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  1. Hi Ed! Progress! Very good. I had already gone the pivoting route for the tail. For the rear fuselage staining I used a first coat of Humbrol 191 and then used Tamiya weathering powders and then a thin gloss cote before masking for my SEA camo. It was my first use of these powders and they are great! (Edit: I just realised I said all this before!) Martin ..... Off to finish scribing my Airfix F-84F
  2. You've clearly not trawled through the aviafrance site, then! ;). Now, some of them are ugly! Martin
  3. I think I got it - practiced a bit and then tackled my F-100 ..... so far so good ....... In the end I gave the area a light coat of gloss cote. Martin
  4. Very nice! You have a gift, Fuad
  5. You snatched the words out of my mouth! Very nice work. Martin
  6. I like these!!!! I'm going to be shopping this weekend
  7. Very nice :). I've liked the Blenheims since the Free French Airfix came out in the 1960s... Martin
  8. I just realised the model has no serial! She should be No.16. The Mirage 4A/4AP fleet had codes-serials that remained with them for their careers. Unlike other aircraft the codes weren't unit designators. Martin
  9. Well, you're a gent and no ,mistake ;).... Actually impatience got the better of me and I used the Pavla D-model seat which, I know, isn't correct, but it looks the part. She's now all sealed down with a closed canopy. Today was weather the back end day! My first ever use of Tamiya weathering powders. They are great!! Keep p the good work! Martin
  10. A great build of a magnificent machine .... and ... Luvverly Martin
  11. Of course, (old) Herks are not the only machines that sound great ...... 1. Gatwick, UK - 1982 (I think). It was a Lyneham diversion 2. Yelahanka, India - Feb 2015 Martin
  12. a nice clip :). I love those Polish machines Martin
  13. Nice work, Ed
  14. Hi all! I'm new to this - can the areas to where I have used this product then be masked with Tamiya tape for airbrushing? Or do I need to "fix" the weathering - jet pipe burns and "blue" in this case - with a varnish coat before masking? Thanks as always. Martin
  15. A very nice build, mate. I have two of these on the shelf, built, bout nowhere near yours! Martin