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  1. Hi Mates, tonight, inspired by the on going Group build, I would like to show you my Helldiver, done several Month ago. Next to a lot of sanding paper, and Stencils of the superb Academy Helldiver, I used some Rockets delivered by an Academy Hellcat, Exhausts are from Quickboost.. Paints, as always Agama, done by Brush. Hope you like it. Best Regards Stefan
  2. The Big Hairy Beast, Hasegawa 1:72

    Restored Pictures in first post, because of photobucket issue.. Best Regards Stefan
  3. Restored some Pictures in first Post because of photobucket issue.... Best Regards Stefan
  4. We have to stop, building less Model-Kits...

  5. Do-24T Update-Kit, Italerie, 1:72

    Hi Dirk, I know that, one of the colourful options of this kit is, next to really nice French Version, a Spanish one. Best Regards Stefan
  6. Do-24T Update-Kit, Italerie, 1:72

    They updated the Kit very smart. Some sense full Metal parts, some additional plastic parts and a fantastic decal sheet. They also reworked the hull sides with additional windows for example. It`s really worth buying and building. Best Regards. Stefan
  7. Hi Mates, it seems you like my Seaplanes, so I will show you today another one. The quite old BV-138 released by Supermodel, now re-released by Revell, with superb Decals. Really worth to build, even such an aged Kit earns much with nice Decals. Paints are Agama and Humbrol, done by Brush and a lot of Sandingpaper..... Guns are replaces by Italeri-ones. Hope you like her. Best Regards Stefan
  8. Do-24T Update-Kit, Italerie, 1:72

    @JW: I liked the old kit and I love the updated one. For me it looks defiantly like a Do even not every mm fit. Decide yourself, in fact of the age of the original Kit, I wouldn`t complain. Would you? Best regards Stefan
  9. Hi Mates, after a quite Long time, last but not least because I could not start topics with my Firefox-Browser, I would like to show, one of my recent builds. It`s the updated Version of the quite old Kit from Italerie. Mostly oob, only the Exhausts are from Quickboost, Paints are above RLM 72+73 from Agama, below RLM 65 from Humbrol, done as always by brush. I hope you like this cutie, as I do. Any criticism is highly appreciated. Best regards Stefan
  10. 1/72 Hobbyboss P-39Q

    Hi Longbow, that`s quite sad because of your really nice Paintwork and the well documented plane. The Hobby-Boss Instruction points out the Differences between the different Versions sadly only on the Painting Guide. It`s a "Q" only with Gondola-Guns but with guns above the Engine, where are this gun on you Plane? Here for example the Museum-Plane: http://www.warbirdregistry.org/p39-p63registry/p39-snooks2nd.html more Pics: http://m.aerialvisuals.ca/AirframeDossier.php?Serial=96990 Best regards Stefan
  11. 1/72 Hobbyboss P-39Q

    Really nice Paintjob, but are you sure about the Weaponconfiguration. Afaik the Cobras has two MG in each wing OR the Gondolagun. I have`nt seen jet, a picture with both. Best regards. Stefan
  12. Tamiya 1/72 F-4 G Phantom II

    The plastic parts are Italerie.... Best regards Stefan
  13. Revell BF110

    Indeed a very unusual Camo.Is there a historical proof? Clean build for such on old kit. Nice done! Best regards
  14. The Big Hairy Beast, Hasegawa 1:72

    This Project was planed as a Matchbox Bird, i got the Kit and did some research, and was heavely disapointed about the poor research duty this Guies did. If anyone plan to build this Bird please buy the superb Hasegawa Plane comming with this Decals! Thanks to all of you who like this Plane!! Best regards. Stefan
  15. Hi Guies, today i would like to show you, one of my recent completed builds. It´s the superb Hasegawa B-26-B with a beauty Noseart. As allways: Done by brush, Paints are Agama and Revell. Hope you like this Beauty.. Best regards Stefan