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  1. New Me-262 Airfix 1/72

    Superb! Geeky fact - when I was 20 I was appointed Lord Lieutenant's Cadet and did the local Royal functions for a year and attended the Queen's Garden Party once. I met Duke just the once and was terribly disappointed. I had really hoped he'd say something outrageous/hillarious but he was just kinda normal
  2. Grainy acrylics?

    I could be accused of bias, but even when airbrushed most water based acrylics will dry with a rough texture. Some worse than others. Bad surface finishes normally involve either coarsely ground pigments, drying too fast, or both.
  3. Aberdeen Modellers' Society Scale Model Show - 23rd September 2017

    That self-portrayal was never going to survive anyone walking in to the room now was it?
  4. New Me-262 Airfix 1/72

    Ooh. It's not my usual scale but I saw the in-box review of this kit on another thread and really liked what I saw. Airfix is tempting me back to 1/72 I have to say I'll watch this with interest
  5. Flyhawk Prince of Wales

    Including white I personally think it's 5 distinct colours. The top of the funnel, the aft deck house bulkheads and the lightest stripe up the hull near the stern are white - most agree on that. The darkest shade that looks black is almost certainly M.S.1 The next darkest, bluish tone may be B5, but if it is it's faded, weathered and washed out which is feasible. It could potentially be other shades though, a beat up 507A Home Fleet Grey (although probably too light for that) or possibly the 50/50 emergency mix of 507A and 507C that gives a tone similar to many currently think 507B is (and indeed Snyder & Short show as B5). On the bow there's a ragged horizontal stripe that's a touch darker looking than the paint above and below it. Some believe that is the greenish M.S.3 and that the paint above and below is 507C Foreign Stations / Mediterranean / Light Grey. That's feasible. It could also be that the horizontal strip was the bluish 507C making the paint above and below M.S.4. Currently, everyone thinks M.S.4 was a sort of weak milky coffee coloured khaki but all period documentation and original annotated samples at both Kew and Portsmouth clearly describe and show a light neutral grey. As you deduce, the whole thing is a series of opinions based on poor footage and each piece of logic depends on the other assumptions being true! When we know for sure that some shades don't look like what we have been told they did, it just adds confusion. The logical thing seems to be to finish revising the colour palette as best we can such that no verifiable evidence is contradicted, then everyone can revisit what colours they think they're seeing in the photographic records.
  6. Flyhawk Prince of Wales

    Hi Will, A wee bit of both. The shape of the pattern is more or less agreed upon but there are still some disagreements about where similar toned shades apparent in some photos but not others. You're also correct in that there were either 4 or 5 colours used. People are disinclined to agree on that! Next, I think the message is getting through slowly that which names correspond to which colours, and what the colours themselves looked like is not what the collective wisdom of the past 40 years has had it. There are many anomalies in the widely accepted RN Colour Palette that simply don't tie-up with period documentation. Prince of Wales is particularly difficult because there is only one reel of colour footage that I'm aware of in existence, and fairly washed out and poor quality at that, and it only records the port side of the ship. Firstly, the colours we *think* we see on that footage are identified using the colour names widely used nowadays, but those colours in many cases do not look anything like either controlled samples held in various archives around the world, their written descriptions from the period or recorded period colour measurement data. So, we find ourselves trying to annotate B&W photographs taken with unknown film type, using only colour tone compared to one poor quality long-range shot on a 70+ year old colour cine film reel with flawed understanding about which colours were named what and what they really looked like. This is the extant colour footage (posted to another forum by Evert-Jan Foeth)
  7. Tamiya 1:350 KGV

    Whilst I generally like the kit (ok, a lot) it does have a shortcoming in that the deck join amidships isn't too clever on either Prince of Wales or King George V boxing of it. The simplest way around that is to cover it with an aftermarket wooden deck. In general there are many, many aftermarket goodies for it. It really depends on how much stomach you have for it and how much you want to spend (or not). I would suggest better 20mm Oerlikons, some railings and ladders will make a big visual improvement to it if you didn't want to drown in a full detail-up set (although those exist too). Some generic RN doors would be good too as whilst moulded cleanly, the superstructure has no doors moulded on. The King George V boxing of the ship contains parts for the repurposed hangars and new midships deckhouse with boat deck on the roof, which freed up the aft superstructure (former boat deck) for substantially increased AA weapons fits. The appropriate colour scheme for that fit therefore is the end-of-war G45 all over with B20 panels over the armour belt (approximately). ...or with a few detail changes you could build Anson or Howe which had camouflage in 1944.
  8. Flyhawk Prince of Wales

    It really is very nice. I suppose I'll need to try to reach some colour conclusions on it soon. Tamiya's is absolutely miles off - that is clear. The Hermes painting guide matches some other published views but knowing what I know now, it lacks credibility.
  9. Which WW2 1/48 RAF/FAA aircraft with folding wings should i do?

