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  1. Hi again Lance, Do you have Famous Russian Aircraft: Sukhoi Su-7/Su-17 by Yefim Gordon and Dmitriy Komissarov? If you haven't you should. It is THE source of data for this family. It isn't cheap but if you are a fan of the type then it is a must! It has a photo of 07 Blue when at Bagram. You can get it from the global auction site. Good luck! Martin
  2. Hi Lance, Give me a short while and I'll look up what I have as I build this machine in 1/72 a while back. Martin
  3. Here's a good reference: Martin
  4. and about the Sled.... I guess that happens to us all ;). I'm glad you are sticking with it. Mine is at the post weathering varnishing stage and it'll then be u/c, doors, tanks, etc Then one final varnish coat and she'll be done... Martin
  5. Hi Ed! I'm sorry that it didn't turn out and equally, if not more so, that there is a shift in trends. I guess that's what life is all about. For me, like you, 1/72 is THE only scale, although I appreciate fine models in all others scales and comment with complements as I feel necessary. I model for my own enjoyment. It is, after all the only way of seeing something long gone in 3D to the extent that you can touch and feel it. I can't comment on contests or the judging other than to say that for me it is the skills, effort, ingenuity, etc that counts. If that isn't recognised it is a sad day for the hobby. All the best, Martin
  6. Very nice Latin Martin
  7. Very nice. I have one of these and an F.6 stashed away, which will end up Indian and Danish (with wing mods) at some point. Martin
  8. No, mate, you're on the right track. This is what its all about Good luck :). Martin
  9. Lovely builds. That multi-coloured NATC machine looks great. I love the USN Utility scheme from that era. I'm presuming these are 1/72?? Martin
  10. Hi Ed! How is she going, and how was your event in ATL? Martin
  11. That is very nice, Roman. It is great to see; 1/72, a more unusual type, a more unusual operator (well, certain more than RAF or US ) and a more unusual colour scheme. Having said all that, I am still building 1950s/60s US jets! Martin
  12. When you can produce builds like that why would anyone not want to stick with 1/72? Martin
  13. I reckon you've done a damn good job there, Rob. I have a second Hasegawa G/S and and Italieri C so I might try it. Martin
  14. I'm glad it is all positive and encouraging, Des. Good luck with all. Martin