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  1. Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    Ebay have a system where you can pay the vat on a foreign purchase so when the goods come into the uk the royal mail has been paid the outstanding vat and you dont get hit with the £9 handling charge and the gods are not slowed down by red tape, so it can be dealt with at vendor level .
  2. Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    Strange isnt it, being 43 years old now and remembering the time before internet when some kits were difficult to buy - the great promise of the internet was to be free trade and the availability to buy anything from anywhere at anytime but it has never been this way "They" have simply applied more road blocks and restriction to stop the flow of goods across borders and push up the price of postage to make it unaffordable to buy abroad so we get the situation where a polar lights 22" space 1999 eagle is $99US but £150 in the UK, We have gone backwards in this regards and nobody wins, the model companies sell less and generate less revenue and the respective governments lose potential local sales taxes .
  3. Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    Airfix seem stuck in that cycle that all struggling businesses seem to fall into, push up prices to raise revenue like the punters will keep buying the same amount of product at the new prices but it doesn't work, we still have the shockingly bad quality control seen in india produced kits and now they are slowly or already have priced themselves out of certain markets-- if you want a 1/48th bf 109E tamiya or eduard weekend for £15-£18 or airfix for £22.99 with unusable canopies . I feel very sorry for the situation airfix find themselves in but i dont think price increases are the answer, when series 2 kits were £7.99 i got every new release but now at £10.99 i have to think about it, find a review and usually talk myself out of buying .
  4. 1/350 K'Tinga

    The V'ger cloud was 82 AU's wide, whats that in 1/350th?
  5. I have been ordering hasegawa kits from these guys for a couple of years, probably bought around 15 kits and never had one parcel stopped or had any extra charges, maybe it some kind of deal amazon have with the post office as there is no warning of any potential extra charges on amazon which you usually get with those import customs situations .
  6. Anybody want a hasegawa B-24 for £38.95 with no import duties and free post, i have ordered and received two of these via amazon, now looking like bargin of the day --- https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00187MR78/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. It's nice that they put italeri part's on the box, no tricking going on here and wish all companies were so open as to where the product originates .
  8. There seems to be a lot of mandate spread in the chinese companies, hobbyboss were established to make easybuild stuff and hk to do outsized stuff, now hobbyboss make regular kits and outsized stuff , maybe hk's 1/32nd b-17 sold that well that the other companies are following their trend .
  9. To be honest i find trumpeters panel lines are too fine as in almost non-existent these days , they are to fine to hold a panel wash after airbrush spraying .
  10. 1/144 - new DH Mosquito kit shown at Nurenburg 2018?

    I seriously doubt it 72nd looking at the size of the sprue gates .
  11. Remember the dark days when british soft skins were non-existent!! Gladly that time has past .
  12. Tamiya 1/48 Churchill VII Crocodile

    This may just tempt me over too 1/48th armour, m3 half track and i'm in .
  13. Heller 2018 online

    saab safir, bloch 210 and all the constellations, i can see some people on ebay being sad at this news, the 1/35 diorama bases look interesting too .
  14. Revell Owners in Trouble

    To be honest with revell wanting £100 for the reboxed fine molds 144th falcon i'd rather they didnt box any bandai stuff, probably just cheaper to buy from amazon and wait a couple of weeks .
  15. ICM - programme/catalog 2018 - online

    Ford w.o.t. 6 in 1/35th, crikey-didnt see that one coming, to think at one time british soft skin kits were short on the ground ---Hurrah!