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  1. That little Awing rocks, they all look great but definitely like the A more. A cracking come back to the hobby. Now go buy your self a Mater Grade Gundam kit, you can really go crazy painting those.
  2. Thanks for the kind comments, it could be a lot better but as my first time building my own project im very happy with it and have 2 or 3 plans for my next one but for now i have a colour and made a start on a bit of paint. Well i haved ended up going red after lots of different options. I will be mixing it up with some browns as well thought. Still a long way to go with the ted yet.
  3. sprayed a bit of primer of these just to see if i have missed anything, just a few very small ruff spots to clean up but I very happy with it so far.
  4. Embrace the inner geek!
  5. Did you order the older one or the 2.0, they are both nice kits but the older one need more work to get the best out of it. Good luck with it, your not going to look back once you start building gundam kits.
  6. Top banana!
  7. Also on with building up the details with plate and new panel lines.
  8. Cutting up the legs of the GM and fitting to the old kit to give him some piston details and feet that can move a bit. And did similar thing to the arms, i did have to drill out fixing pionts for the poly caps in the leg and arms.
  9. Entery into comp. Test fitting the cut up body parts to see how big the gaps are and how much putty I'm going to need. All the white parts are from the old kit and everything else from the newer HG kit.
  10. This is somthing new for me an online building comp. Its over on the Mecha lounge here is the link and im sure there will some amazing builds in the GM vs Zaku comp. So for my build im going for a 1/144 RGC-80 GM but the only kit available is a really old Bandai kit, its so old you need to glue it together and with not much in the way of details im going to try and bring it a little more up to date by bashing it with a HG GM kit, and when i say bashing i mean cutting to bits and stick back together ( well thats the plan). Work so far.....
  11. Now that is looking v nice.
  12. Thanks Tolga, you should definitely get one for your Zaku collection, would look great sitting on the hand of your PG Zaku.
  13. Really great job, yes the uniforms look a bit shiny but you could fix that and everything else is fantastic.
  14. Holy cow! It would take a loto win for me to buy that lot, very impressed with those added parts, particularly like the power cables not seen those before. Looking forward to seeing you build this Tim, and idea on colour yet?