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  1. It's not often I have a cunning plan Ced, but here's one I sometimes use. To avoid upper wing root gaps. I've had a lot of trouble with these; I used to make (models but don't...anym...), lots of old KP eg La-7, their old Spit Mk IX, lots of Amodel etc, the RPM and also old Hasegawa BF-109E kits in 1/72. All gappy in my limited experience. Always huge wing gaps, much filler, lost wing root detail due to my occasional l ham fisted sanding. I then started a wierd approach: Dont assemble the wings; adopt this order: glue the upper wing halves to the fuselage first. If there's room, strengthen the join with spare plastic card, some two part epoxy if you can. Leave the model drying with a suitable jig to get the required dihedral. One it's fully dry, add anything that needs adding *then* glue the one piece lower wing in place. It sometimes takes some very brute force and much clamping, but the result is usually, no gaps. When the lower wing seems too big, just physically bending it 'up' to meet the dihedral will negate this and the clamping actually maintains the dihedral. Hard to explain unless one tries it. On eg the Avis Bf-109 a/b/c/d one has to beware of one wing adopting more dihedral than another. I eventually found that in that kit it was due to a thick 'hump' in the lower wing knocking things out of whack. But that whole kit is a horrible to build imho, and I've tried, often. Maybe too late for this Spit Ced, but worth storing for later. It really is great to see you not giving up on this beastie. All best regards TonyT PS: If gaps are already inevitable: A lot of people fill wing root gaps with eg Tamiya putty or (the simply lovely) Humbrol filler. The trouble is sanding it away can lose wing root detail. On so many BF-109's I lost the little 'bumps' at the mid point of the roots. Likewise strips of plastic can lead to the same after a slip of the scalpel or sanding. Copydex and I don't get on here either, it seems to sink and still leave a slight trough. Finally PPP and I really don't get on; I understand that this latter really must be my fault, as so many other people get good results . Here's one for the brave: fill the wing roots with a little two part epoxy (a cocktail stick to apply little bits ifvry slow drying epoxy at a time is good), and wipe off the excess quickly with a cotton bud. I think I use a quick swipe of nail polish remover for that. Check on scrap plastic (sprue/runner/sprunner/Danny La Rue-nner ) first that the nail polish remover doesn't melt it. The result is no gap, no sanding and a really strong join. I used the overnight two part epoxy, and always Araldite, not horrid Poundland/Dollar Tree Chinese etc glued that simply don't work correctly. Sounds scary, but it works. As Vic and Bob would have said many years ago, it creates a "Strong Bond" All the best TT
  2. That particularly eloquent rant has given me the best laugh I've had in weeks Alex ! TT
  3. Completely agree with wot Ced said Tony. The microstrip canopy framing looks very good indeed. As did Maureen. . I know that Ced is normally the pilot person, but I can't help feeling that, given Maureen's important role in Barra promotion, and that fantastic thumbs up photo of her..... A 1/72 lady pilot in a Barra giving the thumbs up. Got to be done Tony, surely ? All the best TonyT
  4. I feel extremely guilty about this Spit now Ced. It's proving to be quite a pain in the butt ox. The interior looks great, you've done a smashing job. Regardless of being seen, the black areas inside the pedals do look a lot better . Shaving a bit off the bottom is far preferable to the top; I'm glad the top of the I/p actually fitted. Will the wings fit once that's done? I didn't know it was such a tricky Spit kit . I think Sword may have released a new Mk 14 now. I bet it's a lot better. I wonder if this old AZ one is any better than the old Frog? I once made one of those and really enjoyed it. Basic but suitably big nosed, went together quickly and looked the part. Good luck with the pilot's this time! All best regards TonyT
  5. I made one of these around 13 years ago Ozzy. I remember it needed filler in all the same places. I think I also had trouble with the main windows not fitting very well. It takes quite a bit of sanding and filling; you make it look easy . Did your windows fit OK? The 'U' support and seat/strap for the rear lower gun were tricky too. Agama do very nice colours for these. It's a lovely old kit, just looks so nice when built. You're doing a wonderful job and the interior detail you have added looks very good; I like your nice subdued aluminium shade for the interior too All the best TonyT
  6. It looks fantastic Adrian. I too, always wanted one, but only managed to finally get one late last year. It really is one of Matchbox's best kits and your conversion here is just amazing. Your friend is surely going to be very pleased indeed ! All the best TT
  7. Brian Cant. An essential component of a well rounded British childhood (along with Lesley Judd's...). I loved his songs in Trumpton, Chigley and Camberwick Green. Quite possibly the one 'Life Goes By When You're The Driver Of A Train' is my favourite. They really don't make them like that any more. Wonderful stuff. Lord Belborough and Brakett the butler for your delectation : Slightly off topic, but I hope in a very nice nostalgic way.. TT
