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  1. Oh, that looks great and very tidy on the "Wellblech". Like it very much. And of course as it looks more like a LW Norm 72 scheme of the 70th Phantoms, which is my favourite one of the post war area. Good job. Oh just saw the fuselage is done while typing. Again great. She will look well in the end after all the ranting and raving. Cheers
  2. Dornier Do 18-D

    Wow, that looks great!!!! But if there is anything that won't fit or goes into another, use this. It works/helps everywhere and and everytime: Cheers and a good evening.
  3. Hello Ced.I would fill the gap:
  4. Dornier Do 18-D

    Ok, you killed her, but now I like to see, how the tale goes on!
  5. Looks good by now. No need to worry about finishing it in a very good way. By the way, I think you'll be working on this in one or two hours. I know my sister. Just in and tidddeldilledilit; oh my Handy's going: facebook of course, next twitter, (bird chirp) oh What's app... and so on. No wonder I'm really not a handy fan at all. Cheers and a nice evening.
  6. Hello Ced, as I know you have a fetish for any kind of tools and you don't like gardening. This would be a nice addition for you. Especially in autumn:
  7. Hello Andrii, Looks great in every respect. By the way nice pipe. Smoking cigarettes, although I try to give it up. Just need the right kick and this theme is gone. But I hate these kind of hunting of those by the government here in Germany by now, if you know that this government gets 2/3 of the sales by taxes of that Cheers
  8. No need for that, but I guess the canopy is angled down proprtional to the whole plane is angled up on the wheels on the ground. Make sense, if you look through a spinning prop in the front while taking off. So the view is parallel to the ground. And of course this looks like something of german engineering not to angle down the front engine. Edit: And an aerodynamic aspect of course.
  9. As above, just polish it abit and this should ok after some blending.
  10. Hello, looks great and state of of art by know (as usual). Lovely little dog. I guess, he will keep you on the hop. Cheers Err: he/she/it??
  11. That's right! I also guess it will look fine in the end. On this one only the outer (outside) appereance is what counts. And therefore the Airfix one is not that bad., escecially in a dull dark Luftwaffe scheme. (And you will know that there are some secret things inside) And you can look once more at the engines, when the one is "complete" and on the floats. Cheers P.S. The clear windows look like my pair of glasses will be in some years. So no need to bother on the inside. And the ejector pins are typical for Airfix on those, although I like the concept for the windows more than singular windows on those. Only just a bit smaller (thinner) and more clear. Edit: Oh, this one seems to go to John (Spagent) and Ced
  12. Oh, was this one of Hitler's secret weapons with crt and radar screens?
  13. Sorry Ced. Wasn't my intend to kill your mojo. In the future I will only post decent kits like this: http://www.kitreview.com/reviews/f16pmreviewbg_1.htm
  14. You will see, when it sits in the nacelles. But for sure you have to change the front cooling cover, which is the most prominet part of the engines. So you have to make three new ones like on the Italeriones or fill the Airfix one to a half round part and drill out the cooling holes and put black color into the holes. Cheers
  15. Somewhat frightening, when you know they come for you. Atmospherically charged indeed. Doesn't need that for myself surely! Thanks for that