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  1. A message of sympathy for Barcelona

    Hello folks, We know Britmodeller isn't a political forum. Terrorist attacks are beyond politics, it's just horrible, needless tragedy. At such times of terrible tragedy I hope it's ok for us to send our sympathy and messages of support to those affected and their families of all nationalities. A lot of British people live in Spain, Catalonia, in Bacelona a truly international city. I lived and studied in Barcelona in the early 90's, have family members that were there on Las Ramblas only three weeks ago; many friends there. Thankfully all are safe. Not all are so lucky . It's a truly beautiful city, the people are always kind to me. It's a city with great culture and history. I hope we can extend our sympathies to all those affected by this terrible event, our respects to those lost and injured. This is is an English speaking forum, if the mods would like me to remove these wishes in Catalan and Castilian that's fine; my apologies. Please could I respectfully request that if anyone is interested, please that the thread just be used for messages of condolence and support. Amb profunda simpatia i amor per als ciutidans de Barcelona, Catalunya, Espanya en aquest moment de tragèdia. Con profunda simpatía y amor por los ciudadanos de Barcelona, Cataluña, España en este día de tragedia. With deepest sympathy and feeling for the citizens of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain at this time of tragedy. Best regards TonyT
  2. Hello FZ, The AML boxing has some nice extras. I've built more of these things than any other kit; I still haven't got it 'right' yet. I can certainly save you a lot of frustration with some things you can do to help it go together, before starting with the glue. I'll not move this thread away from topic, I'll send you a PM. I'm no self appointed expert but if anyone would like some good tips on the old Avis/Amodel/AML kits, just drop me a PM. A replacement canopy is very desirable. This AMG kit looks a lot better in many ways. I agree completely with @Duncan B's sentiments towards these new Jumo engined 109 kits; they're very welcome . I would recommend Steelwork models in Germany for those wanting Spanish Civil War decals for these (and just about anything else). I've been dealing with him for years and he's a very reliable nice chap: https://shop.strato.de/epages/61299018.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61299018/Products/SD7203 Best regards TonyT
  3. Blackburn Roc Floatplane Target Tug

    Beautiful work on the floats and struts Martian . This is all looking very impressive indeed Best regards TonyT
  4. Crikey, this thread is hard to keep up with! I've been running so hard that the belt on my trousers broke; they fell down twice on the last page Very swift progress Ced. I like how you painted and weathered the barrels . A very nice cockpit area. Phenolic resin. I'm going to remember that. Very useful photo from Alex. Why did they split the cowl top ? Looking forward to the next instalment Best regards TonyT
  5. Airfix 1/72 DH 114-2D Heron, AVIACO, Spain, 1958

    It's great to see the photographs back Jure . I think that on Group Builds, it's only the gallery that gets locked. It's worth checking with @Enzo Matrix. You may be able to get the thread moved into the aviation WIP area. Ingenious work with the thread and automotive filler to create the wheel well detail. I'm hoping to build a Royal Navy Sea Heron. As you say, drawings appear to be elusive, as are decals. I appreciate that progress will be gradual, (my ownbuilds progress at a truly glacial pace ), but look forward to seeing the Heron progress; the engines look like a nice puzzle to solve Best regards TonyT
  6. The Boeing B-17 STGB

    Thank you chaps that's really helpful I did a little Google research on the 'E' or 'IIa' yesterday. There are some really interesting options. Being down here at the bottom of the world; I was interested when I found that there had been B-17E's based near Darwin. As you say, the ones with the Hawaiian Air Depot' scheme that managed to escape the initial onslaught, look great. Fascinating back story too. Then I found 'Swamp Ghost'. Now there's a story ! A number of potential diorama possibilities too... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swamp_Ghost https://www.pacificwrecks.com/aircraft/b-17/41-2446.html Assembly ship? Coastal command? I'm glad I decided to join the GB chaps; I had no idea the old kit offered all these options. I've been looking at the sad crushed old box for years wondering what to do with it. TonyT PS: I googled as advised. Found this: https://b17flyingfortress.de/b17/41-9100-birmingham-blitzkrieg/ TT
  7. BBMF Grounded!!

    Thanks for the link Tony It's odd that the article says; "affects all current and serviceable display aircraft". As you point out, not all the aircraft have the Merlin I hope they can overcome the problem and get the aircraft back to safe, airworthy condition without excessive expense or difficulty. The BBMF is a national treasure. Best regards TonyT
  8. Hello people, Just to congratulate Mr. @Enzo Matrix on winning the poll With 7 votes; 25% of the total his Streak Eagle did it. Lovely work on the metal finishes. The build can be seen here: Please PM address/PO box details Enzo and I'll send your prize book: : Once again thank you to all you wonderful creative people that took part. Of course, to Enzo for making it all work. My next Group Build role will be as a co-host for this group build; It has a cast of thousands and will feature very good special effects, with multiple interwoven story lines 🎥. Please join us if you like floaty things that can fly (like my pet Puffin). All are welcome and it will be great fun, leading us nicely up to the Christmas period. Bye for now TonyT
  9. The Boeing B-17 STGB

