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  1. 1/72 Polikarpov I-3 resin kit is back in stock.
  2. I would like to introduce our new product line - assembled and painted 1/48 engines. Le Rhone 9C (80 hp) Clerget 9B (130 hp) Clerget 9Z (110 hp) Gnome Monosoupape 9B-2 (100 hp) Gnome 9 Delta / Oberursel U.I (100 hp) Le Rhone 9J (110 hp) Oberursel Ur.II (110 hp) Gnome 7 Lambda / Oberursel U.0 (80 hp) Gnome 7 Omega (50 hp) Gnome 14 Lambda-Lambda / Oberursel U.III (160 hp) Included tool has the same diameter as the engine. It can be used to test fit the engine into the cowling. Of course, all theese engines are also available as unassembled sets.
  3. 1/72 Polikarpov I-3 resin kit is available for ordering.
  4. Thank you! If everything goes as planned, it will cost $55.
  5. Upper wing and undercarriage assembly jig, struts and other stuff: Test build:
  6. Nose: Fuselage: Transparent sprue: Interior assembly:
  7. Thank you! Another sprue is ready - the lower wing:
  8. Thanks! I'm really bad at estimating release dates. I have another project that I want to finish first, and after that I will try to concentrate on Il-62.
  9. Some progress here (a very, very slow progress). Engine exhaust elements for both early Il-62 NK-8 and Il-62M D-30 engines. The printed parts are removed from supporting structures, cleaned up, their edges are sharpened. Engine intake. The idea is to make inlet guide vanes and compressor first stage fan as separate parts. Compressor fans (3D printed, slightly cleaned-up): Bases for the inlet guide vanes (3D printed). The actual razor-sharp blades are made of thin resin film, multiple copies are created and assembled onto the bases: Inlet guide vanes, copied in resin and removed from the bases: Inlet guide vanes + compressor fans: Thrust reverser grilles of early Il-62 NK-8 engines. 3D-printed part - clearly, not good enough: Lateral slits are cut, then perpendicular cuts are made, the remaining transverse grille lines are sharpened. Strips of white acetate printer film are inserted. The part is copied in resin, the strips are trimmed. Finished part:
  10. My old project which was started more than two years ago has undergone a sort of renaissance recently, and it's finally starting to look like it will actually be released. The subject is the Soviet biplane fighter I-3, developed by Nikolai Polikarpov. It was produced in significant numbers and served in Soviet Air Force for several years in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The model was build using old-fashioned modelling techniques without employing 3D modelling and printing (except for one part). Fuselage. Tail surfaces. Lower wing. Upper wing. One of my first experiments with 3D printing. The quality of the printed parts leaves much to be desired, but I managed to use them anyway. Radiator. Wheels. Other stuff. Sprues (those that are currently completed)
  11. Small Stuff has released 4 new 1/48 WWI engines: Le Rhone 9J 56 parts, includes 2 types of intake tubes. Can be used for the following aircraft: Airco DH5 Ansaldo Baby Avro 504 Bristol M.1 Grigorovich M-20 Hanriot HD.1 KASKR-1 Autogyro Morane-Saulnier I Morane-Saulnier V Nieuport 16 Nieuport 17 Nieuport 23 Nieuport 24 Nieuport 24bis Nieuport 27 Polikarpov U-1 Sopwith 1½ Strutter Sopwith Camel Sopwith Triplane Spad S.A-2 Last 2 sprues are common to all 4 sets. Oberursel Ur.II 56 parts, includes 2 types of intake tubes. Can be used for the following aircraft: Fokker Dr.I Fokker D.VI Fokker D.VIII PKZ-2 Gnome 7 Lambda / Oberursel U.0 37 parts. Can be used for the following aircraft: Bristol Scout Farman HF.20-25 Fokker E.I Hansa-Brandenburg W.20 Morane-Saulnier G Morane-Saulnier L Nieuport IV Pfalz A.I Pfalz E.I Sikorsky S-16 Sopwith Pup Sopwith Tabloid Gnome 14 Lambda-Lambda / Oberursel U.III 71 parts. Can be used for the following aircraft: Fokker D.III Fokker E.IV Pfalz. E.IV
  12. Thank you. I'll try to make them better though.
  13. Привет! Thanks! This is just the beginning.
  14. Renderings of the engines nacelles of an early Il-62 with NK-8 engines: Renderings of the engines and wheels parts (for both early Il-62 with NK-8 and Il-62M with D-30): Resin copies of 3D printed parts:
  15. Small Stuff has released 5 new 1/48 WWI engines: Here are some detailed photos of the parts and assembled engines: Le Rhone 9C 56 parts, includes 2 types of intake tubes. Last 2 sprues are common to all 5 sets. Clerget 9 74 parts, can be built as Clerget 9B or Clerget 9Z. Gnome Monosoupape 9B-2 47 parts. Gnome 9 Delta / Oberursel U.I 47 parts. Gnome 7 Omega 37 parts.