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  1. 1/72 - Saab 37 Viggen by Special Hobby

    Check post #35.
  2. Ukrainian Su-24M with UPAZ refueling pod (?)

    Nobody knows nothing ?
  3. "Mersu" by Kari Stenman

    It's a pity, it's in Finnish only.
  4. Why is ICM doing this? I buy I-153 and finnish decals. -> ICM releases finnish I-153. I buy Do 17 and finnish decals. ICM releases finnish Do -17.
  5. Yeah, I think so, too. But nonetheless, looks cool.
  6. Sukhoi Su-24M Fencer D - 1:72 Trumpeter

    Is it right, that parts J3 and J4 are a drop tank? A PTB-2000 for 2000 litre fuel ? I guess it's the Efir-1m or is it not ?
  7. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Happy new year and new purchases: Isradecal 1/144 EL AL 787-900 1/72 F-35I books: 60 Years Air Transport Squadron 61 German G.91 - The Gina in the German Air Force MIL Mi-24/35 Hind Tupolev Tu-95 and Tu-142 (Famous Russian Aircraft) - 2nd edition Swedish Jet Fighter Colours
  8. 1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    Are there any Special Limited Combo Triple Quattro Editions with goodies scheduled ?
  9. What's this practice bomb rack called?

    My pleasure.
  10. What's this practice bomb rack called?

    I found a similar pic of a german G.91. There is written about a Mk 25 practice bomb rack with Mk 76 practise bombs.
  11. MiG-29SMT loadouts

    Same question here. There are pics with SMT carrying MER with two small bombs, but dont know how to get them in 1/72. Edit: This MER.