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  1. Cool! Now that is moody!
  2. Oh sweet that looks awesome! Superb job on the weathering and finish, turned it into a real gem!
  3. Right I've made a start on the arms, haven't been near them since the joint covers so they need a little tidying First i noticed a big dent in the upper left arm, so squidged some sculpey in the middle of it and smoothed it over. Only other major thing to do is thicken the left forearm a bit as its slightly thinner than the right when i checked it. But before i can whack it on i realised the left forearm is a little short so i needed to add some to the end. Then i wrapped it around. The first few times i did this out of instinct i would leave the rough edge at the back but this then just makes it a pain to smooth it over. So its at the front so i dont have to awkwardly get behind it to much and tisk poking my tools into his legs or body. And now thats done next I'll start the details on the arms. Thanks for looking, more soon
  4. Love it! Looks like a nice natural pose, and the model itself is great, especially the groundwork; very Endor!
  5. Niggles along the way but you've ended up with a lovely batmobile at the end of it, the lights are quality!
  6. That looks great! I really like the Barbatos, though I've never been to sure about the foot design tbh. Very tidy job!
  7. That turned out amazing Brian, love the old school camo on such a futuristic looking jet! Very nice work
  8. Ooo nmf! Looking forward to seeing that Brother
  9. That is some wonderful groundwork! Really sets of off, excellent
  10. Nice! Never watched the show (dig the intro though!) But will follow with interest!
  11. Looking good Kallisti!
  12. Thanks Will! Yeah jetpack, gun, wrist computer and jetpack control arm will all be styrene and stuff, the hands will then be sculpted over the gun/controls in either greenstuff or milliput post baking
  13. Superb weathering and finish on that, looks spot on!