  8. The moulding process for the pilots looks quite difficult. Top marks for tenacity Ced, I think I would just have made a Tony Hart style 1/72 'Morph' pilot by now with that lovely Plasticine. I can't remember what Plasticine smelled like, which is odd as I loved playing with it as wee nipper. I can remember that Play Doh used to smell so sweet that I tried to eat it. Often. Just in case one time it did taste as good as its smell. I had a lot of constipation as a child.... I never figured out if Plasticine could be made to set solid. I think maybe if something is made out of it then put in the oven, it shrinks and becomes solid (sounds against the laws of nature, what with many things getting more solid as they get bigger..). The internet doesn't cater for smells AFAIK? Just as well with all this quaffing of beer and stout; the morning after a good session can be quite breezy around the boondocks! Splendid tidy filling of the fuselage seams Ced. It's a shame about the rear wheel well doors. They look like they almost fit at the rear, but taper towards the front? Is it worth glueing them in, to provide a solid base and then filling around them? I/p looks tricky. Overall it's putting up a bit of a fight here and there, but you'll beat it! TT
  9. I can only add to the positivity count John. Kudos to you for sticking to your vision, it looks absolutely smashing ! Your advice on airbrushes, to me, last year, absolutely changed my whole approach to painting. Boosted the old enjoyment rating ten fold! This chap knows his airbrushes gents, and this model is becoming a bit of a show piece for his skills . Custard time soon? All the best TonyT 🐯
  10. I always wondered what the Airfix Firefly looked like built up. Very nice indeed it seems . I have one in a far distant stash, but the crew members must be either missing or wrong. I would have remembered the blonde one, she's certainly not in the box . All the best TT
  11. Those lamp thingies at the end of the wings look as exceedingly nice as a number of Mr. Kipling's cakes . Splendid work Mr Le Baron. I am also in the 'after' camp for the bent wing. Regarding 'lost parts' (fnar) Mrs T (also a member of rival site 'BritModeller's wives'), can always seem to find a lost 1/72 pilot's monocle, when I'm on day three of pretending I'm not looking for such an absurd yet sleep depriving item. How these wonderful and tolerant (better) other halves do it I will never know. I spotted on your profile that on Jan 15th you got a BM 'OBE'. Well done young man . It's all downhill from here . TT 🐯
  12. This is fantastic attention to detail Alex. I'm fascinated by the headrest; it's flipping huge in the photos! A 1970's 'pouffe' mounted sideways. The Spit/Seafire pilots had it a lot more comfortable than their Bf-109 adversaries by the look of things. You and the other chaps have probably noticed my post frequency is a bit lacking, but I'm here, and enjoying it very much. Once you have this rare Pavla bird's fuselage buttoned up Alex, I reckon you'll storm to the finish line quickly with a stonkingly good result . Will it be undercarriage up or down? TT 🐯
  13. Hello Alexey, The first post here was 30th of June 2016. I am very sadly not sure how much I will be able to oversee this, and other GB's I'm involved with this year. This is a shame for this one in particular as it has personal relevance (Burt Munro), and is also my joint favourite modelling theme. I am currently able to post as much as everyone can see I'm posting on BM. I love it here, but my health has not been my friend for some time. I want to thank you Alexey (Pin) for all your support through this. If it becomes too much and we have to call this GB off, I will go with that. It's not fair to expect one bloke to do it all. All the best TonyT
  14. Chimay. Lovely stuff! Double or triple Trappist monk? Apparently the 'trappistes' have a vow of complete silence, but they *are* allowed to talk about brewing their lovely beer. I had an uncle that tried to be a Trappist monk, joined the monastery at 20. Every 10 years he had a review with the abbot. He was allowed to speak no more than two words at each review. At his first review the abbot asked; " Ten years you have spent in silence within these walls my son, do you have a couple of words you would like to say?" My uncle Richard replied: "Bed, hard" "I'm sorry to hear that my son" the abbot replied "We'll get you another mattress". My uncle left his review and continued in complete silence, for another ten years His next review came around. He was now 40 years old and had spoken only two words in 20 years. The abbot asked, in a similar vein to 10 years previously; " Twenty years you have spent in silence within these walls my son, do you have a couple of words you would like to say?" Richard replied: "Porridge, lumpy" The abbot sighed and said; "I'm sorry to hear that my son, we'll get the cook to mix your porridge more thoroughly" Another ten years passed. Richard was now 50. Just four words in 30 years. It was time for his review with the abbot. "Thirty years you have spent in silence within these walls my son, do you have a couple of words you would like to say?" Richard replied; "Door, draughty" The abbot's brow furrowed. "I'm sorry my son, I'll get your door properly sealed so that you don't feel the cold draught". Another 10 years passed. Richard was miserable. He'd had enough of the silence. He was 60 years old now, he decided he was just young enough to enjoy some worldly pleasures, it was time to confront the exceedingly old abbot. He was scared. He felt he'd let himself down. That the abbot had been kind and would be very sad to see him go. It was time for his review. Just six words in 40 years. Now he would have to say more. "Forty years you have spent in silence within these walls my son, do you have a couple of words you would like to say?" "Well father, I am sorry to say I wish to leave. This life is not for me" Said Richard The abbot's face dropped, he looked relieved; "Thank Christ for that, I'll be glad to see you go, you've done nothing but complain since you came here!" PS: I like the pilots Ced. Even the Biafran one. They'll improve with each attempt TT
  15. I'm wondering if it's an Avia BH-9, like the one on display in Prague: Would follow in the tradition of the very nice old KP Avia BH-3 and 21 . Prizes? Do I hear prizes? A Taifun please! Best regards TonyT