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  1. Spitphoon 1/72 Airfix.

    Hello Simon, just came across this. Very nice work on both so far. For the Tiffie my favourite scheme would be an "arctic viper scheme" with some nice "what if" Greenland independece markings (danish ones with a polar bear inside the roundels ) Ok that's a bit of Hello Kitty, I know. But some sort of artifical freedom. Cheers
  2. Hello John, I just came across this. If you'll ever come into this area, you should visit that. I don't know, if you can watch this in the U.K: http://www.ardmediathek.de/tv/hauptsache-kultur/Das-Staumauermuseum-am-Edersee/hr-fernsehen/Video?bcastId=3469854&documentId=42248284 By the way it's really nice area. Cheers
  3. Hello Ced , sorry about the serials. I can feel your pain. Gotten this for more than once in my past life, when I was a child/ young lad building planes etc. And I really do fear to get (of getting?) this on my recovered diecasts again. Maybe someone has some spare for you to exchange them. Cheers and a nice evening.
  4. Yeah, sure. OOB Yes and the main question is: Out of what box?
  5. Hello Ced, that really looks grand. Better than any decal could do. You can be proud of that for sure. Maybe I should look for the colourcoat range here in Germany. Some of them are very interesting for me, especially that yellow, red and blue. Cheers
  6. Thanks and hello Ced. They look marvellous. Einfach gro├čartig! Cheers
  7. First of all the main topic: Hello Ced, The Spitfire looks very sharp apart of the little accident on one of the underside roundels. I think this can be fixed with a careful touch up. I wouldn't worry too much Second: Thank you all very much for your fine companionship. Too kind, but much appreciated. I do bother about these kind of things especially, if it's less I than I expected. I thought it would have been somewhere in the middle. But it tells me, that this course will make sense for me in the summer. Before I'll do that, I will make some other test to check up my pesonal status quo. And yes "being forced" to speak a language is (probably) the best way to learn or improve it as you have to use all your other senses. Nothing will teach you more than coming home from a bakery with empty hands after a disastrous conversation with the shopmen. I will qoute you all a bit later as I've sort of lost track at the moment and a slight hangover. Cheers to you all Benedikt
  8. Thank you, very appreciated, if you like to! I don't know always, where the difficulties lies Cheers Benedikt
  9. Sorry Ced, didn't want to interfere you. Sorry, I should exchange my keybord first. The wine should be gone tomorrow. And my grammar problems will stay here for me for a while. I cannot argue that away. Some basics I guess. Cheers
  10. Can't comment on that at all The red looks really good. By the way, I did a written english test at the weekend here to get my english better, especially to speak it more fluently here as I did ever. I didn't (have?) spoke it for a long time. So I was a bit depressed on it with only 37% to B1. So, please free feel to correct me and I request that to all of you for that, if there is anything wrong, especially in terms of my grammar. Obviously a disease after 25 years of abscence of an A level. Oh, but it was my first online (Cornelsen english) test in my life at all, but nevertheless (my last). Cheers (Edit: After red wine and a stuck keybord) Cheers Benedikt
  11. Catching Pictures in the Air

    Better you let check yourself thoroughly, especially your head (ears, sense of balance, eyes, EEG etc.)
  12. Catching Pictures in the Air

    Hello Tony sad to hear. Hope you recover soon and and you will be able to go on with your madness. Best wishes. Benedikt
  13. That comes along very nicely. A good cockpit is very important on a modern jet model imho. Cheers
  14. Everything's ok Jaime. Post whenever you like. I'll get that, if I want to. Cheers
  15. Hello Andy, Nice work on that and thanks, that you like the old Roy Cross art (It's a wallpaper after a delayed double click). One little suggestion from me to you: Please do the likes for the past posts. So your visitors get a notification for their last posts here. Otherwise this thread could get lost somewhere and this woud be a shame at all. Cheers Benedikt