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    Modelling, Soul music and scooters.
  1. This might help ...
  2. The variation in the patterns was to avoid the possibility of a regimented appearance when the aircraft were lined up next to each other. Once it was realised that aircraft should be further dispersed, even having their own individual pens, the different patterns became unnecessary, and were discontinued 26th April 1941, before Ocean Grey replaced the Dark Earth. Manufacturers were told to choose either the A or B pattern and apply that to all aircraft. Most seem to have chosen the A pattern.
  3. The A and B pattern system was abandoned in 1941.
  4. There's a picture of the "parasuit" here Cheers, Adrian
  5. Cheers chaps, I'll maybe post a pic or two in the RFI section when I'm done!
  6. Tis I, Cheers, Adrian
  7. Hello, Been lurking on here for a while and was very, very impressed with the standard of modelling, and thought I'd like to give it a go again. The last kit I built was probably around 1971 and an awful lot has happened in the modelling world since then! So to ease myself back in, I've bought myself a 1/48 Airfix BF-109E (Don't think my eyes or ham-fisted fingers could cope with 1/72 scale now!), an airbrush, paint, filler, various modelling tools and books. I've never used an airbrush before or even primed a model so this could be interesting! Pre/post shading what's all that about? Hey Ho! Adrian