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  1. I'm glad to hear you're ok after reading this and seeing the location of the hole. If it's the Submarine base near Helensburgh/Rhu, I used to live very close, I enjoyed it very much. now around 11,000 miles away. Miss the area. Hope they don't complicate things with the asbestos malarkey . All the best TonyT
  2. From the same time period, one of the LOT Lockheed Electra 10 fleet would be very nice : Special Hobby did a kit in 1/72, Williams Brothers a little bigger (1/53!). I have the Special Hobby 1/72 kit and it's ok; with your detailing it could be improved and made very good . Here is a nice film of SP-ALK for inspiration : Best regards TonyT
  3. This build has been the stuff of legends. The best Airfix 1/24 Bf 109 I've seen built, fullstop, and with a full pictorial write up of how it was done. The internet is sometimes 'A Good Thing'. Thanks to BM and spiffing chaps like yourself that share such builds, we all now have a brilliant online resource to help us build this venerable kit . Thanks for a great build Johnny, have a real ale on me ! TonyT
  4. Very nice Steve The lime green looks excellent; beautifully painted. TonyT
  5. I would like to take a seat for this one if it's ok? I have probably five in the stash, from the old SuperModel to the recent Italeri re-release. Again, I've viewed the building instructions with trepidation. You're doing a grand job so far, the seat, base and back, is fantastic All best regards TonyT
  6. This is a really fun project. It's a shame that the Bentley got dropped; good save on the bus. The diorama is huge! Looking forward to seeing how the buildings come along and to the Mini . Here's another possible model that could be 'de-rallyfied'. Great stuff Best regards TonyT
  7. It looks like I have one of the good seats on this one Johnny . That decal sheet is incredible! Good luck with the build; looking forward to it. All the best TonyT
  8. Great work J-W. A nice solution to sanding back the fabric texture to the lower wing. The change to accurate size of wing makes a big difference to the look of the model. I like also the little change in angle of the tail . Great stuff TonyT
  9. Hello J-W, There was an Omega resin model of it in 1/72. The kit parts can be seen on the pictures here: It's a very attractive variant. The big Yellow 'H' have got one on Special at the moment with 1/3 off. Still an expensive kit, but a nice and unusual one. Tempting ! Best regards TonyT
  10. Hope it went well Ced. The anaesthetic always amazes me. They say: "You will feel like you've only been asleep for s couple of seconds" and it's true, yet maybe an hour has gone by. I hope you get attractive nurses, a nice kip and comfortably back home in time for a G & T and relaxation . Got to put your nacelle before the Avia's in this case.... All the best (of British) TonyT
  11. It is a stunning model Andrii ! The build thread is now like a reference work for anyone that would like to improve this good old kit. You have transformed it, with many interesting techniques, from traditional to very modern. Thank you for sharing this build . Also tell your Cossack and Lego men that we think they did a very good job too Best regards TonyT
  12. This looks stunning. Wonderful interior detailing, a lovely NMF and the open engine is superb. I have had this in the stash some time, often I open it and look, then put away. I would like to build a French one. If there is any chance you could share more details of how, and where, width was taken from the fuselage, it would be greatly appreciated . TonyT
  13. I must stop lurking. A thoroughly enjoyable build thread PC. I am out of 'likes', but only in the virtual sense. It's interesting to read of the cold temperatures in other parts of the world, the effects on the psyche. In contrast just approximately 10 miles from here today, there was/is a fire that has destroyed, so far, 13 homes. Temperatures have been up and down like a brides nightdress, but often above 39°C (102.2F), sometimes as high as 45°C (113F). I prefer the cold of a Northern hemisphere January and February. It feels more conducive to modelling, It seems your Spitfire output confirms this theory . You have done a wonderful job on this quartet of Spitfires. The 'gull' of the wing on these Eduard kits looks very 'right', the panel lines nice and restrained. I'm not entirely convinced that you look refreshed PC. There's something in that gaze that reminds me of Travis Bickle. All will be fine as long as you stick to that impressive stash, whilst avoiding thoughts of Cheeto coloured people and cunning uses for typewriter return assemblies . All best regards TonyT
  14. You have made a lovely job of this kit. I have the early MPM version (it has the flaps moulded onto the wings) and later Special Hobby one (lots of complicated etch). Is this the later one? If so, yes, it's a very tricky kit. Parts attached to sprues at awkward places, over complicated etch attachment of parts/interior and not the best fit of parts. I had to put it away.. On the other hand this shows what someone with far more tenacity can achieve . I too, really like this early Luftwaffe scheme, thank you for the colour recipe: duly noted. I must pull mine out of the 'Drawer of Doom'. TonyT
  15. I have just caught up with this BB. Great subject and it looks like the Magna conversion is a nice fit. Very nice cockpit work. I remember (maybe) the original box art had cars driving out of the aircraft. I loved kits like the Airfix hovercraft that included little cars. I wondered if this one does? Great choice of colour scheme. All best regards TonyT