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  1. Build it quickly!
  2. Is it a scaled up version of the 1/72 one? Looks nice anyway.
  3. I'm dying for a Yumo injected one. I've missed so many auctions on E-bay that I cant even count it.
  4. Revell F-117 1/72

    As it suffers from a lot of incorrectness i just take care of the major mistakes. I'd like to be quick this time. Here it is:
  5. Zvezda catalog 2018

    I just dont get why do they forceing this old KA-52. A They could fix it with just a half new kit.
  6. Balaton Modell - general

    Is Niva a duplication? Or... is it duplicating to mention something else?
  7. Balaton Modell - general

    Yes I could have done it but life is way too short to check everything twice. Ps.: Sometimes I cant find my own damn topic with this Search Engine anyway.
  8. I was surfing the Facebook site of the BM and immedietly posted the M6 tractor issue. Just minutes after I've found two other subjects but I dontthink that it is reasonable to start new topic for each kit. So watch this post strongly: Now have a look at the headline. Not jut Lada Niva in 1/72 but a brand new SM75. The Niva in 1/35 is just relised and it looks awsome by the first builds.
  9. Hi! This is going on at the Balatons. M6 tractor's 3D drawings.
  10. Hello! I decided to build this toy, since I wanted a quick and joyful build. But I have to face with the reality that this kit is more or less fictive. As I still dont want to spend much effort to the building, decided to close the bomb bay, because inother case I could spend weeks on this single area. But... I dont know it would looks unfamiliar for me. How do you know, is it possible for an F-117 to open only one door? Or it is working only simultaneously? Help me please!
  11. Store Aircrafts 1/72. where do you put them?

    Hi! Now I have two DETOLFs by IKEA, but I want to change them to something bigger and better space using cabinet. Maybe I'll order a uniqe one. I mean the IKEA's one leaves too much space between two shelfs, and even starts at the level of the floor. Who put models to him own foot? I work in 1/72 and build airplanes. Two flanker barely fits here into one level and no space for a single pilot figure... Actully I'm just afraid that it'll cost an arm and a leg.
  12. Excuse me, could you re-link the photos, please?
  13. Hi! I've seen this campany and this set for ona and a half year(s?) ago, and made me realy excited. But since then these are still out of stock and no informations I could find. Neither the H.R.K. answered my e-mail. Anyway, I show you the drawings. Aligator Katran You can find them here: http://www.helicast.pro/helicopters/
  14. Hello! Finally I've finished this project, my Dominican OH-6 is ready, please wellcome it. The vuilding was not an easy ride, no parts were fitting and the details were a li'l bit sci-fi. You can read further h e r e . First I show you some shots about the progress. Lots of slef made parts was required to make myself setisfied. Almost totally new tail rotor: Seat : Somehow they writen ID insted of FAD. Just... how come?? Anyway I found two A-s and converted two E-s to F: The liquid mask was too old maybe and it was too thin, gooey and easy to tear. Sometimes it made such a thin film that i had to look up photos, where is it. So more and more layers needed to picking it off. Anyway I won, this is it:
  15. Hello! This is a realy early of my airbrushed kits, it was made back in 2007. Next to it, You can see an even more older one which was used for tests in the meanwhile. The first time when I used resin upgrade and mark softer. Mr. Pilot from Airfix RAF personel.