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  1. A Bit of WNW speculation

    I am so pleased with this release I think it is an excellent choice of aircraft. Obscure, ugly and too late to make a difference in the Great War is true but i like it a lot and it will go so well with the J1 I am half way through at the moment. Andrew
  2. Sopwith Camel 1/72 decals

    Is there an New Airfix Camel in the offing?
  3. I totally agree Jasper Dog, I have never filled any wing panel lines on any of the P51 kits I have made. Andrew.
  4. Very good model, excellent finish just waiting to see when the first of the expected comment turns up. 😏 Andrew.
  5. Hello Pete, I have used the AK interactive paints and they are very good. Have a practice on an old model with the foil I think you will find it good to work with. If the foil is laid in different directions and is polished to varying degrees it produces different colours of the aluminium foil. Andrew.
  6. Hello Glatisant, I think this is a case of not knowing it was something difficult to do! Ignorance is a a great motivator. The foil is easy to work with and can be cut with a new scalpel blade using the recessed panel lines of the kit. It is delicate once it is on and care must be taken when applying weathering (ask me how I know). It can be easily weathered with chalk pastels. Andrew
  7. Hi Joachim, and thanks for the information and I know you are correct but I do find it very difficult to fill detail in. Andrew.
  8. Thanks, the foil does need to be put on a perfectly finished model - which this isn’t and it is wrinkly in some areas. I think I could do better next time I was thinking of a jet subject next but haven’t decided which one? Probably one of the early American century jets but I am not sure. I could look at what Chuck Yeager flew after the Second World War. Thanks Steve.
  9. https:// I have tried the Bare Metal Foil Aluminium on this one. First time have used it and it was interesting to see what difference it made to put the foil on in different directions and the difference varying amount of polishing of different areas made. Andrew
  10. Tips for first WW1 build

    Hi Dennis, just a note about the cost of WNW kits. I agree that they are very expensive and you could buy a lot of other kits for the price of one of these. I look at a WNW kit as the equivalent of 2 or even 3 of other makes of kit with the added bonus that Wing Nuts do fit exceptionally well and are very well researched with an excellent choice of decals. If you purchase the right one you can even avoid rigging, although if taken slowly the rigging can be enjoyable too! Have a go Dennis!! Andrew.
  11. WNW Dolphin

    Deck Cadet with Sir William Reardon Smiths from 1975 - 1979 OND and tickets all taken and study at Hull Nautical College. Andrew.
  12. WNW Dolphin

    Another thread drift - What shipping Line did you do your apprenticeship with? I did mine as a Deck Cadet with Reardon Smith.
  13. How do I post Pictures?

    Thanks Gav, Airfix oldies, Revell old ones and one Roden. Phoenix and some kit decals.
  14. WNW Dolphin

    Martinsyde G100 Elephant would be good.
  15. WNW Dolphin

    Ok so the planning meeting went with the vote for the Dolphin at Wingnuts! A Dolphin is great subject but I wouldn’t have thought it was the top the list?