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  1. Oh cool, great seeing it together. I really love that camo pattern
  2. Just a quick one, I've sanded down the filler and gave it a blast of primer. Right, I'm happy with how its looking so thats it for sanding. Next up I'll sculpt the hood and do some tassles, then its time for paint! Thanks for looking, more soon
  3. Yeah another one!!! Its a comission that finally got the go ahead this week and im saving for a holiday so needs must and all that. But its really cool to work with the proper kit after the two recasts, and this is being done as spiderman so no mods (and no filling web details!!!!! ) Flash has been removed and i cleaned up the bits as coffee had been spilt on them (not by me!) You can see here the detail is pin sharp, chalk and cheese compared to the white repops. And after just holding some bits together the clouds parted and the modelling gods smiled because the fit looks really good so minimal filling work required. Now theres karma in action! Not done much with it yet just wanted to kick off the wip, next I'll get the plaster in for weight and begin the pinning stage. Thanks for looking, more soon
  4. Nice to see how it looked when you started, nothing like turning a bunch of bits into something cool
  5. Very cool! Has a Ma.k feel to it, excellent scratching!
  6. Thats a cracking paint job, love the blue!
  7. Cheers guys! Got a bit more work done on this guy, milliputted the front some more for a front hem. When it dried i gave it a blast with primer just to see how its looking. Then i decided to use good all squadron to fill a few areas which i will sand down when dry. Right can sand again when dry, and hopefullyit will be the last bit of sanding. And I'll also sculpt the hood. Thanks for looking, more soon
  8. Looing great Matt, nice wiring job with him, I've made a few dragon marvel kits incuding an ironman one and yeah i agree the engineering and seam placement is genius.
  9. Very cool, that is some teeny tiny lighting excellent job
  10. Right more hoodie work today! Staryed by building up an edge at what will be the bottom hem, then started laying on some flat bits of milliput to help blend it all over. Blended and smoothed with my wet tools and finger. Then thinned the bottom bit as the start of an elasticated hem which i then used a scalpel blade on to give the ridged look. So next up I'll build up the front and do the hood, which will be down as i dont think it will look right given his pose. Thanks for looking, more soon
  11. Nice! The little figure's are a nice touch and a good sense of scale
  12. Cheers Vanoyen! Well i did get a chance to start the hoodie, I'll apologise in advance for there not being many step by step pics, my hands get messy as hell when im milliputing and i dont want to screw up my phone! Started by mixing up some milliput and squidging on some thin bits around the shoulders as the beginnings of the sleeves, used my tools to ensure neat edges and wet fingers to smooth it out. So its a good start, and by being careful I've kept it a lot smoother than i was fearing. Next up I'll continue to build it up, just because of how soft milliput is I'm thinking it'll be easier to keep it flat and then build up some creases after the initial layer is dry. Thanks for looking, more soon
  13. Thanks! greenstuff can be a bugger to work with at times so i was relieved got it done okay! Just about to make a start on the hoodie so should be an update with pics later
  14. He's looking good, nice job with the paint!
  15. Blimey! A good one to get your teeth into, I'll be watching