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  1. Airfix 2018

    Revell have only cornered the eurofighter market because it is the only reasonably detailed and available kit out there, the italeri and hobbyboss kits are awful , the hasegawa hard to find and expensive, there is a slot in the market for a reasonably priced eurofighter especially with raf specific weapons like brimstone, the italeri jaguar is well due for a newer tooled version and the kittyhawk 48th jaguar is quite frankly a terrible kit so i wouldnt discount airfix considering a 48th kit .
  2. Revell kits for The Last Jedi

    Thats a shame, there was really no viable competition when they re-issued the 72nd falcon but there is a better competitor in 144th so revell should really be beating bandai on price, at the moment it's likely we will get a less accurate revell re-issue and a steeper price, --illogical .
  3. Revell kits for The Last Jedi

    revell 1/144th Falcon announced , fine molds kit?--http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/FirstLook/Hersteller_News/Revell_News_2017_IV.html
  4. Never wanted a kit of this or cared about one.......... until somebody releases a kit and then i must have it
  5. Identify this kit

    Its not from a kit, it is an entire kit -- https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Panzer-Nest-German-WW2-mobile-MG-bunker.html
  6. Airfix price increase

    As albeback says a price rise may not be helpful, the nightmare situation is the price rises could not save airfix but hasten their demise, i was going to get the 48th stuka when it was originally listed at £19.99 but when they raised the price to £26.99 well i already have an hasegawa so i can live without, i decided on the revell Shackleton because it was over £10 cheaper, again i was going to pick up a beaufighter tf.x but at 19.99 it's just too much at 14.99 i would have got one, airfix are getting pricey and that puts off alot of impulse purchases and passing trade, i am wondering how many other modellers are leaving stuff on the shelf at current prices .
  7. Airfix price increase

    the price differential is quite easy to explain, the stuka has mass appeal to many people in different countries for it's reputation and involvement in world war 2 , the meteor is of limited interest, they will expect to sell far more stuka's so that can subsidise the lower price, airfix need to be careful of these price increases, they were once a low cost manufacturer of good quality kits, the kits are now in the middle price range but if the price continues to rise they may price themselves out of the market, i can get the revell lancaster, shackleton and ex hasegawa he-111 much cheaper than the airfix versions, dangerous days for airfix .
  8. Revell kits for The Last Jedi

    I am not a fan of the direction revell have taken with their star wars kits, they are essentially ready to assemble embellished toys and not serious attempts to make serious model kits, the x-wing looks terrible, the nose is all out of proportion, the a-wing has working retractable undercarriage that retracts into big open slots in the underside, no undercarriage doors or detailed gear bays and because they all have working electronics they will need a poorly hidden button to operate and a speaker grill for the sound which means a further compromise in detailing, revell star wars kits started off poor and usually inferior to the 20 year old amt kits and have gone further downhill, Ah rant over .
  9. MPM Beaufighter (ex-Hasegawa)

    somebody will produce one sooner or later, the old fujimi and airfix kits are well past their sell by date, the hobbycraft kit was ok but hasnt been seen since the nineties and the hasegawa kit is lost without trace and even if reissued will likely cost an arm and a leg, airfix should copy tamiya's lead and do a a-1h/j and release in seperate airforce/navy boxings .
  10. MPM Beaufighter (ex-Hasegawa)

    I have never understood hasegawa's marketing, all those years they didn't make this kit available but now the airfix new tool is available then they re-issue , same with the a-1 skyraider, it's an open goal for the 1/72 single seat skyraider market but hasegawa do not issue the kit , they mustn't want the money .
  11. Tamiya 1/48 SS-100 Heavy tractor

    next release, v2 and trailer.........probably .
  12. Yes, i just wonder why they put the 100% new moulds on the original promotional material, anybody who buys one is going to be in for a bit of a shock, considering it will probably be priced at eduard weekend edition prices then I'll stick with eduard and aftermarket decals .
  13. it does look strangely similar to the old tool kit if we are to believe these are 100% new moulds --- old kit for reference -- https://www.super-hobby.com/products/item_name-189105.html
  14. Decal solution?

    this is the stuff and a list of alternative names, solvaset being one of them - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2-Butoxyethanol this is where i got mine from - https://mistralni.co.uk/collections/solvents/products/2-butoxyethanol-ethylene-glycol-butyl-ether-butyl and it does work on old esci decals .