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  1. Welcome to the Group Build Colin. No need to worry about being late, anyone can start any time, the more the merrier ! One nice aspect of this GB is that I'm finding it very educational, in historical as well as modelling terms. i just did a Google on the 510 and discovered this on Wikipedia: "During 1948, the Type 510 had conducted its maiden flight, a year after the first navalised prototype Attacker had flown. This flight made it the first British aircraft to fly with both swept wings and a swept tailplane. The Type 510 also held the distinction of being the first swept-wing aircraft to take off from and land upon an aircraft carrier during trials held for the Fleet Air Arm." An important aircraft. It's good to see that it has been preserved. I found the details above under the entry for the Supermsrine Swift. I had no idea that the Swift had so many teething problems. Both very attractive aitcraft IMHO. Looking forward to this. Best regards TonyT
  2. Hope you and your lady (and son) are feeling better. Drink plenty of water to get rehydrated. I'm a strong advocate of herb tea for recovering from this and many ailments. I know it's not everyone's, erm, cup of tea . All the best TonyT
  3. It's coming along very well indeed Adrian. I like the effect you have achieved with all the different brown shades I hadn't heard of sponging before; do you just use little bits of sponge and apply it in a few places? It looks very good. The canopy and your careful painting makes a huge difference to this kit, compared to the thick jam jar bottom of the Airfix original. Great stuff TonyT
  4. It's wonderful to see this in the group build Adrian. Wonderful to see it full stop ! Its the sort of subject I could imagine possibly FROG having a go at long ago, one of the series with the Vimy and Southern Cross. A very attractive aircraft. I like the scored plastic card for the fuselage ribbing; it looks to me like that might be the winning technique Looking forward to this Best regards TonyT
  5. Condolences to the victims and their families. I am a Brit in Australia, seeing this happen back home saddens me deeply. Sending positive energy from far away, TonyT
  6. For anyone interested in aviation records. In the last week this book has been published and may be of interest; Aviation Records in the Jet Age: The Planes and Technologies Behind the Breakthroughs. By; William A. Flanagan. Lt. Col. ASAF (ret). Specialty Press It was due for release 15/3/2017. Samples are available at google books here:"William+A.+Flanagan"&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiX-9T1gOnSAhUDJZQKHfhxCDwQ6AEIHzAB#v=onepage&q&f=false It looks interesting, I hope it becomes available soon. Best regards TonyT
  7. Hello Ced. It's morning here. Therefore I'll grab a seat at the back, for this matinee performance. I'll just be sipping Alka-Seltzer and water. Got a banana and a boiled egg too. Not that I've got a hangover or anything . Mosquitoes are sublimely beautiful aircraft. Great choice for the GB . Rioja? Me too; last night with a couple of hours on a Tamiya Spitfire. I daren't look at what I've done to the cowl . That little drill dent will fill in fine Ced, it might be the only filler you'll need on the kit . Looking forward to this. All the best TonyT PS: I'm glad you're doing the nightfighter, I couldn't have stood anything too bright today. I've brought my pillow, this nice blanket and.....
  8. This is a great subject for the Group Build Bill, I'm really looking forward to seeing it being built. Its quite a stunning looking bird. It sounds strange but if I squint (a lot) the overall shape looks quite a bit like the MiG 9. The first flight of the XF-15C was February 1945, exactly the same month and year that MiG were ordered to produce the single seat jet fighter. I wonder if someone over at MiG had a friend that had a friend that had a look at the Curtiss, wondered how two reverse-engineered BMW engines would fit the general shape ? Welcone to the Group Build Bill, thanks for building and introducing us to such an interesting prototype . All best regards TonyT
  9. I wish I could have a makeover like this model. Go from looking great to looking really fantastic . It looks superb John, I need to catch up on the WIP to see how you achieved this great update. Really nice paintwork and weathering Best regards TonyT
  10. I like that that a lot Stix. I enjoy learning about AFV's, the introduction is really good. I always like it when you take pictures on your Spitfire shelf . Great figures, they really add life, everything beautifully painted. TonyT
  11. Really fast and superb progress Steve. It really does look to go together very well. ESCI did a good job, the box art is gorgeous too . It's going to look pretty stunning in black. Great modelling, hope it's helping you get your wingy mojo back . Best regards TonyT
  12. Oh dear . I hope that she will be ok. I'll get one too, Flipping big 'C' I really wish it could be kicked into touch for once and for all. T
  13. This is one that I really have to follow. What an incredibly narrow escape they had ! INot long to ANZAC day now, I wonder will these be complete by then ? The elephant is an amazing looking aircraft, really looking forward to seeing one made. Best regards TonyT
  14. Stunning Nigel. . A real triumph. It's a wonderful idea for a kit, to lay it bare like this, but it takes a Soecial kind if patience, skill and tenacity to complete it. Now, I'm wondering how, and when, you're going to put the transfers on ? TonyT
  15. That's very nice Ced. These De-Haviland twin engines affairs do look nice in silver. I can see why you didn't do the wash. I think the word to describe it is: 'resplendent' . Silver Mosquitoes look good too. A lot of RAAF ones were silver, so that might be something you'd like to try in the future. They would make a nice pair. I think the one in the link here is the one that the decals in the Airfix 1/72 one represent (in Borneo): I know you prefer to keep your subjects in the good old Nothern Hemisphere, so only a suggestion . TonyT