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  1. I know the feeling! I haven't been in since February or thereabouts.
  2. Are you in the Aberdeen Modellers' Society Ian?
  3. That would be impressive! We have a customer who built USS Gambier Bay in 1/96 and it's a beast - below the Dauntless on here:
  4. There are always limitations with sRGB and computer screens. Light colours tend to look rather intense when rendered and darker colours end up looking somewhat greyer than in reality. Of course, rendered against a pure white R255 G255 B255 background only makes the contrast harsher still.
  5. With respect, why would an overseas seller be expected to know and advise what charges were applicable in foreign countries? I certainly don't know what a customer in Finland or Chile gets charged, if anything. That's their problem.
  6. You're correct about costs accumulating quickly Graham. Hourly rate to person plus accrual for annual leave, accrual for sickness allocation, employers' NI contribution, workplace pension contribution, employers' liability insurance, IT costs to have a computer on a desk for someone to type into to generate the customs invoices, recording of said invoices in some manner of system that is reportable to HMRC and can be audited by HMRC. Add on to that the cost of the consumables themselves. To be blunt, most people have literally no idea how much it costs to run a business and employ a person to do a job, purely because of a total lack of exposure to it. They are however certain they are being charged far too much for the service they don't have any insight into the cost of. On the subject of paying VAT on imports - we're kinda touching on the reasons why the UK model shop is such a rare thing now. Everyone wants to be paid better wages, pay as little tax as possible themselves but expect taxes to go up for everyone else yet have no consequence to them personally. UK model shops have to pay VAT on their imports and are obliged to collect VAT at point of sale. That automatically makes the retail price higher than sneaking it in to the country from outwith the EU and dodging the tax. It's a popular sound bite that people need to "pay their fair share" when it comes to tax. It's usually aimed at a particular bracket but like it or not it applies to anyone importing an item from overseas too. Don't pay the VAT and the overall treasury is down and everyones' taxes have to go net upwards to make up the shortfall. On the other hand, if every single package arriving in the UK over the value threshold was stung for VAT and handling fee, customers may start to return to businesses in their own country paying taxes in their own country and employing people in their own country who in turn pay taxes in their own country. I believe the vast majority probably are taxed at the correct rate. It is an offence to falsely declare value on the customs chit on the box, but many non EU senders do it anyway. Some spot checks and legal action - perhaps blacklisting an entire country to make life difficult for small imports from particular countries might redress the balance a bit.
  7. The Eduard kit is decent and good value. I've no accuracy complaints with it. The -3 engine cowling takes a bit of fettling to fit properly but otherwise save a bit of parts cleanup it goes together well. The Hasegawa kit is also nice and builds very well too. For £12 though I'd go Eduard.
  8. This is exactly our understanding of the situation. It appears that imports are not checked especially rigorously for DG content. Customs will pick up tax opportunities and contraband items like ivory but should be destroying all packages coming into the UK containing incorrectly labelled restricted and prohibited items. Since they don't, the carriers such as Royal Mail end up carrying things they expressly prohibit because of deception and concealment on the part of foreign senders and frankly a disregard and/or ignorance on the part of the UK purchaser. Of course there would be hell to pay if some accident befell a UK aircraft which was attributed to carrying undisclosed dangerous goods "How can this happen? Someone should do something about it" etc etc etc but the fact is that flammable liquids are illegal to send without LQ diamond stickers on the outside of the package. If there's an LQ sticker, then it has to go either by road under ADR rules (with ADR trained drivers) or packaged and certified for air transport under IATA rules by IATA certified persons - which costs hundreds. The long and the short of it is that if you buy flammable liquids from someone who isn't paying a tenner or more for DG postage in the UK, your package will be almost certainly be in the post illegally and exposing someone, somewhere to a risk that they are taking either unknowingly or unwillingly. As Jetblast says, anything without an LQ sticker is likely to find itself chucked onto an aircraft for inter-city transport which it should absolutely not be under any circumstances. Unfortunately too many will just shrug their shoulders and justify their actions to themselves on the basis that they feel a bit skint and consider that it's the sender's problem if their purchase is sent illegally.
  9. On the basis that my name is already out, I submit Eric for consideration. I am proud and feel priviledged to have met Eric Brown, who was a clear, intelligent, very mortal, level headed and modest man who endeared me greatly. Some other famous war time sorts give the impression of having a huge deal of admiration for themselves. I found Chuck Yaeger's Facebook page to be unsufferable for example and unfollowed after a few weeks of self-lauditing. Eric Brown on the other hand was possibly the most personable and unassuming gentleman one could hope to meet.
  10. If you do find someone selling without similar postage costs, it's probably illegal.
  11. Absolutely magnificent Peter, and an inspiration to follow. It's still a bit sickening to consider the talent gap between you and I though!
  12. Ours does, because the paint on the lid is the paint in the tin and the colour renders on the webstore are rendered from the mixing computer's colourspace values.
  13. If guesstimating (which is fine ) then ANA623 gives a visual appearance of being less saturated than the fairly intense "midnight blues" that many use on models. It looks to the eye to be a bit more grayish than the fairly bright colours many select from the generic model paints shelf.
  14. I put the decals on this. They were a bit naff to be honest.
  15. Hi Jack, our Italian air force range in enamel is as follows: ACRA01 - Giallo Mimentico 1 QUICK VIEW ACRA02 - Giallo Mimetico 2 ACRA03 - Giallo Mimetico 3 ACRA04 - Giallo Mimentico 4 ACRA05 - Verde Mimetico 1 ACRA06 - Verde Mimetico 2 ACRA07 - Verde Mimetico 3 ACRA08 - Verde Mimetico 53192 ACRA09 - Verde Oliva Scuro 2 ACRA10 - Nocciola Chiaro ACRA11 - Marrone Mimetico 1 ACRA12 - Marrone Mimetico 2 ACRA14 - Grigio Mimetico ACRA16 - Grigio Azzuro Scuro ACRA17 - Bianco Avorio