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  1. Firefly 5, SH 1.72

    Oh, very nice Martin
  2. Thanks SJ. I apologise because I didnt recognise your help with my research also. It helped me a lot in formulating my way ahead with the decallong on this build. Martin
  3. I have to also credit Moggy, who supplied me an image of an Andean Decals set for an Ecuadorean machine. I opted not to use them, however, as the resolution produced fuzzy decals, sadly. Sorry, Moggy! Martin
  4. More Douglas A-26 Invader questions! Now a JD-1 question!

    Thanks Sean. In the end I used the references you see posted and took a best guess. I'll look up you post, even so. Martin
  5. Thanks Mark, Replicant and CF4U. I like finding colour schemes that are unusual. I hate following trends Martin.
  6. Thanks Dennis and CF4U Martin now on with my next Latin bird .......
  7. Classic Airfix 1/72 Ju88A

    You've done the old girl beautifully. Martin
  8. Nice, Paul :)... i love the T-33, as you can see. Martin
  9. A very nice T-bird mate! Clearly you will hVe seen that i have a loking for them too! Martin
  10. Thanks Sapperastro. i bought the two MMs because I wanted FS28913 and FS28915. I normally use Humbrol 209' but thought the colour to be not red enough. Otherwise I would have stuck to Humbrol. Martin
  11. Well, I am sorry to hear that. I understand completely. If you should change your mind, and I still have them, you be very welcome to have them. I, too, have Aztec sheets for Juicy Jugs and 100 hour wars Mustangs and Corsairs waiting in the pile, with Corsairs, Mustangs, Corsairs, a Mosquito, and many more kits ready to have them applied. Wishing you well, Martin
  12. Thanks Mike. No I can concentrate on the Invader Martin
  13. A Spitfire that went to sea

    She looks great. You've made a great model there, mate. Martin
  14. The MM ingredients show is a petroleum based (Naphta). Therefore what would work??? I'd really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks again. Martin
  15. Hi Glatisant! Thank you for that. Are those the Microscale sheets with Peru, Guatemala, etc? I have those and the good Armycast set. I will have some left overs which I'll post for sale (very small price) at some point. The latter includes Greek, Italy, France, Spain, Libya, Taiwan...... Martin