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  1. Your fuel pod is much nicer and sharper than the original part .
  2. Always had a soft spot for this aircraft, nice to see this kitted in 48th, will ne buying one of these .
  3. Airfix 2018

    Nooo, I dont want a return to photo boxtops !!
  4. Airfix 2018

    I wonder if airfix would consider a 1/72nd douglas skyraider for 2018, there is the hasegawa kit that seems perennially unavailable and the equally hard to find hobbycraft kit that was so-so , other available kits are all sixties era toolings like fujimi, airfix and mpc with battledamage parts, ripe for a retool i would say and they could do what tamiya did with their 48th kit- a-1h/j to squeeze two versions out of the same basic tooling with different armament sprues .
  5. Tamiya Dark Yellow Acrylic

    Probablt the colour most shops run out of first black, white then xf-60, tamiya makes german tanks and lots of them which mostly require painting overall in that colour , i think you just have to be lucky with the re-stocks
  6. Opinions about current Humbrol enamels

    i cant comment on current enamels as i stopped using them about 5 years ago due to their poor quality at that time, i can say though the humbrol acrylic will not go through an airbrush, i dont think it's about quality i just dont think they were ever designed to, they will clog a 0.2 needle/ tip .
  7. Anyone given mission models paint a try?

    i got a bottle to try and i really gave the stuff a work out, i got MMP-024 olive drab i have tried thinning it with cellulose thinner, tamiya x-20, gunze self leveling thinner, gunze acrylic thinner, meths , water and ammonia/windex mix and i have to say it performs flawlessly with all of those, it goes through an airbrush just as nice as tamiya and it handbrushes really well too with good coverage, the paint is a little thick like a concentrate and need thinning even for hand brushing, still retains good coverage properties when thinned , i intend to replace my tamiya slowly with the mission models paint as each tamiya runs out , the mission models paints reminds me of the old acrylic aeromaster warbird colours from the 90's in performance, it may seem expensive at £6 a bottle but you do get 30ml and the paint is very concentrated, it needs lots of thinning for airbrush and even thinning about 30% for hand painting--try some you wont regret it .
  8. Decal solution?

    solvaset is just Butyl glycol in a watered down form, buy some butyl glycol and you can control the strength, i bought a 500ml bottle of the stuff for £8.95 and its about 10 times stronger than solvaset, if you apply it neat to a decal it turns it into liquid!!, i now use 90% distilled water and 10% of the butyl glycol and that is a bit stronger than solvaset but any stronger and it starts instantly attacking dried acrylic paint so you have to be very careful when applying .
  9. Yes T7, for the majority of us, spending north of £100 on a model kit is a once in a lifetime passion project that once we have spent the money we have immediate regrets, it's not the kind of money to fling around casually, i really do think roden have got their numbers wrong on this one , it's a kind of sell one at £100 or sell five at £20 scenario , revell have done very well for themselves knocking out state of the art 1/32 spitfire and messerschmitts at £20 .
  10. To be quite honest if you tool a kit like this and justify the £100+ price tag with that's what we need to price it at to break even then perhaps you should not of tooled it in the first place, i think this kit will deter revell or another major manufacturer from tooling one up at a cheaper price due to the poor sales the roden kit will likely attract, they will say it wasnt a great seller but they wont consider the over inflated price, perhaps roden should have left this subject to a larger manufacturer with deeper pockets, best go and buy a c-123 provider before the price goes stratospheric .
  11. More on Airfix 2017

    What other versions can they do though, the snake ju-87 was the only stuka that served in north africa, everybody knows that .
  12. should be renamed the Fairey ultra cute helicopter
  13. Blimey, somebodies not taking their medication over at a-model, dont they know that messerschmitts,spitfires and f-16's are the only acceptable model kit subjects, i'll buy one of these just to support their bravery .
  14. 72nd New Tool Vulccan - Airfix 2018?

    Accompanied by the revell 48th wessex when people were paying £75 a pop on ebay because the tools were lost, they must be raging that you can now pick them up for £10-£15 .
  15. 72nd New Tool Vulccan - Airfix 2018?

    Airfix have been doing a new tool vulcan since 2007 when hornby took over, sometimes 72nd other times 48th, it;s the rumour that wont die .