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  1. Nope, not yet. I didn't have time to finish it.
  2. Ground base finished. Static grass sown and some turf bits placed here and there. Trees planted. As always, thanks for watching and the comments.
  3. Another update. I've started to work on the base. First I've cut the sheet of hardboard to the case size Then made the ground using modelling clay Covered everything in PVC glue and sprinkled with various size of sand. Coarse on edges and mounds, finer in the middle. Sealed everything with a layer of diluted PVC glue. Airbrushed the whole thing with various ground tones. And finally dry-brushed with light colour and pin washed with dark pastel wash here and there. I've put the stuff together to see how it's gonna look (more or less). Ofc I need to add trees, grass and some people Thanks for watching
  4. Finally some progress after 6 months. This time I've made some trees for the diorama. After trying many different techniques to make the trees I've used the one described below. First I've created the trunks and branches from twisted 0.25mm copper wire and covered them with a few layers of the liquid latex to hide the wire coils. Then I've added some extra twigs made of 0.1mm wire (2 on the left) and 2mm static grass (right) Painted the trees with Vallejo acrylics. And finally added the leaves made of turf. I've used hairspray as a glue. Thanks for watching and stay tuned
  5. Some long grass tufts to be put here and there on the dio. I've made them from jute fibers colored with acrylics.
  6. eBay is your next best friend I've got these: latex, resin
  7. Resin crates and barrels painted and weathered
  8. I've got some resin barrels and crates from eBay, but I thought I'd need some more for this diorama. So I've decided to copy them. I've created the molds from liquid latex. I basically painted originals with many layers over and over until the mold was thick enough to keep the shape. Some of them were then enclosed in small cardboard boxes to keep them together and in shape. Then I've poured the resin into a molds. I'm very satisfied with the results considering that was the first time I've done it. They are pretty good as you see on the pictures. The dark gray ones are originals, the creamy white one are my copies.
  9. Hello Finally I had some time to continue the work on my Ost-Front scene. I've finished the models some time ago: Ju 87G-2 Stuka 'Kanonen Vogel' and Heinkel He 111 H-6. Both in 1:72 scale. Now it's the time to build the diorama for them. The plan is something like that: So, here is what I've done so far: Ju 87G-2 Stuka 'Kanonen Vogel' from Academy Heinkel He 111 H-6 from Revell Perspex box base with both of them arranged: Some SC250 bombs from Czech Masters (6) and one left from Messerschmitt Bf-109 kit: Some SC1000 bombs. Four again from Czech Masters and two from the Heinkel kit. They are a little bit bigger. Not sure which are in correct scale but I've decided to use all of them. The sledges to transport the bombs I've made from matches. Cut, glued, filed, airbrushed, drybrushed and finally weathered with washes. Here is how they look with the bombs: And finally Kettenkrad to tow the sledges and Kubelwagen for pilots (who are not ready yet). Both from Academy kit. The diorama will have some boxes, barrels etc. plus of course ground crew servicing the planes and the pilots resting and waiting for the mission. Thanks for watching.
  10. Ian (fizza65), what a great story! Thanks for sharing that. People use to talk about pilots only, but tend to forget about the servicemen without whom the victory won't be possible. I hope your grandfather will remain in good health.
  11. Yes it is. Very well made kit. Everything fits perfectly.
  12. I've just completed my 1:72 Heinkel He 111 from Revell, a second part for the diorama (the first part was this Stuka). It was very nice build without the major problems. In fact the set is so good that there were no problems at all. You can see the progress here Here are some pictures of the finished model. More when the diorama is finished.
  13. 27. Assembled with some finishing touches here and there. Here it is: More pictures here Thanks for watching and all the comments.
  14. 25. Added soot from the exhausts plus some dirt with pastels and again sealed everything with matt varnish. 26. Meanwhile I was painting and weathering the additional elements (propellers, undercarriage etc.) Next step: unmasking and final assembly. Thanks for watching
  15. 24. Pin washed with pastel washes and sealed with matt varnish. Next: some dry pastel shading. Thanks for watching.