    I'd recommend not bothering with that. Cotton thread looks very unconvincing IMO, and whilst stretch sprue can look very good it's frustrating to work with and extremely fragile. The easy thing to do is to use a lycra monofilament product for this. It's stretchy. I find it easiest to work straight from the reel and tack one end at a time by laying it into a dot of medium CA applied with a pin. Tack one end, pull it straight (not tight) and tack the other end. Once the CA has dried, trim the excess away. Here's CedB's first go at it on his recent DH Dragon Rapide thread with just one of the similar rigging line products available on the market:
  10. Which WW2 1/48 RAF/FAA aircraft with folding wings should i do?

    The Tamiya Swordfish is worth a look, and the Airfix Supermarine Walrus is about to be released. In the latter case I *expect* it will have a folding wing option. Note the wings swing backwards on both of these, not hinge up like a Corsair. The only Hellcat with folded wings straight out of the box is Hobbyboss, and it's not very Hellcat-like in other areas.
  11. Black Friday Pt1 - Mustang III HB836

    Thanks John If you're happy with the drying times white spirit does the job just fine. I'm glad you got on well with it!
  12. Black Friday Pt1 - Mustang III HB836

    Had to wait on a backorder for the Type B roundels. For some reason the current Xtradecals seem reluctant to settle down over the surface details despite drowning in Microsol so I have had to cut them in places. Fortunately Xtradecal's colours are quite accurate as are mine so it's straight forward enough to touch them in - although I haven't done that yet. I also haven't done the stencils yet, mostly because I enjoy decals about as much as I enjoy paying tax bills. Looking at it now, I'm really glad I did thd wheel wells. It does however make the rest of my Mustangs look inadequate, which, I suppose, they are.
  13. Paint conversion chart

    I did contact him (Aaron, maybe?) about Colourcoats which is listed as "White Ensign" as they're riddled with errors on that conversion site. Whoever suggested many of the equivalences concerning Colourcoats in particular had poor colour perception. The conversions are evidently not done using instrumented measurements. In fairness to him he did get back to me but I realised it would be a mammoth task to correct and probably not in my best interests to do so, so I didn't follow up on it.
  14. Best and Worst Model Kits You've Ever Made

    A bad kit is when someone has charged you good money for a poor quality product. A poor quality product might mean many things, but in a model kit context it would typically either indicate that the vendor has never attempted to prove their product by building it themselves, or did try, realised it was a total car-crash of a product and decides to put it to the market in a pretty box to recover his wasted costs anyway. Limited run kits can be forgiven the extra work if accurate. Inaccurate kits may be forgiven their inaccuracies if they go together well (Tamiya). Kits with parts that are unfit for the purpose of assembly strongly point towards an unethical manufacturer - and those people are loathsome. I have a kit which cannot be built into anything worth having. It cost me around £60. It would be worth more to me as unformed plastic. There's no point in carrying on regardless with it and I do possess the skills to scratchbuild a new fuselage, wings and tail to end up with something vaguely symmetrical - but were I to do that all I'd need would be the same set of drawings I'd need anyway but I wouldn't be £60 down on a bag full of scrap plastic.
  15. Dutch aircraft colours

    Available now: https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/blogs/news/dutch-aircraft-colours-acd AC D 01 LVA Camouflage Groen (Green-Grey) AC D 02 LVA Camouflage Bruin (Dark Brown) AC D 03 LVA Camouflage Beige (Light Sand) AC D 04 LVA Khaki AC D 05 LVA Blauw AC D 06 LVA Camouflage KNIL Jongblad AC D 07 LVA Camouflage KNIL Oudblad AC D 09 KLu Lim. Whisky Four Aquablauw AC D 10 KLu Lim. Whisky Four Jungle Green Colourcoats ACD will be available to order from September 2017. Please note we are unable to post enamel paint outwith the UK for retail customers. Our international stockists will be able to order these paint now. Model by official Sovereign Hobbies Henchman, Stew Dapple