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  1. Valom MD.450 Ouragan 1/72

    You chaps are too kind.. it really isnt my best but it fills a gap on my shelf Martin
  2. Valom MD.450 Ouragan 1/72

    Hi Steve, It is El Salvador. Martin
  3. Thunderchief

    With the F-105 foremost in my mind at present I thought I'd post a few images from a trip around Carswell in 1980. I'll post more once I have time to scan them. The first three are a flight heading out to the ranges in the early morning (around 08:00). The light was low and so the Kodachrome didn't preform well, hence the B&W. Note 61-0076 is named "Pandora's Play Thing". Martin
  4. Some Thud help if you can.... Images of 59-1749 "Mr Toad"

    So, another.... was the Toad drawing taken from a well known image of the time or was it simply from the head of the SSgt Mx man? Martin
  5. Hi all, I just realised that I never posted any image of my Ouragan build from a couple of years ago. So, to put things right .... I am not proud of this one. Maybe that is why I didn't post it at the time ;). Martin
  6. Hi all, After a little masking - the dielectric panels and rear end, the underside is on. I used Colourcoats' ACSM01 Pale Blue Grey as it pretty much matches the images I have of the subject machine. It seemed to go on okay - you be the judge. Next will be the upper side camo colours - three tone sand/brown/green. I'm not entirely happy with the forward airbrake housing but at this stage it'll have the be okay. The rear one seems to have blended in okay. The re-worked canopy masks seem to have worked so that's two things to smile about. Martin
  7. Compressor Oil

    They need oiling?
  8. buying a new compressor and airbrush

    Can I re-light this one? I currently use a simple AS-18 (one of those Chinese made ones) that has done me well with my Badger 200.However, she is starting to make some odd noises - a bit like the piston is unbalanced. It may be time for a new one, although I don't want to spend money unless I have to. If I need to replace her what would be a good option? I build 1/72 aircraft, if that helps. Thanks. Martin
  9. Stoppel 1/72 KZ VII Laerke

    That is very cute. A build to be proud of. Martin
  10. The excitement level is rising :) Martin
  11. I’ll second that!!! Martin
  12. A dirty old girl .... B-26 Invader 1/72

    Sorry to hear that. Colin. Progress on the MIG-21UM is in WIP... Martin
  13. Now that is very nice. A masterful creation. Martin
  14. Some Thud help if you can.... Images of 59-1749 "Mr Toad"

    That is very kind of you, Des. Thank you. Martin
  15. You managed to buy some, Adrian? I've been waiting for weeks ....... Everywhere seems out of stock and Humbrol seem to have given up on it! ;( Martin