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  1. What is the status of Magna Models and in particular their resin Shorts Belfast ?

  2. Canadair Argonaut Conversion

    Hi there ! It's very quiet these days about the possible ATL-98 Carvair conversion or did I miss something ? Auke
  3. May be little premature but I'd like the aftermarket guys (Small Stuff ?) to surprise us with PS-90A engines and fuselage parts to make it a long one.
  4. Heller 707 Returns!

    Got mine last friday with the wrong fuselage. Does'nt matter, makes it a collecters item ! Auke
  5. 1/72nd Trident - Was there ever one produced?

    Some time ago I read something about a resin Trident from S & M. Any progression ?
  6. Canadair Argonaut Conversion

    I second, third and forth that very much. Saw lots of them at Rotterdam Airport in the seventies. Auke Bruins
  7. 1/144 - Kawasaki C-1 by Platz

    Am a 1/72 scaler so....
  8. MisterCraft Se-210 1/72

    They did'nt give a direct answer about the scale, but the doubt about the Mach 2 copy should say enough. Just wait and see !
  9. MisterCraft Se-210 1/72

    Mailed Armory / Taras Karabyn the other day about the scale, the correct retail price, avalability and if it is a Mach 2 copy. The following answer was received: "As I know MisterCraft uses its own casting equipment. I have a doubt that they bought it from Mach 2. The retail price is correct, because MisterCraft modelkits are cheap. You can backorder the kit in our shop." So I ordered one and will see what happens. For that price ! I'll let you know !
  10. I remember at least one of them at Amsterdam Schiphol East in service with Martin's Air Charter and flown by Martin Schröder himself for joyflights over Amsterdam. Must have been in 1965 or 66, before Schiphol Centre opened in 1967.
  11. Me too. Asked for it from several manufacturers and now: there it is !
  12. MisterCraft Se-210 1/72

    Anyone heard about MisterCraft of Wroclaw, Poland. Is this a Mach 2 copy ? See rhe picture:
  13. 2016 Revell releases

    First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Revell releases, among lots of other kits, a 1/144 777-300ER in march, kitnr: 04945, a 1/144 Germania 727-100 in july, kitnr: 03946 and a 1/72 Balair DC-4 in september, kitnr: 04947
  14. BPK 1/72 737-800

    Eeehhh: should read 737-200 ..... My mistake, sorry, must be the age . Hope the next one is a P8-A. Auke