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  1. Airfix 1:72 Hawker Hurricane Mk1

    Thank you very much guys
  2. Airfix 1:72 Hawker Hurricane Mk1

    Here are some better pictures for you all:
  3. Painting German Aircraft Without Airbrushing

    Thank you! I will be sure to use this advice. Have you posted photos of these models on the forum?
  4. Painting German Aircraft Without Airbrushing

    With the amount of Spitfires I have built, it would only be fitting to make some German aircraft to go with them. Unfortunately, the two attempts I have had at building German Aircraft were complete and utter train wrecks, thanks to my paint job. The paint would always come out looking much too thick and much too hard, whilst German Aircraft tend to have very clear soft camos. Are there any brush painting techniques that could be used to emulate their design? How good an option are spray cans?
  5. Airfix 1:72 Hawker Hurricane Mk1

    Thank you
  6. Never before have I been this happy with a model, despite an issue with the Matte coat clouding. It fit together perfectly, is very detailed, and is fun to build. As is with most RAF models the paint scheme is wonderful to handpaint. I painted it with humbrol acrylics, and used a mix of water and black for the weathering. What do you guys think? It's my 7th model technically, but it's the 3rd that I am happy with. Apologies for the poor quality photo and background.
  7. Aussie P-51K AIRFIX 1/48

    Lovely model! I was thinking about buying it the other day, but wasn't sure how hard or difficult it would be to build. How was it?
  8. HELP! Matte Cllear Coat Dried WHITE!

    Thanks guys. I went the route of repainting the small affected areas, but it didn't do a totally perfect job and I would like to know what to do if I am unfortunate enough to have this happen again. There is a small area on my model where I could try that. I am using Tamiyas flat coat and Testors Gloss coat. The Testors flat coat was way too glossy for me, and it almost ruined a model. Couldn't that cause issues if the surface had a dried decal on it?
  9. HELP! Matte Cllear Coat Dried WHITE!

    A little Googling suggests humidity is to blame. I am not too happy about this: The model would have been gorgeous otherwise. Do you guys have suggestions as how to salvage this model? I was thinking about just applying a black wash until you can no longer notice the white. The other option was to repaint the affected area, but that has the potential to do more harm then good. This is the second time I have been bit in the back by applying a gloss coat before decals. Honestly at this point I think whatever "harm" it does to decals isn't worth the overall harm it does to the model. (The right roundel was placed on a flat surface) Are there alternatives to that? I should add that the whole model including the clear coat was brush painted, would spray have been less likely to do this?
  10. A sincere Apology

    Some of you may remember me. I am the mastermind behind classic threads such as "Are the idiots at humbrol color blind" or "who designed this forum". Well, as you can imagine I was a fairly young and emotional pubescent at that time. After 3 years away, (And I would like to think some maturing) I found myself looking at my favorite Airfix Spitifire model. I had reached a point in my life where I have very little to keep me busy and happy, so I figured I might as well give models a shot again. From the minute I started I am glad I did. I hope I can become a valuable member on this esteemed forum. Here's to many models to come!
  11. Are the idiots at humbrol color blind?

    The issue is not with the pot lids, its with the diagram. The diagram on the back of the plane shows a distinct pattern, the two colors as similar as Medium Green, and Forest Green. However, mine are like Forest Green and Dark Forest Green;nearly exactly the same! I am thinking I should throw caution to the wind and only use 245 like this:
  12. Airfix 1/72 FW190

    Sorry for necro, what pain?
  13. Are the idiots at humbrol color blind?

    Well the thing is, they WERE a bit different. I think I SHOULD get in touch with them. I will post a pic of the model. Will they give me a refund if I have contaminated the paint pot?
  14. What person desinged this forum

    Ohz. I sowwyz.
  15. Are the idiots at humbrol color blind?

    So close man, so close. I am using 245 as my green and the paint I am complaining about is 246