    Hello V-P. Please would you count me in? I have an old FROG 1/72 in a torn box with some parts missing. For a long time I haven't known what to do with this kit. I feel it isn't good enough to sell. I have done a little searching and there doesn't appear to be much in the way of aftermarket decals for the B-17E. The later versions have far more choices. I'm treating this as a 'free kit'. Therefore, my actual costs for this build are all for aftermarket parts. I don't have all the wheel parts. I think over the next year I will slowly purchase wheels, undercarriage, engines, guns, a Falcon Canopy set (it's for Academy kits, but I'll try it) and anything else you good people could recommend. I have, somewhere, a big (and quite expensive at the time) resin interior set and a crew set (US); it may be by SBS, I'm not sure. Hope I can find it before the GB. If anyone could point me to some nice after market B-17 E decals and aftermarket items that you think are good, I would really appreciate it. I may write to Academy to see if they will sell me a set of their 'Calamity Jane' decals; I've had success in the past approaching manufacturers directly. Bye for now TonyT
  10. Flying boats and float planes GB

    After all this time I re-read the build I sent the link for. I take back my 90% assessment of it covering what needs to be done . it's a start and addresses some issues. I now realise that mine has been in a carrier bag for 26 years, because it was waiting for a 'Baronial Build'. It knew that after such a thing, it was guaranteed a real chance of being a model that could hold up its reshaped nose in the display cabinet . I'm looking forward to 'The Baron's Carvery'. Just make sure not to run out of stuffing balls and Cranberry Sauce How did I know your instructions were Chinese.....wierd. Best regards Antoine de la baleine psychique Chinoise 🐳 🇨🇳
  11. Italeri Dakota Mk.III

    Many thanks Steve I'm not quite as sharp as I could be at the moment so that's very helpful. I feel a very Victor Meldrew style letter coming on, a padded envelope and some dried up new pots travelling around 10,600 miles. It's not that I'm focussed on the refund/replace side. I just hope that if enough people do it, they may make a special effort to rectify the problem in the production process. That way, they may sell more and a few British jobs will be more secure. Apologies for thread wander Michelle; happy to edit it out. Best regards TonyT
  12. Fourtean Forecasts

    one legged upon tripe
  13. De Havilland Dh 89 Dragon Rapide

    Well done OM You've put together a fairly large biplane, very nicely, in no time at all. A very composed save around the canopy. Should you make one again, without the time competition, I would recommend one of these replacement canopies; they're very good: http://www.jaysmodelkits.com/jaysmk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=102_103&products_id=1042 I like the turnbuckle fairings; are these very fine brass rod? Hopng you got some real sleep and feel refreshed enough to get to the next stage . Great stuff TonyT
  14. Flying boats and float planes GB

    You're right Tony, they did make a bit of a bobbins of it. If you would rather not reshape the nose, a bit of Dexter action at the rear should put things back in order. I think you'll be getting feelings of déjà-vu, perhaps Doom !!! I did make this thing twice, once as a teenager, then when I should have been revising for final exams at university. That time I tried to sort it out. It's the same one that's in the carrier bag here, now. It has been since 1991 . I did enjoy it. It just got lost in time, but I enjoyed the problem solving. It's a lot like a Frog kit; apart from the panel lines. You may wish to fill in some of them; it was a pretty smooth airframe. The cockpit will benefit from a good pimping, in much the way any FROG or most Matchbox kits would. A nice shot of the i/p here: http://www.warbirdsresourcegroup.org/LRG/do18.html The only thing regarding a G is that I think they had bigger floats . You can get away with a D-3 with the least butchery afaik. That has the smaller floats. Just a little nose fettling would see it through. I bet you're starting to thing that you're going to have to take a saw to the nether regions of every kit you make from now on ! Sink marks on the rear prop is a shame. The blades do need work. Wrong shape, but there's more. Too wide. I think maybe too short too. The spinner on the rear prop should have a very tapered, pointed profile compared to the spinner on the front. It's very elegant in real life. The pitch on the rear prop is the wrong way around; they would fight each other. If you would like some more Dexter action; there's opportunity for a little more sawing (intakes) and detailing on the nacelles. I'm starting to make it sound like a nightmare now but there's also a step 'as is' when the wings are mated up to the nacelle. Milliput will be your friend. I can save a lot of time here. I've been looking for something for you. It helped me. More or less a 'how to do it'. Thank heavens it hasn't been destroyed by Photomuppet. Behold most of the answer; and enjoy: http://www.bare-metal.com/Matchbox-Dornier-Do-18D-2G-1.html Best regards Antoine de la baleine 🐳 PS: The instructions for mine are in Chinese. Only Chinese. If yours is the same, a university friend (Chinese) annotated my instructions; colours etc, I'll send you a scan. Antoine de la baleine Chinoise 🐳 🇨🇳 (je pense que vous êtes comme Antoine du chien de la mer 🌊 🐶 Do G ).
  15. Edouard's war

    A great story very well told CC. I agree with the words you wrote about old people. I was brought up around many old family members. I loved listening to their stories. They were accustomed to 'young people' thinking they were boring and making fun of them . I always thought that it was sensible to listen to them, to try to learn things that would help me get through the nightmare of being a teenager! It sounds like your ex father in law was an interesting man; a night out at the pub wouldn't have been boring TonyT