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  1. I use the eye end of a needle for the same job- I clamp the needle into a pin vice. I'm pretty sure this was a tip I picked up from BM, so apologies to whoever's good idea it is that I'm repeating.
  2. I seem to recall Eric Brown test flew a damaged one at the end of WWII- there's a photo of one in 'Wings on My Sleeve' IIRC
  3. I'm going to need a free day just to read and take in all that info! Thank you
  4. Well that seems actually reasonably do-able, even for me- thank you
  5. One more question- and forgive me if I have misunderstood or over-looked some of the detail in the fascinating information above that already answers this question. Are there many apparent differences between a Mk.IIa and a MK.IIb? I'm accepting here that some Mk.II Hurricanes arrived in squadron service before the 31st October cut-off date for the end of the BoB, but they would have been Mk.IIa because the first Mk.IIb weren't completed until October 1940, so unlikely to have been in actual service. If I understand rightly there really aren't that many obvious differences between the Mk.IIa and Mk.IIb with Hispano cannon fitted- visually the two variants seem very similar- longer than a Mk.I because of the longer engine, each would have two cannon in each wing with a bulge for the breaches, kinked tail wheel, probably a Rotol spinner and prop...so to the model maker looking to make a reasonable version of a Mk.IIa I'm thinking a Mk.IIb kit is the answer? Thanks MO
  6. Rubber-based painting masks for Spitfires? That's a
  7. If you head over to the 'Paint' part of Britmodeller http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/16-paint/ There are two current threads, one relating to gloss varnish and one to matte which will give you a good introduction to the topic of 'which varnish'. Sorry, I can't figure out how to link the threads directly into this post... Alternatively, google 'Britmodeller Klear' but I'd make a cuppa and open the biscuits before you start down that road...
  8. New Theme

    I like it- change is as good as a rest Made me jump, mind. Logged in at lunchtime- old forum; logged in at home- wtf!? Thought I was on the wrong site
  9. I think there are many different ways of skinning this particular cat. I'm no expert (by a long chalk) but I use weathering powder 'stippled' onto the matt varnish coat with a reasonably stiff paintbrush* which I find gives the slightly sooty appearance I think I see on photos of the real thing, and I imagine is caused by particles in the exhaust sticking to the air frame. Less is more, so I try to get the basic shape of the exhaust stain that I see in pictures (each aircraft seems to have its own distinctive pattern, driven by airflow I guess) by building up the weathering powder in a number of light applications, stopping as soon as I get the first inking that I've done enough. *not a specific stippling brush, they don't quite give the effect I'm looking for, but they are very useful for brush painting mottle camouflage schemes
  10. I've stuck a piece of tape on my bottle of Humbrol Matt Cote that has "shake extremely well" written on it to remind me that mixing the matting agent up takes a lot of elbow grease...
  11. That's fascinating information, I fear I'll definitely run out of ability on the hasegawa kit...need to practice my filling skills on something less rare
  12. Well I never- thanks for that- I've got that kit and haven't clocked that the markings are from the BoB period rather than earlier- it now rises to be next on the list for me to bodge (currently I'm bodging a Spitfire MkI and a Bf109 E4) I'll still want a metal wing one at some point as part of my desire to make a version of each type and mark that flew in the battle.
  13. Hasegawa would be nice, I might keep an eye on that Ebay one, just in case... Troy knows my mind- given my limited experience I make plenty of mistakes- I see them as all part of the learning process but nonetheless I'd rather screw up an old Airfix one, just because I can always get another- I'd be frightened to death with the Hase one! Cheers MO
  14. it's like you read my mind- my requirements are almost exactly that- I'm trying to build a collection of all the aircraft that flew in the Battle of Britain, purely for my own entertainment and given my very limited modelling skills then something that is as OOB as possible is handy. I've always liked the Hurricane- you'd think the model that helped win the BoB would be a popular subject but finding a kit of a mid to late production Mk I is surprisingly tricky. Thank you all for taking the time to reply and for the information- much appreciated.
  15. If I wanted to build Battle of Britain specific Hurricanes in 1:72 what are my options in terms of available kits, or conversions of other kits? I don't profess to be an expert on the BoB or Hurricanes, but I think very few of the Mk I fabric wing version would've remained unconverted by July 1940 so the Hurricanes that flew in the battle would have mostly been the Mk.I with a metal wing but some Mk IIa and Mk IIb might have been operational before the official end of the Battle on 31st October. Am I right in my thinking here, and if so, what are my best options in modelling those variants? From browsing Scalemates there is a plethora of different older issues of the Hurricane Mk I and Mk II (especially the Mk IIb) but there's not a lot available in kits currently issued (curses to Airfix for making a fabric wing Mk I). I don't mind scouring ebay or second hand kit sellers; but narrowing the parameters of the search to kits that fit the BoB Hurricane would be helpful. Thanks MO