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  1. Hej Bosse! Those colours look very good. The brown is clearly one of the "lighter" (and brighter) variations. I guess you took the photos using artificial light given slightly orange hue. Each and every Finnish MiG had completely different camouflage pattern. Imagine how interesting it would be to have five of them on the shelf. I remember reading (or hearing) that AKAN paints are actually made here in Finland at Tikkurila paint factory and then delivered to AKAN for distribution. Does someone know? Kind Regards, Antti
  2. Trumpeter Su-27 Flanker B 1:32

    Excellent work with the seat and cockpit! Very "lifelike"; one of the best I've seen. Kind Regards, Antti
  3. Tu-22KD

    Wow, what a great model! And stunning photography. I especially like the idea of taking photos with city lights in the background. Now I must try my hands on one of these Best Regards, Antti
  4. Hello Jurek! Beautiful details and superb paintwork! Extra points for the chosen exotic scheme. Best Regards, Antti
  5. Hello Duncan, then it was "the other" Javelin book... The story about a Javelin returning from a scramble mission without missiles and missile shoes hints that "someone" pressed "inadvertently" the "empty the wing pylons" button. Or there was a malfunction (remember the humidity in Singapore). But then again a competent ground crew would have realized this... Kind Regards, Antti
  6. Hej Bosse! This is a very interesting project. I served the Finnish Air Force during the "MiG Era" and they were impressing beasts. We had six of them in the squadron. I made colour comparisons last summer using the Swedish NCS colour system (I noted you live in Upplands Väsby so I quess you are familiar with NCS). We had a former Reconnaissance Squadron aircraft (MG-114) here at Björneborg. Some colour info for you: Cockpit blue-green S3060-B70G, S2555-B80G and S4050-B70G the last one was observed behind the seat head rest and was the most faded example. Nose cone: S5040-G30Y Inside air intake: burned metal Green antenna fairings on tail and on wings: S5040-G20Y Landing gear bays: S3502-B Green wheel hubs: S4550-G20Y Russian light gray undersides and inside landing gear bay doors: S2005-B50G Russian light green (uppersides): S5040-G60Y (add some white) Russian dark brown (uppersides): S8505-Y80R (slightly too reddish but the brown had several variations between nearly black and a reddish brown) Here you can find some detail shots of the real thing: http://www.pienoismallit.net/galleria/referenssi_13421/ I have many more photos and the original aircrew manuals so if you need further information, just ask. Kind Regards, Antti
  7. Hey Guys, You found my Javelin. Thank you for your kind comments The story about the "crashed" Indonesian C-130 remains a mystery. It is told in every book about Javelins although a slightly different version each time. I'm not sure was it Napier who wrote that this never happened. At least one Javelin returned to Tengah after a night time scramble without it's missiles and missile shoes. no explanation was given... Kind Regards, Antti
  8. Tarangus JA37 Viggen (37412) 1/48

    Hello Paramedic! Such an interesting project you have there. And it also looks great so far It's clear that I must buy at least one of these. I was exited when Tarangus released their Lansen and built one at once. It is the original A32A which I turned into a J32E Störlansen. You mentioned this book: do you know if there is anything about Tp52 Canberras and/or Tp82 Caravelles? I'm very interested... Have you tried the Flygvapenmuseum's Library? You can get books for home loan via your local library. I live in Finland and got all the Tp52 manuals on loan easily. Great service! Hälsningar från Björneborg Antti
  9. Hello Craig! Very, very nice Dornier. Excellent paintwork, decals and weathering; well done. It is always lovely to see Finnish aircraft on Britmodeller. Terveisia Suomesta, Antti
  10. Indian MIG-21 colours

    Hello Martin! We had six MiG-21BIS aircraft at our squadron (Finnish Air Force) and they all carried the original Soviet paint. Yet the colours looked very different between individual aircraft. For example the dark brown looked almost black on another example and the second looked like chocolate brown. And all variations between these two. If the Indian MiGs carried original paintwork then I suggest that you follow the photos for "Observed Colour" (rather than "Specification Colour") and use as much artistic freedom as you like. Keep in my mind what Steve mentioned about prints. I made some colour comparisons in June using our MiG (MBT, MG-140). The cockpit colour is NCS (Natural Colour System) S4050-B70G which is the same colour as RAL 6026 Opalgrun but 10% lighter in shade. In areas where the Sun has affected the paint I found S3060-B70G and S2555-B80G. These don't have matches in the RAL system. S3060-B70G is pretty close to FS 595a 35275; the US shade is a little bit too light and blueish. The green paint used for radome, wheel hubs and di-electrical panels is S5040-G30Y which is close to RAL 6002 Laubgrun (and actually spot on RLM 83 in Hitchcock's Monogram Painting guide for Luftwaffe aircraft). Closest FS equivalent is 14090 for the nearly new left main wheel. S5040-G20Y was found on the lower fin. Landing gear bays are gray S3502-B which is a very close match to FS 36375. The inner surfaces of the landing gear doors are S2005-B50G. Closest match is FS 36473 which is however a little bit too green. I hope this helps You, not confuse... Best Regards, Antti
  11. Hudson to Lodestar conversion?

    Hello Vingtor! Is this by any chance the former OH-MAP; a Lodestar operated by Finnmap? The example at Finnish Aviation Museum is the original "Kultakuokka" operated by Kar-Air and GTK for aerogeophysical survey work. I have a couple of high quality photos (B+W) of OH-MAP. This Lodestar also saw the World. Best Regards, Antti
  12. XV574 '2nd Special livery' help required

    Hello Ben! There is no photos of this paint scheme in "British Phantoms". So it looks like that the artist was actually doing a pretty accurate job (I wish they all would do that...). My mistake. Thank you for sharing this interesting photo. It gives also a very good sight on the fuselage shape. Best Regards, Antti
  13. Come on anyone, a new Ta 152H?

    Hello Red Dog! I started to build a Ta-152 H-0 using Tamiya FW-190 D-9 and Hobby Boss Ta-152 C. A lot of Milliput, sanding, cutting, scratch building... A conversion that at first looked very simple turned into some "serious" modelling. I didn't want to buy the Zoukei Mura kit, as I don't build my models with everything "down and open". Kits that have these features tend to be difficult to build in ready for flight configuration. For that reason I would love to see a Ta-152 H in 1/48 scale. How about it Tamiya? You've already made a beautiful Dornier Do-335... And yes, I would also love to have a "high quality" (Tamigawa) Spitfire Mk. XIV or F-4U 4 in the same scale. Not to mention Supermarine Swift or Scimitar... Best Regards, Antti
  14. XV574 '2nd Special livery' help required

    Hello Ben! Here you can find at least one photo. http://www.aviationphotocompany.com/p412807271/h64B0297B#h2cd36c51 Best Regards, Antti
  15. XV574 '2nd Special livery' help required

    Hello Ben! Patrick Martin's book "British Phantoms, part two" has three photos of XV574 in special livery. It looks like the artist who made the picture you added to your post, used some "artistic freedom". None of the photos matches that paint scheme. Best Regards, Antti