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  1. That looks spectacular!
  2. I like what you doing with the look of the chest plate, a much more modern scifi look to it.
  3. That is looking very nice.
  4. I like the look of him a big improvment over the stock kit, he looks very anime.
  5. Very very nice and in time for the new Pratchett TV show.
  6. Dame! these things used to scare the hell out of me................ Nice finish.
  7. So I picked this up for a couple of English ponds from a chines website just to have a go at one, for the price its got some great detail and was great fun to build. The instruction are not the best and is my first time with anything PE and thats my excuse for a poorly finished kit and a few broken parts but I will definitely be ordering a few more. Im tempted to put a grey wash over it to bring out some of the details. one for size in my hand.
  8. Nice work, its a great kit this one and one of my favorite MS
  9. Man they look amazing, lots of great work going into the build.
  10. That is looking really very nice indeed.
  11. Got love the yellow... Not much building going on at my place for a few months, as im on with making the garage a bit more room like with painted wall and ceiling and a real floor but i have 11 years of crop to get rid of first. Anyway just before i dismantle the work area im trying to get the decals on this finished.
  12. Oh thats super cool!
  13. This is a pretty big parcel drop for me and should keep me entertained for a time.
  14. Ok that has sparked my interest, when do we get to see more?
  15. Nice!