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  1. Well, you got there, Ed! :). Very nice, reflecting your hard work perfectly. all the best, Martin
  2. Very nice! How could I not like it! Martin
  3. Thanks Jens, I am hoping that Flash got my order for the Dam Mil issue ;)..... Thanks for that. Martin
  4. So why not buy a Strikemaster?
  5. I'm not a 1/32 builder or fan but I have to say that your build is exceptional. I love it and the unusual scheme. Martin
  6. Hi mate! i was going to suggest Vingtor but I see they don't cover 1/32 Starfighters. My ideas then come to an end. I wish Icould help more. Certainly Vingtor could provide roundels and thereafter you could source numbers elsewhere? Fortunately the schemes were pretty simple. Good luck! Martin
  7. Got it now, Rob! Thanks for that. Martin and ordered!!!! Martin
  8. Hi John, Have you managed to download it? My PC is telling me its downloaded but I cant see it in the file listing. I hope Ole wont mind as the images are low res and I'd always give credit. M
  9. Thanks Rob, but the link you sent goes to a blank search screen
  10. There I was thinking "Provost".. Airfix? ..... 1/72??? ..... ;( Nice build, Martin
  11. I like the third image Martin
  12. While I realise the Aires nozzle isn't 100% accurate as it is set in an open position, here is a view from the rear end. I'm pleased with the combination of Humbrol 191 (for stainless steel), Humbrol steel metal cote for the nozzle (with dry brushing) and then masked swipes of the Tamiya Weathering Set D (half masked and then masks removed for final swipes). You can also see how the rear end needs filing out to the rim so that it represents a more realistic look, rather than the flat plate on the original. Martin
  13. just to add... I just flicked down it ... Excellent!!!
  14. That's a great start, John. Thank you.