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  1. Thats made a massive difference, he looks great.
  2. Slow process but its comming along, this is my attempt at aged leather seats. Body work needs a little more wet sanding before the final coat of blue.
  3. Very very nice.
  4. I like that, looks a nice kit.
  5. Cool, same colour as my real bug back when I were a lad. The spray job look terrible in those pictures, a session with the wet and dry tonight I think.
  6. A really great kit very well built. It looks fantastic.
  7. So cut the front wheel mount, refitted and drill hole for new wheel axles. This is like real modeling for me..... Looking much better. Just for interest that metal rod the handle end of used sparkler.
  8. No expert myself i just chop and glue stuff back together and hope for the best most of the time. Here you can see the new holes i drilled for the front axle but i drilled them a tad to low. For the back i havent attach the shoxers for wheel mount so i could bend tge axles. Worked out better than the front. Happy with the rear ride hight but thr front is still to low and a to wide. I think i will cut of the wheel mounts and remount then.
  9. Very nicely done, the finish looks great and the lights are spot on, great work.
  10. That is just so cool......... I have just sprayed some model car windows using the same tamiya smoke and have the same finish. I sprayed the inside of the windows as well, so it dosnt look to bad but I thought is was odd.
  11. That is looking fantastic, really has the look and feel of the film about it.
  12. Lowering the back should be easy, I will apply some heat and bend the rear axle, is should also give a bit of camber to the wheels as well. The front axle I have just re drilled the mount that fit to the bulk head and refitted it but now the wheels are bout 0.5mm to high inside the arches, so I will have to do some more tinkering. Once I have had a go at the backend tonight I will post some more pictures. I have sprayed the first 2 coats of paint as well and I need to do some sanding.....oops. keeping the 1303 motorised sound like a good plan, may be fit some LED`s lights as well to give it some more life. You could have the hazard lights flashing, that would be very life like.....
  13. I will look out for the wip of the 1303. Not much has happened as i needed some wheels before i started to butcher the axles to lower the suspension, but they have arrived so i can brake out the cutters. Not sure if i should strip the chrome and repaint or not? The new tyers are 7mm the originals are only 3mm wide.
  14. Hi Tim, did you use once of those chemical rap transfer things for the centre of the back pack or is that a paint effect? Its a very nice detail.