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  1. You've done a goid job there, that blue is fantastic! Having seen plenty of these at Amsterdam there would be one thing I'd do, dry-brush around the front/back, nothing excessive, just adds a tad bit of weathering. Only a tip/idea by the way, I'm not telling you what to do
  2. Well you did a much better job than I could do, looks fantastic!! I hope to get the new MD-11 someday, will you be doing one, either Civil or Cargo?
  3. I can vouch for Ebay seller Kosciuv Found the Giodecals BA 757 Blue Peter special on his Ebay site, decided to trust the 100% feedback, paid the price plus postage to UK, and they landed through the letterbox no more than a week later, recommended seller
  4. Hello all, A very big long shot but someone out there just may have the answer! Could someone suggest any rattle can paint matches of either Tamiya or Halfords spray's please? No mixing paints, nothing that requires a spray gun (I don't have one and not investing in one), just a simple suggestion for rattle can sprays please. Doesn't have to be 100% of course, anything very close is appreciated (I.E looks like Etihad, not EasyJet ) Any help is much appreciated!! Cheers James.
  5. Hello all, It's taken many month's for me to complete my BAe 146 model, problems having time to spray it was one thing, but some other problems came about through it's whole process. Originally this was for the group build. I picked up the Revell BAe 146 TNT kit at the Yeovilton model show with the plan to use the supplied TNT decals. It was then pointed out to me that the TNT decals are for the 146-200, and having looked up their fleet, they only had -200's and -300's. I then put it aside to await other decal's, and then sometime later fumbling through my decal book I found some Air Baltic RJ70 decal's! I then ordered the DACO BAe 146/Avro RJ stenciling set and made it into Air Baltic's RJ70 YL-BAL It was slightly tricky, the only real major problem was the wheels, it wasn't right until the end that I found I had knackered the undercarriage, it wasn't straight and made putting the wheel's in very difficult. In the end it was decided to shove the carriage door's on in the closed position, cut a hole and stick it on a spare Airfix stand, and it works perfectly, and can be displayed banking left or right, perfect! The Air Baltic decals are from Flightpath, yes I know when I built the EasyJet 737-200 I recall saying on here that I'll never use Flight Path again. Yes I had some trouble with these, not as much as last time though, I've learnt that lot's of water and being EXTREMELY careful does work, but being extremely careful isn't always easy, they fold the moment your concentration drops for a nanosecond. Would I use them again? I probably would actually because they do some different and classic stuff that usually you can't find elsewhere. And I can only pick the decal's up at show's as they are hard to come by secondhand online. Anyway here is the final outcome: DSC_0040 DSC_0037 DSC_0035 DSC_0034 DSC_0032 Thanks for looking
  6. That is a point though, same as if I was to visit the STEAM museum in Swindon, I'd go on a non-event day otherwise I wouldn't want to pay full price and not get to see the exhibit's clearly, but then I suppose people can check the FAA site to see what events are on and not go if the model show isn't on. So what about the Wedding Exhibition in October 2017/2018 at the FAA, Is that in the halls? Will that also spoil the exhibits or will it not matter because it's not a model show?
  7. Oops sorry, yes it was Mr Models that used to be there sorry Little-Cars. Not sure if Little-cars space will be there, if they are binning the sim for another display, what amount of space will it take? That's assuming it's gone by Feburary of course
  8. Slightly off topic but in regards to the museum are they having a shift around? I noticed the Flight Simulator is closed for good and will be removed, but I understand there is to be a new exhibit and a change around for next year? Not sure whether it's to do with some of the restoration works going on, but at the show I noticed a Helicopter filled in the space where Little-Car's used to be
  9. I heard it from several people at the show. Somebody also said that's it's maybe moving to Portsmouth...? Meanwhile, junglierating, I don't get what you're on about (crabs? hysterical dockyard? plumber?....)
  10. If you do Feburary that will be your last chance, show scrapped after Feb, then thats the end of the Yeovilton show. Very spacious today, not much traders or stands and I think the final show may be quiet, we aren't displaying on the last show and I suspect some others arent going to. Even noticed today that even the 'home' display with Navy/Yeovilton related models aren't even displaying
  11. Blimey, looking good so far! Love the additional bit's you got too, a fair bit of brass in that pack!
  12. POTKC - Thanks, you say superior but I've yet to build it, I could screw it up! And I'm no pro so don't expect a 10 out of 10 (just 9 1/2 out of 10 ) I've got two 737 kits left (Minicraft & Skyline -400's) and five 737 decal sheets (technically 8 as I have a sheet with more than one on)
  13. Nice to see a 767 in the works Looks like a good kit, looking forward to seeing the progress
  14. Rob G It's a Flightpath decal sheet, would have been from Collectakit, only place I get obsolete flightpath decals from. What show or when I have no idea.
  15. Hello all, I could potentially be doing a small amount of vehicles! Just bought my first ever Revell Mini Cooper Mk1 model, bit different to the airliners I do, but I wanted to base it on the stored one parked next to my workplace. I'd actually like to do some 90's cars as I was 3 in 1990 so grew up through the era, and remembered the Metros, Escort Mk3's, Granadas, Rovers etc well, but I can't see much in the way of models of these? There seems to be a lot of modern/classic supercars, tourers, rally, F1 etc but no 'normal' Ford Escort Mk3 or Ford Sierra, anything like that. Do these exist and I may have missed them? If anyone knows of any 90's models, not racing models, then that would be most appreciated! James.