That is REALLY nice! Was going to ask about the wing roots...but Simon beat me to it. Unusual scheme and all the better for it!
  6. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Living in Hythe (Kent) we get (Fly with a) Spitfires over my garden almost daily during the summer. Even my 12 year old daughter knows what a Merlin sounds like! I assume the kit is the new(ish) Revell, which has been diss'd lots. But that looks gorgeous. Apart from the spinner and oil cooler, is it OOB?
  7. Bl**dy Hell! I'm off-line for a week (half-term) and after wrestling the 109 into shape, you've gone and done that?!! How did I miss it . Excellent and I particularly love the weathering...she looks suitably tatty (in a good way!). As I missed the WIP (and assuming there was one), what did you use for the rigging. And was it as much of a mare as I imagine all bi-planes to be?!
  8. Nice build and really nice scheme. I've read mixed reviews about Sword Spitfires (which is why I've never built one!), what was good and what was not?!
  9. Absolutely stunning! How much PE did you use...or more to the point, is that mostly OOB?
  10. Right, now that's out of the way (and excellent thread and end result, might I add), assume you're planning on the equally ancient 1/24 Spit and Hurri?! Should keep you busy for the rest of the year...
  11. Superb finish. What flat coat did you use? It's absolutely flawless. Love it...
  12. Flawless build. Loved the turret and drilled exhausts. Superb!
  13. I was thinking just that...but if the prop's spinable, just stick a fan in front of it (out of sight) and take some more pics! Also loved the pilot peering through the gunsight. Great job...
  14. Me neither. Draw the pattern onto the bare plastic with a pencil. Paint the lighter of the colours first, no need to be too picky about the edge and then apply the darker colour. Hand paint that edge very carefully, as Greenshirt suggests. I find that doing the demarcation line first and then pulling the paint away from it avoids any build up. And, oddly, painting panel by panel also seems to work. I also tend to give the finished coat a very, very light rub down with my oldest, most worn out bits of wet and dry to remove any brush strokes. Of course, if you're doing splinter, you have to mask. But I use the same process and the 'rub down' will remove any obvious ridges between the colours.
  15. Or. You could try painting tricky to hold parts on the sprue. Cut the trees up but leave the parts attached allowing you (a) easy access to the bits you want to paint and (b) convenient bits of sprue to use as 'handles'...