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  1. Spitfire 1b - KP 1/72 and PixScan tests

    Ced - this is your fault. I should have been processing 11 colours this weekend. Instead I've been scuttering about making a pair of Spitfires I hope you're pleased with yourself...
  2. Airfix

    And that really is the issue. There are some who model and will refuse to buy anything that isn't ridiculously easy to throw together and there are others who will buy the best kit of a subject they want. I have 3 Airfix 1/48 Buccs in the stash and at least 2 Canberras. They do build up ok. Not perfect, but no worse than some very modern Chinese releases get forgiven for. The world market just consumes more of other subjects than cold war British jets. With the Hunter as a notable exception and some Venoms, our exports of jets has always been limited compared to American and Russian aircraft. There are only so many ways you can model a green and grey jet. The simple fact is that most who really want a big Canberra or Buccaneer already have at least one to build. Those who insist they are above building such flawed kits as the existing ones tend to specialise in finding fault with things and there's a high chance they still wouldn't buy a new tool one due to their uncontainable disappointment with some perceived imperfection they'd no doubt discover. Could Airfix really sell that many more retooled Buccaneers or Canberras compared to countless other subjects they do not have a product covering to invest their limited resources in? I doubt it, and apparently so do Airfix.
  3. Spitfire 1b - KP 1/72 and PixScan tests

    Hi Keith, the paint is just the same. When spraying paints the thinners used tends to dominate the 'aroma'. The biggest change we made there was to make a bespoke thinner for it. WEM just recommended white spirits which have a fairly strong smell and our American friends went immediately to cellulose thinners (or "lacquer thinners" as they're called there) which really stink.
  4. Color reference for British Navy aircraft carrier paint schemes (1950's)?

    Certainly the Ark Royal IV had lots of green on the flight deck when it was flying Phantoms and Buccaneers.
  5. Bristol Beaufighter TF.X late production tail

    Inching closer...
  6. Airfix 1/48 Spitfire XIX Cockpit

    I shall get that on order soon. I need Barracuda's prop anyway. Surprised I forgot about their cockpit actually... ahem!
  7. Color reference for British Navy aircraft carrier paint schemes (1950's)?

    I was looking through some files at the Admiralty Library at Portsmouth on Monday afternoon, and they have a 1954 copy of CB3098. The RN was between the WW2 Admiralty Pattern number paints and standars BS381 shades in this period. This page was new compared to the wartime versions of CB3098 that I've seen before and the shades/ pattern numbers are not wartime colours either There were no painted samples of these in the file but the printed pages at The National Archives at Kew, London tended to compare well with the physical samples. I therefore measured these two colours with my spectrophotometer and the deck colour as printed there is pretty close to BS381C-638 Dark Sea Grey which happens to be the colour used on RN ship decks today. Just to add - this time period really isn't something I've researched much at all. I know the colours available during WW2 and I know the colour of flight decks from the late 70s onwards - the above is a bit of an educated guess on my part. I've found no additional colours on my travel that might have been used on flight decks in the 1950s.
  8. Bristol Beaufighter TF.X late production tail

    It's amazing how time flies when you barely get time to think... I wish I was one of those people who didn't immediately notice when things were wrong and could be happy with anything. Getting a surface quality I am satisfied with on the elevators especially is taking many iterations. To be fair, they're far better than some of the aftermarket stuff I've purchased and binned over the years but I don't want to sell anything I wouldn't be happy with myself... Contrasting paint colours, and low angle light is quite unflattering! They're getting closer though...
  9. Socially awkward

    Not really. Like most here I have little interest in large groups, but I think that's because it's hard to discuss anything worth discussing competing for attention in a large group with everyone trying to pull things a different way. I don't mind my own company and sometimes need it. What I don't like is small talk. Also, I don't like people who think they are socially well adjusted but are infact just unable to recognise that the other person is not interested but is too polite to tell them to shut up. Top tip - if you find yourself doing all the talking, it's probably not because the other person is completely rapt by your spiel but because they are bored to tears and want to exit this particular one-way discussion as soon as possible. Model shows tend to attract many of that sort. If you find yourself flicking through your mobile phone gallery showing someone your photographs - stop talking.
  10. Airfix 1/48 Spitfire XIX Cockpit

    Hi folks, Can anyone offer any experience-based suggestions to improve the cockpit a little of the Airfix 1/48 Spitfire XIX? I am thinking some resin would be good. The things I'd like to address are the cockpit sidewalls, floor and fuselage frames. Also, does anyone know if the XIX seat was the same as earlier Merlin marks? Thanks all, Jamie
  11. Tu-22M Backfire paint

    This is ours: https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/modern-soviet-block-aircraft/products/acsm05-blue-grey
  12. From Failure to Failure

    Most photos show them painted so I think you're ok Jon There are some which show different tones (left and right in this case) but that could be explained as simply as being replacement parts taken from another aircraft
  13. From Failure to Failure

    You're right Bill, they're only subjected to warm air carrying away reject heat from the engines and generally speaking (I deliberately avoid specifics here because Edward might have seen something different) they'd just be painted with everything else.
  14. HC.4 junglie questions

    I made a batch of BS381C-298, but it wasn't one of my better ideas and I think I will quietly drop it once it (eventually) sells out
  15. From Failure to Failure

    I think Edward and I both jumped in to take advantage of the Badger man's possibly beer-fuelled idea of celebrating his 54th birthday by offering Facebook users any of his airbrushes for $54 within a 24 hour window. I too decided to get myself a Renegade Krome for $54. Apparently they had some 7000 orders and Badger *may* be regretting the gesture but, they've proven themselves a stand-up company, they've asked for patience and are explaining their manufacturing process, manhour norms, production capacity etc. Mine hasn't arrived yet but I wouldn't have had a chance to use it yet even if it had so no great shakes. And, it's a Renegade Krome for $54+shipping so I couldn't bring myself to feel unhappy about it. As a business user, I kinda whince at the thought of what he's gone and done. As a git though, I can't not see the comedy value of waking up to 7000 orders for mostly high-end models all at $54 each