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  1. Tony we hope you are OK


    Please come and tell us



  2. Hi Tony, Thanks to your encouragement I have finished adding all the pictures back into my Group Builds for 2017. The curse of Photobucket is gradually lifting.


    Cheers Colin

  3. AZ Model (ex Heller) Potez 540 - Interior Colors?

    That’s great information Roman, it gives us many choices for this elusive colour. I’ve spent time researching in Vienna. Also very pleasurable times enjoying good beer, good food, good conversation and superb music. A stunningly invigorating city. Not expected, but to see the result of the Potez in RFI would be wonderful . All best regards TonyT
  4. AZ Model (ex Heller) Potez 540 - Interior Colors?

    Hello Roman, I built this many years ago as the armed version. It was an old kit and suggested Heller ‘Nile Green’ (translated the best I can). I couldn’t get the Heller colour (It may be available again now: “Vert Nil”. I used my No.1 eyeball and went for Airfix duck egg blue with a little white. I think Humbrol Sky Type S with a little white may be fine. Its frustrating; but I’ve read that eg Dark Blue May be appropriate. My answer to that is that I have the film of Malraux flying these (as bombers) in Spain. The interior of real aircraft is regularly visible. Yes, it’s black and white film, but the interior looks to be more feasibly ‘vert nil’ than dark blue. This builds into a very nice model Roman; good choice, those contra rotating propellors can be made to do so with minimal effort. All best regards and enjoy this lovely French 1930’s Aircraft. TonyT
  5. Dornier Do 18-D *Finished*

    Hello Tony, my apologies for the lack of comments. ‘A bit crook’ as they say here. It really doesn’t involve the law . What a gorgeous job you have done on this essentially lovely Matchbox kit. Your work on the sponsons is just exemplary. It’s rather ‘Russian master modeller’ Tony . I doubt that any manufacturer will ever bless us with a new Do-18 kit. I may be wrong. Perhaps Amodel or MikroMir may be our saviours ? Meanwhile we have this wonderful resource on getting the absolute best, showing us how to attain a true representation from the Matchbox/Revell kit. Really good stuff . best regards TonyT
  6. There are so many of us that love these kits. Should we try to get a group build? Maybe an Out Of Box group build; one that we can thoroughly enjoy, bereft of worries of accuracy correction, re-scribing and so on? Just build Frog/Novo/Eastern European re-pops like we’re all kids again? I guess it would be a 2019 GB now, that’s ok. I have a strange love for the FROG Maryland Any thoughts? I’d be happy to host but for health reasons would need a co-host. Best regards TonyT 🐯
  7. What music are you playing? Pt III

    Hello old chap, I’ve been away (sadly) from BM for a little while now. I had to log in to say that I’m very sorry for your loss, the music is a lovely tribute. Our mums are irreplaceable, it’s lovely to read your earnest words. Manhugs from overseas, TonyT
  8. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    Crikey; it’s that voting time of year !!!! I’ve been off forum due to poor health. The moment I pop back in for a crafty look, there’s something interesting to take part in; The GB vote . A quick neutral non vote trolling comment/train of thought; The Eleventh hour - Great War; 100 years since the 11th hour 0f the eleventh day of November 1918. I’ve noticed that once Group Builds commence, new people often come on board and take part; inspired by what they see there. I must admit to being rather patriotic when it comes to both ANZAC and Rememberance Day. Like many here; family members in both conflicts (all now deceased). I wonder if, as events around the 100 years anniversary gain momentum and the media give more coverage, people may be more inspired to take part? To push into maybe a new area of modelling as a tribute? Much more plastic than a poppy, maybe a more personal gesture As others have mentioned, perhaps here on BritModeller it could be some sort of ‘special’ group build? I’ve probably made a complete pikelet of myself now; my apologies in advance, I should blame it on medication and poor sleep. Its good to see Rich’s leader boards back. They really help visualise a far more exciting and honest annual vote than the Eurovision Song Contest ! Good luck to all; they’re all great ideas . (I’ll climb back into my hiding place now .) Best regards TonyT
  9. I would really like one of these. A friend could maybe pick up for me at Telford. I can live with Mach 2, nothing unlike a lot of the Eastern European short runs I used to tackle. An injection moulded Brittania in 1/72? !!! A few adjustments and a bit of reshaping is fine if required. Is there any idea of price? I will have to send the money over. Really happy about this Best regards TonyT
  10. The weathering looks very, very realistic. I paused when you mentioned ‘Corsair’. That finish would be perfect. Inspiring stuff Best regards TonyT
  11. Italeri Dakota III

    You’ve chosen a great scheme here; very nice Dak. Best regards TonyT
  12. The Ryan is looking very good CC. On the floats it looks a bit like a Schneider Tropy sports aircraft. I hope that the surgeon wired you up correctly again; that’s quite a lot of sewing ! It sounds like you gave them an entertaining time in the surgery. ”Tell my wife...” https://youtu.be/X2lUPtLc-FU Hope you have a speedy recovery CC Best regards TonyT
  13. I just caught up J-W. The results are superb ! The Potez 29 is very nice indeed. Well done and thanks for sharing TonyT
  14. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Hello, I’ve not caught up with the thread yet; apologies if details are elsewhere: I can’t find an English language version of the AZ or KP websites. Do they exist? Quick kit question; will the Curtiss with Norwegian markings be ready for Telford? Keeping my fingers crossed for a DH 9 next year Best regards TonyT
  15. PK-306 MG TC a member of the family

    I just found this Pat. A superb story and very fitting tribute build to your dad. I’ve always had a soft spot for the TC; those are my real initials too . Good luck with the build, I’m looking forward to it. Best regards TonyT