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  1. Absolutely LOVE blue nose Mustangs (takes me back to my teens and the 1/24 version, which I ham-fisted together somehow) and yours is a superb example. Paintwork, weathering and finish are first class. I'm reluctant to ask the question and open a huge old can of worms...but panel lines on the wings; weren't they puttied and painted?!
  2. Lovely build. I have one in the stash and will definitely be checking your WIP before I start! Can only agree with others about the upper surface colours...they look a bit 'off'. But you know that already and have had plenty of good advice. A question, if I may; should there be some 'red' around the gun ports on the wing leading edge to represent the sticky-on fabric stuff??
  3. Mine neither although the 262 is something very special. Just wish Revell had released a single seater first...that canopy and those aerials just spoil the look of what must have been an unbelievably awesome aircraft for its time. None of which detracts from the job you've made of the kit. Excellent!
  4. SUPERB! No more to add really...except it must be huge in that scale. Well done you!!
  5. Absolutely. And highlight the insanity of a regime that insisted on the over-painting of a unit emblem because some fat, erstwhile pilot was a bit miffed. You just couldn't make it up. Nice model and excellent backstory...
  6. Superb. Looks like a lovely kit and your paintwork is excellent. But, you're right, a tail that big NEEDS a swastika...aftermarket? Go on, you know it'll be worth it!!
  7. Crikey, what a collection! Lovely. The second prototype does it for me (a) because of the turret (because, bonkers though it is, that was the whole point of the plane) and (b) the contrast in NMF around the upgraded engine front end. Superb!
  8. Lovely build of a superb little kit...yellow prop tips to be added??!!
  9. SUPERB! On the base, she actually looks like she's moving.
  10. That's a lovely little Hurricane. What paint did you use to get such a smooth finish?
  11. Love the detail and weathering. Excellent technique. How do feel about the colours; they look a little bright to me. But then I'm (a) old and myopic and (b) not seeing it in the flesh?
  12. I can't decide who's most insane; the men and women who flew those things or the men and women that attempt to model them. How DO you build something that's mostly air with a bit of wood, canvas and wire thrown in, seemingly, at random??!! Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing...
  13. No wire. And LOVELY, LOVELY build!
  14. 'nuff said. SUPERB.
  15. REALLY enjoying this thread. For me it's the comparisons that make it special. I was interested to see how the various belts turned out (and I agree, the 'superfabric' ones are a bit simplistic even in 1/72 although I prefer the look of the standard etch to the steel). But it's the colour variation that is astonishing. Can't wait to see how the topside camo turns out. There's a bit of me that suspects you'll see what you expect to see and the differences will disappear when they're done and standing side by side. Excellent stuff....get that paint on!!