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  1. Bristol Sycamore HC.14/HR.14/Mk.51/Mk.52

    Sycamore! What a cool name for a helicopter. And what a kit – packed full of character and personality! Great job, looks like you had fun
  2. Revell 1/72 JU88A4 to A1?

    #26 any chance of reposting this diagram Clinton78? Ta
  3. Dora Heinrich

    Cheers! Mostly new to me though. Learning exercise. Don't remember photo etch back in the 70s! Doing the kit wheels-up, w crew
  4. Dora Heinrich

    Am too Was trying to think of the last kit I did. Blanked
  5. Dora Heinrich

    First serious bit of modelling I've attempted in about forty years – so guess that makes me a newbie! My first experience of photoetch, acrylics, airbrush... you name it. So I wanted to do a subject I felt a connection to, and something that would stretch me to the max. So it's Revell's 1/32 Schnellbomber which will assume the guise of 4D+DH 'Dora Heinrich' of 1.KG30.
 This Ju 88A-1 fell to the guns of 603 (City of Edinburgh) Squadron on 16/10/39 during a Luftwaffe raid on RN ships in the Firth of Forth. 'Dora' was the first enemy bomber downed by the RAF over the British mainland in WWII, and was on the receiving end of the first ever Spitfire victory.
 Born by the Forth, I have lived half my life on its banks, my family have worked for generations on its waters and in its docks and I live just a few miles from where 'Dora' ditched almost seventy-eight years ago. So I thought I'd make her the first half of a 1/32 'Dogfight Double'. Eventually I'll get around to tackling her nemesis – XT-A 'Stickleback' a MkIa Spit of 603 Squadron. Four months in, having too much fun, here's some (unfinished) pit shots. Apologise for quality – taken with an iPhone4 Cockpit side walls, still needs wiring/some piping added Eduard PE, Aims and homemade decals Floor and curtains printed on inkjet Pilot seat, control column and BZG2 Bombsight
  6. A brace of 1/72 Airfix Spitfires

    Have you tried EZ Line Rigging Thread for aerial wires? Very thin and elastic, stretch to tension. Samples £5 available on eBay (comes from US, but delivery is quick). Not to be confused with EZ Fishing line
  7. Rivets... Or how to make them?

    Hope that's not blood in your first pic Johnny I've got the RB RivetR also (the mini version same as in the pic). The good thing about it is that the 'rivets' it makes are actually round and not square. Another possibility for larger recessed rivets or screws would be a beading tool like jewellers use, these come in reasonably priced sets from your favourite on-line supplier at about £11 for a set of 23 tools. Other brands are available
  8. Luftwaffe bomb racks

    Supplementary question, guys: when were the following types of Luftwaffe ordnance introduced into service – SD500, PC500, and PD500?
  9. Luftwaffe bomb racks

  10. Luftwaffe bomb racks

    Hi, been bugging me – what does ETC stand for, as in ETC500?
  11. Revell 1/32 JU88

    Excellent job and love the inclusion of motors, are they Airfix? Spinning props really brings a model A/c to life. One small comment (sorry) KG30 crests are orientated wrongly - diving eagles should both be facing forwards
  12. 1/48 Dauphin G-HEMS

    Great, cheers Niki. Above is a comparison of the N (red) and the N2 (black) tail units. Best option I guess (tho' expensive) would seem to be a cut-n-shut with the Trumpeter and the Kitty Hawk (which looks sharper in detail), plus a scratch-built 13-blade tail rotor. Are you listening Eduard? BTW build is tribute to my late brother who was a Paramedic on 6009. Thanks, Red
  13. 1/48 Dauphin G-HEMS

    Looking to model a 1/48 G-HEMS (London Air Ambulance) Dauphin SA365N with Vigin sponsors livery. Most available kits seem to be of the N2 model Dauphin (larger tail unit with 11-blade fenestron) instead of the older N model (smaller tail,13-blade fenestron). I know Kitty Hawk do a 'Zih-9 family' kit which are Dauphins manufactured under licence in China. Web images of the kit parts show a tail unit (if not a tail rotor) of one of the 'family members' that may be promising. Anyone got this kit, or know of an alternative source or after-market for the N tail? Thanks, Red
  14. Spitfire Prop- Direction of rotation?

    Sorry for being unclear. From 'the pilot's viewpoint' was inferring someone piloting the aircraft, not observing it. Trevor was astute enough to supply the info 'viewing from the cockpit' You raised a good point tho' NPL, backed up by The James' photo - which viewpoint (if any) is the standard reference...