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  1. Hi Longbow, that`s quite sad because of your really nice Paintwork and the well documented plane. The Hobby-Boss Instruction points out the Differences between the different Versions sadly only on the Painting Guide. It`s a "Q" only with Gondola-Guns but with guns above the Engine, where are this gun on you Plane? Here for example the Museum-Plane: http://www.warbirdregistry.org/p39-p63registry/p39-snooks2nd.html more Pics: http://m.aerialvisuals.ca/AirframeDossier.php?Serial=96990 Best regards Stefan
  2. Really nice Paintjob, but are you sure about the Weaponconfiguration. Afaik the Cobras has two MG in each wing OR the Gondolagun. I have`nt seen jet, a picture with both. Best regards. Stefan
  3. The plastic parts are Italerie.... Best regards Stefan
  4. Indeed a very unusual Camo.Is there a historical proof? Clean build for such on old kit. Nice done! Best regards
  5. This Project was planed as a Matchbox Bird, i got the Kit and did some research, and was heavely disapointed about the poor research duty this Guies did. If anyone plan to build this Bird please buy the superb Hasegawa Plane comming with this Decals! Thanks to all of you who like this Plane!! Best regards. Stefan
  6. Hi Guies, today i would like to show you, one of my recent completed builds. It´s the superb Hasegawa B-26-B with a beauty Noseart. As allways: Done by brush, Paints are Agama and Revell. Hope you like this Beauty.. Best regards Stefan
  7. Indeed a nice finnish, but the colour is much to bright in my eyes. It has to be much darker. Have a look:https://goo.gl/images/KzYSPr Best regards Stefan
  8. Thank you all, for so many commends and so many postive words! And all your likes!! @Arniec Sounds nice. I never did a contest before. There is really a Matchbox bird i would like to do, but i got bad luck at E-Bay with my Vickers Wellesly. There are sadly some missing parts. I could`not get them, until now, here in Germany. Best regards Stefan
  9. Nothing special. Just sewing thread and a lot of nerves. Best regards Stefan
  10. It`s quite ugly with the fuselage pointed on the upper wing. If we talk about pretty bird`s as Mosquito, Spitfire etc. this bird is and will stay ugly. But ugly is not so negative as it sounds. It makes this bird much more interesting than the mentioned planes. Of course in my eyes! Best regards Stefan
  11. Hi Mates, today, i would likt to show, one of my last builds. I got the strong feeling to build "something from Matchbox" It should be something i did not have done during the last 40 years. Tha amount of this was`nt big. So i decieded to do this ugly bird. I got the Version fron Revell, done several years ago, containing no other parts/decals, as Matchbox did, during their release. Doing this build i felt more and more in love with this early ugly bomber. I changed the guns into whitemetal ones from Aires, no more change done. I used Xtra Colour: British Nivo, done, as allways, by brush. Hope you like this rarely seen bird. Any Comments are warmly wellcome. Best regards Stefan
  12. Thats a quite fantastic build. Well done!! Best regards Stefan
  13. Hi Stuflyer, yes one of the options is a "Mausi"-Version= Minensuchversion. I did this version years ago. Find it here: Best regards Stefan
  14. Hi Guies, wish all of you a happy new Year. I would like to show you the last Bird, i got completed in 2016. It`s another replacing build for my Seeplane Section, it`s the, quite old, Kit of Supermodell`s BV-138, in Revell-Version. If anyone likes to build this Bird, he should use this Version, because of the superb Decals. But be aware: It´s quite a big "Sanding Monster", nearly big as the Matchbox DO 18, i did several Month before. Paints are above RLM 72+73 from Agama, below RLM 65 from Humbrol, done, as allways by brush. I replaced the MG 131 in top defence position, with a better one from the stash, and replaced the tubes of the other two guns with brass ones. I hope you like the result. Any comments are warmly welcome. Best regards Stefan
  15. Hi Kasparow, thanks for your kind words. Since i´ve started building Kit`s, around 40 years ago, i allways used a brush, first of course there was no opportunity to use something else, but later i got a skill in using a brush, that i do not need to lern to use an airbrush. If you are starting with airbrush you will send some models to the rubbish until you are sastified. Further i do not have a spray cabin and i do my modelwork on my table into the living room. Not a good place to use an airbrush. Thats why i still uses brushes and your post and many other posts make me stronger to stay with. Best regards Stefan