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  1. This is why I stopped buying magazines; once upon a time I was an avid golfer and subscribed to Today's Golfer and Golf Monthly; after a few years I realized that most of the articles in the most recent issues were re-treads of things I'd read before; at that point I cancelled my subscriptions. I've only bought an occasional magazine in any genre since- usually when I've forgotten to bring a book to read on the train or very occasionally when there is a specific article I really want to read and keep. As for modelling magazines, whenever I pick one up I end up putting it back on the shelf on the grounds that all of the information in it is probably available for free via the internet.
  2. Battle of Britain Day

    I happen to have the day off on 15th September- Does anyone know is there anything happening in the Southern half of Britain to celebrate Battle of Britain Day that I could go to?
  3. New to priming

    That's the one I use, works perfectly well for me.
  4. Pilot or no pilot?

    I like to pose most of my models as a little vignette, so I usually include some crew and/or ground crew to give it some life- I don't always put the pilot in the plane though, it depends on what I'm trying to give an impression of. I only build 1:72, I tend to think that as the scale gets larger it's much harder to make the figures look alive, if you see what I mean.
  5. Stuka Ju 87B Cockpit Colours

    This seems like a case where the evidence that truly proves the point one way or another has disappeared in the fog and chaos of war. on that basis it seems to me that, in the absence of anything truly conclusive for the plane you want to model, you are at liberty to choose which version of the interior you find most pleasing to you. As the general consensus of the assembled experten here (and we really do have a number of experts) is that there isn't definitive evidence for the interior paint scheme backed up with contemporaneous references and well-provenanced photos then so long as you go with either RLM02 / RLM 66 or RLM02 / RLM66 / Bare Metal then you'll be on firm ground with anyone who looks at your model and says 'that's wrong'.
  6. Airfix 1:72 B-17G: How Correct are the Interior Colours?

    Why not paint them aluminium colour? Then you could have anti-corrosion and preservation and still look historically accurate?
  7. F-51D Mustang Fuselage Colour

    Loving the Brushpainter blog- thanks for that link
  8. Cutting Small Tubes

    Thank you everyone- I'll give the wire and new blade a go
  9. What is in a name?

    There's a little place just up the road from me labelled Booby Dingle on the o/s map- it doesn't have an irregular pronunciation... I was pleased yesterday to note that my Sat Nav app pronounced Leominster correctly, that's a favourite one around here to catch out people from 'off' (it's 'Lem-ster' btw, although to give it a proper Herefordshire inflection you need to draw the vowel sounds out quite a lot).
  10. Cutting Small Tubes

    How do people cut small tube without crimping it? I've bought some 1mm x 0.25mm aluminium tube to use as replacement gun barrels etc, but it is too small to be gripped by my K&S tube cutter which goes down to 1/16" leaving me at a little bit of a loss...
  11. Me-163 Question

    Well I would never have guessed that in a month of Sundays- thanks everyone
  12. Me-163 Question

    Does anyone know what the tiny little propeller on the nose of the Me-163 Komet is for? You can see it in this picture: http://s3.amazonaws.com/dk-production/images/17534/story_image/800px-Museum_of_Flight_Me_163_04.jpg?1359565398 Could it have anything to do with gliding ability once the rocket fuel is exhausted?
  13. Washing After Decals

    It's never occurred to me to ask before- how do people wash their model down after finishing putting all the decals on? I usually give it a wipe over with a bit of damp kitchen towel to get the excess decal solution off- anyone got anything special they do?
  14. RAF Museum Lysander to be Restored

    I was at the RAF Museum at Cosford yesterday- one of the staff told me that the Lysander from Hendon has recently been delivered to Cosford to be given some TLC before being displayed there. Not sure how long that will take as I was told they haven't decided how much work is needed yet. Since I was last at Cosford a couple of years ago the Me-262 and FW-190 are back in the War in the Air display, along with the Ju-88 and a Me-109G from Hendon. The elevators and ailerons were off the Ju-88 and packed up on the ground, didn't manage to find out why. The Catalina is now outside the War in the Air hall to make room for the Defiant which is out of storage and being restored and was looking rather nice in nightfighter trim, albeit with the wings off at the moment (the inside of the wings have been painted interior green, btw). Some of this might be old news to many, but it was new news to me...
  15. Humbrol help!

    As someone else said- a good slug of flow improver will help get a smooth finish for brush painting, but if you don't have any then water will do the job too. I find the paints that come in those little tubs can be a bit grainy- there always seems to be some tiny fragments of pigment or something in the paint however well you thin it and stir it. I've had much less of an issue with this with the pots of Humbrol acrylic that I buy, which I find odd as you'd think they'd be exactly the same stuff just packaged differently I've yet to find a use for the glue that comes with the doubles and the starter sets, I have tubes of it...